Can Ron Paul Raise $12 Million In Q4?

Can Ron Paul Raise $12 Million In Q4?


That’s the goal his campaign has set, but he’s only raised $2.3 million so far. The goal for the end of October is $4 million, but it’s up in the air whether he can raise $1.7 million in just a little over 2 days, especially since he’s only raised the 2.3 in the last 29. Still, if RP has any shot of getting the votes he needs in Iowa, money is going to be a key factor.

NY Times writes about how RP is spending the $5.4 million he has on hand…

In the last two weeks, Mr. Paul — a Republican presidential candidate — has spent nearly a half-million dollars on radio advertisements in four early primary states, the first major media investment of his campaign. On Tuesday night, he will take a seat opposite Jay Leno.

And on Monday, a campaign spokesman said, he will roll out his first major television advertising campaign, spending $1.1 million on five new commercials to be shown in the New Hampshire market for the next six weeks. (In contrast, Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and a rival for the Republican nomination, has yet to commit to any spending for television advertisements.)

Mr. Paul’s commercials are intended to introduce him to voters in New Hampshire, where independents can vote in either primary and where a libertarian streak could give Mr. Paul a chance to translate his quirky popularity into votes.

That doesn’t even take into consideration the ads being run by supporters. For instance, here in Kansas City some individual has rented out billboards around town with Ron Paull 2008 messages. My grandmother even asked me the other day, “Who’s Ron Paul?” That was a watershed moment not only for me, but also the campaign because his name is getting out there and once people hear the freedom message, well, it’s tough to ignore.

Paul’s campaign is also running radio:

Paul has also spent $430,000 on a new radio ad, which will run in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada. The 60-second ad, an appeal to New Hampshire independents, mentions Paul’s name 11 times and focuses on conservative principles of spending, foreign policy and taxes and mentions “flip-flopping” Republicans and Bill Clinton.

Sorry, but does that sound like a 3rd party candidate or what? I know, I know, he said he’s not running on 3rd party ticket or as an independent, but we all should collectively question that when he’s positioning himself against EVERYBODY.

Oh, and then here’s a parting shot today from the Club for Growth:

“While we give Ron Paul credit for his philosophical ideals, politicians have the responsibility of making progress, and often, Ron Paul votes against making progress because, in his mind, the progress is not perfect,” Mr. Toomey continued. “In these cases, although for very different reasons, Ron Paul is practically often aligned with the most left-wing Democrats, voting against important, albeit imperfect, pro-growth legislation. Ron Paul is, undoubtedly, ideologically committed to pro-growth limited-government policies, but his insistence on opposing all but the perfect means that under a Ron Paul presidency we might never get a chance to pursue the good too.”

Interesting. Progress not perfection. Would that be the bane of a Paul candidacy? Would he be easily dismissed as being the exact opposite of a pragmatist?

  • bbartlog

    He’s not going to reach $4 million in October. I was pretty sure early in October when I saw the $4 million target that it was too much. The new spin is that we’ll try for $3 million in October, $4 million in November, and $5 million in December, which seems possible and would still add up to $12 million.
    As for attacks on Paul because he’s not pragmatic enough – I agree that would be a viable criticism, but personally I’d rather have to argue that point than have to deal with the unfounded namecalling (‘Paul is an assclown/wingnut/certifiable’ etc. etc.). And it’s not like Paul hasn’t accomplished some things in Congress – he doesn’t just sit around and vote No all the time.

  • Max

    Incorrectly, to politicians, progress means more government. If a candidate opposes more government as a means for progression then logically he will be perceived as “against progress”.

    Ron Paul is not against progress. As a matter of fact he correctly recognizes that progress can only be gained in the market through the advancement of technology and ideas with cooperation between the division of labor and knowledge. The free market allows progress as it is the most efficient means for the advancement of technology and ideas. Ron Paul is pro free-market and therefore pro-progress.

    Government is not progress. It actually stifles progress through regulation. Government does not advance ideas but rather controls them.

  • Steve

    2 notes on the 12 million 4th quarter.

    1: The donations we see online are only online donations they do not include other fund raisers only online donations so we may still reach the 4 million.

    2: We already have 12,000 people signed up to donate atleast $100 November 5th so as we stand right now we will donate atleast 1.2 million November 5th in 1 day, myself and many others have not registered but are donating anyway, i myself am going to donate $500

    3: He is gaining speed we just need to keep his gas tank filled to keep up that speed so everyone plese do what you can to help.

    Ron Paul 2008

    God Bless America

  • Hans

    Great post, Max!

  • Alex

    On November 5th there will be a Money bomb on the official Ron Paul website . They’re trying to get 100,000 people to pledge $100 on 11/05/07. Like the movie “V for Vendetta” we trying to make a statement and bomb the website to help the campaign and bring change to America through a financial donation! The goal is to make history and give Ron Paul the highest 1 day campaign contribution ever, for a total of $10,000,000 in one day! Imagine the news coverage Ron Paul will get? This is crucial to the campaign and Ron Paul winning. It’s our duty to help Ron Paul become our next president and bring about change! The official Ron Paul Money Bomb Pledge site is if your interested sign the pledge and bomb away on 11/05/07. There is also another website which is for those who cant afford to donate $100 and that site is Lastly, here is a link to an article for the money bomb OH yeah almost forgot, Ron Paul will be a guest on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show on October 30, 2007 check it out! Pass this on to your friends! REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER! Go President Paul!!!!

  • bharat

    I believe he can. Nov. 5th can surprise us all.

  • DRUMS of WAR

    Don’t forget about the Ron Paul Money Bomb (dot com, of course). That amount isn’t in yet. I think this creative approach to grassroots fundraising will shock some people.

    The major target date for that is tomorrow, Tuesday, October 30. That’s the same day he appears on Jay Leno, along with the Sex Pistols and Tom Cruise. I can’t think of a more pivotal late night broadcast in history. Tomorrow night could be the tipping point.

  • DRUMS of WAR

    Don’t forget about the Ron Paul Money Bomb #2, due to drop tomorrow, Tuesday Oct. 30. Also, Ron Paul will be appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno along with The Sex Pistols and Tom Cruise – guaranteed to be one of the more pivotal late-night broadcasts of the political season. Self-described “neocons” ignore Ron Paul at their own peril.

  • Cascadian

    I doubt that much more will be added in October. It’s late in the month and discretionary spending for many supporters may be over until the next pay period. I’d also wait until after the 5th to judge future fund raising levels.

  • JL

    a few days ago, offline donations were added to the website. so that is likely very close to the actual total at this point.

    as far as targeting independents in NH…that is because NH has such a large amount of independent voters and they are the most likely to be influenced by ron paul’s commercials, and want to support him.

  • Mike

    Is it really Ron Paul’s fault that the other members of Congress don’t play by the rules?

  • Keith

    Lest we all forget the $400,000 that was raised this month for radio advertising. It isn’t part of the $2,000,000 + that is currently on the site.

  • Joe Schembrie

    The Club for Growth consists of shills for the Party of Graft.

    With control of both the legislative and executive branch, the GOP had six years to do something about domestic spending, and it did: it had the largest increase in history.

    Now they’re telling us that Ron Paul might be ‘too perfect.’ I find that excuse to be too lame.

  • Craig

    At the rate he’s going, he will easily raise 7 or 8 million for the quarter. That would put him in Fred Thompson territory — not half bad for a candidate initially dismissed as a fringe candidate.

    The “only $2.3 million” he has raised so far in October just about matches what he raised in the entire second quarter, and is more than double what Huckabee raised in the entire third quarter.

  • Brian

    Paul will EXCEED the $12 million. Think about it. He and his campaign already know that he wouldn’t get the $4 million this month, with the 3rd quarter ending. Still, $2.5 million is impressive for someone who’s at “2%” in the polls.

    Then there’s the “Money Bomb” on November 5th. Although he’s only got around 10,000 people pledged, more will contribute on their own that day without signing up. I say that’s a good $5 million right there, and that’s CONSERVATIVE estimates. People like me are going to donate more than the $100. Publicity from the money bomb will net Dr. Paul another $1-3 million to the end of the November.

    Then you have the Holiday season & the primaries coming up. People are going to give until it bleeds. I can easily see Dr. Paul getting between another $5-$10 million after Thanksgiving. My bold prediction: $20 million easily for the 4Q (John Madden BOOM!), and the establishment will be defecating bricks.

  • Curtis

    “That was a watershed moment not only for me…”

    Wait, Donklephants have feelings?

    There is a Hollywood fundraiser for RP, coinciding with his Tonight Show appearance. That should give a little boost to the donation totals. Then we have the November 5th money bomb. I initially estimated he’d get about 1 million bucks on that day, but others think it’ll be between $5-10 million.

    As a Deist, I’m not big on religious holidays like Christmas. I’ll probably save the money I used to spend on presents and use it to make my first donation to RP. That’s reminds me of another thing to consider. I was a very early supporter of RP online. I haven’t even donated yet. I’ve spoken with quite a few other early RP supporters locally. At least half of them haven’t even donated yet. Some haven’t donated because instead of working that extra hour or two a day at their wage slave job they spread the word on the streets, so that’s their donation for now.

    Think about it. If even 30,000 Ron Paul meetup folks each spend 1 hour a month campaigning for Ron Paul, on their own time and dime, that equals 30,000 hours that RP doesn’t have to pay for. That’s a conservative estimate. I’m not even in a Meetup group and I spend at least 20 hours a month telling other people about Ron Paul. What does an hour of political consulting cost? What about an hour of TV time? Monetary donations to Ron Paul don’t even tell half of the real story. If you add the value of his Meetup groups and the effort they put forth, his actual “value” from the 3rd quarter would absolutely dwaft every other Republican candidate and most all Dems.

  • Kevin Parker

    So, to be clear, the Club for Growth is rejecting Ron Paul because, while he is quite good, he is not exactly what they are looking for because, while he rejects policy proposals that have some good effects, they are not quite what he is looking for?

  • John Howard

    To Kevin Parker: excellent comment!

    Also the Mainstream Media won’t mention him because he has no name recognition because the Mainstream Media won’t mention him.

    With opposition this transparent, Ron may get to the oval office.

  • Brent Borgers

    Great point. I thought maybe that was just me after a long days work. It’s called obfuscation. His “reasoning” is a blob of nothingness.

  • Sammi

    I don’t believe the statement from Steve that “The donations we see online are only online donations they do not include other fund raisers only online donations so we may still reach the 4 million” is true. I believe they recently added $438,000 that they collected in offline fundraisers to the online real-time total.

  • Scott


    I am pretty sure the $400k he raised for the radio ads is included in that total you see now. I remember the total being much higher after those 3 days…. about $400k higher to be exact.

    Regardless, 2.3 mill is pretty darn good and I expect the appearance on Jay Leno and the Nov 5th moneybomb to do wonders for Ron! Hopefully Jay will ask about Nov 5th to get it out there more.

  • Joe lawson

    I wish Donkel would do some research before they make bad statements- makes them look silly.

    First the goal is 3 million in October
    4 million in November
    5 million in December

    Now revise your statements

  • rhys

    I usually try to make more intelligent pragmatic posts, but this seems like a friendly audience.

    I wouldn’t mind if Ron Paul brought the whole process to a schreeching halt. I can’t wait until he gets into office, and refuses to sign an unbalanced budget. I’m hoping that there is a government shut-down within the first couple months. Shut downs off and on will probably convince Federal employees to get real jobs. Then they can call a personal income tax moratorium, and the US can re ascend to its rightful role as the leader of the free world economy. Can you imagine, the ‘growth’ from a year or two without federal income tax? The idea boggles my mind and tickles my fancy.
    Go Ron Paul – think about signing up to donate. People like to support winners. If we can convince America that Ron Paul doesn’t need their support to win, even Rush, Medved, and Hewitt will vote for him to keep the Democrats from winning.

  • Dan Warner

    Just a reminder that Haloween is coming up. Its great because people come to YOUR door! I hope you are all ready to pass out Ron Paul stuff to the parents as you pass the candy to the kids!

    It is a great way to tell them how scarry the other candidates are compared to Ron Paul!

  • Christopher Burch

    Actually, it wouldn’t matter if it was Dr. Paul, Hillary, or Obama… Donations for all candidates follow a bell curve throughout a quarter. Usually if follows the pattern of 15% of any quarter’s total donations come in the first 4 weeks, 32% in the second set of 4 weeks, 38% in the third set of 4 weeks, and the remaining 15% in the final week. So Dr. Paul is on track to make between 12 Million and 16 Million for the 4th quarter. Not bad, eh!

  • FreedomFanatick

    Do you know what would happen if we were to scale back our empire-like overseas spending and bring our budget to 2000 levels, so we can eliminate the income tax?!

    Madness, anarchy…

    The US economy would literally EXPLODE!!!

    So many people would have so much money to spend (especially the middle class, it’s no secret, the real rich people evade almost 100% of taxes), that we would grow leaps and bounds. Our proud and respected place in the world, will be regained…

    ***Don’t dream it, be it… we can be free, Ron Paul 2008***

  • Rusty John

    I was afraid that they wouldn’t meet their goals just becauseof the simple fact that most Paul supporters aren’t able to give the 2300 cap at once- most are giving what theycan from pay period to pay period. I would suspect there will be a huge surge at the beginning of November, even more so with the money bomb. More importantly is the work not seen- as more and more supproters canvass and get the word out the donations will grow exponentially. $3 million in October would be terrific. I would estimate another $6 million in November.

  • FLrEVOLt

    *PLEASE* GOOGLE VIDEO: “North American Union” They’re not just conspiracies anymore!!!! RON PAUL 08′

  • Rick

    Educate yourselves. Google “money masters” video, watch it in it’s entirety…

    Listen to Ron Paul, then do the research for yourselves. When people dig up and find out whats been going on for THEMSELVES, it becomes much more clear that Ron Paul IS the only choice…

    Ron Paul 2008-2016 oh what a wonderful return to LIBERTY…

  • Brad

    Ron Paul will have no trouble raising the money by the end of the quarter. Every where I go I talk to people who are explicitly plain about two things: Their fed up with the same crap regardless who is in office; and they are ready to vote for Paul.

    The kind of support Paul has scares the mainstream because they can’t duplicate it and hiding it is requiring more and more effort.

    President Paul…nice ring to it.

  • Alan Smith

    Ron Paul sucks because he’s perfect. HAHAHAHAHa!

    Go Ron Paul! We’re behind you!

  • Justin Walker

    Pass this on!

    1 Million Ron Paul supporters + $12 each =VICTORY

    Everyone donates $12, even if you’ve given before, to the Ron Paul HQ at
    Ron Paul’s HQ will post our info online. Our Name / State we reside in / Our pledge to vote in our State Republican primary. This will prove that our campaign has the largest grassroots support of any candidate!

    If we can’t raise enough money and get enough people to commit, Ron Paul won’t win, no matter how popular he is on the net

  • joe

    It’s the Club for Gov’t Growth. Not compromising and caving in on the Constitution is pragmatic! Also to note, he’s raised 2.5 million in less then a whole month. The goal for 4 million in October was posted around the 5th of the month. His 3rd quarter totals were not even out till around the 3rd or 4th. Ron Paul will come close to the 12 million is my guess.

  • Keith

    Thanks Scott I wasn’t sure but cest-la-vie! In leiu of most Christmas gifts I’m going to spend most of the money I’d spend on useless things to donate to the cause of freedom. I can’t think of a better late Christmas gift than a Ron Paul presidency. Call it part of my gift to America. With all the people that have died overseas It seems hypocritical to be joyous when so many are either dead, dying or in utter misery!

  • Jennifer

    As others have mentioned, the amount listed on the website is ONLY the amount collected on the internet and doesn’t include, for instance, money raised at the Hollywood Hills fundraiser last night, which was $2,000 per person donation.

    It is entirely likey that Paul has exceeded 4 million for October.

  • Jennifer

    He was at 2.5 million before the fundraiser last night, and he’s still at 2.5 million, so they definitely haven’t added the Hollywood Hills money yet.

  • D Dines

    $12 million … it will surely come and the goal will have to be set higher mid-swing.

    I’ve called my parents, three brothers and my sister long distance (I’m USAF active officer) recently and started talking campaign 2008. When I asked them if they heard of Ron Paul, they all said “who?”. Of course they know who Giuliani is, but when I told them Giuliani is not pro-life they were surprised. I began explaining the Patriot Act and Giuliani’s idea for a national ID card (all Federal employees and contractors already have them … I know because I have one) and they were all shocked.

    Folks, my point is, most Americans by far have only cursory knowledge of what is going on in politics and indeed with this war on terror. When people are exposed to the truth about this war and the current crop of candidates they will wake up and this message of freedom will catch on like wildfire. Ron Paul has only one direction to go and that’s up!

    The establishment politicians, the military-industrial complex and the big corporate bankers are fearful of this awakening. Ron Paul could be their downfall and they will stop at nothing to get him out of the way. These folks have had the mainstream media as their tools for a long time now, but again, the people are waking up to reality. Please give generously and be proud to allow Ron Paul’s freedom message to reach Americans through radio and television advertising. Ron Paul 2008 is my Hope for America