"We're Military People, But We're People Too"

"We're Military People, But We're People Too"


Listening to this military wife talk about her husband and her military friends is heartbreaking. She calls for instituting the draft, but I’d suggest she consider supporting a shift in foreign policy strategy away from Bill Kristol’s view on pre-emptive wars.

(h/t: Belgravia Dispatch)

  • http://www.frozentoothpaste.com david

    Pity the clip cuts off before he talks about the draft, but I have to say that it’s and interesting point she makes.

  • http://www.frozentoothpaste.com david

    Pity the clip cuts off before he talks about the draft, but I have to say that it’s an interesting point she makes.

  • http://ashabot.blogspot.com ashabot

    Obviously neoconservative count on bringing back the draft at some point. They want to roll back the clock on everything. They would institute monarchy if they could. Certainly they’ve tried with Bush.

  • Jean Mosher

    This arrogant, disrespectful man is drawing DOODLES while the lady is explaining her plight.

    The woman moderator blows the lady caller off with “We understand. CLICK”

    And then he says the “army is too small”, which is to say – There Aren’t Enough People In The Same Position As This Woman And Her Family !!!

    Kristol then explains that the purpose of the US military is to enforce US foreign policy in every country of the world.

    This man is SEVERELY DISTURBED. He didn’t hear a word this woman said. All Kristol can do is blurt out that he, too is close to what is going on in Iraq because he had dinner last night with close friends whose son just returned from Iraq. Well, isn’t that special?

    Kristol is saying that the foreign policy of the US is, essentially, armed intervention. No Wonder We Are So Screwed. This man is insane.

  • Jean Naimard

    Well, for one thing, a soldier’s job and duty is to get killed at war, and wars serve to further the interest of the countries waging them, and in the case of the USA, it’s the bottom-line of the military-industrial complex and all the people who have wisely elected to invest their hard-earned money into it.

    It is certainly not the fault of the military-industrial complex if the soldiers have CHOSEN to serve their country; with that choice comes the obligation of bearing the burden of service. If they had CHOSEN instead to invest their money, they would not be in this predicament.

    Folks, it’s all a question of personal responsibility and choice.

  • gerryf

    This attitude just galls me. I understand your sentiment up to a point, but the sentiment falls flat when evaluated under current circumstances.

    Yes, military personnel take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They also agree to obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over them.

    Let’s put aside the argument that some will make that this administration flaunts the constitution at every turn. People who support this administration won’t ever concede that point anyway.

    Instead, let’s talk about what this oath is really about. They are vowing to SUPPORT and DEFEND this country with their very lives, and they are putting their trust that this country will not ask them to give up their lives needlessly.

    When we ask these people to take this oath, there is an unspoken promise that we honor their oath; that we will not put them in harm’s way without good reason.

    An oath is something to be honored, not abused

    From the moment this country diverted its attention from tracking down and capturing Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda to attack another country under false pretenses we took the oath of these brave men and women and forever tarnished it.

    Iraq was never a threat to the US; whatever reason Bush and his crew had for invading Iraq it was not about defending this country from any real threat.

    If it is a haven for terrorists now, it is because we made it that way.

    You are very big on the notion of the people there somehow chose this. Good God, do you think in their wildest dreams they ever understood that they had chosen to follow the whims of an heartless, incompetent administration?

    Let’s talk about choice. It is the fault of the administration that the CHOICE of those in the military was betrayed.

    A lot of people enlisted after the US was attacked to go after those people who had attacked us. Some signed up because they believed in service. Some signed up because the military offered them economic reward in exchange for service.

    I suspect very few vowed to serve the whims of some neo-con agenda.

    If you want to somehow convince yourself that this war was/is still somehow necessary/just despite all evidence, I will at least respect that (though I think you are in a state of extreme denial).

    But, dismissing their plight with platitudes of “they made their bed and now they have to lay in it/personal responsibility” nonsense is perhaps the most disgusting, shameful thing I have heard come spewing from a neo-con mouth.

    Yes, they chose to take an oath; perhaps the greatest sin of this administration — of which there are many — is that oath was betrayed.