Why Did Redstate.com Ban Ron Paul Talk?

Why Did Redstate.com Ban Ron Paul Talk?


That’s right. The conservative version of Daily Kos just banned all talk of him over at their site.

So why did they take such heavy handed measures? Were they simply just annoyed? Scared? A little bit of both?

Ed Morrissey tries to sort it out…

It’s their community, of course, and they set the rules. However, this doesn’t hurt Paul’s credibility as much as it does Redstate’s. While Paul’s supporters tend towards the annoying and repetitive, they have less impact because we can easily engage them and counter their arguments. Banning them simply for their support for a candidate seems more like an admission that Redstate lacks that ability.

I’m no Paul supporter by any means. However, Paul’s statements can be addressed and rebutted fairly easily, at least those with which I strongly disagree. I don’t fear the commenters nor the debate, even if it does grow tiresome at times. It certainly can’t be any more tiresome than the S-CHIP debate, or the Iraq War debate, or the FISA debate — and I’d have less sympathy for opponents on those issues than the people who support Ron Paul.

Ed gets one thing absolutely right. This hurts Redstate a whole hell of a lot more than Ron Paul. And actually, I think this will only embolden his supporters. My guess is that Redstate could get double the amount of talk about Paul now.

But let me offer a different response for Ron Paul supporters. Abandon Redstate. Don’t give them the traffic or the time. Put that effort into getting your guy elected. It’ll be better for everybody, especially Mr. Paul.

Think about it.

  • http://www.ronpaulkc.com Jason Bennett

    I read their shrill from time to time, can’t say I was ever too impressed with the majority of bloggers at RedState.

    Meanwhile I’ll redouble my efforts at getting a message of freedom out to the masses. What it all boils down to is there is a severe problem of PRIDE among the staunch supporters of the neoconservative viewpoint. They seem to value freedom for themselves as imperative, but freedom for others is a mere afterthought.

    What is it about individual liberty that scares people so badly?

  • FZappa

    I’d be curious to know which of Ron Paul’s positions is “rebutted fairly easily” and where all these strong counterarguments to Paulian libertarianism are.

    Seems like when I read online debates, which is a lot, the Paulians inflict a lot pwnge and suffer few casualties. Maybe that’s why Paul is getting so much money, winning all the straw polls, drawing crowds in the thousands — and banned from Redstate.com.

  • R

    Ron Paul needs to start attacking his opponents specifically by name and getting competitive. That’s how the front runners get so much media coverage, the back and fourth bantering. If anyone knows someone working in his campaign please spread the word. If for example he specifically called out Mitt Romney on something, Romney would be forced to reply, and that’s something the media would cover and people would pay more attention.

  • Cameron

    I think it’s great Red State banned Ron Paul. It shows how intolerant and closed minded they are for one thing, and it gets Ron some publicity.

    Hope the bloggers at Red State know Ron Paul was given the top spot on the GOP ballot in Missouri.

    BTW, at the time I’m writing this, Mike Huckabee has raised $406,000 this month. Ron Paul has raised $1,752,000, or 4 times as much. So why are people on Red State allowed to talk about what great chances Huckabee has but not Ron Paul?

  • Vicky

    Don’t worry Justin, the few of us keeping Redstate on their toes are not detracting from the boots on the ground effort. Their “policy” works completely to our advantage.

    All they have done is now framed the race as Ron Paul vs. the other guys. Now everyone exposed to their site has to make the binary choice of Ron Paul or not. Also, everytime they get trigger happy and ridicule or ban someone, real votes will go to Paul.

    Who could ask for more? It’s blowback defined.

  • http://freshcutsalads.com Chad

    Red State is not worth the time. What really gets under my skin is the incredibly deceptive crap that websites like “Hot Air” are bloggin about Ron Paul. Trying to place guilt on him based on a White Supremecist group putting an advertisement for a non-official-campaign grassroots event…WHAT?!

    They even tried to smear Ron by accusing the Ludwig von Mises Institute (a free market economics think tank which Ron Paul is openly and closely associated with) of being anti-semetic!!!! This is so absurd it’s disturbing, and it really shows you how nasty people are willing to get when they’re feeling stubborn and threatened.

    Simple rebuttal: Ludwig von Mises and Murry Rothbard, the two revered writers of that think tank WERE JEWS!!! Over a third of the frequent literary contributors (and Ron Paul supporters btw) are JEWS!!! There’s even an organization with a website called Jews4ronpaul.com.

    How can these people be so transparenttly deceptive? The answer is that people don’t mind being lied to that much.


  • FZappa

    Agree with Vicky.

    The Empire is crumbling.

  • http://freshcutsalads.com Chad

    Put even more bluntly: Ron Paul’s hero is Ludwig von Mises, who was jewish and even fled the Nazis!! Anyone who accuse Ron Paul of being anti-semetic is disingenuous and deceptive and should be called out for it.

    Ron’s other hero is Lysander Spooner, the most vocal abolitionist even before the civil war.

  • B

    With redstate either owning or renting the server space that they occupy they have for all intents and purposes ownership of that “space” and as such can define the rules for it.
    The issue I have with that is if you have a comments section open to the general public you should understand that is giving the public freedom to post anything they want to in that space.

    They can define what is acceptable as a post and have the right to delete posts at there will. This is what they are doing now. The issue is that only Ron Paul is the subject of their disdain.

    If they wish no talk to occur on there forums I would suggest one of the following.

    1. Never post Opinion pieces about Ron Paul that are inherently slanderous, fictional, or gross perversions of the truth.
    2. Remove the comments section.
    3. Delete all posts about Ron Paul and ban the IP’s of the ones that posted them.

    If they would have followed #1 there would never have been Ron Paul supporters going there in droves trying to correct the gross perversions of Ron Paul’s record or stance on issues.

    After post several “Hit” pieces they understood that Ron Paul has a large support base of people. Not all Ron Paul supporters are intellectuals. Some may be a bit out there but that is an asset not a downside. That simply shows how much the freedom message is resonating with the American people. Uniting them behind the message. Not every poster over there was anywhere close to civil. On the other hand if you post a hit piece on someone you have to understand that there will be some blowback because of it.
    They have the right to close their forum to Ron Paul posts. On the other hand if they continue to denigrate the good doctor they will continue to have problems with supports sending mass e-mails to them.

    The point is you can ban discussion about anyone you want from your forums but all the people out here in the normal world have the right to call you “Fascist Pigs” in return.

  • Vicky

    Chad, just so you know, Hotair and the Redstate people work together.

    All they have is deception.

  • Joe Lawson

    Honestly blogs are of very little importance in the scheme of things. The only thing redstate (isn’t that the nickname for China?) has done is make it harder to sell ads on their site. Who do blogs serve, really only hard core nympol manics. Blogs only work if there is true freedom of expression and competition. If the blog fails to keep those two simple criteria then it will usually morph into a internet Yugo or Lada. Red State has no turned into Dead State and will not be revived

  • James D

    Boycott Redstate – write to their advertisers and tell them you won’t by their products because they have banned free speech. Money talks.

  • somebody

    The funny thing is that Cap’t Ed gives exactly the right solution: rebut Paul’s arguments. However, I think a big reason the Right is getting frustrated with Paul is that they don’t have a whole lot of arguments left. I always knew Red State was full of ignorant, close-minded neocons. And you know what? They’ve proven me (and a lot of others) right. What? Did they expect applause for this act of censorship? Well, that’s how neocon thinking goes…

  • Mitch C

    “Don’t give them the traffic or the time. Put that effort into getting your guy elected. It’ll be better for everybody, especially Mr. Paul.”

    Well put! In other words, boycott them. No matter how tempting to click their link when Googling Ron Paul, resist! They are a bunch of narrow minded, scripture quoting ignoramusi (that’s the plural of ignoramus :) ). I do agree it’s totally their right to censor their site, although it shows what they are made of.

  • Daniel

    Its just a means of upping the hits on their squalid little site.

    Really, whenever I go to that site I:

    1. notice that its only the same 3 – 4 posters throwing around ad hominems around; and

    2. regret it about 15 seconds later.

  • Joe

    Ya Paul supporters can be easily engaged! ha! that’s why the brown shirts at Red State censored them! hehehehhe

  • Paul

    I agree. Redstate, and all of these polls that remove Ron Paul are not worth time worrying about. Move on and do positive things to help get Ron Paul elected.

  • Texas Little El

    As I have pointed out before, redstate.com just like wnd.com have very skewed perspectives of Dr. Paul.

    If he isn’t for the war, then he is just wrong.

    http://www.ronpaul2008.com is tied with WND.COM for web traffic and redstate doesn’t even outrank Obama’s website.

    Why worry about redstate.com? They traffic going to them is so minute that RP isn’t losing a thing.


  • Doug

    I’ve written my last post for RedState, submitted my last comment, and visited their site for the last time.

    Their treatment of the most conservative, most pro-Constitution, most decent candidate in the race speaks volumes about what matters to them, and what does not.

    Giuliani and Romney are (or have been) pro-choice and anti-Secondment. No big deal.

    McCain is pro-amnesty and anti-Second Amendment. No big deal.

    Huckabee makes President Bush look like a pennny-pincher. So what?

    Ron Paul insists that we actually declare war before going to one, as the Constitution insists — run him out of the party!

    As the guy on RedState said, there are plenty of other places to post. There are plenty of other sites that are actually worth visiting, too.

  • http://www.freestateproject.org Steve Cobb

    I love it when Conservatives say, “Ron Paul is the only candidate who respects the Constitution, but…” and then dismiss him based on some litmus test (usually the war in Iraq). The only litmus test necessary is whether as President the candidate will fulfill the oath of office.

  • TheOneLaw

    RedState has simply become more irrelevant than it ever was before.

    Great publicity, though.
    Imagine if Fox News were to follow suit with such a public announcement,
    it would have some truly vicious blowback.

    The Ron Paul rEVOLution and the Constitution – banned in America

  • william

    They just make a bunch of “poopy pants” arguments like saying that “Ron Paul is crazy” they claim to “agree with Ron Paul on many issues but disagree on the important ones” then call him an isolationist, proving that they haven’t done research for facts and never name any other issues.

    I’m not going to bother punctuating this correctly… it’s too late.

  • http://www.4ronpaul.com/ Kevin Houston

    I agree with Justin Gardner 100% We should put the boycott on Redstate. No page loads, no links, no comments.

    And let’s be clear – they didn’t ban Ron Paul’s name or topic – they banned only supporters. You can register on their site and trash him all you want. I suppose one could do the back-handed insult routine.

    “Yeah, that dirty scoundrel Ron Paul – Why I hear he wants to bring all our troops home from Iraq and use them to seal the border with Mexico. Who does he think he is? How will Mitt Romney ever be able to mow his lawn if there aren’t any illegal immigrants to hire?”

    Could be fun, but I think it will be better to watch their hits drop off the chart at alexa and hitwise.


    PS Two mottos for this campaign:

    “Better dead than Red(state)”

    “We don’t read Wredstate.”

  • Michael in Fort Wayne

    As a Democrat that has “crossed over” to vote for Ron Paul, I will say that from my perspective the Red State site is a meet up group for high minded, better than thou, neo-cons. Ron Paul is the only candidate that actually shoots from the hip with his Republican and Conservative core values. Calling all of these other candidates Republicans is like calling a dog a cat. (Maybe not Tancredo. Sorry, Tom).

    Red State, like these other Republican dolts running for office, have clearly lost touch with reality.

  • http://www.politicalgrind pg

    I guess the constitution doesn’t exist on redstate.com, but then again its a private entity.

  • Jeremy

    I say boycott them. Ignore all stories designed to get the ire up. All they have proven is that they are run by the Clintons. Doesn’t anyone get it? Only Ron Paul, an anti-war candidate has a chance in a general election where 68% want this war over, think the surge isn’t working and are sorry we went in.

    If these freaks at RedState or shall I call them what they truly are a front for the Communist party really have any clout at all, they are just pushing the country into Hillary’s hands. No pro-war, insane, let’s drop nukes on a defenseless country Republican is going to win. No, George Bush may be wrong about some things, but he is a great leader Republican has a chance.

    I can’t imagine any other reason for the name of their website. Oh, they may claim to be Republicans, but they are shooting down the only member of the party still in existence. But then, aren’t neo-cons just a branch of the Democratic party in some form?

    Either way, avoid the site like the plague. Let them talk to each other. Let their ratings drop and for goodness sake Ron Paul supporters – ignore them. Let them die a natural death. They can whine all they want to, but they are communists/socialists who want Hillary to win. They are a disgusting bunch.

    I am sure if you look hard enough the site has to be supported by the Clintons! Either they are out of their mind by doing this, or they are very clever. But whichever it is, their actions will kill the Republican party if they spread.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jasonmitchell43 Jason Mitchell

    I am a veteran, a lifelong Republican, and (what I think is) a true conservative… the problem is that I define conservative the way that Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan (in 1964), and Ron Paul do. That is that individual liberty is the only way to prosperity.

  • Nate Slack

    This is the same redstate that seems to intentionally slander Ron and his supporters. Calling him a “cult” leader and his followers nut jobs, etc. Then they get upset when their site gets flooded by Ron Paul supporters? They aren’t even worth worrying about… Seriously…

  • Bastiat

    So an insignificant gaggle of goose-stepping chicken-hawks have banned supporters of an extremely rare (honest) public servant. The most prominent reason seems to be the fact that many submissions are brief and inarticulate. Rationale aside, it’s a great publicity stunt. It may even garner mention at FOX and NYT, the pseudo-opposites, who like most MSM are determined to convince us that we have a choice between Rudy and Hillary. The hot news flash this morning – Rudy’s rooting for the Red Sox! What drivel. Any reason to keep that hideous mug on the tube will do, as long as it lacks substance, or intellectual foundation. Oops… I’ve just described Red State.

  • E Philipp

    My big complaint with them is not that they want to limit ‘free speech’ on their forum, but that their site is listed with Google News. If they are essentially a private club, great, we’ll all leave them alone–the caveat being, they should leave us alone too. I don’t want to see private rant-blogs listed as ‘news’. If they really believe that they are NEWS—then they have no business censoring any topic that is legal. It is their decision, but I want to see consistency. This is pure bs, trying to have your cake and eat it too—it doesn’t work. They should no longer be listed with Google News.

  • http://ronpaul2008.com Bill Moore

    Perhaps the folks at RedState hate to have it pointed out that they do not support the Constitution and get tired of having to argue against the founding document of this nation.

    Oh well…say good-bye to all of that ad revenue.

  • http://www.warning1938alert.ytmnd.com Jimmy the Dhimmi

    ffer a different response for Ron Paul supporters. Abandon Redstate

    You think the cult of Ron Paul should abandon spamming an internet blog? That might be too much to ask Justin. You probably won’t even read this because I am being drowned out of the conversation by the flood of Ron Paullians who comment on this thread.

    LGF took Ron Paul’s name off their debate-ranking polls, because he would win upwards of 75% of the vote every time. MSNBC had to shut down the entire poll for the same reason, as you noted earlier.

    As disconcerting as it is, that Red State would ban Ron Paul talk, don’t you find it infinitely more disconcerting that a man who will recieve less than 2% of primary votes garners upwards of 75% of online polls, or his followers eat up the a huge amount of web traffic at this site and others? Whats going on here? And don’t give that crap about Ron Paul being so great, and that’s why.

    RonPaullians, by spamming polls and drowning out the majority with your brownshirt agit-prop tactics, you are fucking up this debate for the rest of us.

  • http://www.blogsmonroe.com/liberalpolitics/ JL

    i couldn’t agree more. don’t waste your time at redstate. let them delude one another with their statist garbage. ron paul supporters have more important things to do.

  • John Locke

    Anyone that follows Redstate knows that just like the top tier candidates and Bush, they are only Republican by name and by no means really Conservative. This group currently owns the Republican party and Redstate. So it is no suprise they would try to shut out a real Republican-Conservative.

  • Dan Warner

    I think the folks over at redstate seem to be exactly what has gone wrong with the republican party. I live in Pennsylvania, it was blue last election…. I want my home state to be a red state too and I think Ron Paul could do that.

    Unfortunately redstate, which I thought was overall a good site for discussion has sent the Ron Paul supporters to the ‘free speech zone’. That zone does not even exist in their world apparently.

    Since they advocate Ron Paul’s stance on property rights, I suggest we also follow suit by using free market economics. Let our dollars and voices be heard in places that they cannot do anything about it.

    I would start by contacting their advertizers and expressing your displeasure with them for supporting such an organization as redstate. I would also respond to their articles by starting threads in other blogs, like this author here at donkelephant has done, and then making YouTube videos about how Ron Paul has redstate and the neo-cons on the run, in so much fear that they cant even hear ‘he who shall not be named’ mentioned without peeing their pants in fear.

    Sorry redstate, I am a republican and you have just abandoned me just has the party has abandoned me. Your apparent stance on pro-war, big spending, so called republicans is your business. But you as well as the republican party are going down hard this election. And that is a shame. What has the republican party become? Why do you keep running left when you know we are right?

    I have yet to see any rational argument from anyone at redstate. When a Ron Paul supporter asks a question they say retarded things like ‘read our positions’, and ‘why do you post here if you dont know us, this is a site for warmongering neocons’.

    Do they not know how a search engine works? They write an article, invite comments, then ASSUME that everyone who finds that article on google has read every article from the past, knows every one of them by name, and knows all of their positions. They have no concept of new people coming to a site to discuss issues. They only see themselves, the ‘elite’ users who think they own the place just because they post there now and then. They want no discussion, no ideas, no new people.

    As a professional working for a very large web based community I can tell you that telling people that they are not welcome, and that their speech will be censored is a recipe for falling revenus and financial disaster. The folks who own the web site and depend on ad revenue will soon find this out. They will get what they asked for…

  • Sammi

    Why is everyone making such a big deal of this? There are tons of blogs out there. Red State is not important, and because of censorship will only become even less relevant.

  • http://yahoo.com bigskybob

    If Ron Paul is the nominee of the Republican party, will Redstate support him?

    I’ve read numerous demands for “party loyality” directed in the other direction.

  • http://www.warning1938alert.ytmnd.com Jimmy the Dhimmi

    But let me offer a different response for Ron Paul supporters. Abandon Redstate.

    You think the cult of Ron Paul should stop spamming an internet blog? That might be too much to ask, Justin.

    As disconcerting as it is that RedState might ban discussion on Ron Paul, don’t you find it more diconcerting that a man who will recieve less than 2% of primary votes consistantly gets over 75% on internet polls, or whos followers flood comments and message boards, essentially drowning out other voices? Something fishy is going on here, and don’t give me that “its because Rona Paul is so great ” crap.

    You Ron Paullians and your brownshirt agit-prop tactics are screwwing up the debate for the rest of us.

  • E Philipp

    This is a follow-up to my previous post about Google News. Right now there are 3 “articles” by RedState listed as Ron Paul News. I have already written a letter of complaint to Google News as RedState is NOT a news site. They are a private blog and they should NOT be LISTED AS NEWS. The do not deserve the news hits that they will get either. Donklephant is totally different as it IS an open discussion. That gives it far more real value than a private rant.

  • E Philipp

    To further clarify—RedState has the right to censor their blog as they choose but as such it should not be listed as a “News Site” Free Speech is fine but it is not News.

  • http://rosecityrumblings.blogspot.com Mike

    So RedState is censoring free speech. Iran censors free speech. Ergo, RedState=Iran. I declare preemptive war on RedState. Does RedState have any nuclear weapons ambitions. Does the Decider know about RedState. This is just the kind of threat the FBI is likely to miss and say “we never saw it coming.”

    Alas, all I can muster is bad comedy. Does RedState even matter? Do Republicans even matter? Let’s just throw the GOP onto the scrapheap of history and get on with rebuilding our once great country.

  • llstreet

    Not all Paul talk has been banned from the site. It appears that plenty of Paul bashing is still going on, and posts defending Paul are deleted as they are posted — typical Nazi tactics. Who knew the Neo-Cons were Communists? This indeed is a sad day for Democracy and the First Amendment of the Constitution.

  • http://libertyman.wordpress.com libertyman

    Red State seems to have only banned positive pieces on Ron Paul at their site. There have been plenty of hit pieces on Ron Paul since the ban took effect. Attacking his supporters as well has been allowed so long as they do not respond to the attack on their site.

    I call them a Cowardly Chickenhawk nest.

  • Fred

    The fact that Ron Paul’s message is being attacked so vigorously by Neo-Con fascists of all stripes proves his credibility even better than his voting record.

    Bring it on. :)

  • http://www.warning1938alert.ytmnd.com Jimmy the Dhimmi

    — typical Nazi tactics. Who knew the Neo-Cons were Communists?

    Which are they, NAZIs or Communists?

    This indeed is a sad day for Democracy and the First Amendment of the Constitution.

    Better watch what you say, the RedState police might come to your house. Maybe you should petition your congressman to get the ban lifted.

  • Vicky

    “You Ron Paullians and your brownshirt agit-prop tactics are screwwing up the debate for the rest of us.”

    Jimmy the Dhimwit,

    Just what the hell kind of real debate about the other canidates are you trying to have?

    Who’s is less evil? Who is neocon enough? Who will nuke Iran? Who will grow government the largest? Who will be the best cop on the world beat? What?!

    Please also enlighten us with your wisdom from these debates on your favorite conservative canidate and why.

    Think you can do it without mentioning Ron Paul?

    Betcha can’t.

  • Rich

    It seems that since they banned RP, they can now slam him with impunity.

    That, however, still gets hits on search engines.

  • Tannim

    Gee, Jimmy the Dimmy, are you a closet redstater? If so, come on out of the closet, the air of freedom is fine!

    Yawn. Guys like you are amusing in your pathetic-ness. Just like redstate.

    “Hey, you two other guys! Since our secret spamming operation from Ron Paul’s basement has finally been exposed, what do you say we make a nice little script that spoofs every known IP address and reisters them into the ban list at redstate? If we do it right they could ban the Internet (from themselves, that is!)!

    “Then we can go and spam more polls and watch Sean Insanity turn even more purple in the face and maybe even blow a vein in his forehead and it’ll be a great old time. Who’ll bring the popcorn and the latest issue of Scrye Magazine? I got the Sunny Delight!”

    (This satire has been brought to you by the Paul-unteers, who unlike the 6 people at redstate, actually have a sense of humor. For more information on how you, too, can get this sense of humor, and why it is the best coping mechnaism in this insane world, please see http://www.ronpaul2008.com today, and don’t delay, political operators are standing by!)

  • NH

    All of this banning nonsense is just sour grapes.

  • Thurston

    Shouldn’t you note that not all Paul talk was banned. Only pro-Paul talk is banned. Anti-Paul remarks are, of course, still “legal” in redstate.

    After all, isn’t this the American way?

  • John Howard

    There really are people who enjoy harming others. They like war – as long as they don’t have to be in it. They enjoy sarcasm, insult and ridicule more than honest debate.

    Banning Ron Paul defenders and then engaging in wholesale insults and ridicule aimed at Ron Paul defenders is exactly consistent with the kind of armchair sadists who cheer on the wholesale mass murder of defenceless foreiners in the neocon wars.

    These “redstate.com” people, like the dishonest insult-artists running the debates at Fox news, are one of the reasons so many people are turning to Ron Paul. He is both a gentleman and a scholar. People are growing weary of the sadistic and cowardly intellectual bullies like “redstate.com” who want a one-way conversation where they can whip their opponent and the opponent can’t fight back. They have set up a website to give themselves that ugly little pleasure. It is fully consistent with their political philosophy promoting war, torture and censorship.

    The principle of human consistency teaches us that war mongers will be debate cheats. It is to be expected. We should thank them for repulsing more and more decent people into our liberty-property-peace revolution.

  • Ginger Partington

    Wow. I’ve seen two identical anti-Paul posts and a couple others complaining of “brownshirt agit-prop tactics screwing up the debate for the rest of us.”

    What a spammer this Jimmy the Dimwit is. Thanks for keeping it lively, dude!

    Maybe the reason Rudy, Mitt and Fred are doing so well in these polls is because the audience consists of 270 people who voted Republican in the last election, have a landline and are at home between 3 and 4pm. That is why polls are always abysmal indicators of the likely outcome of an election.

    It’s a good thing some people still think for themselves. Otherwise, Republican candidates would have no chance running on Hillary’s platform without half of her looks or charm.

  • John Campbell
  • Josh

    Right. Well, here’s how I see things. The GOP used to be a “big tent” party. You didn’t have to agree with everyone else, you just had to be generally “conservative” in some sense of the word. You could be small government, religious, military, economic, etc, so long as you were conservative. Today this is not so true. Now to be a welcomed member of the republican party you must be a religious conservative, nationalist, law-and-order conservative (big government conservative like Nixon or Guliani, who believe that the firm hand of government is necessary to keep people in line), or neocon to really be welcome in the party. As the tent shrinks people will abandon the GOP for third parties, apathy, or god forbid the democrats. Ron Paul is their oppurtunity to turn this trend around. They probably won’t take it.

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    John Campbell – Too cool!

    I had to post it on my blog immediately:

    Ron Paul kicks RedState butt.

    If there is one thing that neocons cannot tolerate, it is the notion that anyone, particularly Ron Paul is “bigger” than they are.

    WTF. I think I’ll x-post it here. Later

  • Jeremy

    Conservatives don’t mind open discussion as long as you share their point of view, if you don’t, then your POV doesn’t count. No blog should censor the points of view of its viewers unless those views are out of line.

  • Charlie

    I was not going to vote for Ron Paul, but thanks to Red State, I will.

  • Scott McDonnell

    It should be pointed out that they are digging an even bigger hole for themselves (kinda like GWB’s strategy in the GWOT.)

    They are now banning non-Ron-Paul supporters that are dissenting to the ban or pointing out how stupid it is that they are continuing to post anti-Ron Paul crap after getting rid of the supporters so they can’t defend themselves.

    They are banning long-time posters (remember they said if you had been there 6 months you could stay? – not true…)

    I have to admit, they are certainly putting on a hillarious show!

  • Scott McDonnell

    Oh, and btw, Ron Paul supporters. Several bloggers have “declared war” on the Ron Paul supporters. I say we just yawn and ignore them. Pisses them off even more than attacking them. They are truly irrelevent without us. Let them look like the morons that they are, all alone in their hate-filled corner.

    With google news, you can see the summary of an article. If it is an attack, just don’t click it. Click on the positive articles to drive up their stats instead. When someone is attacking childishly like Redstate does, there is NO chance of convincing them. And you don’t need to worry about convincing their readers. They are just turned off all on their own.

    We have no reason to be angry. Ron Paul is kicking ass with his message. THEY are the ones threatened, not us.

  • http://www.warning1938alert.ytmnd.com Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Well then, you guys can keep deluding yourselves into thinking that Ron Paul actually has 75% of the republican vote locked up. I’ll see you on super tuesday.

  • http://www.cyclesurfer.com dale legan

    I wonder why no one has reported the fact that Ron Paul has also won most of the STRAW POLLS?


    Also, the text message polls were set up so you could only vote one time per phone. No one went out and bought 5,000 phones! Ron Paul Really Won.

    I’ve voted republican 24 years am I a RINO? I support Dr. Paul. I’ll chew my voting arm off before I vote for any of those other hacks who have proved by their record that they are willing to violate the constitution and rule of law.

    IF Dr. Paul is not elected our republic is lost, period.
    If Dr. Paul is not the nominee the Dems will win and our economy will collapse.



  • http://infowars.com Vlad

    Its so funny to listen those “government snake”people in audience that are set up to shout boo whenever Ron Paul speaks so that the dumb audience can just follow like sheep and so it sounds on tv like majority is for war. One more example that everything is psychological warfare on all fronts. …..they all start to tremble when truth is spoken. …show must go on.

  • Ethan

    I’ve boycotted Redstate. No more links, traffic, reference, nothing, zip, nada for them.

    It is mystifying that the Republican party is all against the only true conservative running, Ron Paul. If you run around quoting the Constitution you are a kook? Wow. Republicans like Bush, McCain all want to legalize illegal immigrants? That’s treason.

    Since most Republicans seem to be living in some sort of RepublicanMatrix, let me make it clear to you: Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that has a remote chance in hell of winning the next election.

    Independents and some Democrats would vote for Ron Paul. Independents and Democrats would not do that for any other Republican candidate.

    If Ron Paul is not the candidate, the Republican party is doomed for the next few decades.

  • Keeper of jimmy the Dimmi

    Everyone is scared to say the I-word. And is Israel-firsters is manipulating the Americans to fight their wars.

    Has anyone been wondering why there isn’t a single Israeli soldier fighting with us in Iraq? After all, we’re sending them a huge amount in aid every-year.

  • RickB

    Right on Vickey and Zappa… These supposed conservatives are just Democrats in disguise…