Ron Paul Realism: Question 7 of 7

Ron Paul Realism: Question 7 of 7


The series is almost over, but I want to thank all of you Ron Paul supporters who have contributed constructive feedback to the discussion and I hope you can use the feedback to help inform and aid your cause.

I’ll be doing two more posts to wrap this whole series up. The first post will collect what I believe are the best answers to the 7 questions, while the second post will uncover some comments that didn’t directly answer any of my seven questions but are good thoughts nonetheless. Be on the look out for those soon.

But….just in case you’re just joining us, I asked Ron Paul supporters 7 questions in this post, and then posted their answers in posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Now…question 7, and the one that could change the face of American politics: Have you taken a look at Unity 08? They’re offering any candidate who can get enough people behind them the ability to run on the Unity 08 ticket. What that means is Unity will make sure that the candidate will be on the ballot in all 50 states, so the candidate doesn’t have to worry about it. Still think a 3rd party run doesn’t make sense?

  • Dary: Ron said that he wouldn’t run as a third party candidate.
  • Michael: A 3rd party does make sense. What makes more sense is to dissolve the “Party” lines and let people vote based on their message and not via party lines. The words Republican and Democrat have become “foul” language for so many. The reality is they are two halves of the SAME coin.
  • Tony Lambiris: I absolutely think a third party not only makes sense, but I feel it is absolutely necessary. Two parties to represent a country as big as ours doesn’t stack up anymore. We are more connected and aware at a global level, so to say that there are only two parties that blankets the majorities’ interests is f’d to me.
  • coainley: No, I haven’t. I voted third party last year, but I’d rather Ron Paul be on the ballot as a Republican. I’m going to vote for him no matter what.
  • Tim: I have not, but thanks for the suggestion. Ultimately, Paul is the one we’ll have to convince about running.
  • Ward Ciac: Makes sense.
  • Lex: Unity 08? I have looked into it. They are vastly overstating their organizational abilities and membership so far. Ron Paul’s groups could take over Unity 08 in about a week, which might not be such a bad backup plan. Personally, I don’t want to see a Ron Paul third party or independent run, unless the worst case scenario unfolds and it is Hillary vs. Rudy. I think he could win in that matchup. For now, I’m keeping the faith and doing everything in my power to help Ron Paul win the Republican nomination. I believe that can happen, if only because the Republican front-runners are so weak: the pro-choice, anti-Second Amendment Giuliani, the former lobbyist Thompson, the pro-surge, pro-amnesty McCain, and the Massachusetts flip-flopper Romney.
  • Scott: That is amazing, however trully feel he is Republican! Lets look at this, extremly fiscally conservitive, check, lower (or axe) income tax, to expand personal choices, check, morally sound, check, non intervention foreign pol, and if you think that 9/11 changed all this, why have simply 20 “”””terrorists”””” crossed over the mexican-american border and blown themselves up? (check) … whats non republican about him?
  • Corky: Dr. Paul is running for the Republican nomination and although it’s an uphill battle, he’s in it to win. It’s premature to discuss a third party slate.
  • Doofus: Unity ’08?
  • John Campbell: Unity 08 works for centrists like Bloomberg, but I can’t see it working Ron Paul. He’s better off running on the ticket of a party that matches his ideology. Besides, I’m counting on Bloomberg running as the U08 candidate. Assuming he doesn’t get the Republican nomination, Ron Paul can’t win a 3 way race. The best he could hope for is to promote the message and increase LP visibility. But I think he could possibly win a 5 way race with Bloomberg and Nader diluting the Liberal vote while Ron Paul builds a coalition of anti-war Dems, anti-War Repubs, Libs and Paleo-conservatives.
  • Aaron: I don’t think he’ll do it. This campaign will exhaust him as it is and he’s been down that road. Third party candidates face many institutional obstacles beyond ballot access. I wouldn’t blame him if he said, “screw it I did my bit for Liberty I met the people more than half way.” It comes down to this Justin. Paul is a unique messenger for liberty because he is so unassuming and matter of fact. His quiet Gandhi style approach is the only hope to rise above the din. You see how quickly those starving for this message rally behind him. Thank goodness we know this guy is trustworthy–we could easily fall prey to some pied piper because we are so hungry and so desperate to see a serious treatment of liberty. This is why he is a unique opportunity which we must exhaust every amount of effort we can in getting him as far as we can get him. There is no final destination in this campaign and to consume oneself with the end is to distract oneself from the purpose.
  • NH: Screw that! These are communist quislings who want to dilute the GOP message. They are pro-UN ACTORS… Same Waterston? You must be kidding. UN lackeys. I’m shocked James Maynard would suggest Gravel, but then again you can’t trust libertarians.
  • Jonathan Bennett: I’m voting for Ron Paul no matter what “ticket” he is on.
  • Buckwheat: 3rd party run not necessary, Paul is going to win the Republican nomination.
  • Dan Warner: I don’t think Ron Paul wants to be a ’spoiler’. I truly think he is in this to win. He is not just running for president, he is starting a true revival of the republican party, he is starting a ‘revolution’ that will last far beyond any presidency could. I think this is more important than anything else. He has lit a fire under our collective butts and it’s not going to go out if he looses. We will continue to ‘vote the bums out’ who don’t represent us untill we finally have candidates who emulate his values.
  • Corey Cagle: For reasons explained above, I have a sort of automatic reaction against any party called “Unity.” Maybe this is just knee-jerking, but I think it’s clear that when liberals and conservatives unify, we get the worst, not the best, of both worlds. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the Republican nomination, I hope the Libertarian Party will nominate him again.
  • Jeanette Doney: Unity08 has named Ron Paul and Mike Gravel as their leading choices. Unity08 cannot make any promise on ballot access. How will they get on the Oklahoma ballot? How will they do better than Nader with Democrats employing attorneys to file bogus lawsuits to drain money from the campaign? The state of Pennsylvania has threatened to “freeze Nader’s bank account if he tried to run as an independent, even though the real reason Nader wants ballot access is that as a consumer advocate who wants to research election laws, being elections are bought, the federal elections Commission insists , to challenge an election or vote, one MUST be on the ballot. The GOP only threw gas on the Democrats’ fire to burn Nader, and Media gave them the logs to keep it going forevermore. Unity08 does not have a chance in hell, anymore than Nader or Perot.
  • meinaz: Unity08 will get as much media coverage as the Constitution or Reform parties (none). It’s a bad idea. Now, at least, the media is –begrudgingly– forced to acknowledge Paul’s presence in the debates.
  • Edward Keithly: Why would I go and do that? We’re going to win the GOP nomination for Dr. Ron Paul.
  • Vicky: Third party run is unnecessary. Unity 08 has LAME writen all over it.
  • Matt C: I read something about Unity 08 awhile back. I think Waterston vs. Fred Thompson would be a great matchup in the general election.
  • Patrick: If the unity candidate is allowed in the debates. That might be nice. But Unity 08 has no real ideals. They’ll probably take anybody. Sounds like people who don’t know what they believe in.
  • meatwad: I haven’t read much about Unity ‘08, but I certainly will. I totally agree with you that RP stands very little chance against the corporate spin machine. If we don’t break this cycle of voting for rich, corporate sponsored a**hats that could care less about the average citizen, then this country is doomed.
  • James Aragon: All though the Unity08 concept is intriguing, their platform falls out of step with Ron Paul’s principles. And as you know by now, principles are what matter to this campaign.
  • Ellis_Wyatt: As per my response on #1, we’re going to push him to make the run no matter what. At some point one has to understand that we will not be disenfranchised any more. We are buying guns, storing food, and “hoarding” gold. We are not f*cking around, ya hear? I’ve studied history, and I WILL have my freedom, so I’m ready for a hot war, whether the idiots who think Obama’s “cute” are or not. We don’t care all that much about those folks – they are largely inconsequential, I’m sad to say. This really is for all the marbles, bro. It’s Germany 1932 in America right now, and WE KNOW IT. It’s fight or flight, and there’s nowhere to run to. Backed into the corner, we have turned to face the assailant. Now, either help us turn back the tide of tyranny, or get the hell out of my way. If you CHOOSE to help them, one way or another, I would not expect too much mercy from us when we win. Or: the traitors in DC are going to see some jail time (if they’re lucky!), and it ain’t gonna be Club Fed.
  • Jordan: Nope. Haven’t even heard of Unity 08.
  • bbartlog: I’ll take a look at the Unity site. But see my answer to 4); I don’t exactly see why unity by itself is such a great thing. I certainly wouldn’t be against Ron Paul running on a Unity ticket if it seemed to make sense.
  • chad: No, that would be political suicide, how many independent debates have been televised on cnn,abc,cbs,fox or any other major media outlet? who cares if their name is on the ballot when people walking in the booth already know who they are going to vote for and have no who idea who John Cox is?
  • Tannim: Not that a 3rd party doesn’t make sense, but Unity08 has no ballot access and has little clue on how to get it. Ask Richard Winger about that. The LP does have that nationwide ballot access, but is running uphill against an unequal system designed to malevolently slam the door on third parties until the GOP goes the way of the Whigs in twelve years if Paul doesn’t get the nomination.
  • Spirit of ’76: I haven’t heard of them, but I’ll look into it. For a while there have been rumors that both the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party were also toying with the notion of nominating Paul, which would ensure him ballot access in all 50 states even if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination, but I’m not sure that will actually pan out.
  • James Maynard: I’ve looked at their site a couple times – Interesting – Like I said, if Hillary gets the D nominatin and the Rs nominate anyone but Paul, then yes, a unified R/P anti-war ticket could take it all. I wonder though if they actually DO have what it takes to get someone on the ballot in all 50 states. Lastly – Remember that RP is now polling at or above the numbers at this point in the election for Carter, Reagan, Dukakis (won nomination) and Clinton. Clinton was a dark horse even until AFTER the Iowa caucus – It was only then that Gennifer Flowers steped up accusing him of an affair and he went on 60 minutes to explain himself. He took 2nd in NH after that. Those who say it can’t be done are ignoring recent history.
  • Jim: What about the Unity Party? A 3rd party does make sense. Paul is a Republican though, and will push for the nomination first. SHould he not get it, he might run on a Libertarian/ Constitution ticket.
  • mike: i think paul will run independently if he does not receive the nomination, because the people will demand it of him!

And there you have it.

Most of you had heard about Unity ’08 and are intrigued. Sure, some of you may think it’s a bad idea, but since when is free ballot access in 50 states a bad idea?

And while Unity ’08 does have a platform, I can only imagine that they’re going to be flexible enough to accommodate a candidate whose platform falls outside of the traditional left/right politics. That could be Michael Bloomberg. That could be Ron Paul. Who knows…

One thing that does puzzle me is why any of you would want to win the GOP nomination when it is patently pro-war. Ron Paul isn’t going to change his opinion on this and neither are a lot of primary voters. Sure, you’ll have a symbolic vote, but the faithful come out to vote in the primaries, not the regular voter, and the faithful believe in the Bush Doctrine. That’s why all the GOP candidates are essentially saying their foreign policy strategy would be the Bush Doctrine but done right…whatever that means.

If Paul breaks off from the GOP now and says that the party doesn’t represent real conservative values anymore, which is doesn’t, then he can mount a credible 3rd party run. If he gets to the primaries and doesn’t win and then starts a 3rd party bid…his credibility is DOA.

Just food for thought people. I know you’re passionate, and I’d hate to see all that go to waste. Especially since pretty much all of you are going to vote for Ron Paul for president no matter what. Wouldn’t you rather have more company at the polls?

  • Paul

    I think that if Ron Paul pulls a good showing in the primaries / caucuses, like, say, 2nd or 3rd place, it wouldn’t be enough to get him the GOP nomination, but I think he would have enough legitimate support to do a third party run, and at least pull off a Bull Moose effect.

    I think generally, both sides are right; Ron Paul does have a true ideological clash with the Neocon-contaminated Republican party that’s pretty much a brick wall to any sort of nomination, but for now, he can get the most exposure possible through the Republican party.

    Besides, if he does do well at the primaries, and decides to run on a third party ticket, he’ll have another six months at the election, verses now, where he only has a couple months.

  • brian


  • Daniel Stevens

    If you look at Ron Paul’s support base- it’s quite diverse- you have Democrats, Independents, Libs, and Republicans joining forces just to throw their support behind Ron. I once considered myself a Democratic socialist, but think the candidates on the Democratic ticket are pathetic.

    I think Ron Paul’s candidacy defies the whole political process. You finally have an honest, humble candidate who’s winning not by being a politician, but by being an academic. I don’t think you have a single candidate who can say they debated economics with Milton Friedman, and seems to embody the same distaste for American foreign policy as Noam Chomsky. Ron Paul’s broad intellegence allows him to run laps around any radio show host who tries to talk him into a corner.

    If Ron Paul continues to build this momentum, and if his support grows on the Meetups to about a hundred thousand- I would like him to run as a third party candidate, but I think you have to understand that he’s a very old man and it wouldn’t be fair to have him campaign for an entire year just to send a message to the political process.

    There’s still plenty of time ahead and anything can happen.

  • Steve Dasbach

    As a credible candidate, Ron Paul gets national exposure in debates, and far more news coverage than he would outside the Republican Party.

    There is no reason for Ron Paul to even consider running as an independent or third party candidate until after Super Tuesday, and he could probably wait even longer to decide.

    Unity08 won’t make its pick until after the D & R nominees are known; neither will the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party. Ron Paul could certainly get at least one of these ballot lines — probably any of them.

    We (Ron Paul and his supporters) should continue putting 100% of our effort into winning the Republican nomination. If we are ultimately unsuccessful despite our best efforts, there will be plenty of time to consider where to go from there.

  • Tannim

    “One thing that does puzzle me is why any of you would want to win the GOP nomination when it is patently pro-war. Ron Paul isn’t going to change his opinion on this and neither are a lot of primary voters. Sure, you’ll have a symbolic vote, but the faithful come out to vote in the primaries, not the regular voter, and the faithful believe in the Bush Doctrine. That’s why all the GOP candidates are essentially saying their foreign policy strategy would be the Bush Doctrine but done right…whatever that means.”

    Because, how else can the GOP turn itself around??? If they don’t then they wind up like the Whigs before them and the next Civil War breaks out shortly thereafter. History will repeat itself. The GOP leadership is far too shortsighted to see it, and it will sink them and their Party with them, unless they nominate Paul, who can save both the GOP and the USA.

    “If Paul breaks off from the GOP now and says that the party doesn’t represent real conservative values anymore, which is doesn’t, then he can mount a credible 3rd party run. If he gets to the primaries and doesn’t win and then starts a 3rd party bid…his credibility is DOA.”

    Paul is a paid life member of the LP. He did that back before his ’88 run. However, your last sentence here shows ignorance of the actual calendar next year. Super Tuesday is Feb 5. The LNC is Memorial Day Weekend in Denver. RNC is in August in St. Paul. LP Bylaws would allow Paul to get the LP nomination regardless of his GOP standing because of his membership. Therefore it is possible for Paul to be both the LP and GOP nominee simultaneously after St. Paul. That could easily happen (and I won’t be surprised if it does!) whether Ron Paul seeks a 3rd party nomination or not. Paul has said he won’t seek a 3rd party run. It may find him anyway without him looking for it, and I think he knows that.

    What you’ll see happen is that come the primaries Paul will get votes in significant numbers from the GOP and you’ll also see him get write-in votes in good numbers from the DP and LP. Whether the MSM has the balls to report that remains to be seen, but the across-the-spectrum grassroots support that has been going on under the MSM radar in cyberspace and in the straw polls will show itself loud and clear in the primaries. You’ll also see that in the open-primary states Paul will fare better than the closed-primary states, mainly because the closed-primary states are closing their primaries (like CA has done) to shut out Paul’s support from the independents and other non-GOPers. The GOP is so determined to keep Paul from winning the nomination that they’ll shoot themselves in the head for the general election in the process. They’ll do it because they know if he wins, they’re out, and they don’t want to be out. So that means they are exercising a pure and blatant conflict of interest by treating Paul the way they are, rather than be impartial and support whomever the GOP membership chooses to be their standard-bearer. This is political party corruption at its finest, and it is the story that NOBODY in the MSM is talking about, and no bloggers have picked up on it yet, either. But that is the Inside Baseball here.

    Paul is not only challenging the status quo in DC but in the GOP, and that makes a lot of people nervous. That’s good to see. So why mess up that great political theater and possibly see the biggest political upset since Truman beat Dewey?

  • Valeria

    Lex, you are correct. In my state we have two and only two parties on the ballot. Democrat or Republican. It is not in our state constitution for any others to be on our ballot. However this year the constitution party took up a petition in which they need 8,000 (apprx.) signatures which is ten times more than most states need, to put the question on the ballot of allowing more than just those two parties on it. They need all these signatures just to be able to put the question on the ballot. and then the voters of the state decide whether to pass it or not. So they cannot guarantee all 50 states when I know better about the state of Oklahoma. Ron Paul did the right thing if for nothing else to be able to let me vote for him in my state. This state has the strictest voting regulations in the entire us of a. We’ll see this election term if it passes. I sure hope it does.

  • Michael

    Ron Paul would be the best candidate for either the Republican party or a 3rd party. Look at it this way….

    1- As a Republican he would get all of the Republican, Libertarian & Constitutionalist votes, he would get a large chunk of the independent and democratic vote and he would get every vote from people that do not want Hillary in office. I’m not sure any other candidate could muster the same level of support across all the parties.

    2- As a 3rd party, Ron Paul would take the votes from the Libertarian party, the true conservative Republicans, the independents and the anti-war democrats. He still may end up winning easily. I know one thing for sure, any Republican other than Ron Paul will lose the bid for the white house in 08.

    The GOP needs to wake up to this reality.

  • Abraham B.

    The Neoconservatives would rather have a Democrat in office than congressman Paul. Let’s face it, the GOP is now more than ever in line with the big government liberals. I have really come to despise the party I belong to, we really need to get back to our core principles and get the youth involved with our party again. it’s already been proven Ron Paul attracts the youth.

  • John Galt

    Even Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t pull of a third party victory. Third parties are too small to avoid the crackpot section of political activism for very long.

    It is important that Ron Paul stays in the Primary. Winning is not as important as putting up the best fight possible, to the bitter end. Think the 300 spartans at thermopylae, or Travis and Crockett at the Alamo. This could set the stage for a renewal of the republican party, with a new libertarian edged activism and new congressmen across the country demanding their constitutional authority back from the executive.

  • Carol

    Not a good idea to leave a major party at this time. The only reason I became aware of and in support of Ron Paul was by hearing him speak on a televised Repulican forum, maybe one of the “debates”. Also the problem with 3rd parties, that I have noticed, is they attract a mixed bag of independent candidates that muddles their primary cause, ie the Green Party became more about social causes rather than the environment, and were issuing conflicting positions about say, border control…against immigration because increased population adds to pressure on environment, yet for accepting all immigrants because it is compassionate..or some such confused platforming.

  • Daniel

    Tannim, I agree with you. The Republicans are doing to Paul what the Democrats did to McGovern in ’72, sabotage his candidacy (not that it needed much) and throw the ’72 election to get a good ol’ boy in next time around.

    The Republican Party hacks appear to be more than willing to sacrifice ’08 rather than have a threat to the establishment to ascend to power.

    In any case, Unity ’08 appears to have a platform of nothing other than expediency. The Republican Party platform is a sufficient home for Paul.

  • William

    Ron Paul votes and support the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, can anyone
    hope for a better candidate.

  • Paul

    If the Unity 08 can deliver the clout that they promise, then they should just get behind Ron Paul from this day forward and do everything they can to get him elected on the Republican ticket. I have never heard of Unity 08 before today. Doesn’t Dr. Paul have enough of a name recognition problem as it is without siding with a party that even a lifelong Libertarian has never heard of? If Unity 08 believes that they can get Dr. Paul elected, then they need to get cracking and put their money where their mouth is. After all, are they more concerned about their party or getting these ideas in power?

    If Dr. Paul doesn’t get the nomination, I doubt very seriously if he will elect to run on a third party ticket again. Been there, done that. He knows full well that the stonewalling he’s getting from the media these days is absolutely nothing compared to the universal ignoring that is inflicted upon third party candidates. Remember, he ran as a Libertarian in 1988. He had the same ideas then as he does now, but he couldn’t get himself heard. Our best chance is to get him heard and to do that he needs to be affiliated with one of the Big Two. He has worked for the past long and hard to get himself into this position. Switching parties and then running immediately would have effected his credibility. But now he’s a longtime Republican.

  • AB

    “One thing that does puzzle me is why any of you would want to win the GOP nomination …”

    I suspect you’re perpetually puzzled, poor thing.

    Why doesn’t McCain run on a 3rd party ticket, or Guiliani? Neither has a chance to win on the GOP ticket.

    Conservatives won’t vote for them.

  • john

    Third party is the only way that the mainstream neocons stay in power. The war in Iraq, Kosovo, the war on poverty, the war on drugs, the corporatism of of the K street gang of 100million dollar special interest candidates. It is sad that the politics of Newt and the immoral charlatans including the failure of the fourth estate don’t expose the money behind the campaigns. In the quest for easy answers and sound bites hides the real issue of the financing of the political monarchical families. The 4 estate is a failure. Until you get responsible press asking tough questions trouble brews. When Madeline Allbrite gets a hundreds of million dollar hedge fund infusion from foreign governments and Korbel’s (Albright’s father)prize student is Condoleezza Rice. Look at to follow the money or do a search of the private equity companies loaded with Bushes, Bakers, Quayle, Snow, Romney, Boggs, Gore, Major. See the $$ in politics from media, telecommunications to military industrial complex. NO THE ONLY WAY IS THE WAY RON PAUL IS DOING IT NOW. Clinton would have never been elected if Ross Perot did not divide votes.. The elections in this country are a republic and there are two many barrier preventing true democracy. It is hard work to support Ron Paul. His plan to simplify the campaign to liberty may work but Doctor Know is asking you to understand Bastiat, Thomas Aquinas, Jefferson, Wilson, and most importantly Keynes vs. Hayek arguments. Third party candidates get the straightjacket treatment and are demonized. Ask yourself what you think of Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, Pat Buchanan. In modern times Perot elected Clinton, and you could have a very good argument that Thurmond may have put Truman in and Nader certainly helped Bush in extremely tight election. Your Unity 08 ticket is in this election Hillary 08. Now would a Ron Paul, Joe Lieberman ticket accomplish the same thing? That would shake the DNC and RNC to the core. The 4 estate still controls the discourse which is another discussion altogether. It really seems to me that Bill Moyers and Johnson ability to make Goldwater the threat or Kennedy, Nixon beauty contest is norm in the minds of the political industry of spin misters and pollsters. I love the flow of ideas on the web and hope it can influence intelligent discourse.

  • Larry

    I am somewhat skeptical of the Unity ’08 claim of covering all of the expense and red tape of getting on all 50 ballots. It doesn’t stop with the costs of filing and petition drives. Many of these ballot petitions are subject to validation by the two main parties and usually involves an expensive law suit in order to validate sufficient signatures. Just ask Nader.

    Dr. Paul should stay right where he is. So many years of Republicans and Democrats writing the rules of elections, not to mention incumbency, name recognition and free press coupled with the winner-take-all election format have put institutional barriers in place such that make a third party win all but impossible unless a significant percentage of ELECTED Democrats and/or Republicans jump ship in favor of the new party. Even then, the new party will eventually replace one of the old two partys and you once again have a two party situation. What ever happend to the Whigs?

    I have no illusions of Dr. Paul winning the nomination. But the message is more important than the individual. As a republican Dr. Paul receives some measure of legitimacy to libertarian ideology. He is already elected and established at the national level and as an established national party member, is poised in the best position to bring attention to the all important message of liberty that has been forgotten over the 20th century.

    Dr. Paul took 9% in Iowa as a Republican. While this doesn’t mean he should start making plans to move into the White House, it does now make us a force that the Republican establishment must recognize. Contemporary presidential elections are won by a slim majority of electoral votes and 1 to 2% of popular votes. We are an unruly and unyeilding bunch most of whom will not support another republican if Paul does not get the nod. If the republicans want us (they need us!) they are going to have to dance to a few more of our tunes and I believe this was one of the primary reasons for Dr. Paul running knowing full well the entire contest would be uphill.

    Because unlike nearly every other candidate from both parties, Dr. Paul’s campaign is not about an attraction to power or stroking his own ego, it’s about the message and while we may not like the Democrats and Republicans, it is only through them that this message can reach it’s full potential.

    Honestly, would any of us, or the media, or myspace or You Tube be wasting this much time and brainpower on the rantings of Libertarian Candidate Ron Paul?

  • chaosgone

    A third party team of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich would be a good match up.

  • Joe Lawson

    A Third Party Run is hocus pocus crap spewed out by those that want to marginalize Ron Paul. They tried to pull the same thing on Ronald Reagan in 1986 and he refused. Of course, Ford ultimately won the primary, but Reagan came so close to knocking off a seated President.

    Ron Paul will win the nomination – there is no other Republican candidate out there that creates enthusiasm like Ron Paul.

    Every day the campaign gets more votes, more support and more money. Everyone else is losing support and sure the heck is not getting any money.

    Ron Paul 2008

  • Joe Lawson

    Oops Correction I mean 1976 with Reagan

  • Greg M

    Unity 08 claims the ability to achieve 50 state access, but I am not confident they have a full handle on how challenging it is to achieve this for a non major party candidate/organization. Millions of dollars would be required and lots of people and labor and time. California alone would be a very difficult, but necessary undertaking.

    Rather than Unity 08, combining efforts with the the two political cousins, the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party, their ballot lines would make baloot access possible for most states, but there are still a few that present real challenges. Oklahoma could be achieved via a non-partisan run, however its petitioning requirements are steep by anyone’s estimation.

    Assuming Dr. Paul did not make such a decision before the primaries, there are also other obstacles in the few states that consider “sore loser laws” still to apply to presidential races. (South Dakota, Mississippi, Ohio and Texas) However, most experts think that previous historica election precedent would likely be upheld over those state’s attempts to block his ballot position – although it is not guaranteed.

    Unity 08 also blissfully ignores the fact that candidates of entirely different philosophical approaches to governance would not find it easy, if even possible to run together. Some have bandied about the idea of a Paul/Kucinich Unity 08 run as they both are against the Iraq war and find some agreement on issues petaining to civil liberties – but considering that Paul is a Constitutionalist limited government type and Kucinich is a progressive socialist type, their policy positions diverge sharply from there in opposite directions. They both seem like nice men, personality wise, but how they could run for office together on a presidential ticket escapes my imagination.

    Unity 08 seems built for candidates who would stand for practically nothing – together. (But don’t we have that already in good measure in the two major parties?)

    Bottom line is the supporters of Ron Paul and constitutional government need to use every moment now to build support for his candidacy regardless of what he chooses to do. Right now, as much as I am not a eager devotee of the elephant shrine, the GOP run provides him the best platform for his message.

    Did I also mention that his re-election race for his House seat would likely be threatened if he went Third party and/or Independent? Assuming his bid for the White House fails, the loss of him in the U.S. House as well would not be insignificant to the cause of liberty.

    Sometimes it seems there really is no easy (or even moderately hard) path. Nevertheless, giving up is not an option if our nation is to have hope for the future. Dr. Paul is the best candidate I have seen running for the office of president in my lifetime. He is a far better candidate than he was in 1988. His many years of constitutionally dedicated public service, his example of faithfulness to his oath of office and his proven dedication to the cause of liberty is simply unmatched.

  • Matt C

    Someone made me a convincing argument that first-past-the-post elections will always tend toward a two-party system. If you want third parties to be anything other than footnotes, work on getting a proportional voting system in place.

  • Michael

    I sincerely hope that all of Ron Paul’s supporters would write him in if he doesn’t win the GOP nomination or run in a 3rd party. I myself will be voting for him regardless of his party affiliation.

  • Karl

    Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
    — John Quincy Adams (American 6th US President (1825-29), eldest son of John Adams, 2nd US president. 1767-1848)

    I’ll take his advice rather than yours about what is a ‘waste’.

  • corporationsR4weenies

    I don’t care what party Ron Paul is in. The rest of the R and D candidates are mostly backed by the international corporate banking families that want to see One World Government, under UN (corporate) control. Ron Paul is the only one I would consider to be a Republican. The other R and D candidates are all corporate representatives and should be placed under the new “Corporate” party.

  • Tannim

    Thanks, Daniel, for the kind words. I admittedly don’t know squat about the ’72 race as I was in utero at the time and media reports in there were sketchy at best. :)

    Some other notes from other comments here:

    The CP and LP will not combine anytime soon for one reason: religion. The CP tends to bring it into the equation while the LP tends to leave it out, and that will keep them separate.

    Greg M is right in that Paul going third party puts his House seat in trouble. Twits like Eric Dondero would love that.

    Nice to see Steve Dasbach around. Steve, what have you been up to since you left the LNC-EDship?

    Paul-Kucinich would never work as they are polar opposites when it comes to power of government and its use.

    Ditto Paul-Lieberman. Rumor has it that Lieberman may be tapped to be the new AG for Junior to swing the Senate to the Rs after the R CT Governor appoints a R in his place, thereby shutting down all investigations in the Senate into the Bush regime.

    Keep up the good fight, all, and victory in Texas Saturday!

  • Jason

    Ron Paul has said he will not run as a third party candidate. That’s a good thing because if he did, it would lead to a definate win for the democrates. He’s got to win the Republican nomination in order to have a chance. That’s the reality of the situation.

  • Randohr

    Dr Paul is a Republican and by all accounts has a “fair” chance of winning the Republican party nod. The Unity ticket would better serve Mrs. Clinton after she losses the Democratic nomination. We NEED to get the word out NOW!!! The primaries are being pushed up, this obviously lessens the time we have to get Dr. Pauls message to the masses. Without the one major media org. helping (abc, nbc, cbs, cnn,etc…), it is an up hill battle by design. These are the rules of engagement, lets roll!

  • Dennis Berlin


  • Louis DeVlugt

    I was at Princeton University last night and, posted in huge letters at a local Wawa store near the campus are the words “WHO IS RON PAUL?” I didn’t see anything for any other candidates anywhere around. Says a lot….

  • Randohr

    I wrote a song that captures, in my opinion, the essence of the Ron Paul movement. It has no production quality yet, and is written to be added to, one verse at a time, by anyone. My goal is to have 100 verses (by contribution) by Nov.08. Check it out…Long live the Republic
    “Hope for America-Ron Paul”

  • important note

    Many states have a “sore loser law” which keeps an unsuccessful primary candidate from running again in the general election.