Heh…sounds like a couple guys need to do some serious thinking about their campaigns.

From E&P:

NEW YORK He’s been “in” the race for less than a week, and already faux-pundit Stephen Colbert has surged ahead of longtime candidate Gov. Bill Richardson in one national poll gauging the race for the Democratic nod for president. And watch out Joe Biden!

The Public Opinion Strategies poll this past weekend of 1,000 likely primary voters that included Colbert’s name — as both a Democrat and Republican, as he wishes — found him drawing 2.3 percent in the Dem race nationally (though he is threatening to run only in his native South Carolina).

This put his ahead of Richardson (2.1 percent), Rep. Dennis Kucininch (2.1) and, of course, Sen. Mike Gravel. And he trails Sen. Biden by just a tad (he’s at 2.7 percent).

But isn’t Colbert a Republican? 😉

  • Dude

    Doesn’t the article say that Biden polls slightly higher than Colbert? Don’t care much for Biden, just sayin’.

  • Susan

    Colbert is an idiot. He has no business doing this joke of a campaign. If he pulls any votes away from real candidates, then those that vote for him are fools. This election is real and the stakes are real, can you say WW III! I have lost all respect for Colbert and this stupid stunt. BTW the man is a conservative Christian, tell me his motives aren’t to take votes from democrats.

    Come on Iowa, NH and South Carolina – go to and find the best qualified person.

  • I love how Susan is either a Joe Biden supporter or someone who works for Biden’s campaign. What a shameless plug for her candidate. Colbert has every right to enter the race as any other man or woman as it is shown in the Consititution of the United States.

  • bob in fla

    Gimme a break, people! Colbert’s “candidacy” is a freaking joke! And the people who say they will vote for him are continuing the joke.

    I’m not addressing the people here, but rather all those who are posting & commenting at other blogs who are taking this thing way too seriously by suggesting stuff like filing fund raising violations with him, Comedy Central, & even the advertisers. One person got all bent out of shape because Colbert was named in the poll while another way back in the race enough to be out of it candidate was not. Another talked about another Nader type upset. Get real.

  • bob in fla

    Susan, GET REAL! Colbert is engaging in extreme sarcasm here, & those in the poll who said they would vote for him were being sarcastic themselves. Even Justin’s post is tongue in cheek, right Justin?

    But Susan is not alone here. People all over the web are going spastic, with some advocating charging him & Comedy Central with violating campaign finance laws, & on & on & on . . .

    God, I sure hope these people don’t vote.

    Justin, the Recaptcha phrase is “election wounding”. Really approriate for this post, methinks. Great job here.

  • Greg

    Stephen Colbert plays a republican on the television. The deal is Americans should wait for him to gain popularity (which he will) then really get to know what he is like for real. I am excited to hear the news about his campaine. I love his show. The suddle hints he gives that he is the opposite of what he acts like gives a inccorect fact of saying that he is a christian conservative. If anything he is totally liberal. Anyways I’m not voting for him until I find out who he really is. Even his hardcore fans need to really understand this. This vote is going to be very important for our future. I am only one vote but I feel it is going to be the biggest decision I will ever make and I’m only twenty.

  • Scott

    Anyone who can get that much support from so many people without using millions of dollars to attack and slander can have my vote. Anyone who won’t pocket money and sell out our country from within can have my vote. Anyone who will work for the people and not for big business will have my vote. These are all the things our country has been putting up with for far too long.

    I don’t think any of the young voters today will trust the long time politicians as far as they can throw them. We vote for a canidate hoping that they keep to their word and we usually get less than they promise, if even that.

    Some people want to see Stephen Colbert’s canidacy as a joke. I see every other canidate as a joke. A joke that has been played on this country since the dawn of advertising in campaigns. Every canidate in the modern age who has spent the most on their campaign has won. That is the real joke. It has never been based on who is the most qualified. Who ever spends big to get their name out there wins without flaw. It’s time that the canidate who spends the least has the chance to win.

  • Scott

    I’m not telling people to vote for Stephen Colbert. Only trying to help the voters who wish to vote him. This is how you vote for Stephen in states other than South Carolina (where his name will not appear on the ballot). As simple as writting his name in.