Ron Paul is bigger than RedState.

Ron Paul is bigger than RedState.


Follow-up on the RedState decision to ban the posting of positive comments about Ron Paul while continuing to permit posting of negative commentary. Yesterday, Justin asked a question –

“So why did they take such heavy handed measures? Were they simply just annoyed? Scared? A little bit of both?”

Here is the answer Justin, courtesy of commenter John Campbell.

This really does say it all (click on graph to enlarge):

Live graph here.

The sad answer, is that this is a textbook case of P.E. (Popularity Envy). While Ron Paul’s large growing popularity continues to surge and thrust ever upward, RedState’s flaccid popularity seems small, shrunken, perhaps even impotent by comparison. When you look at it, it’s really kind of pathetic.

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  • Paul

    Red who???

    RON PAUL 2008

  • B

    Another interesting Alexa search

    If internet hits was the rule for the election Ron Paul would win by a landslide

  • B
  • Jolly Ron Pauler

    Oh, I agree with you. The era of Ron Paul’s supporters being shrill, testy, and belligerent has ended a few months ago. Now, Ron Paul supporters are working as a coordinated unit, thinking less about how to get Ron Paul in the mediasphere and more on getting donations, generating positive publicity, and winning the primaries. That’s more fun than the first stage!

  • Amir

    I love the pure numbers :) On my blog ( I have analyzed the facebook US Election numbers over the past week. If Ron’s growth continues linearly, he will be more popular than Hillary in April. If Ron’s growth continues geometrically, it’ll be more like December.

  • Robert Johnson

    Yeah, it’s a joke that ChinaState banned Ron Paul’s supporters yet they continue to bash him. It shows what kind of hypocrites, losers and basement-freaks belong to that site. I wonder who those so-called-republicans will vote for when Ron Paul wins the nomination.

    I jumped into a few debates over there and as soon as I mentioned Ron Paul, they slung insults. Pathetic! Those guys are a cult and they really need to stop sleeping with their sisters.

  • Jaime

    LOL @ DeadState

  • Joe

    the doorknobs at Red State have penis envy ..these pussies couldn’t even get a date with there hand!

  • Leonardo

    Give us a platform and “Rule of Engagement” We followed. But changing the rule at the start of the game? Hmm… We’re over that already…

    I thought Red stands for “Courage” and not “Communist”. I can be wrong…

  • RonPaul2008

    $5 says they’ll claim Ron Paul supporters somehow “stacked” this data.

  • Mitch C

    Better crazy than evil, better dead than red. Boycott RedState.

  • TheOneLaw
  • TJ

    Add FreeRepublic on to the graph. It has a monthly downward trend and about to be over-taken by ron paul site statistics. The Bolsheviks know they’re a dying breed. A Ron Paul president will ship them out of the Republican Party and back the the Democrats.


  • Darryl Schmitz

    Berserk spammers, no doubt. :)

  • DetainThis

    Nice work, MW and John Campbell. has implemented LGF’s technique; is scratching RedState’s back; and through it all, Ron Paul’s support base is no worse off — probably better.

    Here‘s to that “angry” and “rabid” defense of the Constitution and freedom from The State!

  • Sovereign Person

    Mitch C said it all!! Boycott Red State! I get Google alerts in my email on mentions of Ron Paul, & now, whenever I see articles by Red State, I don’t even go anymore. It’s always infantile and well, as Mr. Campbell stated, flaccid!

  • MarkTwine

    oooohhh, that tickles me a little.

  • E Philipp

    Check their stats again in a week or two… Right now they are getting first-time traffic hits from”news agencies” because of their ban. After this tempest in a teapot has passed, I’ll bet the disparity with be even more obvious. I will not go to any RedState link. I will not give them the traffic. They really have nothing to say that I want to read anyway, there are MUCH better forums available. I also continue to protest their inclusion as News on Google News as well as coverage by the Washington Post, NY Times and other mainstream media. They are NOT NEWS.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Are these stats for unique viewers, or do they include multiple page views from the same IP addresses?

  • J. Cline

    RedState = BigState. They avowedly call themselves pro-war, which pretty much makes them a neo-conservative media organ. And we all know how much credibility big-spending neo-cons have these days:

    …wait for it…


    Even as a Republican, I never heard of this site before their recent Paul-bashing gimmick, and frankly, judging how low the bloggers there are stooping, it’s not someplace I’ll be paying much attention to.

  • John Nowlin

    What better way to improve your blog statistics than to include “Ron Paul” in the title. I had never read the blog until he did and now that I have, find that he is a “Bill Orally” bloviating knockoff, substituting foul personal attacks for thoughtful writing, logic or reason. I now know not to waste time viewing his rantings.

  • Mike

    Alexa’s ratings are notoriously imperfect, and shouldn’t be used specifically to “prove” facts. I personally work for a website that has between 1,500 to 3,000 concurrent users online at any given time, and our Alexa rating is lower than RonPaulForums, because the forums have more pageviews for their smaller userbase (being a forum and all).

    That said, based on it’s design RedState should have FAR more pageviews than, where I assume most supporters like myself only sit on the front page to check the donation meter.

    So, yeah, RedState is a case of a site with low traffic that gets big attention because people in the ‘blogosphere’ are pretty dumb quite often.

  • Dan Warner

    The Alexa numbers do not surprise me. As a professonal working in a very large we based community I can tell you that the objective for any web destination is to make money from advertising or subscriptions. All the while you have to go after that precious new user, who will see the ads or hopefully subscribe.

    Telling new people that they are not welcome and that you will censor them is a recipe for financial disaster. I would expect that redstate will soon be feeling the pain as word gets around about their restrictive policies. I would bet that many of their existing users, even if they hate Ron Paul, will hate the idea of censorship even more, and pack up and leave.

    People seeking discussion in a free society reject censorship on it’s face and redstate has just rejected everything they need to do to stay in business.

  • Ray

    red is dead…. Go RP!

  • Thurston

    Ignorance causes a natural reaction…

    it’s called “Thinning the Heard” LOL

  • Valeria

    Red States blog wouldn’t be worth a federal reserve note if it weren’t for the Ron Paul posters. The only reason I knew of them was because of the Ron Paul alerts which I receive in my mail. Oh well enough of them.

    I have something more impportant to post. I was watching a cnn report last night where Glen Beck (lot of people do not like him) was talking about just how they really are trying break the country apart.

    The two men he was interviewing were talking about secession. They were saying that the constitution is gone. That it has been shredded. They would like to see the states break apart and see like 3 or 4 states join together and become a small country and for all the states to do that.

    As many as the people want. This is supposed to be just one of their answers to all of our problems. They want it to be like Europe with all these small countries everywhere in what we call America. There are actual people out there like this.

    Break America apart? How preposterous! Our liberty however is in real grave danger.

    But, our founding fathers protected us. But WE must do, what they gave us the power to do. Rise up and overthrow bad government. They can actually shred the constitution, that however does not mean it is gone. The power comes from the people. These men who propose to take our freedoms and liberties are but mere men. And they definitely are NOT someone who can control (what they want to do) masses of people.

    We are in a revolution. What part of that do people not understand? Stand up and fight for your liberties and your freedoms. If we had not stepped up and fought hitler, do you think there would be a jew alive today?

    Freedom isn’t free. You must fight to keep it. The founding fathers warned us many things that bad men would try to do to take it all away from us. True patriots will always question authority.

    People who listen to Ron Paul get that. We see people like code pink trying. The structure is strong. The structure is US. Ron Paul has been a great messenger to alert us all of just how bad it is getting. He will make a great president and he is the only one who wants our structure to remain in tact.

    Support the troops. We have men and women in iraq right now fighting and dying for the freedoms of our country. Will they all die in vain because of a bad government? Stand up people! Band together and fight. For if we don’t, we will be the ones responsible for all we are about to endure from some lawbreakers who think we are just nieve enough to believe what they tell us.

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” ~Samuel Adams

  • John Howard

    I think what RedState did is way cool. I mean, like, I really hate it when I insult and lie about someone and then they, like, insult me back and defend themselves. Bummer! So now I can set up a website and dump on them all I want and then outlaw any backtalk. Way to go, RedState dudes!

  • gao xia en

    I think I looked at Redstate a few months ago and then yesterday. A very forgettable experience. A political circle jerk. No need to look at it again.

  • Dave

    lol @ RedState. Notice the October spike in their numbers is purely due to Paul supporters responding to articles they wrote to take swipes at Ron Paul. They just took a punch to the chops and they don’t even realize it. What a bunch of bilious, puffed-up, blogging dorks. Hilarious.

  • Max

    I guess it doesn’t matter if I read the Red State blog anymore.

    How much does anyone wanna bet that this will only hurt their readership?


  • Richard

    LMAO @ Dim Jimmy’s website link! Talk about tinfoil hatters!

    I love the Internet, warts and all, but some people just don’t get it. This includes 90% of the MSM and people who run Redstate.

    No worries, though, the problem takes care of itself. People will simply ignore the site and Redstaters can go back to their Fred Thompson circle-jerks. People with triple-digit IQs can go elsewhere.

    The wonderful irony is the banning issue has gotten more notice for Ron Paul and confirmed many peoples’ suspicions of neocons as intolerant authoritarians. It’s win-win!

    Can’t wait for free-republic to issue a fatwa (if they haven’t already).

  • Kevin Houston

    “We don’t read Wredstate.”

    – with apologies to Ayn Rand

  • Jason Mitchell also recently passed the in web traffic. That is huge because KOS is a huge site. Compare them using the site above.

  • Anthony

    I didn’t even know what red state was until I heard about it a few weeks ago…

  • TJ vs

    Pee in the BolshevikRepublic Cornflakes.

  • Ron Holland

    If you think The RedState Fascist website is hurting now on traffic and popularity compared to Ron Paul, just wait until the only foreign policy success the Neocons have had in Northern Iraq collapses when the Turks invade. Ron Paul is right about the failed foreign policy of the Bush Administration and soon this will be so apparent that even Fox News will be unable to spin the true situation.

    Ron Holland, Author of “The Swiss Preserve Solution”.

  • Richard in Austin

    I’m glad you guys brought this up.

    Ron Paul has done for for the Republican Party than anyone I can think of – loads of people who wouldn’t bother otherwise are registering to vote – but the party needs to step up to the plate. The Republican party hasn’t been walking the walk for a long, long time.

    It’s a funny thing about Redstate – for a bunch of folks who don’t want to hear about Ron Paul, they sure can’t seem to stop writing about him. Everyday I Google Ron Paul, I see new stuff from Redstate about him. Usually nasty. Looks like they revel in unopposed Ron Paul-bashing. Seriously, how old are those guys?

    If I were cynical, I’d dismiss this as a crass ploy to get more traffic for their site.

  • NH

    I think it’s clear that no one gives a damn about Red State.

  • JOhn

    Ron Paul Denial.

  • brettrix

    maybe we should start
    anyone can post there.

  • Jeffrey Northrup

    When I heard about the ban I immediately joined and posted an article that didn’t mention Ron Paul at all. I was immediately banned and my password blocked.

    The full article is still available at and at

    Thank you for validating my assertion that the GOP tends to follow in the footsteps first made by Democrats.

  • Joshua

    While I’m not quite ready to embrace Ron Paul… what in the name of holy hell was RedState thinking? If they really did this just out of jealousy, it makes Hillary Clinton look like an angel, and George W. Bush like a Rhodes scholarship candidate, in comparison.

  • TheOneLaw still outranks in terms of daily traffic and reach,
    but just blew past and redstate
    is lost in the dust.

    cheers all.

  • a Rocket Scientist

    RedState is simply protecting their GroupThink posters from Thinking for themselves. If that happened, their daily traffic would really take a noes dive. Seven years of following, without a thought of their own. Totally void of the empathy that it takes to figure out how others might see our actions around the world.

  • Jeremy

    Who the hell is Redstate?

    I never went there before. I won’t go there now.

    Notice how the little children are trying to draw people back in by putting up as many flattering Ron Paul titles as possible. I make sure now to check who writes something and if it comes from Redstate I ignore them.

    I don’t suppose they see the irony in how communist countries also ban speech?

  • HATE


  • HATE


    95 percent of the population learn by repeating like parrots.