The "Ron Paul Realism" Posts

The "Ron Paul Realism" Posts


I thought it would be good for me to collect all the questions into one post so you can see them all before I post which answers I thought were the best.

Just click on each and it’ll lead you to their respective posts…

  1. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, who will you vote for?
  2. How was Ron Paul’s 5th place straw poll finish a good showing if Tom Tancredo has less money and is polling below Paul nationally, but he won 4th?
  3. What would a Paul presidency look like given that Paul’s position is a rather simple one…meaning he doesn’t vote for anything that isn’t sanctioned by the Constitution?
  4. Also, in a time where we need unity, do you think Paul’s “Dr. No” way of politics will actually bring the country together?
  5. Have you studied the campaign of Howard Dean? How are you not going to repeat those mistakes?
  6. What about those racist writings in his newsletter? I’ve heard Paul’s response, but I think most of us can agree it’s pretty weak. So if Paul does start leading the GOP race, what’s the communications strategy when that nugget hits the media?
  7. Have you taken a look at Unity 08? They’re offering any candidate who can get enough people behind them the ability to run on the Unity 08 ticket. What that means is Unity will make sure that the candidate will be on the ballot in all 50 states, so the candidate doesn’t have to worry about it. Still think a 3rd party run doesn’t make sense?

More soon.

  • Jolly Ronpauler

    Have you beat this dead horse enough yet? There was nothing especially unique about your questionaire accept it was intended to make it seem as though Ron Paul is not a true candidate for president except a jingoistic moron that could never fight off Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, or anyone else. Keep your posts to yourself, I can see well through your scorn and mockery of this smart candidate for president.

  • Jolly Ronpauler

    You are beating a dead horse with your posts. I know very well what you are trying to do, anyway. You are trying to make it seem like Ron Paul is not a worthy candidate for president and give the interpretation that he is a jingoistic moron that could never compete with the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton. Well it is not going to work. I have been studying Ron Paul and his bloggers and I can tell you one thing, they can handle problems and qualms very well, unlike your interpretation of them. I have seen them discuss issues that range from what they are good at, Constitutional governship, to more exotic problems, war, and and social issues. They are no joke. They are not in this to make a wave for third party entries. They are for real. Your are just wasting your time showing the world what kind of elitist authoritarian you are with those below conscious suggestions that Ron Paul is mad. It did not work.

  • Walter

    Hello. I just discovered your site today and I think it is great. Your slogan, for starters, made me laugh out loud.
    Anyway, I work for a company called ThePort and I’m in charge of putting together a sit which will be called “PoliticalNooz.” Currently it is in extreme beta form.
    I will be sure to check back with you when we are further developed. For now, I put the feed to your blog in a folder called “Middle” (as opposed to folders we have for “Right” and “Left.”

    Keep up the good blogging work,
    Walter Roark