Larry Craig Back In…Maybe?

Larry Craig Back In…Maybe?


More weirdness from the Craig camp…

U.S. Sen. Larry Craig says he might reconsider his decision to resign if he clears his name in his arrest for disorderly conduct in a restroom sex scandal.

That’s why Craig chose his words carefully during his resignation speech Saturday in Boise, according to a voice mail message he mistakenly left on a stranger’s phone. In the message obtained by the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, Craig tells a man named “Billy” that his choice of language is deliberate because it leaves the door open for him to stay in office.

Craig made the call just minutes before his speech.

“We have reshaped my statement a little bit to say it is my intent to resign on Sept. 30,” Craig said. “I think it is important for you to make as bold a statement as you are comfortable with this afternoon, and I would hope you could make it in front of the cameras. I think it would help drive the story that I’m willing to fight, that I’ve got quality people out there fighting in my defense, and that this thing could take a new turn or a new shape, it has that potential.”

Can you believe that? He left a voicemail message about his “plans” on a stranger’s phone? I don’t know about you, but when I’m scheming for a political comeback, I’m going to make sure I’m dialing the right number.

He’s so done it’s not even funny…

  • Jeremy

    The evidence against him was weak and rested solely on the opinion of an overly zealous arresting officer. But it doesn’t matter. Craigy, you pleaded guilty. Guilty pleas don’t exist just because they sound cool Craig, they exist to move the arms of justice toward a finality. That finality in this case was your guilt and the loss of your career.

    Perhaps when you and your homo-hating, homo-phobic conservative Republican buddies
    are whipping up the latest and greatest “tough on crime” bills you might take pause and think…Hmmm, I’m a closet queer that is supposed to be an upright man of “family values.”
    Just maybe! passing these draconian laws of yours might back fire on you one day? Nahhh! laugh, I’m a Republican queer, Republican queers don’t get in trouble with the law. We are upstanding citizens of the finest moral makeup. That’s for those liberal faggots, you know, those drug using fags that get sucked off in bathroom stalls at the air port.

    It’s always ironic to find out that the most ardently anti-homosexual members of congress are closet gays themselves. I seem to believe one of the overriding themes of the 2004 presidential election was to set-off a firestorm concerning “One man and one Woman” anti-gay legislation in several states, thus turning the presidential election into a moral referendum. Lol, and here we are, a Gods Own Party member taking Gods message to new heights. Where would you like Gods message? in the mouth or in the ass?