Ron Paul Falls $1.37 Million Short Of October Fundraising Goal

Ron Paul Falls $1.37 Million Short Of October Fundraising Goal


Yep. His goal was $4 million and he only has $2.63 million as of right now.

And while I’ve heard that there’s this “money bomb” coming on November 5th, even that seems as if it’s in doubt. In fact, the site doesn’t list the number of people who are going to pledge on that day, and as Free Market Newspoints out…

With close to 10,000 signs ups, an informal sampling of Ron Paul supporters suggested that perhaps the money bomb effort was bigger than the sign-ups suggested, as not everyone who intended to give funds on November 5th was signing up.

Ron Paul supporters interviewed also suggested that the money bomb site offer a sign up sheet for those who wanted to give $50 or even $25. One Ron Paul supporter suggested for every sign up on the site, there were perhaps two or three supporters who intended to give on November 5th but who hadn’t signed up.

Hmm, yeah. Seems like wishful thinking to me.

So here’s a question: why did the Paul supporters make the money bomb for November 5th? Yeah, yeah, I get the “V for Vendetta” marketing tie, but not hitting that October goal has the potential to be fairly demoralizing for a lot of supporters.

And that begs another question: how deep is Ron Paul’s support? Having been part of the Dean campaign I can tell you that ultimately his support turned out to be very intense, but not very deep. Much like the Roniacs of today, Deaniacs were EXTREMELY vocal and appeared to be much bigger than they actually were. This draws media attention, but not the type of support you need to win a general election.

I guess we’ll see on November 5th.

Meanwhile…TIME has an interesting article called The Ron Paul Revolution.

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  • Rob

    Yep, the internet both helps him and hurts him, probably about as much as his practice of actually stating where he stands on issues.

    If hedging, pillow talk and obfuscation weren’t effective at reducing candidate’s attackable area I doubt they’d campaign that way.

    Paul doesn’t play it that way, which earns him honesty and integrity points, but leaves him open to catching a lot more criticism and chiding.

    I’m sure that one day the republicrats will find the optimal balance of disclosure and dissonance, at which point the messages will be as one and candidates will simply be elected on who’s the most well-spoken.

  • Ficus

    And while I’ve heard that there’s this “money bomb” coming on November 5th, even that seems as if it’s in doubt. In fact, the site doesn’t list the number of people who are going to pledge on that day

    Actually (in fact), the website currently states that 14,752 people are currently signed up (as of 11:25 AM EST 11/1/07).

    What I don’t understand is why you’re spinning the October fundraising as a bad thing. In one month, Ron Paul took in roughly half of the funds he brought in during the previous quarter. In my opinion, it’s a victory rather than a shortcoming.

  • Rob

    But it’s also a missed goal and can be viewed as possibly plateauing. Not to mention the fact that bootstrapping can work early on, but sooner or later money talks and he needs a lot more of it.

  • C Bowen

    That $2.6 million doesn’t include off-line donations from the past week, so it remains to be seen what the total will be. Folks outside the campaign can view it as they like, but the campaign had said in a recent New York Times interview they hoped to do $3 million this month, $4 million in November, and $5 million in December.

    As a supporter, while we wish he raised $10 million this month, we cannot be that unhappy.

  • Dave

    There are 14,000 people who have signed the pledge. What Free Market was saying is that there are a number of people who have not signed the pledge, but are going to donate on that day also. So the number of people who will actually donate that day will be higher than the number of pledges, not lower.

    These are folks who don’t want to sign up for e-mail lists, for obvious reasons.

    As far as what will actually happen Nov 5th, we’ll have to sit back and see. Will the people who pledged actually follow through? Will those who have said they haven’t signed up, but will donate that day do so? It remains to be seen.

    Many people are going to donate more than the $100 dollars, so it’s anyone’s guess what the final outcome will be.

  • FZappa

    The campaign made as mistake (as they acknowledge) in setting the goals for Oct-Nov-Dec as $4mil-$4mil-$4mil instead of the more logical $3mil-$4mil-$5mil.

    We did make the $3mil I believe, since 10 days of offline donations haven’t been added and neither has ~120K in offline fundraiser money. So we either made $3 mil or came very close.

    You have the wrong site for the money bomb, it’s And believe me, all talk about Ron Paul money woes will end that evening, it’s going to blow you away! Just trust me, people are highly stoked about this thing, and I mean highly stoked even for Ron Paul supporters…

  • bbartlog

    The $4 million for October was overambitious. But $3 million or close to it for October still represents significant growth from last quarter’s fundraising.
    As for the November 5th event, we’ll see if those who plan to participate but haven’t signed up (which includes me), along with those who plan to donate more than $100, end up outweighing those who signed up but don’t participate. I’m guessing it will be a wash and the take will be $1.6 million or so, but we’ll see. Should be enough to put us on track for a $4 million November.

  • Miranda

    lol, he’s already raised about 1/2 the money in october that he did all last quarter and you make it seem like a bad thing. at this pace he’ll raise 8 million in the fourth quarter.

    “I guess we’ll see on November 5th.” what’ll your headline be then? “Money Bomb falls short by 500k”?

  • Jaime

    Us Ron Paul supporters predicted this… That as soon as the blogosphere got word that we fell short of our October Goal, we’d see articles like this that try to make it seem as if we’re not doing well in our fundraising efforts.

    LOL @ Donklephant. Thanks for confirming our suspicions. *golfclap*

    Maybe next time we’ll just set a very unambitious goal to raise $1 more than last month like Mike Huckabee did on his website, just so we can falsely claim how well we’re doing.

  • Jess

    LMAO. you wish!!! 2.6 mil in oct that is a great success. Nov 5 will be a day made to go down in history. IT IS BIG. Ron Paul Has support like no other.

  • Travis

    I think the answer lies somewhere in between. As a supporter and volunteer I am proud to know that the campaign raised in one month half the entire earnings as last quarter but I can see that from an outside perspective this could be spun as a shortcoming (not meeting goals).

    The goals should be a little less ambitious and if anything they get blown out of the water. This creates media. The November 5th bomb was a realistic goal but simply will not happen. 100,000 people will not donate on that day, so some will call it a failure while ignoring the fact that that it will be an astounding feet. By my estimates the amount on the 5th will be no less than $2 million and could go as high as $5 million (I hope, I hope).

    We Ron Paul supporters are all guilty of getting a little excited and thus these we have set goals a little greater than what is realistic. Just be proud of the progress being made and ignore the Naysayers.

  • Derek

    Anything over 2 million on Nov. 5 will be a great success. Under 1 million will be a disappointment. Anything in between 1-2 million is what we can probably expect (I think).

  • bill

    Not hitting that goal is a bad thing… Maybe too many people holding out for November 5th… which would be fine if the numbers wheren’t so public (but that would also kill the effect of the money bomb…)

    I did hear RP say that the goals where 3,4,5 (oct, nov, dec) – And that is probably the true ‘internal goal’ – they probably over-stated the goal to see what affect it had (remember – they had to up a goal from 500k to 1M) – seemed like they just got what they asked for – so ask for lots.

    Same with the November 5th stuff – I think they aimed high with good intent.

    I expect a lot more donations than the ‘current sign up’ * $100… lots of people will give more (some less… though they likely didn’t ‘pledge’ the $100)… we’ll see in a few days…

    Notice how this doesn’t make much in the news? They wouldn’t want it to succeed!

    Finally – they do post the numbers on

  • Mr. Liberty

    Don’t listen to Justin G. This is poor media spin. This is all they can throw at Paul. They really have nothing major to critic Paul on. I happen to know that there is offline money from the last 10 days including the RP Store money that counts as contributions when people buy shirts, hats, and other gear…So, Paul should 3 million which is more than half of his whole
    3rd quarter! That is a success and show that he is building steam!! Not else! I can’t stand thiese writers. Weak!

  • Tim M.

    I wish they would have had this money bomb on October 31st but it is what it is.

    2.6 million per month comes out to a pace of 7.8 million per quarter. I’d say that is doing pretty well.

    It’s great to aim high. We’re all here to win this thing, not just to come close. You’re little article is just enough to make me donate another $500 on the 5th.

  • Joe Lawson

    Justin, no matter how you try and spin it, here are the facts. Thompson, McCain, Huckabee and Romney all wish they could even get 2.5 million in a month, not to mention 12 million in the quarter. Whats interesting is Ron Paul’s campaign is bringing in support exponentially, while the others are losing support. So while the campaign fell behind 500,000 for the revised goal of 3 million Oct., 4 million Nov. and 5 million Dec., the Nov 5th money bomb will put them ahead for the November goal, even if they don’t make the 10 million. Also as far as the money bomb, that is not an official campaign effort, that is a grassroots effort – can you please tell me another candidate Republican or Democrat that has support like this or an effort like this – well I guess Hillary does have the Chinese backing her.

    There is a huge difference between Howard Dean and Ron Paul – Howard Dean was the media darling, Ron Paul is hated by the media and those that own it. If Ron Paul had half the free advertising that Howard Dean had, Ron Paul would have the election sewn up.

  • KingLeonidas

    Demoralizing??!?! Haha we dont get down its a up hill battle and we know it.
    Howard dean can’t hold a candle to Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the Thomas Jefferson of our time.

    As long as we beat last quarters fund raising we are OK! 7 million sounds nice.

    WE ARE CLIMBING!!!!!!!!!

    Can i get a HOOAH? This quarter we dine HELL!!!!!

  • Steve

    The fact is if the november 5th deal was october 31st we would have more than 4 million.

    There are now over 15,000 people signed up and i myself and 6 others are not signed up but i have already decided to donate $500 myself and my wife is donating $500 as for the other 4 friends i don’t know what they commited to donate but i know it is more than $100 each.

    The fact is me and my wife make up 10 people at $100 so don’t be suprised if we raise 4 or 5 million in 1 day.

    I love the negative talk Dr. Paul gets for all it does it make us speak louder with our wallets and our voices.

  • Nash

    Oh Noes he *only raised 2.6 million in a month. Clearly this is the end of the campaign. Give me a break. 2.6 million is fantastic and that translates into 8 million for the quarter assuming it doesn’t grow exponentially which it will considering more people donate as we get closer to actually voting and he just started his ad campaigns in New Hampshire.

    This is hardly a disappointment.

  • William

    I’ll donate $1,000 on the 5th — yes, that’s a comma as in one thousand — and I haven’t put my email address on that little list, so more people sign up in an attempt to overcompensate and also to keep my email address off a website that will likely send me spam. I also know several other people that are maxing out their primary donation amount on that day.
    This November 5th should be interesting.

  • William

    The 5th was a good idea.
    Ten million, however, is a pipe dream.

    I doubt that it’ll reach 5 million in one day.

  • Craig

    This Ron Paul supporter isn’t demoralized in the least. $2.6 million in October exceeded his total for the entire second quarter. It was over twice what Huckabee raised in the entire third quarter.

    A more realistic goal for October would have been $2 million, but I applaud the campaign for aiming high. The problem is that most of the already-committed supporters tapped themselves out for Q3, and the new supporters gained from recent publicity take a while to morph into donors.

  • Craig

    If Ron Paul “only” raises $7.5 million in the fourth quarter, it still puts him in Fred Thompson/John Edwards territory — right at the bottom of the top tier. With the money bomb, maybe he’ll top that.

  • Sammi

    Well, Huckabee had $1 million for the month and met it, or just slightly above it. Paul had a $4 million goal and made $2.6 million. I’ll take that any day – missed goal or not.

    I don’t think the contributors are demoralized. They probably just think either the goal was too high by miscalculation or it was intentionally too high in order to bring in as much money as possible, while having a lesser goal that they would be satisfied with but would not publicly reveal (which is what I assume). Either way, it brought in a truckload of cash.

    As far as how “deep” the support goes, that’s pretty easy to answer. Most of the donations to Paul are small donations from many many people. Last quarter the average donation was around $40 I believe. Same thing will happen this quarter most likely, but many many more people.

  • Brian

    I am voting for Ron paul, only canidate that cares about my liberty.

  • Rob

    JG’s not being a jerk about this. Paul needs money, it’s a simple as that. Looking at some of the others’ receipts, expenditures and cash on hand, he needs a lot of it.

  • Parke

    I think all the internet talk of Ron Paul is just pissing everyone off that doesnt like him. We do nail pages that aer derogatory or negative. I do believe the hit piece that wired did, worked.

    Ill never visit Wired, one of my favorite mags and sites again. They revised the story but the damage is done.

    Nobody knows what to expect on Nov. 5th. Ive got 45 members in my meetup and most are donating on that date. This has never been tried before and I applaud those that are grassroots trying to make a difference to a guy being demonized by media.

    You cant spam money.

  • P Chinea

    Most of Ron Paul’s donations are from average Americans who are donating their hard earned cash. We are not big corporations donating money. Ron Paul never took a DIME from any Lobbyist. I wish that I could have donated much more than I did. With that said, I think 2.6 million dollars is an incredible success. I haven’t signed up to donate on November 5th but I will be donating my hard earned cash on the 5th. Ron Paul is an Honest man and will only take honest money. He is the real deal.

  • Brad Nelson

    As a Ron Paul supporter I am totally demoralized, I mean over 2 1/2 million that’s just awful! I mean who can run a campaign on that. Considering whether I like to admit it or not that’s all he made the first half the year, that much in one month horrible. This article just bums me out… your right jackasslphant maybe all us Paulites should just give up. I only see his yard signs in every other yard, not every yard, and some people don’t even know who he is yet. The mainstream has tried so hard to get him out there and make him known and it’s just not catching on. Sure he has 11000 meetup groups but thats just the internet. Yeah, I think jackasslphant is right we should all be finding better thing’s to do with are time than supporting a candidate that’s honest and wants to abide by the constitution. Obviously Adolf Guliani and Hillary Clinton are the best or that’s what I’m told. Maybe since they have similar view’s on foreign policy and are both Yankee’s fans they can be jackasslphant’s dream duo. I think I should be a reporter for this website.

  • Sammi

    Park says, “You cant spam money.”

    The Federal Reserve can.

    (Sorry, had to do it).

  • joe from austin

    Ron Paul should come out with his own cereal. Call it something like “Ron Crisps”. Tastes good, good for you, and can save the country. I’d eat it.

  • Dave

    What’s with the goofy photo? As for the money, Ron Paul is reflecting his own policies by showing his fundraising openly. He wants to open up government spending the same way.

  • Micah

    I have issues with Justin’s characterizations at times, but I think those taking him to task here are amiss.

    The questions he asks are all valid, though I too take exception to some of the answers he suggests. On the whole though, supporters gotta learn to settle down a bit. Don’t cut down every blogger or writer who doesn’t share your level of intensity, or lampoon people who have honest questions. I understand the frustration when our guy is ignored or misrepresented – but a calm and measured response to correct facts or offer insights goes a lot further than equating the writer in question with Ruppert Murdoch or assuming that they’re card-carrying ‘neo-cons’.

    I guess I’m saying…. Justin occassionally uses mental shorthand (don’t we all?) that justifies a confrontational response (which should still be rational and friendly in tone). Make sure that it’s one of those times before you dust off your thesaurus to give him an originally worded lecture – it can be counter-productive to our goal.

  • Timothy Leonard

    Ron Paul will probably double what he earned last quarter.

  • TJ

    What the naysayers seem to “forget” is the Nov.5th goal would be proven even if it only amounted to $1M and repeatable on subsequent rally dates. It’s a huge money boost, an incentive for the campaign not to be so money-tight and what’s most of all currently needed: Name Recognition. About only 20% of the population know who Ron Paul is, and a lower number know what his platform is.

  • PC

    Yes we want negative press for not making this. This is a Libertarian Republican candidate, I don’t really know many libertarians that like to carry their driver’s licenses, let alone sign up for a list, especially when we can go straight to his site and donate. Let them lower expectations for a couple of days, maybe mention on Sunday shows and then bam, Monday, beginning of the News cycle anybody can go watch on his site. I can’t wait to see the look on the MSM’s faces. I think people are underestimating this, especially once it gets rolling and the tightwads feel guilty. Then even they will pony up a couple dollars to get in on the fun.

  • Brian

    How much did McCain, Hunter, Tancredo, or Huckabee raise in October? Just because Paul didn’t meet the $4 million goal (which most Paul supporters knew he wouldn’t, most donations usually come in the 2nd half of the quarter) doesn’t mean he won’t reach the overall goal of $12 million for the quarter. I predict the money bomb will bring in $5 million, and then you have the publicity surronding that and the post-Thanksgiving donations that’ll bring in another $5-$10 million. I predict Paul may get up to $20 million for the 4Q, if not, he’ll definetly meet the $12 million goal the campaign set.

  • Mike

    A wise man is slow to speak. I’m afraid you will be eating your words when November 5th turns out in one day to double what he raised for October. If others are like me – they didn’t push for the October goal and saved their money for November 5th. I don’t know about others, but I will be giving more than the expected amount and may decide to even double what I plan to start. Never speak too hastily. I’d like the writers personal email so I can reinforce how Paul’s contributions more than doubled in one day, but I may have to stick to this right now. – When you see his total amount at or above his third quarter earnings, become part of the Revolution.

  • Willem de Wit

    I think the goal was set a little too high. I really thought they would’ve learned from the success of their “last week in second quarter” fundraising effort, and carried that over into the third quarter with weekly goals. If $12 million was the true third-quarter goal, they could’ve put a goal of $500,000 for the first week, and build it up to $1.6 million in the last week by increasing the goal by $100,000 every week (for a total of $12.6 million after week 12).

    That would’ve made the goal for October $500k plus $600k plus $700k plus $800k… exactly $2.6 million.

  • Weird

    It’s a goal, not a requirement. Personally I set my goals very high and see how close I can get. I think it’s great that he raised 2.5 mil. Also count me in as an unregistered participant in the money bomb.

  • David

    It fell short of the goal as most goals are really never met. I have seen people who are to donate but haven’t signed up. I can tell people are really getting worried that he is going to pull it off.

  • A. Prior

    Well, I just pledge to go at least $300.00 to Ron Paul on Nov 5th. I am not amazed by the headline that he didn’t raise 4Mil. It’s the obvious attempt to hurt the campaign. A Goal is Just a Goal, and when is $2.63 a bad thing.

    I have been reading about Ron Paul for several days. I just joined the Ron Paul Revolution today after reading this article.

  • James Bowery

    It is more important that the November 5 donation level be high than that the Paul campaign meet its October goal. The elites need to understand just what is at stake if Ron Paul isn’t elected president. The consequences are a lot worse than a mere bombing of Congress.

  • Stephen B.

    I’m signed up for Nov. 5th and I’m giving 500.00..I’m not concerned about not meeting our Oct. goal of 4 million because we are going to be well on our way!!!

  • Immigrant

    No matter what anybody says or does, Ron Paul is unshakable in his belief in the American constitution. Sure the goal was not met….does this mean liberty is not a popular concept??…nope. If anything it is proof that individuals are giving to the Ron Paul campaign instead of large corperations. Large corperations will not give because they know that Ron Paul fully intends to destroy the sick corporation/government monopoly that exists now. Anti-constitutionist(anti-Americans) are looking for every opportunity to bash this man. As an immigrant I have to say it is extremely strange to see Americans fighting so hard against the American constitution. So despite the goal not being met…..the message of liberty will continue to spread and thank God for that.

  • steve

    October is done, some were saving up for the Nov 5th Money Bomb, think about it, would it be better for a 1000 people to give $500 in the last week of October and another $500 on Nov5th or just give the whole $1000 on Nov5th to make a stronger point? He gets the money either way and it shows the MSM “money talks, BS walks” in the strongest possible terms.

  • Tom M.

    I believe that Dr. Paul was hoping for 3,000,000 for October. Most of the supporters were looking at 2.5 to 3.0. With the November 5th goal set in place I believe this slowed down October activity somewhat. However, extrapolating the 2.638,000 (approximate) x Three for the fourth quarter gives the campaign 7.900,000 which is 2,100,000 over third quarters figure. This would make us all happy. If the number exceeds that it will just make all the supporters and the Paul Headquarters people quite estatic.

    Keep the faith, the Paul Campaign is ready to knock off wins in two of the early states and come in the top three in the other two. We are on our way to the Presidency with 60,000 plus Meetup members (over 1000 locations ) and the ball is just getting started rolling.

  • Alex

    I think Ron Paul may actually surpass the $10,000,000 goal. Here is why I believe it. The latest count on n is 15,226 subscribers at 7:43 pm EST 11/1/07, 204,609 total visitors as of 10/31/07. I believe the important number is not how many people have pledged, rather how many people have visited the site. That they even visited the site shows interest on an individuals behalf. If we get $100 from even half the visitors, right there Ron Paul raised $10 million. Now dare to imagine if 3/4 of the visitors actually donated? $15 million. Sky is the limit! Don’t forget there is another website that will be doing a money bomb as well on November the 5th for those who cant afford the $100 donation, but can afford less. That website is So I say dont listen to this guy. He is a hater. But praise him for his hate. His hate while negative, just gets the uninformed to become curious. Thats all it takes for our man to succeed. Once a person who has never heard of Ron Paul checks out his message due to positive or negative coverage he becomes one of us! That is why reporters like this write these kinds of articles, because their afraid of the facts. Their afraid of the truth. They expect us to be the sheep led to the slaughter. But I liken us more to the sheep in wolves clothing. Because He who acts stupid and lets everyone believe he is stupid is really the smart one! So let them under estimate us, like they have these last few months. Just like in the past they will be correcting their ignorant assesments! President Paul, Hmm nice ring! Would love to see the faces of the donkeys here when that title become a REALITY! GO PRESIDENT RON PAUL!

  • Keith

    Personally I’m happy with the progress and the momentum. I mean think about this $2.6 million is half what the campaign did in the last three months! This money bomb will be a newsmaker irregardless of it’s size. Remember it was the tortoise that won the race slow and steady. New members brings new enthusiasm and energizes the cause. I’m keeping close tabs on and telling people everywhere with pushcards and signs. Keep up the good fight! God protect Ron Paul his family and all the wonderful supporters and send his message far and wide! In Christ I pray! Amen!

  • barry broome

    hey justin, will be interesting to see what happens on 11/5. number of people signed up – should bring in over 1mill but – ya know about good intentions. I think they’ll hit over 1mill. have to see. anywho thanks for the great forum.

  • Fred Jones

    I havent signed up on the list but plan to donate $100…. so I guess that puts me in the hidden group.

    All of the whining about the rabid Ron Paul supporters… what are you so afraid of…. our success? It is rather amusing.

  • John

    People, don’t be too surprised if donating on Nov 5th is difficult. With maybe 20,000-30,000 people donating, and 50,000-60,000 frequently checking the sites total during the day, a denial of service attack will be a breeze for the RP Haters. I’m gonna set a bookmark directly to the donate page so as to avoid the Home page just in case. If the day turns out even 10% of expectations, there’s gonna be a lot of traffic through there.

  • You are a Tool!

    So How much did “MittRudy” get in October?

    I’ll be in Columbia, SC for the next two days supporting Ron Paul. Did you know he was opening Offices in SC???

    Maybe you should come buy and do some real reporting. Instead of being a Tool! I’ll be holding the sign that says “VETERANS FOR RON PAUL REVOLUTION”. IT WILL BE 18′ HIGH AND 6′ WIDE. HARD TO MISS! But the truth dosn’t seem to be something you are looking for!

    Yes I called you a TOOL! And you are a TOOL! And you Know it! Tool!

    I’ll send pics!

  • rick

    I think the money bomb may have cut into October giving somewhat.
    I did donate $100.00 early in October, and because of November 5th
    I am holding off another $100.00 for that day. If I can come up with any extra cash, I will add it to my $100.00 on Nov. 5.
    I think the goals were in response to a pledge to donate $100.00
    if 1 million people signed up to do the same. This one seemed overambitious to the extreme and I have not heard anything of it of late.

  • You are a Tool!

    So what are you going to do?

    We are real, we have money, we are going to spend it to get Ron Paul elected. You have no hope!

  • Twice is nice

    Ron Paul doesn’t reach his goal, but _only_ raises $2.63 million?


    Better to set a big goal and fall short than settle for less than a “best” effort. Aim for the stars and settle for the moon, then take a second shot at the stars, and a third, and a fourth. Persistence will overcome nearly any obstacle.

    For those Dr. Paul supporters out there who plan on donating on the 5th, be aware that there is also an effort going to have a repeat performance on the 11th to honor our veterans.

    Whether you’ve have signed up for one or not, consider donating both days. The MSM is expecting the money bomb on the 5th, but a repeat performance on the 11th might open some eyes.

    Donate, then be sure to educate another person who hasn’t yet heard about the R3VOLution. Add fuel to the fire.



  • check

    The campaign realized early on in October that $4M for October was unlikely so they adjusted their expectations to 3M in Oct, 4M in Nov and 5Min Dec. the 2.6M currently showing for October does not include 2 weeks worth of regular offline donations + one hollywood fundraiser that was priced at $2000 per ticket and had between 60-90 people participate. Factor in those wo values still not added and it’s likley that Ron Paul did reach their adjusted goal of $3M.

  • Christopher Burch

    2.6 Million is spectacular! If you look at the way all campaign donations for all of the campaigns work, the trend is for 15% to come in the first 4 weeks, 30% in the second 4 weeks, 38% in the 3rd 4 weeks, and the remaining 17% in the final week. This pattern is the same for Hillary, Obama, Giuliani, McCain – every candidate. So if Dr. Paul made “just” 2.6 million in the 3rd quarter that puts him on track to make over $15 million for the quarter. A linear projection is not accurate in this instance. I think he’ll have no problem hitting 12 million for the quarter. He’ll have a much harder time at the national convention getting the nomination than he will in raising that much money. I further predict that he will raise more than any other Republican this quarter. I’ll bet a $200 donation to Dr. Paul on it!

  • Steve

    Maybe he did only raise 2.6 million dollars in October but that is over half of what he raised in the entire last quarter. At that rate he should raise 7.8 million excluding November 5th. I predict 12 to 15 million this quarter.

    I think the reason that we didn’t meet the October date is because so many like myself are waiting until November 5th to make that a bigger day and a day for for free publicity from the networks. That is the only way Dr. Paul gets noticed.

  • Bryan

    HA! what ever man. Im dropping a GRAND on the 5th and so is my best friend and his girlfriend and his parents and girlfriends parents are dropping 100 and im the only one on that list to donate. So we will see on the 5th. Im also dropping another grand on veterans day sense i am one. That will max me out.

  • klutometis

    My wife and I are ponying up $2300 each on November 5, to reach the maximum $4600 donation. Es lebe Ron Paul!

  • GoldenAge

    Ron Paul is a friend to small business. There is an interesting dynamic going on among the richest Americans. For years now, policies have favored billionaires at the expense of millionaires. A millionaire has every reason in the world and all the resources to donate to the candidacy of Ron Paul.

    Since there are vastly more millionaires than billionaires and since we have stricter campaign finance laws, a huge number of millionaires could easily each donate the maximum $2,300 to Paul’s campaign. Call it the revolt of the millionaires. Keep an eye on Nov. 5th. I agree this will be quite huge.

  • Ken

    LMAO!!! You gotta be kidding me!!!

    This is just a really dumb post.


    Remember he ONLY raised 2.7 million from individual donors. ONLY 2.7 million. GET REAL!!!

  • Emilio

    Come on talk about picky picky, I thought the campaign got ahead of itself setting the bar so high. That said he raised over 2 and 1/2 in one month of what Media darling Huckabee raised in an entire quarter. RP will raise around 7 Million this quarter enough to be competetive in Iowa, NH, Mich, SC, Nevada and beyond. Huckabee hasn’t raised half that his entire campaign.
    Lets just see how thjis translates into votes.

  • Jeff

    In the second quarter, the “experts” were shocked that Ron Paul raised $2.4 million in a quarter.

    They practically fell off their stools when he made over $5 million in the second quarter.

    Now, he makes ~$3 million in the first (normally slowest) month of the 4th quarter, and its a “failure.” The “November 5th” thing surely hurt October fundraising, as well.

    That kind of failure might just land Dr. Paul in the White House.

  • Darren D.

    Thanks Justin,

    It is too bad you don’t get much attention when you write positive articles on Dr. Paul. I have noticed!

    We don’t feel we need to comment on a positive article, but it does fire us up when we see negative slants. This type of post will help Dr. Paul.

    I also did not make my last weekly $25.00 donation in October to wait for November 5th. Thanks again for firing us up!

  • badmedia

    Come on, use your brain. There was never a 4 million goal for this month. There is a 12 million goal for the entire 3 months. If he did 4 million this month, and he ended up with 12 million over the 3 months, then the campaign increase would be flat, and nobody is expecting that. So obviously, it seems to reason that the 1st month of the 3 months would be expected to be the lowest, while the other months increase beyond the first month.

    And when you apply actual decent logic, and not just looking for a reason to bump your traffic with a hit piece, it’s pretty obvious. 2.6, + 3.9 + 5.85 = 12.35 million, and that is based on a 50% increase from month to month, which is even then a conservative number considering he raised 5 million total over the previous 3 months and has traditionally and got more than half of the previous 3 in 1 month.

    I seriously hope you don’t consider what you are doing journalism.

  • Bandu

    “And while I’ve heard that there’s this “money bomb” coming on November 5th, even that seems as if it’s in doubt. In fact, the site doesn’t list the number of people who are going to pledge on that day, and as Free Market Newspoints out…

    “With close to 10,000 signs ups, an informal sampling of Ron Paul supporters….””

    Seems weird that you referenced a news site ,in which they state the number of signups , yet you say ,incorrectly, that the nov5th site doesnt show how many signups there have been (16,000 as of right now)

  • Chad

    The campaign said a while ago that the 4 million per month goal is only symbolic. The goal for 12 in the quarter is still there. They clarified to me that the real goal is 3 million for October (which I think we’ll find out we reached when they add in 10 days worth of offline donations that hadn’t been added), 3 million for november, and 5 million for December.

    That will be the real test.

    Plust I don’t think November 5th will be a HUGE boost, but it will definitely put us in a better position to make 4 million for November.

  • Al Doyle

    Cut Justin a little slack, fellow Paul supporters. At least he has the guts to lay his opinions out for all to see. Let’s follow Dr. Paul’s fine example and respond intelligently without cursing.

    The money bomb is very real. As a self-employed person with an erratic income (never large) and four children, I usually donate $30 to $50 a month. I’m in for $100 on the 5th, and I can’t think of a better place to put my money than Dr. Paul’s campaign.

    As Justin has learned, many of the people who signed up for $100 will give more. Others will give smaller amounts that could add up to another $200,000 or more. My estimate for the 5th is something above $1.5 million, with $2 million a real possibility, and I’m quite conservative when it comes to crunching numbers.

    You need to be around Ron Paul supporters to understand their deep-rooted love for freedom and willingness to work and sacrifice for the cause. Seeing their intensity and junkyard dog mentality inspires me to do more.

  • Colette von Hessen

    Plateau, you say? Wait until you see what we spammers are going to give Dr. Paul for Christmas…

  • Sammi

    I wouldn’t put too much faith in the November 5th money bomb. I’d expect at least a third of the people that “pledged” not to follow through, due to human nature. I hope I’m wrong.

  • J707

    While Paul’s WEBSITE may have come up short of raising $4million during October on its own, what is the real total once you factor in the in-person fundraising he’s been doing all month? It would be interesting to see what his total fundraising for the month would be; Im fairly sure that his website’s ticker doesnt account for ALL donations everywhere?

    The money-bomb thing is a good idea and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of numbers it finally turns out. As a Paul supporter who decided he had definitely earned my vote back in June, Im not seeing ANY of this as a “failure” or even ultimately “coming up short” in the grand scheme of things. Even if his website’s figures are overly-ambitious. The biggest reason is that I still remember a little over ONE MONTH ago every pundit and talking head and other candidate assuredly stating that “Ron Paul’s not going anywhere…It’ll all be over for Paul once Thompson comes in…Ron Paul wont be able to raise the kind of money needed for a campaign.”

    Well…he’s AHEAD of Thompson in NH right now (yes, by the “scientific” polls as well), he raised 5 times as much as Huckabee last quarter and was the ONLY candidate to enjoy a 114% INCREASE in funds rather than a LOSS, has won more straw polls than any other Republican candidate and beats all other candidates head to head, and continues to receive more money from active and retired military than any candidate- and more than most other Republicans COMBINED.

    It seems silly to consider his failure to meet an unrealistic fundraising goal (yet still bring in 2.7 million in one month on his website) a sign of looming, larger defeat.


  • M. Allen

    Ron Paul is a non entity. Most of his supporters have no idea of what he really stands for ( are all those students aware that he wants to cut off their loans and grants ? or that he wants to withdraw from all formal alliances like NATO?), but are attracted to him as a protest vote.

    That’s not so different than other protest candidates like Pat Buchanan.

    They typically get about .5% of the vote in a presidential election.
    The protest voters certainly have that right, but they are essentially throwing their vote away.

  • Brian

    M. Allen: I watched Dr. Paul’s 60 minute talk at Google. After getting a show of hands on the # of attendees who’d used student loans, he stated quite plainly that he would do away with Federal student loan program. And why? Why should those loans be subsidized by people not going to school.

    It’s not as if students won’t still have loans available without government handouts. Why, he asked, should non-students subsidize our educations (I am currently paying off subsidized loans).

    Fancy that concept- an honest reasoned answer that doesn’t merely pander to his audience.

    Support for Ron Paul is not just a protest vote. No one will agree with him on all his issues- but we all agree on the most critical issues of our time- fiscal responsibility, smaller federal government, and personal liberty.

    Like everyone mentions, Ron Paul does remarkably well in straw polls. Primaries are a self selecting crowd of people more likely to be Ron Paul supporters. We’ll see how november 5th goes, and wait for a couple of primaries before writing him off as a throwaway candidate.

  • Sammi

    M. Allen, you seem to forget that there is such a thing in the U.S. as the “private sector.” If government stops giving out loans for education, that doesn’t mean loans for education will no longer exist. Many businesses supply loans for education today. If the government stopped, the private loan sector would thrive, since much of it is now being crowded out now by government loans.

    This whole notion that we need government to take care of us is what Paul is trying to dispell. That notion is so ingrained in some people, such as yourself, that they even forget a private sector exists. We can take care of ourselves and each other on a voluntary basis, much better than the government can take care of us.

  • andrew

    I’ve got $100 waiting.

  • Ron Chusid

    “And that begs another question: how deep is Ron Paul’s support? Having been part of the Dean campaign I can tell you that ultimately his support turned out to be very intense, but not very deep.”

    Unfortunately the Paul swarm will probably make any meaningful discussion impossible in the comments but your question comparing Paul and Dean is worth commenting on. While the similarities in the two movements are obvious there are also important differences.

    There are far fewer Paul supporters than Dean supporters. Neither Dean or Paul could get the nomination, but Dean could get measurable support in the early primaries while Paul’s vote totals will probably be minuscule.

    One factor in Paul’s factor is that his poll numbers are probably much closer to his real support while polls exaggerated Dean’s support. Paul supporters do not have any similar candidates to switch to. Most of those who say they are voting for Paul will probably stick with him. (There are also some wild cards with Paul. One question is how many will abandon Paul as they realize that he is far more a social conservative, with a few notable exceptions such as on drugs, than a true libertarian. On the other hand, he’s developed quite a following among white supremacists and neo-Nazis which could bring in some more voters, but this ultimately makes him even more of a fringe candidate.)

    Dean’s support was much softer than the polls indicated. In the months leading up to Iowa most voters didn’t pay all that much attention to the race and Dean became synonymous with being anti-Bush and anti-war. Lots of people told pollsters early they were for Dean, but once they really looked closely at the candidates many were willing to change their votes to other Democrats who had similar positions.

    Another difference is that, if things had turned out differently in Iowa and New Hampshire, Dean could have won the support of the bulk of the Democratic voters. Paul’s views are too far out of line with Republican views and there is a pretty low ceiling of potential support for him. In Iowa with their strange rules I could see him managing to break ten percent if everything goes well, but he can’t do much better than that and in most states it is doubtful he could make 5%. As much as Dean’s support never lived up to the internet hype, to a much greater extent all the internet hype from Paul’s supporters has little meaning in terms of chances of winning.

  • Brian

    I’m so tired of this the guilt by association with Neo Nazis. It doesn’t make him more of a fringe candidate except in the sense that the media keeps using it to discredit him. The Neo Nazi’s, I’m sure, always vote for someone. I guess if it comes down to Hillary vs. Republican they’ll vote Republican, so I guess the rest of us should vote Hillary eh?

    Part of Paul’s problem is that his goal would be to reduce government spending by a huge amount. Obviously there’s a vested interest, that makes it to the major media, that does not want that to happen.

    Howard Dean was all over the media. Ron Paul is no where, except up being associated with neo nazis and spam bots because that’s the best attack they can come up with.

    I think there are a lot more people that would like a smaller government and a balanced budget than you seem to believe. Unfortunately, as the media keeps telling them he’s a fringe candidate with ‘1-2%’ in the polls with heavy Neo-Nazi support (or just not mentioning him at all) he may not get traction. If the media and big business liked him you can bet they’d be all over his fund raising successes and straw poll performances.

    The media has a huge hand in selecting our leaders, and Ron Paul’s not their man. Can the internet overcome that? We’ll see.

  • Carolyn Marbry

    Ron Paul is indeed a social conservative. In a radio interview, he agreed with the host that in any case where the law contradicts God’s law (the “inerrant” Bible, in his view), it is not law. Putting the Bible ahead of the Constitution is worrisome in someone who would be sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution.

    In the same interview, he says he believes abortion should be prosecuted as murder, though he equivocates about what the penalty should be for women who get abortions. He believes that abortion-as-murder cases should be barred from appeal to the federal level to keep Roe v Wade from entering into the discussion. He alternately says Roe v Wade should be overturned and, as in this interview, that Roe v Wade should simply be ignored. Again, calling for Supreme Court rulings to be “ignored” is troublesome in a would-be President.

    In this video, Ron Paul, a practicing OB/Gyn, says he knows of no cases where abortion could save a woman’s life. Apparently in all his years of practice, he never came across any women with severe diabetes, dangerous heart conditions, blood clotting issues, kidney failure, liver failure. Other OB/Gyns have. This is why the decision should not belong to the government but to a woman and her doctor.

    He also supports Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and in another blatant nose-thumbing at the Supreme Court and the Constitution, he supports the Defense of Marriage Act. The Supreme Court ruled in 1967 in Loving v Virginia, the landmark case that ended anti-miscegenation laws nationwide, that marriage is a basic right of Man, and the Constitution holds states to honoring each other’s contracts.

    Those Libertarians who are inclined to support Ron Paul, especially those who believe he promotes personal freedoms, should pay close attention to the interview I linked as well as the video. The radio interview’s rather long, about 45 minutes, but it is quite eye-opening.

  • Andrew

    I will donate on the 5th to Ron Paul, for the fourth time, but I am strapped for cash, I can only give $50.00. I will give that $50.00 and I will continue to proudly display my yard signs in Columbia SC – because I am sick of the IRS stripping such a high percentage from my business – to fund a war that is absolutely pointless – it is not even giving us better oil prices. And it is absolutely crazy that neither my family nor I have health care, we have to pay out of pocket the maximum possible rate. So we end up not going unless it is an emergency. I work hard, am reasonably educated, and have impeccable business ethics – why must innocent people and children and soldiers die, their blood funded with my hard earned money? If Iran or anyone else were to invade America, we could destroy them in short order with a strong navy and air force. We could fund that defensive army with a fraction of the current military budget. Please fellow republicans, listen to a true fiscal conservative, and social moderate – Ron Paul for president in 2008!!!!!!! Go Paul Go

  • Al Doyle

    $450,000 came in during the first hour of Nov. 5. I’m not going to predict what the total at the end of the day might be, but Ron Paul’s supporters will overwhelmingly prove their willingness to give of their money and time today and in the future.

  • SimonDB

    Hahahahaha…the day is halfway through (for those on the East Coast) and RP has already raised more than two million $.

    I think we can safely say OWNED, Justin Gardner.

  • Rob

    Yeah, Justin, that money bomb’s really “in doubt”, isn’t it?

  • Willie

    So far today, 20557 Americans have given $2.4 million reasons why the ‘Money Bomb’ is real just as the support for Ron Paul is real.

  • million

    Justin –> pwn3d

  • Wags

    welcome to the revolution. Hold on, its only just begun!

  • Lo

    The November 5th effort just went over the 3 mil mark

    The thing I would like to know is where is the news coverage?
    These lame attempts are the best out there in so called major media

    I guess msnbc can say they “covered” it

    Washington Times

    I would like to suggest that each of us, and other supporters take a few minutes to email so called major media to insist that this amazing event in support of Ron Paul be covered, and not marginalized. No matter who the candidate might be, such an event is newsworthy, period.

    Tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on…..

    Here’s a handy dandy list to help make it happen.

    FAIR’s Media Contact List

  • TJ

    Justin –> pwn3d

    Another web pundit trying out for Fox News…

  • MsD

    I guess we saw, didn’t we?

    4.2 mil – 37,000 donors.

    GO RON GO!

  • GothamGal

    There is another revolution going on – The Bloomberg Revolution:

  • John Anderson

    Hrm. Funny. It smells like someone just lost a ton of credibility in here.

  • Edith Claire

    How’s that crow taste?

    President Paul incoming.

  • Mike Burkart

    LOL nice prediction, Want to make a bet now on teaparty07?

    Americans are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. We are not going to be controlled by the media. We are not going to be controlled by our goverment. And we CERTAINLY arn’t going to be controlled by the likes of you.

    Join the revolution! Join Ron Paul!