Brownback Out

Brownback Out


Well, this one slipped by me as the site was being destroyed and then cobbled back together.

From the KC Star:

An emotional Brownback on Friday formally ended his bid at a statehouse news conference, saying his “Yellow Brick Road just came up short of the White House this time.”

Asked about running for governor in 2010, the Kansas Republican was explaining that he hadn’t thought of any other political races when his wife, Mary, piped up.

“The yard needs mowing first,” she said.

The Yellow Brick Road? The lawn needs mowing? Oh brother…

However, is Sam vying for a VP position under Giuliani?

A top adviser to Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kas., heaped praise on Rudy Giuliani on Friday and told ABC News that an endorsement of the former New York mayor is a distinct possibility before the first votes are cast in the Republican presidential contest.

“He is making the same calculation that Republican primary voters are,” said the adviser who spoke about Brownback’s endorsement plans on the condition of anonymity. “Every indication is that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee and we will really have to sit down and ask ourselves: if that’s the binary — Clinton or non-Clinton — ask yourself who is the most likely non-Clinton.”

Here’s the score. If Giuliani does SOMEHOW manage to get the nomination without the social conservatives, bringing a Brownback or Huckabee on board to pull the faithful back to the fold seems logical. I doubt it would be Brownback because he came off as fairly disingenuous during the debates, but Huckabee?


  • Cameron Novak

    Mike Huckabee is a contender. He needs a bit more press coverage, and then he’ll have a better fundraising outlook. He’s got great support from those who have actually looked at his record or have seen him speak.

    No VP here, Huckabee is in it for the win.

  • Cameron Novak

    P.S. It would help Mike Huckabee TREMENDOUSLY if some of the conservative candidates who have NO CHANCE would bow out, the conservatives could solidify behind Huckabee and his numbers would rise very quickly. Once in the top tier, he has a message, presence, and demeanor second to no one.

  • The Sanity Inspector
  • Andy

    Brownback couldn’t get much support going as his own candidate, so, as you note, I’m not sure how effective he would be as a veep. I also don’t buy into the suggestion that he’ll endorse Giuliani soon. He has frequently criticized Giuliani during the campaign and his primary issue has been the protection of life.

  • Jeremy

    “Yellow Brick Road just came up short of the White House this time.”

    This guy likes to blow smoke up his own ass. He represents the now “old” and “hidebound” GOP that even GOPers are weary of. This country has had 6 years of Evangelical government, in that time we have managed to invade another country, send American jobs abroad and borrow ourselves into a whole. All of this under a party that supposedly advocates “smaller,” more “responsible” government.

    The American people are hip to candy coated lies. Brownback obviously is not in touch with reality, the “anti-abortion” and “conservative” government line is going to work anymore. Brownback is representative of the lying religious right that Praise God while they stuff their pockets. Sadly, the Democrats are no better. They will stuff their pockets under the banner of unity and inclusion. The political system in this country makes me sick!