Well, Mitt actually placed first, and that was to be expected.

But what wasn’t expected is that Ron Paul would lose to Huckabee, Brownback and Tom “Bomb Mecca” Trancedo.

From the Des Moines Register…

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had said his campaign’s future depended on a strong showing in Ames. He finished in second place, with 2,587 votes or 18.1 percent. Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas placed third with 2,192 votes, 15.3 percent after campaigning aggressively to be the choice of the Iowa GOP’s influential social conservatives.

“Obviously this was an incredible day and victory for us,” Huckabee said. “What happened for us today was stunning.”

Huckabee said he and his campaign staff had been saying they had momentum and it proved true.

“We overperformed,” he said. “The bigger story is we did it with not a dime of paid advertising.”

Kudos to Huckabee and his team. He could be the dark horse in this campaign, as he’s been getting high marks from voters for his earnestness and likability. Seems like a guy they think they can trust.

Getting back to Ron Paul, I really do think this is a big blow for his campaign. A strong showing here would have rocketed him into the mediasphere, but losing to Tancredo? It means he remains an internet oddity, somebody that the media and the other candidates can dismiss as just a guy who figured out how to create some buzz on the internet.

UPDATE (8/12):
TNR notes why Huckabee’s win was important…

The CW about Ames, as noted yesterday, is that it overwhelmingly favors candidates with strong organizations. Huckabee more or less eviscerated that CW today. Both the man directly ahead of him in the final standings (Romney, with 31.5 percent of the vote ) and the man directly behind him (Sam Brownback, with 15 percent of the vote) spent enormous resources busing in supporters*. Huckabee spent exactly zero resources busing in supporters and still managed 18 percent of the vote. The other two campaigns bought hundreds, if not thousands, more straw-poll tickets than the number of votes they received. (Straw poll attendees must obtain a $35-ticket in order to vote. Campaigns typically buy them up and distribute them to supporters.) Huckabee bought around 1800 tickets and received almost 2600 votes. Clearly, Romney and Brownback dropped a lot of cash on people who ended up voting for someone else, and that someone else was probably Huckabee.

And do note…since Huckabee seems to be the candidate of choice for the religious right, he’d capture Brownback’s supporters as well…

Whatever the case, it’s hard to overstate the significance of Huckabee’s performance here. Combined, Huckabee and Brownback–the field’s two leading social conservatives–outpolled Mitt Romney today 33 to 31.5. If, as the results suggest, Huckabee emerges as the lone standard bearer for this group, he’ll probably end up with a block of support to rival Romney’s. (Most “Brownbackers” I spoke to would feel extremely comfortable throwing their support behind the Arkansan.) But, of course, just combining Brownback’s and Huckabee’s numbers actually way understates Huckabee’s potential ceiling. For one thing, he’s come this far running on fumes. It will be interesting to see what he can do with the fundraising boost he’ll enjoy after today.

The question is…how much will Huckabee raise and will it be that much of a boost?

  • Mike

    I think your analysis of Ron Paul is a bit off. He spent very little money, put very little effort, and still made a respectable showing. The media have always ignored him, and will continue to do so, so for his campaign, not much has changed. They will still have to mention him as his fund raising numbers continues to encroach on that of the ordained front-runners.

  • I agree with you that Huckabee won, not Romney. But Ron Paul spent only $200 per vote recieved. Romney spent nearly $2,200 per vote and with a fleet of buses bussed in voters. Ron Paul had grass roots volunteers working Iowa for free for only a week prior to the Poll; Romney spent MONTHS working Iowa with paid help. Ron Paul has been called a bunch of hackers with no on-the-ground support and definately had no Big Media support. Ron Paul and his grass root supporters did not lose and have just started rolling. They had a big victory tonight at Ames by showing that they’re “not just the internet.” Look for greater Ron Paul victories ahead, God willing.

  • bbartlog

    Paul’s numbers are about what I expected. He didn’t spend months campaigning there (or spend a lot money on buses), and most people figured him to finish somewhere between 4th and 7th. It’s not a standout performance, but he wasn’t going Iowa or Bust, unlike Brownback and Tommy Thompson (and Romney for that matter).
    Only real big winner here is Huckabee. Tancredo wins a little, Brownback, Paul and Romney results I’d say are neutral. Hunter and obviously Tommy Thompson are the major losers.

  • Person of the Year 2006

    How did John Cox do? The candidate who is even less liked than Paul? To the point of throwing him out of forums and not showing him on t.v. Now that is really unbelievable!

  • Nate

    Also, the other thing to think about is that Giuliani, Thompson and McCain didn’t participate. Those three would greatly hurt Huckabee, Brownback, Romney, and Tancredo, but not at all Ron Paul. Paul supporters are not so easily swayed.

  • Regarding Paul: he still has his war chest intact and he’s recently had a record fund raising day so there is reason expect donations are continuing. I think 5th place is a safe place to be right now this early into the campaign. But, I’m biased. 🙂

  • Ann

    Who exactly expected a second place finish for Congressman Paul? Can you show me the links to the articles written about the supposed expectations of Congressman Paul coming in second? Actually Congressman Paul’s tiny official campaign and thier one or two week Iowa effort is actually pretty amazing. Fifth place for a tiny organization just emerging from the internet into the physical world should be the story. Not concocted, unprovable, media imaginary 2nd place expectations. The campaign is emerging as reality as the “old media” is becoming the recognized new “department of information” Ann

  • He got nearly 10% of the votes despite getting snubbed by the media for months, spending very little money, and only being there like 3 days. He was predicted to finish last, and instead for 5 times higher than what the media says he polls at.

    I would have really liked a win, and to be honest I was sad that he didn’t. But even though I had hoped for more, it’s pretty clear to me the campaign is heading in the right direction, and he is making major progress despite things being biased against him.

    The Ron Paul campaign said anything over 5% would be considered good, they got nearly double what they wanted.

    I’d say Rudy was the big loser. He only got 100 votes, and while he didn’t show up personally, he did buy tickets and have workers there.

  • Bob

    The results are what I expected. It was obvious Huckabee did well at the debate and that he was gaining. Before this week Paul only spent 2 days in Iowa and he didn’t have a HQ. Also, he went on air very late. I would add Brownback to the loser’s list. He was after the same supporters and money as Huckabee. I think those people will donate more to Huckabee and less to Brownback.

  • Jennifer Hibbs

    I think it was a good opportunity for Ron Paul to get his message to alot of Iowans. I think it does show that the more conservative of the bunch is moving up, aside from Romney who bought the vote. I also think the real story here is Rudy & McCain: 8 & 10! I know they didn’t spend any time or money in Iowa but they are well known & to finish behind Fred Thompson who isn’t even in the race yet is pretty sad.

  • Buckwheat

    5th place at 9% is fine for Paul.

    Romney bought the win with $4 million+. Huckabee, Tancredo and Brownback have been living in Iowa for the past two months and spending all their money there; Paul has not.

    Expect Hunter and Tommy Thompson to drop out quickly, and Tancredo to follow soon (even with his 4th place result, he’s almost completely out of money).

    And remember: to everyone but us political junkies, the campaign doesn’t start until labor day.

  • Don

    One thing I can tell you is: Ron Pauls campaign is bigger than Justin Gardner knows. Mr. Gardner will have plenty of time to write about Mr. Paul. He is not going away. We won’t let him.

    the 2%

  • Michael Wagner

    For Ron Paul, this is simply the beginning. He hadn’t really planned on going to Iowa at all. His supporters, organized on their through got the ball rolling. Dr. Paul himself only spent a few days in Iowa.
    Given that he hadn’t planned to do anything in Iowa, I’d say that his spontaneous grassroots support did a great job. The other candidates had to buy their support.
    Huckabee and Brownback made the straw poll their “make or break” point. They threw everything they had at Iowa. They might get a little bump out of this, but in the long run the nationwide network of “boots on the ground” that is building for Dr. Paul will make itself felt.
    You can’t buy the kind of support Ron Paul is getting and it is building every day.

  • Ron Paul – who I like – is another example of the fact that internet popularity doesn’t translate on the ground. Surprise, surprise. President Dean, anyone?

    But I wouldn’t be too quick to accept the conventional wisdom that all this was good for Romney. He was the only first tier candidate. No one thinks Brownback is ever going to be president, likewise Tancredo, likewise Paul and Tommie Thompson. Even Huckabee, who is somewhat credible, isn’t first tier.

    So, with all the money in the world, the only first tier candidate in the race couldn’t get a third of votes? 69% of the voters in Ames took a look at the mega-rich Ken doll and said, “Nah, I’m going with this loser over here.” It was Mitt vs. Nobody and he tapped 31%? In a state that should be tailor-made for him?

  • ECS

    The more Iowa becomes irrelevant the better. The corny Romney got his corn fed vote.

  • Adam

    What are you talking about? Paul spent only $100 per vote, Romney spent over $2000. As Dr. Paul says, that must mean his message is ten times as powerful. He spent only a few days in the state and still exceeded his polling percent by five times.


    Brownback (put all his chips in to get second in Iowa and failed)
    T. Thompson
    Giuliani, McCain, and all other so-called “first-tier” candidates who barely got an votes

  • Ward Ciac

    Need to understand why flash-in-the-Hucklebee won second. 1. He’s a fellow Midwesterner to these Iowans (same with Sen. Wetback). 2. He did a music gig onstage to entertain the folks. 3. The guy at the Des Moines Register gave him preferential treatment in directing questions to him at the debate – huge amount of airtime. 4. He bought nearly 2000 tickets.

  • Chuck

    “So, with all the money in the world, the only first tier candidate in the race couldn’t get a third of votes? 69% of the voters in Ames took a look at the mega-rich Ken doll and said, “Nah, I’m going with this loser over here.” It was Mitt vs. Nobody and he tapped 31%? In a state that should be tailor-made for him?”

    Well stated, my thoughts exactly…..

  • Jeff

    Pretty much sums it up. Even for a Mormon, he is an idiot. He changes his policies and philosophies based on what he thinks people want to hear.

  • Meme Mutation

    The Iowa Strawpoll encompasses everything wrong with politics today. Romney bought his win. He bought the TV ad time, the busses, the dinners and the tickets. It’s a system set up to favor the rich. Ron Paul gas strongh grassroots support that understand the issues and what’s at stake. Romney has a bunch of undecided hayseeds who got a free dinner and bus ride. His mormon mafia will keep buying votes across the country. Just what America needs, another (really strange) religious kook. Mormonism is a cultish mafia.

  • Sounds to me like Michael Reynolds lets the media give him his opinion. The other candidates aren’t top tier because they’re not being covered. Romney’s got millions to spend on his own campaign, that’s how he got where he is. No reason why Huckabee couldn’t be top tier… it’s a long shot for Paul, but I’m pulling for him.

  • What is not surprising is Mr. Gardner’s commentary. Those of us Ron Paul supporters who are in the military and stationed in Nebraska had postulated that Huckabee and Brownback would split the 2nd place votes, and Tancredo could do well since he planted himself in Iowa. We agreed that Ron Paul would need to do much better than national ‘scientific’ polling results. At 10% he has exceeded traditional media and establishment talking head (such as Donklephant writers) expectations. And he did it without shooting his entire bank account into the state.

    I am pleased that Huckabee had a strong showing because at least he is likable. I am equally pleased with Giuliani’s lack of support, despite the fact he spent money and showed his face just enough not to participate.

  • John Alantar

    24,000 votes.

    If anything, it shows how odd things are getting, where the uninformed public, who are mainly xenophobic [i.e. 15% of Americans have passports], just get their fear news from the boob-tube, rely on whoever backs Jesus the most, as where to Vote,

    It scares me. The military industrial complex needs this “holy war” to be burning for profits and power, while the average American, ironically, while backing things like nuking mecca here, and all Muslims are evil, where good Christian values are #1 [church-state] ironically, are going to get hurt the most with inflation, more terror, and loss of rights under a bigger government.

    Of course, on the Dem side these days, its no different. Just welfare instead.

    America in indeed in trouble and it breaks my heart.

  • druidmystic

    Indeed, Romney spent nearly 9 million on his Iowa campaign, and only got 4300 votes. Essentially, each vote cost him 2000 dollars. Paul only spent 2 to 3 hundred thousand, clearing about 1300 votes, each vote costing him only 200 dollars. I guess Paul’s message holds more value than Romney’s money. I did feel that Paul couldve done a little better than 10 %, but by no means am I disappointed.

  • Sometimes the majority is just very out of touch with the reality of our situation. It’s not that Ron Paul is simply an internet oddity – he is too smart and wise to be appreciated by those who showed up for free BBQ and kiddie rides from the party of American Jingoism.

    What he needs is for the independents, Democrats, Greens, Constitution Party, and of course Libertarians to vote for him in the Republican primaries. Even then, the party honchos may be too bullheaded to let America and the world have the best man for the job. We’ll see.

  • Paul Neumeyer

    Hmmm – Romney spends and spends and spends and only gets about 4000 votes (in fact a recent WSJ article has him buying 10000 tickets – hmm lets due the math what is 4000 out of 10000?), the other candidates basically camp out in the state for the last six months and also spend millions and can only get a couple of thousand, and Dr. Paul who is completely ignored by the main stream media, spends just a week in the state and gets 10% of the vote. With all due respect, I really don’t think you know what you are talking about here.

  • I got to agree with Justin here. A few days before the vote, people were saying RP would take 2nd or 3rd.

    I am not sure who planted this idea in the RP supporters that 5th place is good. It’s not good. We lost guys!

    Also those machines really troubled me too and it just so happens that a company who tracks billions and billions of dollars a day in their ATMs can’t seem to count 14,000 ballots. Ahem…sure they can’t.

    Now what happens with these results is that the field is NOT going to be any smaller now. Tancredo, Huckabee, Brownback will all be on the stage till the Primaries. The debates will still be crowded with the candidates unable to get much speaking time and dare I say perhaps RP won’t be invited to them now, now that they see he got 5th.

  • John Mills

    Paul is a Libertarian running as an R. So it’s not surprising that he does poorly in a Republican primary. In the end, this shows that the vast majority of Republicans support military adventurism, corporate welfare and the other big government programs regularly endorsed by mainstream Republicans. One isn’t going to win the Republican nomination by being an opponent of Republican policy.

  • Rich

    With Paul only spending one week in Iowa, while the others had been camped out there for the last two months I’d say he did a pretty good job actually. Ron at this point still has the 3rd most money on hand. If Ron hits New Hampshire as hard as the other candidiates I think we’ll be in a great position to pull off the upset!

  • The win here isn’t the expected finish among bought and paid for votes. The win is the orginization and volume of suporters who turned out to help him at the campaign. He dwarfed the other candidates in this regard. Those people are all campaign volunteers. They will vote, they will donate money and they will expand Paul’s base over the next year. If the straw poll is really a test of orginizational strength and not a test of who can pay more people to come to Ames for long enough to eat BBQ and cast a ballot, Paul seems to have had an amazing showing. I’d imagine anyone who attended the straw poll would understand what I’m saying.

  • Kenny Griffin

    I think Ron Paul did just fine.He turned his supposedly 1% national into almost 10% in iowa not bad for a weeks work,Ron Pauls message is spreading and it will rise.This was a victory for Ron Paul and if the republican party doesnt nominate Ron Paul or change to his message.No amount of money will alow the republicans to win the next election.If Ron Paul doesnt get the nomination ,then my vote will be going back to the libertarian party.I’m over both parties big goverment liberal spending.Americans even in the dem and rep are over their own parties.The fact is no vote is wasted ,its only a vote to force change,more americans have voted outside the 2 parties in the last 3 elections then ever in election history. Hillary/Obama/Rudolf/Romney/Mccain are just more bush policy politicians. Ron Paul 2008 Colorado spreading the message votinf for a typuical republican or democrat is a vote for more bush and big goverment liberal spending.If we dont elect Ron Paul or his message then america is lost.

  • Kenny Griffin

    sorry for typos

  • This just shows that the Republicans have at least 10% of the votes that they can’t count on if anyone but Ron Paul wins the primary.

    Who do you think would win against a semi-pro-war Hillary? A Neo-Con who wants to double guantanamo and nuke Iran (who will lose 10% of the votes to a third party candidate), or a candidate that wants to bring the troops home right away and also is the most consistent fiscal conservative Republican of the past 3 decades?

  • AB

    Mr. Gardner keeps writing about Dr. Paul because he knows so many people are interested in the good Dr.

    Like any writer, he wants to be read more. So his criticisms are suspect by the very fact that he keeps writing about Rep. Paul.

    In short, he knows what we know: Dr. Paul is gaining!

  • Ed

    Ron recieved 9% support from people who had $35.00 to blow. This differs dramatically from so called public opinion polls of 2% nationally. Wait till the real deal happens, no amount of money will buy Romney,Rudy, or any other candidate the vote of the people. Ron Paul 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bbartlog

    Who exactly expected a second place finish for Congressman Paul?

    Patrick Ruffini thought there was a realistic chance of this. I (who also support Ron Paul) saw the effort Brownback, Thompson and Tancredo had put into Iowa and knew that it wouldn’t happen. But keep in mind that of the thirty Republican chairs they polled, not *one* of them thought Paul would finish in the top five. So he exceeded the expectations of his skeptics even if he didn’t live up to the hopes of all his fans…

  • Jimmy:

    If I let the media do my thinking for me I’d be calling Romney the winner. I think conventional wisdom will swing my way on this, but for the record I wrote it about five minutes after the numbers came down:

    The designation “first tier” isn’t a value judgment about the candidate, it’s an assessment of polls — including the money poll. You can protest that Ron Paul should be top tier, but the fact is he’s not.

    And he’s not going to be first tier. Ever. Ron Paul is a libertarian and American voters are not. They may like the sound of the music, but they won’t dance to it. Americans like big government. Yes, I know they say they don’t, but they do.

  • Paul F

    The American people/ people in general like big government because they are manipulated to do so. Its as simple as that. The fact that people can wake up to things and come on board with Ron Paul, like many are doing, prooves this point entirely. People are not ‘innately’ in favour of big government and when someone listens to Ron Paul with an open mind they normally come round to what he is trying to say. If everyone in America was forced to watch the debates and then read about the issues, Ron Paul would win comfortably. Thats why he wins online, we are informed. Sadly, a larger % of people are uninformed. So as is usual, the idiot majority triumph.

  • It means he remains an internet oddity, somebody that the media and the other candidates can dismiss as just a guy who figured out how to create some buzz on the internet.

    Man, I knew this thread would blow up as soon as you posted this. JG you are now a RonPaulophobe. How dare you dismiss this wonderful religion as merely a “buzz” and the Prophet as an “oddity”!

  • Joe Lawson

    AMES, Iowa

    Undeclared Presidential candidate Fred Thompson and internet powerhouse candidate Ron Paul did the most with the least in the Iowa Straw Poll.

    Ron Paul received nearly 77 votes for every day he campaigned in Iowa, the best of all other candidates. Fred Thompson came in second with 50.75 votes received for every day he campaigned in Iowa.
    The worst performers were Sam Brownback of Kansas, who spent 115 days in Iowa and only received 19 votes per day, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who actually spent more time than Ron Paul, but only recieved about 7 votes for every day he campaigned in Iowa.

    17 days in Iowa R. Paul(1) 76.76 votes per day

    04 days in Iowa F. Thompson(2) 50.75 votes per day

    89 days in Iowa M. Romney(3) 50.74 votes per day

    70 days in Iowa M. Huckabee(4) 36.95 votes per day

    66 days in Iowa T. Tancredo(5) 29.71 votes per day

    115 days in Iowa S. Brownback(6) 19.06 votes per day

    26 days in Iowa R. Guliani(7) 7.03 vote per day


  • Anthony

    Count me as another Paul supporter who is “content, but not happy” with the results of the poll. I would have liked him to finish higher, but everyone above who noted the limited effort the Paul team put in Iowa is dead on right: I don’t know any respected outfit that was predicting a Paul 2nd place finish.

    Let me also reiterate something else that has been metioned pre- and post-straw poll: NO ONE CARES!!!! The average voter in this country knew nothing about this poll and by tomorrow is going to be more concerned with their football team’s next preseason game, if they were even aware of the results today.

    Tommy Thompson lost big, as did Brownback. Probably both will be out soon. Paul proved he has strong enough support to mush on. Now, let a couple more folks around the Bush administration start floating the draft idea, and (sadly) another few hundred brave Americans die in a pointless civil war halfway around the world. Allow the Demopublicans to set up a “New York Liberal vs. New York Liberal, war supporter vs. war supporter” Clinton vs. Guliani showdown for the presidency. Can you say “perfect storm?”

  • Desiree

    I just sent another $100.00 to Ron Paul!!!!!

  • Denis

    9% is better than 2% for Ron Paul. I had predicted a least 10% or better.
    Clearly as it turns out based on wishful thinking.
    This IS better than anyone outside of Ron Paul supporters, like myself had predicted.

    I was shocked by two things:
    1. McCain, Guiliani and Fred Thompson got LESS that Ron Paul. This should have meant more votes for Paul.
    2. Instead in Iowa 46% of the mainstream votes went to Huckabee, Brownback and Tancredo. This is VERY scary to me. If those 3 folks are mainstream, then we definitely need another river. I hope that middle-America Iowa is not the new average American like it has always been in the past. Does anyone else hear a DRAFT coming like I do?

    All this means is that we need to work harder for Ron Paul, write more letters, talk to our friends, do local ads, answer every on-line idiocy about him, put up yard signs, show up for his speechs and personal appearances, AND of course donate more money!

    Ron Paul may not win but somewhere out there is the next generation’s Ron Paul. This person needs to be reached and convinced. I personal think Ron Paul is now our only hope to reach that person. Besides you and I both know that he is the best person running in either party. Maybe if we work hard enough we can convince others.

    We have a year.

    Go Ron Paul!

  • Jeremy

    “What he needs is for the independents, Democrats, Greens, Constitution Party, and of course Libertarians to vote for him in the Republican primaries. Even then, the party honchos may be too bullheaded to let America and the world have the best man for the job. We’ll see.” – Rebel with a cause

    Now realistically, if I care to see any Republican win (I question myself every time I hear myself say that) it would have to be Ron Paul. However, what you say above would have to amount to a perfect storm. I don’t see all of these groups coming together in a common cause. I’m a Green party voter, I’d be willing to vote for Ron Paul if only he didn’t espouse some of the more extreme politics of the Republican party, i.e. Pro-life and Social Security privatization, but he does. So I would not vote for Ron Paul.

    This country is so politically fractured at the moment that I cannot see any one candidate cinching this election until the final stretch, even then I don’t believe there is going to be a landslide win for a Republican candidate. Concerning the Democrats though, we may well see a landslide win. Either Obama or Clinton might take the election by huge numbers, but again, even the Democratic party is largely divided.

    Who knows. Let’s just hope whoever is next can do a better job than Doofus.

  • it sounds like you ron paul guys are just making excuses – the oft repeated bit about him only spending a few weeks there and only spending a few hundred thousand dollars there is rationalization: if it didn’t matter to him, why didn’t he spend any time there, or any money there, like the other candidates (Giuliani, McCain) who actually didn’t care and so didn’t do either? It’s not as if all the other candidates were told about this straw poll last year and Ron Paul got the memo just last week: he could have spent more time and money there but didn’t, so he campaigned as best as he saw fit – just like Romney, Huckabee, and the rest did – and he ended up getting 9%. That’s it, no asterisks, Ron Paul came in fifth with 9% in a race made up of one top-tier candidates and the all the other-tier ones

  • John Paul 2008

    Forget that flip-flopper hack turned republican (Ron Paul) Vote John Paul 2008!! Join the revolution!!!
    who do we want?!! John Paul!! who do we want?!! John Paul!! who do we want?!! John Paul!! Louder!! John Paul!! Louder!! John Paul!! who do we want?!! John Paul!

  • Phinneous

    Me thinks Justin Gardner is a closet Ron Paul fan. Considering the Ron Paul online support base; to write such an article is pure flame bait to attract moths to the glow. Good work Justin. I also must add a chuckle that on this very page, at the top right, the link to a past article titled, “Ron Paul’s surprising military support”, which any lame O wouldn’t find surprising since Ron Paul has a 100% rating from disabled veterans groups. (you know being a doctor and former military and all) Again, keep up the good work Donk writers, every bit helps!

  • CNelson

    Well… Ron Paul has gone from 1% to 3% and now to 9%. This appears to me to be a steady upward trend – at least that what it was called when I went to high school.
    Another thing that stands out in my mind is the fact that Ron Paul got 9% without having to truck bus loads of people in to vote for him.

  • chase carlisle

    polls like this one are engineered to favor cash saturated professional manipulators- i hope there are are men and women out there who see through such shenanigans and vote in the republican primaries.

  • Nate L.

    For me, being military, I want to see the success of our great Country. I see the military industrial complex w/ the media running the show. Our Country has been heading down the wrong path for years. I would say starting since the Korean – Vietnam Era.

    Has anyone researched 1953 coup of Prime Minister Mossedeq in Iran? Anyone take an educated guess on who did it?

    Has anyone researched the drug money trail prior to 1989 when we invaded Panama? Keep telling yourself we outsted Manuel Noriega because he was a brut & a savage. I bet you would be shocked to find that the Manuel was CIA and that he was laudering drug money that belonged to the CIA.

    What do Americans think Iran-Contra was about? Guns for money, money for drugs, drugs for money, money for guns. It was an illegal business venture by our country. Who paid for the drugs? YOU DID AMERICA……..those of you who like using them. For those who don’t use drugs, you probably think heroin and cocaine isn’t real, much less how dirty your government really is.

    I am a Ron-o-phile after months of searching what backs who in the political realm. No suprise on Guiliani’s thoughts on the Dubai Ports Deal to McCain’s Amnesty card for illegal aliens. Even Romney is spending his own money to make himself look good.

    I have had it with the fear card. When will we wake up and realize that the Bush administration and some republicans will do anything to weaken us as a nation. Fear is a sign of weakness. Every since 9/11, they have used this as a reasoning to instill fear. I am beginning to wonder about 9/11 and the success this tragedy has given the administraion. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, however PNAC has alot to do with both these events.

  • Ron Paul could have done better to be sure, but the requirements of such a feat would have involved so many paid-for voters switching their votes. The Republican Party is comprised of very loyal activists in my experience. If they say they will support you, they normally will not change their mind easily without some considerable factors mitigating. (Scandal, dirt, etc.)

    The larger story is the dismal turnout in general. I have never seen the Republican party base or potential GOP voting demographic so apathetic in my life.

    Something like 70% of GOP voters have no idea who Ron Paul is in any meaningful way. It is becoming clear, however, that a very large number of that demographic actually respond quite favorably to him once they do merely listen to him and get to learn his story.

    This is the last general election cycle that The Republican Party will exist in my opinion. The dissaffected conservatives will begin to migrate away, and the statist conservatives comfortable with government omnipotence will merely find a natural alliance with the socialist left.

    Ron Paul would probably save the GOP’s fate ironically, but…

  • Greg

    To Brian, Correction on your part. Rudy Guiliani Spent 26 days in Iowa compared to Ron Pauls 17 days in Iowa. Ron Paul received over 1300 votes, Rudy a measley 200. Sure after spending 26 days in Iowa, Rudy looked at the writing on the wall and said I ain’t winning in this state, if I can’t win I’m not playing the game.

    Bottom line most of those candidates have been in Iowa since January, Ron Paul declared his run for President late in the game, and only last week – 2 days before the straw poll opened an office in Iowa.

    Brownback spent 115 days in Iowa, 100 more days than Ron Paul, why didn’t he win? Romney 89 days, Huckabee 70 days – those are huge amounts of time. They should have done much better than they did.

    For the amount of time Ron Paul spent in Iowa he did very well, and per day campaigning versus how many votes he received – he did the best of all the candidate. No excuses, he came in 5th and didn’t win, either did Ronald Reagan.

    Up next is the Texas Straw Poll, you can’t buy votes there.

  • Darel99

    Mike Huckeabee is a card carrying member of the CFR. The CFR has suggested many global ideas such as the North American Union.

    Tom Tancredo, will be out of the race very soon. He spent lots of cash on Drudge a month ago and now his remarks have returned to haunt him. Sources tell me that Tom is low on cash (I have been to several Tancredo small group meetings). Yet, he still stands by his statement of “Bomb Mecca” Meanwhile short sighted Christians think his comets were fine. But they fail to compare what may happen if Muslims told the world to bomb the birth place of Christ.

    Ron Paul finished above MSM predictions and he has a growing base of support and is really the only Republican who can beat Hillary.

    The rest of the GOP is full of new world order leaders who will do nothing more then finish bushes plans for the NAU.

    Do your homework and get informed and turn off fox news, Rush and question many of World Net Dailyies articles as well.

    I support Ron Paul 100%…..

  • Darel99

    By the way my brother who has been pro bush for years is now pro paul and I know for a fact he has maxed his donation of $4000+ for his family. I have aready done the same as a single guy of $2300 and if you can afford to do the same then do it! Or send as much as you can each month. I have employees who donate funds each week $50-75 a week direct to pauls 2008 site. In fact I give them free gas cards of $20 just as a thankyou

  • cfountain72

    You can color me disappointed, but only if we do not learn from this. There is a steep learning curve in running for President. Like most things in life, we must look critically at the Ames experience and see what worked, what didn’t, and move on. Complaining about the media and voting machines will neither do us, nor Rep. Paul any good.

    Peace be with you.

  • Ian

    Huckabee is a very adroit public speaker. He communcates his message in life-like, cogent terms, with compelling examples like the story he told (at the Ames Straw Poll) of what his then-11-yo daughter entered into the “Comments” section of a Visitors Book after visiting the Yad Vashem holocaust museum: “Couldn’t somebody do something?”


    Huckabee puts listeners at ease, and reassures them through clear concepts and a natural, integrated manner of communication (no doubt something well-cultivated as a pastor). He’s not demanding, like a Ron Paul, nor is he as “well-scripted” as Romney, nor as mechanical-squinty like Brownback.

    Most importantly, Huckabee convinces many that he is ONE with the FairTax grassroots movement. While many – like Romney, and others, who are invested in the current income tax system – seek to demagog (1) the well-researched FairTax plan, its acceptance in the professional / academic community (2) continues to grow. Failure to enact the FairTax – choosing instead to try to “flatten” a NON-FLATTENABLE income tax system – will result in an irrevocable economic meltdown (3)!

    Just take a look at the WEAK response Romney followed Huckabee with on last weekend’s “This Week with Geo. Stephanopoulos (4)”

    Here is why the FairTax MUST replace the income tax. It’s:

    • SIMPLE, easy to understand
    • EFFICIENT, inexpensive to comply with and doesn’t cause less-than-optimal business decisions for tax minimization purposes
    • FAIR, loophole free and everyone pays their share
    • LOW TAX RATE, achieved by broad base with no exclusions
    • PREDICTABLE, doesn’t change, so financial planning is possible
    • UNINTRUSIVE, doesn’t intrude into our personal affairs or limit our liberty
    • VISIBLE, not hidden from the public in tax-inflated prices or otherwise
    • PRODUCTIVE, rewards, rather than penalizes, work and productivity

    Its benefits are as follows:

    • No more tax on income – make as much as you wish
    • You receive your full paycheck – no more deductions
    • You pay the tax when you buy “at retail” – not “used”
    • No more double taxation (e.g. like on current Capital Gains)
    • Reduction of “pre-FairTaxed” retail prices by 20%-30%
    • Adding back 29.9% FairTax maintains current price levels
    • FairTax would constitute 23% portion of new prices
    • Every household receives a monthly check, or “pre-bate”
    • “Prebate” is “advance payback” for monthly consumption to poverty level
    • FairTax’s “prebate” ensures progressivity, poverty protection
    • Finally, citizens are knowledgeable of what their tax IS
    • Elimination of “parasitic” Income Tax industry
    • Those possessing illicit forms of income will ALSO pay the FairTax
    • Households have more disposable income to purchase goods
    • Savings is bolstered with reduction of interest rates

    • Corporate income and payroll taxes revoked under FairTax
    • Business compensated for collecting tax at “cash register”
    • No more tax-related lawyers, lobbyists on company payrolls
    • No more embedded (hidden) income/payroll taxes in prices
    • Reduced costs. Competition – not tax policy – drives prices
    • Off-shore “tax haven” headquarters can now return to U.S
    • No more “favors” from politicians at expense of taxpayers
    • Resources go to R&D and study of competition – not taxes
    • Marketplace distortions eliminated for fair competition
    • US exports increase their share of foreign markets

    • 7% – 13% economic growth projected in the first year of the FairTax
    • Jobs return to the U.S.
    • Foreign corporations “set up shop” in the U.S.
    • Tax system trends are corrected to “enlarge the pie”
    • Larger economic “pie,” means thinner tax rate “slices”
    • Initial 23% portion of price is pressured downward as “pie”
    • No more “closed door” tax deals by politicians and business
    • FairTax sets new global standard. Other countries will follow

    Action Now FairTax advocacy at:


  • Ron Paul finishes tops in many polls –
    Fox News ran a poll after the second debate in South Carolina. Out of a sample of 40,000 people, Ron Paul finished 2nd to Mitt Romney and with 25% (to Mitt’s 27%). Giuliani scored only 16% after that debate.

    In another poll sponsored by the U.S. Military personnel, Ron Paul finished first over ALL the other presidential candidates, receiving the most votes cast (in dollars) of any candidate for the fund raising quarter ending June 30th.

    And in another poll, sponsored by YOUTUBE, Ron Paul is the number one Republican candidate. Congressman Paul currently has 25,400+ votes (subscribers) and over 3 million channel views, to Mitt Romney’s 2,700 votes (again subscribers) and some 700K+ channel views. Worthy to note, Congressman Paul tops ALL presidential candidates (from both parties) on the YOUTUBE platform. This is an ongoing poll.

    The poll of most traffic to a Republican website in the month of August, again, goes to…you guessed it – Congressman Paul. 44.16% of all web traffic going to a Republican site went to Dr. Paul’s site, followed by 16.13% to Romney’s site (this is out of a mere 10 MILLION USERS) and can’t be compared to the normal polling sample of 400-800 people typically used in the mainstream media’s ‘paid-for’ polls.

    Congressman Paul – wins the poll for most friends of any Republican; the Facebook poll for most friends; and has more grass-roots supporters using than any other candidate.

    Summary: Congressman Paul doesn’t do well in the polls that are commissioned and paid for by the mainstream media. On the other hand, in the non-controlled, organic, on-going poll samples on the internet of 10’s of thousands, even 100’s of thousands of voters, Congressman Paul RULES. So, the moral of the story is – don’t be fooled by those so-called ‘polls’ – they just aren’t accurate. – “…they hate us for our FREEDOMS!”

  • mnjrupp

    Ron Paul is very frugile with the money he has, being economically sound. I think you are going to see him pace himself so he can stay in the race for the duration. Just read about how he outsmarted the GOP machine in Texas when Bush and others tried to replace him with another Neo-con(artist).

    I think it will get alot hotter, so you RP supporters better learn to hang in there.

  • DefendTheConstitution

    One important point that was pointed to me by a friend and it seems not emphasized in comments I have seem is the fact that Ron Paul
    had much more vote than Giuliani, F Thompson and McCain, “The MSM Front Runners”. They are hiding behind the fact that they were not physically in Iowa.

    The fact is, unlike with Ron Paul, everybody with any interest in politics knows them and their policy, specially Republicans. Therefore, whoever is supporting them would certainly have voted for them independent of their physical presence. No one would vote to someone else just because their candidate was not physically present there.

    Another possible argument would be their, Giuliani, McCain, F Thompson, supporters chose not to show up because their candidate was not coming. This argument doesn’t hold much weight, because the hardcore supporters would want to come and vote for them anyway, and their popularity is supposed to be so overwhelming that even the “typical” republican activists should have wanted to vote for them whether or not candidates showed up. Remember that the vote is for who you want for president, not who of the candidates “currently present in the poll” that you want for

    The sad fact is that the reason Giuliani and McCain have any support at all is that they are CONSTANTLY being mentioned by the media as the front runners. Thus when you conduct a random phone poll, people who are not particularly active in politics know their names and don’t know anyone else’s. But every poll, which people self-select based on their interest in the outcome, from Internet to text-message to straw poll they, Giuliani, McCain, F Thompson, come in dead last relative to R Paul. Basically, the more one knows about them the less attractive they are to the most people.

    Furthermore, even if you buy the argument of being there, Iowa, to be known to get vote, the numbers show that Ron Paul spent less number of events in Iowa, 17 events, than McCain, 26 events, and Giuliani, 26 vents. F Thompson is 0. (source:

    Their, Giuliani, McCain, Thompson, campaign should have had the prediction about Iowa Straw Poll based on some study and that is the real reason, why they were not there. Otherwise, they could not have the excuse of their low numbers and would be very damaging to their campaign.

    As a collateral, this shows how Ron Paul support is strong and growing. It was much higher than Giuliani, McCain and F Thompson, the “front runners”. 7x Giuliani, 6.4x Thompson and 13x McCain.

    We should Congratulate how Ron Paul did much better than “The Front Runners”.

  • Skylar

    Keep writing about RP and I will keep coming to your site. Never was on this site before Ron Paul mania. If Donklephant doesn’t publish another article about Ron Paul I will never think about the site again and forget it’s existence.

    How’s your net traffic on these articles compared to others?

  • Tony

    I believe that Paul’s campaign did a hellava job in Ames. What does it say? That neocons and the sheep that blindly followed are going to stay home in 08… Which means that Paul only has to draw moderate repubs, Indys, and crossover democrats and THAT’s exactly what’s happening!

    Go Ron!!!

  • I’d guess I’m one of the very few commenters to have already voted for Ron Paul for President … in 1988, as a Lib, against Bush “read my lips” tax increasing Bush.

    I’d guess some 10-20% of the Reps really want the US out of Iraq, AND out of Germany, Japan, and other silly adventures. It’s called Isolationism, and it’s what Washington wanted: Peace and Trade with all Nations, entangling alliances with none…

    Ron Paul should get those anti-war Rep votes, and he deserves them. But they’re not enough to win, and “America loves a winner, and will not tolerate a loser”.

    But I’ve changed. I think War to stop Genocide is better than allowing genocide in a non-nuclear power country. So while I support Ron Paul in everything else, in his big anti-Iraq war main talking point, I don’t.

    But there’s to be a Europeans for Ron Paul event in Bratislava I’ll go to.

    Maybe I’ll support Huckabee, or (slick?) Mitt — at least Romney is a personally consistent pro-life, pro-responsibility social conservative. Who has supported more gay rights in the past than seems to in the present.