Why Isn't Ron Paul Taken More Seriously?

Why Isn't Ron Paul Taken More Seriously?


This is a question I’ve been asking myself lately, especially after he won yet another post-debate poll yesterday.

Seriously, it’s puzzling as to why the public or pundits aren’t taking Paul more seriously. Is it because he doesn’t fit into the mold of what a “conservative” is supposed to be anymore? Is it because his support sprung up from the Internets? What’s the deal?

And while I didn’t watch the debate, post-mortems like this make me wonder if there really is a coordinated effort against Paul…

After watching the debate a second time, I was struck by the deliberate attempt by Fox News to ridicule Ron Paul. Listen to Chris Wallace and Brit Hume asking Dr. Paul questions. There is a blatant note of sarcasm and worse, loud laughing coming through the moderator’s mic. Once the Fox cameras even dropped in a shot of Rudy smirking while Paul was speaking. When they highlighted the exhange between Huckabee and Paul, they cut off Paul’s final response and asserted that Huckabee ‘won’ the debate on that point – Iraq.

And then there’s this video, where Fox News dismisses the results of the poll because Ron Paul supporters were redialing and gaming the vote. The only issue? You can’t redial and vote twice, as this video shows.

Yep, Ron Paul supporters just caught both Hannity and Colmes in a lie. Well, either that or the doltish duo were completely ignorant to how the voting system worked. Either way, it’s bad and should be corrected.

Again, my advice to you Paul supporters is if you want to be taken seriously…don’t try to take the GOP back. They’re lost, and you don’t want any part of that mojo. It’s time for a different way, and you all could start to define it.

Also, while the media can ignore a guy who has 3% in national polls as a second-tier GOP candidate, it would be hard to ignore Paul if he launched an earnest 3rd party bid with the online support he’s currently harnessing. I bet you’d pull 10% of the independents to you almost automatically because of a protest vote.

Anyway, just two cents in a bucket of quarters.

  • http://www.frozentoothpaste.com david

    I think part of the reason Paul isn’t taking seriously is that he’s an anti-government libertarian who’s been adopted as a savior of the middle class by people who are glad that he opposes the Iraq war and IRS and haven’t considered the implications of the policies he wants.

    Is that the reason FOX trashed him? Probably in part. Will that stop is impulsive netroots from getting more worked up? Absolutely not.

    It’s a harsh criticism I know, but I think people really need to consider the implications of Paul’s whole platform, not just the parts they like.

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    “Again, my advice to you Paul supporters is if you want to be taken seriously…don’t try to take the GOP back. They’re lost, and you don’t want any part of that mojo. It’s time for a different way, and you all could start to define it.”

    Bad advice. Paul supporters know more than most of the futility and political impotence of 3rd party efforts. Paul is having a much bigger impact now than he could ever have in a 3rd party. Just serving as a reminder to Republicans what a principled conservative voice sounds like is very important.

  • http://constitutiondefender.blogsplot.com Brian O.

    mw is right. Right or Wrong, we operate within two-party system. While trying to take the party back from the neo-cons is an overwhelmingly difficult task, it is far easier to overthrow the neo-cons from within than it is to get 3rd-party candidates elected.

    Incidentally, I have changed my party affiliation from Republican to Libertarian since the last election. Still, I don’t plan to throw my vote away on the LBT candidate when there is a very real possibility that a socialist like Hillary could be the next President. It sucks that we have to choose between a Christian Theocracy or a Socialist economy. Why can’t we have a secular state and free-market capitalism???

  • Steve

    For goodness sake this is easy. Rupert Murdock, Owner of Fox News has his money in Hillary Clintons Pocket. He doesn’t want a real conservative constitutionalist in office.

  • Jason

    One reason he’s not taken more seriously is because he is not talked about favorably or even seriously by the majority of the media. His treatment last night during the debate was representative of this.

    The corporate entities that own those media outlets do not favor Congressmen Paul’s views. Therefore, the media systematically downplays the strength of his campaign (and anyone else they don’t favor, such as Kucinich). Therefore most people don’t even know who he is or that he’s running, yet they know plenty about the pre-ordained, so-called top tier candidates.

    The media and the television have a very powerful effect on the opinions of the public. It’s how products are sold, it’s how war’s are sold, and it’s how candidates are sold.

    People hear over and over again how Iraq was involved in 9/11, how Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, how Romney is a top tier candidate and Ron Paul is not and they start to believe it. Despite evidence to the contrary in all cases.

  • http://libertyman.wordpress.com JD

    they changed the FOX poll now to make Romney the winner even though he was not even in the top 3 when I watched the debate twice last night. Now they have him at second with only 25%.

    He was at 33% when it closed and they changed it by this morning to suit what they wanted. I am not shocked but stoked to keep up the fight to the bitter end.

  • RP

    No 3rd Party. Daddy Bush hijaked the GOP & so did his little boy. It is not theirs. It is ours.

  • http://libertyman.wordpress.com JD

    Well I guess I did not check my facts on that one as I was mentioning the last poll it seems. I just get so heated up when I watch them laugh and scoff at Ron Paul. They are so transparently biased and disrespectful of the elder statesman who is beyond reproach.

  • http://Itneedstobesaidthata john

    third party does not work… Ross Perot had the first Clinton elected.. Paul has not hit hard on the most important issues yet. The policy of the war is important today but the economic policies will be more important at election time.. Pay attention to Doctor Know.. Look at what his comment was about Fred…. “Good it splits the neocon vote” Paul chances of getting the nomination has improved greatly. When you study Austrian economics and understand what that means you begin to understand the hard lifting the Paul campaign has.. Ron Paul has a very important message that is great for the country but is very offensive to the power brokers.. Policy is all about money and power. The imperial Washington royal families and 4th estate are betting they can marginalize Paul.. Interesting times but it is not a democracy but a two party republic..

  • Ray

    This YouTube clip says it all about Fox:



  • Diagnosis

    Ron Paul better brush up on his “What will you do and who will you appoint as President of the United States?”

    because that’s where this man is headed. nothin can stop it now.

  • http://girlinshortshorts.blogspot.com/ Becky

    I think you hit it on the head. No one recognizes what a true conservative is anymore. Sean Hannity defines what conservative means now.

    I do believe there is a lot of support for the ideas that Ron Paul espouses. It is the type of thing you hear talk of in backyard barbecues.

    But no one thinks it could ever come to pass. It is just a faint dream. Perhaps people on the Internet who are able to live in a world slightly askew from the “reality” of America are able to grab onto the dream more readily.

    And the pundits by and large are not interested in political theory. They want to handicap the race. Of course, a lot of it is self-fulfilling prophecy. And so everyone gets real excited that Fred Thompson is entering the race. How totally unexciting that should be in a sane world.


  • million

    the laughing from the moderator was childish. that smug elitist punk needs to have respect beaten into him w/ a rubber hose.

  • Michael Wagner

    If anyone still questions the depth and breadth of Ron Paul’s support here’s one measure that cannot be spammed – straw polls. A straw poll is an event that requires participants to get off the couch, into the car and personally show up at the event. The straw poll results so far:
    There have been 23 straw polls so far. Ron Paul has finished in first place 9 times. Some of his victories have been landslides. In Alabama he got 81% of the vote. In New Hampshire he got 72%.
    Ron Paul has placed in the top three 17 times.
    He has finished ahead of both Giluliani and McCain 20 times.
    He has finished ahead of Romney 13 times.
    He has finished ahead of Huckabee, Tancredo, Browback and Hunter at least 19 times each.
    And don’t forget that in hundreds of communities in this country Ron Paul’s campaign is the only one with real “boots on the ground” grassroots volunteers. There are now well over 40,000 volunteers organized through MeetUp.com. This is more than ALL the other candidates OF BOTH parties COMBINED.
    Come on Mr. Hannity, how easy do you think it is to get Ron’s 40,000 volunteers to send just one text message? We have no need of spamming – we have the numbers! Even if the mainstream media refuse to recognize it.
    The pundits will have a lot of egg on their faces as Ron Paul starts winning primaries.

  • TheOneLaw

    As former Badnarik supporters, we of the libertarian horde paved a bunch of this trail, and know all about the rocks there are on the way forward.

    That said,
    you just fell for the biggest fallacy of the year if you sincerely believe
    those 3% poll figures. Contrast those numbers with the visible flesh-and-blood figures you see springing into view.
    It is no longer 3 spammers in the basement, and it never was.

    The pollsters are not exactly lying but they have red-lined the machine
    this time and when it breaks there will be a lot of pieces to pick up.
    They are targeting people they know lay outside of Ron Paul’s support base,
    but after today this will be monumentally difficult to continue.

  • Myk

    Ok here’s an indication as to how well Ron Paul is doing in the real world. I live in San Francisco, most of my co workers at Whole Foods know and support Ron Paul. Over any other candidate, including democrats. I talked to someone at work today who said he watched the debates last night and said “There was this one old man that spoke with such conviction and honesty, I really like his views and wanted to know who he was”. I told him it was Ron Paul and gave him alot of information and now he’s hooked.

    If in San Francisco, Ron Paul can cross party lines than the Republicans need to understand his platform. Republicans better start wising up to a candidate that can bring back the respect and admiration of our nation. People I haven’t even talked to about Ron Paul know and support him and all it takes is a little patience in this campaign and we will see more movement.

  • http://www.warning1938alert.ytmnd.com Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Hey, If Ron Paul won this poll legitimately, as apparently he has won almost every cable-news and internet poll in this campaign so far, then don’t worry – he will most certainly win the republican nomination by a landslide – an your point will be moot, Justin.

  • JL

    I thought the spamming conspiracy theory had been debunked long ago, when thousands of people started flocking to every event where ron paul was present. i suppose that could be done with holograms or something. oh how i love to see sean hannity quiver with fear. what a slug.

  • BenFranklin

    Ron Paul is the only choice out there. A true champion of the constitution Get your head out of the sand people.

  • http://lewrockwell.com James Aragon


    I hold out that open primaries can win the day. Come March if the nomination is not possible, the Meet-Up group organization can be quickly coalesced into a nation-wide organization for an independent run. No 3rd party required. An independent campaign a la Ross Perot can work.

    Still, I am flying my flag and sending my dollars until proven otherwise.

  • http://www.tonewah.com Tonewah

    I watched the debates. I attempted to vote but received an error message. I’m at least one text-message vote uncounted for Ron Paul.

  • Jeremy

    “Why Isn’t Ron Paul Taken More Seriously?”

    Because the mainstream Republican party wishes to marginalize his message. Ron Paul’s policies seem to be radical and genuine. Radical in the sense that he wishes to enact and stand for the very things Republicans say they stand for but actually haven’t for a long time. That scares Republicans. The Republican party doesn’t stand for what it “supposedly” used to stand for, less government, less meddling and good values. Now it’s just a big orgy of corruption with guys that buttons on their jackets that say: “Republicans stand for Values and Family’s.” When in reality they stand for increasing the size of government, increasing the hand-outs to their constituents. In short the emperor has no clothes on.

  • bhayl

    “Why Isn’t Ron Paul Taken More Seriously?”

    Oh I think they take him very seriously – they realize he is a threat and they are doing everything they can to sabotage him.

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    “In short the emperor has no clothes on.” – J
    And hangs out in airport toilet stalls.

  • SH

    The major ingredients for a democracy are war and debt, both of which Ron Paul could drastically influence for the better.War is a business. Think of all the beneficiaries of war! Eliminate war and you cut the “bankers” short of all their control.Pauls message or at least one of them “The Free Market”, would
    influence virtually everything!Dependence or co-dependence of government meddling would “wind down”. Cure crime,you’ll reduce the “need for police”.Cure cancer,you eliminate profits from pharmaceutical companies.The largest product supported by government is “fear”. Fear of insurrection, disease, taxes and even “each other”. Ron Pauls sensible response is, let the people have their nation back,free to grow and prosper without interference
    from the “servant” the government.

  • Raymond

    Let’s see how we can win by a landslide. Let’s all get active, support Ron Paul and just wipe out any competition! We’re going to blow them away.

  • the $50 is the new $20

    RP run as an independent?

    read up on ballot access laws

    especially: “sore loser laws”

    It’s the GOP or nothing for Dr Paul

  • John Campbell

    Justin, what’s the rush?

    I think it is good tactically for Ron Paul to stay in the Republican primary as long as possible and wring as much publicity out of it as possible. If he pulled out now to make an indepedent or third party run, he would be getting zero coverage.

    Instead, he is front page news for his dust-up with Huckabee last night. Given that he is the only anti-war Republican, I think he could pull double digits in some primaries and maybe even place in a few of them. That will give him momentum to launch a third party run.

    I think Ron Paul has far better odds in the general election than he does in the Republican primary. That will be especially true after Hillary falls for the upcoming Patreaus white wash and votes George Bush another blank check. Thrown in an independent run by Bloomberg or Gore to split the Democratic vote, and we could conceivably have a President Paul.

  • Jeanette Doney

    While Hillary begins her campaign of “Change” Ron Paul is actively changing the Republican Party, debate by debate. After Ron Paul spoke, the other candidates mumbled, fumbled, and laughed nervously, because he’s speaking the TRUTH and that’s CHANGE, something Hillary can put on a poster, but won’t be able to deliver.

    If the Republicans want to WIN; If the Republicans don’t want Hillary, they better start thinking, “This Ron Paul fella has some powerful stuff here with the US Constitution.” and support him. He’dVice 40000 make an excellent president working to give us back our rights and trade with other nations in products besides spent arms and ammo against furture customers.

  • http://www.conservativetimes.org Sean Scallon

    We should remember that three years ago many journalists were proclaiming Howard Dean the winner because his internet prowess and when his camapaign fizzled they felt burned by it. That’s why this time around they’re more skeptical of Paul’s support which you would expect.

    Third party? Been there, done that. So what if we do get 10 percent in a three-way race, what does that prove? We’ve still lost in the end and more than likely swung the race to the pro-war candidate (or perhaps the MOST pro-war candidate.) The GOP is a hollow shell. It supporters are getting older by the minute. That’s why RP does so well in these online and text polls, because half of Republican voters have no idea what “texting” means. Even if RP falls short of the GOP nomination, there’s an organized movement out there now just waiting to take over decrpeit party apparatuses in the next four years.

    As I said before, there’s a reason why you call yourself donkelphant, because two major-party system and that’s the way it is like or not.

  • dddienst

    Because that would ruin their neocon interventionistic plans. They know that as president he can undo decades of work. They also know that they cant control him he has no dirt and they have no leverage. He spent 20 years in government without being tainted and corrupted by it. Lobbyists know it and his party knows it and thats what has them afraid. He is nobody’s puppet and he speaks the truth. He sheds light, wisdom, and common sense on the issues of our day and lies can not defend against it.

  • http://www.doghouseforums.com GS

    Ron Paul no doubt is creating a lot of traction in America. I believe he has a strong chance because no matter how hard the establishment tries to manipulate the truth, the truth for them has a nasty way of shining through…

    Although If Paul wins I’d presume the Grassy Knowl would be revisited.

    RON PAUL 08 keep up the hard work.

  • JB in Chicago

    Good article, thanks Justin. It took me a while to warm up to Ron Paul since his views are not simplistic, and he’s very bright. I was attracted by his positions on Iraq/Iran, protecting civil liberties, illegal immigration and policing the world. It took some study to grasp and appreciate his views on our escalating debt, the Fed Reserve, the IRS, the role of the federal govt and the Constitution. It has been a truly rewarding and educational experience… In the end, I found I agreed with Dr. Paul on 90% of the issues, which is MUCH higher than any other candidate.

  • MrTom

    The problem for our hero is not that he isn’t taken seriously, the problem is he is unleashing honest and educated truth in the face of conjecture, misinformation and emotional, tho heart felt psyco-babble, the preachers are finding out their gods are false and are very reluctant to admit it to their flock.

  • Ken Whelan

    To the Author of this article

    You shouldn’t call them the doltish duo. Alan Colmes actually seems supportive of Dr. Paul. It might just be because he gets under Hannity’s skin so much, but so what. He’s not biased against the good Dr. Please don’t offend people who are on our side.

  • Dan Warner

    Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to, and we will all be crying if the rest of us good republicans don’t wake up!

    Grassfire.org just released a 39,000 person scientific poll that shows Ron Paul a VERY close third (within 1% which is the margin of error) to 2nd place Mitt Romney.

    Ron Paul is the only republican with the conviction and the voting record to beat ANY democrat hands down. He has voted against the war and funding it since 1998!

    Oh how I long to see the debate between Ron and Hillary. She cannot win because she cannot tell the democrats that she didn’s support the now failed war from the beginning, Ron can. She cannot win when she voted FOR the patriot act and Ron did not. She cannot win when she wants to raise your taxes to make the nanny state bigger when she is up against ‘the taxpayers best friend’, Ron Paul.

    WAKE UP REPUBLICANS! If you support the war but can’t fathom Hillary in the whitehouse you have NO other choice!

    WAKE UP DEMOCRATS! You voted the bums out in 2006 to end the war, and now all but two of your (unfortunately lower tier) candidates are also admitting that they won’t end the war! Did they serve your interests? You voted for them demanding they do something, but they have not.

    This time we ALL have someone to vote for, and something to vote against!

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for freedom from more of the same!

  • http://itsthe21stcenturystupid.wordpress.com/ Jim S

    Why isn’t he taken seriously? Firstly, the only Democrats who support Paul are the ignorant fringe of the party, not any who really care about any of its principles. As more of his positions are understood there will be fewer Democrats who would support him. For some reasons why he isn’t taken seriously read the following articles by him at lewrockwell.com

    If the courts don’t agree with us, eliminate their jurisdiction over anything we don’t like their decisions on.
    Marriage needs defending from the evil of gay rights.
    The next one of Paul’s social conservative polemics.
    States should have complete control over “social policy”.
    Combine the last one with this one and you see where Paul really stands on individual rights.
    There is a war on religion.
    Eliminate social programs

    Really, Justin, it doesn’t take much research to realize why Paul wouldn’t win a general election even if he did win the nomination.

  • http://itsthe21stcenturystupid.wordpress.com/ Jim S

    (Part 1)
    Why isn’t he taken seriously? Firstly, the only Democrats who support Paul are the ignorant fringe of the party, not any who really care about any of its principles. As more of his positions are understood there will be fewer Democrats who would support him. For some reasons why he isn’t taken seriously read the following articles by him at lewrockwell.com

    If the courts don’t agree with us, eliminate their jurisdiction over anything we don’t like their decisions on.
    Marriage needs defending from the evil of gay rights.
    The next one of Paul’s social conservative polemics.
    States should have complete control over “social policy”.
    Combine the last one with this one and you see where Paul really stands on individual rights.

  • http://itsthe21stcenturystupid.wordpress.com/ Jim S

    (Part 2)

    There is a war on religion.
    Eliminate social programs

    Really, Justin, it doesn’t take much research to realize why Paul wouldn’t win a general election even if he did win the nomination.

  • Mike

    Ron Paul doesn’t need to even think about running as a 3rd party candidate because he is going to win this damn election. The time to step up and fight for our god given rights is NOW!

  • not hannitized

    start keeping track of this guys misstatements. He is reaming Paul and has not even had paul on his show although he did it for ALL the other Neocon Repubs and even some of the Dem Cadidates!


  • Greg J.

    Two things:

    1. There once was a time when I actually liked Sean Hannity. :(

    2. The GOP is on life support. If the Republicans don’t have the wisdom to nominate Ron Paul, the GOP is dead.

  • J. Franklin

    I agree with Jim S on one thing at least, visit LewRockwell.com to read some of Ron Paul’s writings as well as what others (such as Mr. Rockwell himself) are writing about Ron Paul. I guarantee, you will not be disappointed. You will, however, be more informed and most likely very impressed by Dr. Paul and his Constitutionally based positions. I know I was when I stopped by there.

    Thanks for helping out there, Jim S, keep spreading the word!

  • Sid Davis

    I think the reason Ron Paul is not more popular is that he is preaching a message of freedom; while the public gives lip service to freedom, it really is not a very popular idea.

    You can’t have big government and freedom. The left wants big government control of the economy because they do not trust that they would be successful in a free, competitive economy. Those at the receiving end of economic privilege do not want to be forced to earn what they would get without the help of laws rigging the economy in their favor. The moral right wants big government control of personal behavior because they do not trust that others or they themselves will control their own behavior.

    Only a small minority want freedom and the responsibility that goes with it, so it is nice to see Ron Paul advocating freedom, but he won’t get too far in the political game.

  • Jason

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win the Republican nomination, then he can still run as an independent. However, until then, we should attempt to get him nominated as a Republican, it’d be easier Paul v. Democrat(x) because Ron Paul is the only candidate who will end the war, which is what people want. If it’s Paul v. Democrat(x) v. Republican (x), it might be harder for him to win the general election.

  • http://www.catsandbeer.com Brian

    I can give you the EXACT reason in one word – the reason Ron Paul isn’t taken more seriously:


  • sleipner

    Because he’s a whacked out fruitcake that has less chance of winning the presidency than I do?

    Seriously, I don’t know what all the fuss is about this guy. Anyone sane listening to him would assume he’s got a lockerfull of guns and grenades in his basement, and 3 years of nonperishable foodstuffs. If he gets elected president I think it would be almost as bad of a disaster as Bush has been.

    I feel your pain in thinking neither party will do anything but propagate the lobbyist-owned government, but this guy just wants to dismantle the government and replace it with anarchy. Please look to people like Edwards, and to a lesser extent Obama who are trying to be their own people rather than selling out to the corporate lobbyists.

  • KSH

    Sliepner: We are tired of listening to the lies and the conservative rhetoric of the members of the Council on Foreign Relations who are behind a lot of the messes going on – Edwards and Obama both are also members. Go to the CFR.org website and see this organization is not just a conspiracy theory, and read their fellows in the news section, where Romney and Fred Thompson are highlighted at times. Hillary, too. The media membership is enormous. They are all on the same team. We want to get our news from unfiltered sources and our candidates for any public office take an oath to uphold the US Constitution, but only few are taking their oath seriously, like Ron Paul is. The CFR is called unbiased, but it greatly influenced Democratic and Republican ideas time and again. And NOT to our country’s betterment nor in adherence of its constitution.

  • L.Chattanooga

    I use to like Colmes, but i now realize they are both dumb asses, If it was Giuliani,or Romney that won the cell poll we wouldn’t have heard a word about it.
    I just love how Ron has gotten the Fox crowd scared, thats why they have to bash him for being Intelligent and passionate about what he and a-lot of American people believe !!!!Go Ron Paul!!!

  • http://donklephant.com DAC

    The US House of Representatives is not, and has never been, a good platform to run for President. Members roots tend to be parochial, reflecting the district of representation. One of 465 doesn’t give one the visibility of one of fifty (govs) or the Senate. The detailed legislative and representative experience gined/mastered by a successful re-elected House Member is far from the executive experience one needs for the Presidency (Govs have such experience and the Senate historically has also not been a good springboard). Congressman Paul is “trapped”, so to say, by his experience and circumstances.

  • grace

    Ron Paul wins another debate with his moral genius. I will be voting for the only traditional conservative in the race. I will be voting for Ron Paul in 2008!

  • aaron

    Don’t forget the laughing from Giuliani or someone each time before and after he began speaking. No the attempts to bury Paul are becoming more overt and less justified by any stretch.

    David: the “implications” of Paul’s suggested policies (btw he’s running for president not dictator) are the same as Reagan and Goldwater. They are debatable and legitimate. Most are certainly not as radical as the Bush preemption policy or the patriot act when you reflect on even only the last 50 years of our history.

    Paul is neither accepted mainstream nor establishment which invariably is one and the same. This is the reason for the effort to at one time snub and which now has become a tortured effort to sideline Ron Paul.

    It is becoming beyond ridiculous as I listen to Diane Rehm’s show on NPR this morning and a commentator discussing Huckabee saying something to the effect that Huckabee “resoundingly trounced…[feigned struggle]..what’s his name…I can never remember.”

    This country and its media (professionals) can do better.

  • http://www.warning1938alert.ytmnd.com Jimmy the Dhimmi

    This just in:

    Ron Paul wins another online poll! this one is even more influential than the fox news debate poll.

    Click here.

  • readit

    Response to Jim S. Read the articles by Dr. Paul. So what>? Under the title war on religion, he explains how maybe baning christmas ornaments on public property is taking it a bit too far in seperation of church and state. The Founders intent was to keep a national church from taking over the government (ie church of England). You make it out like those articles are a liablity, but in each article he goes back to the constitution as his base. If all politicians in D.C. did we wouldnt have all the problems we have today. He’s a christian and believes in God whats wrong with that? Even better he wont force the government to make you do something you dont want to do, even pay taxes on your blood and sweat (labor).

  • aaron

    Jimmy that was funny.

  • http://itsthe21stcenturystupid.wordpress.com/ Jim S

    It’s funny that J.Franklin thinks that the views I pointed out will do anything to win Ron Paul a general election.

  • wgadget

    I was a neocon myself up until May 9, 2007, the day I discovered Congressman Ron Paul. His message is awe-inspiring, mind-opening, and inclusive.

    I think the main reason that he is not being taken seriously is that the media does not take him seriously. It becomes more obvious with every passing day that the media is corrupt.

    Here is a short, current example, less than one minute long. Fox News should be ashamed.


    For more information on Ron Paul, go to http://www.ronpaullibrary.org.

  • http://itsthe21stcenturystupid.wordpress.com/ Jim S

    Inclusive? Well, to all the well off libertarian conservative Christians I suppose he seems that way. Or to the hopelessly ignorant.