Ron Paul Supporters Trying To Buy A Blimp

Ron Paul Supporters Trying To Buy A Blimp


Yes, I’m serious. They need to raise $350,000 and they already have over $200K.

Holy f**king s**t…

We have researched three airship/blimp companies and believe that we have found the best short term deal with an option to extend.

Two of the three airship companies we contacted had 3-12 month minimum contracts at a range of $225-$350K a month for various different features and blimps. Many airships only seat 3-9 people plus the pilots.

We contacted Airship Management Services and the president/owner, Mr. George Spyrou, enthusiastically returned our call and turns out to be a supporter of Ron Paul and wants to help us spread the word!

So, after much research on these companies we have settled on the Skyship 600 from Airship Management Services as the best airship for the Ron Paul grassroots supporters. Sporting a 12 seat gondola w/restroom and 2 porsche engines the SKYSHIP 600 measuring in at over 190 feet long & 60 feet tall is sure to grab the imagination and awe of all who lay their eyes upon it!! It also happens to be one of the largest airships in the world!! Nearly 2/3’s of a football field and almost as long as Boeing 747 this is the world’s largest flying billboard and can be seen from over 3 miles away!

And, of course, here’s a video.

It’s going to be tough to raise another $150K in time to get this thing in the air by December 16th’s Tea Party money bomb, but I’ve learned that you never underestimate Ron Paul supporters.

So, seriously, you all don’t want to wage a third party run? Really?

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  • Steve

    Hey Justin, thanks for the post on this. One small correction, though (OK, two) – first off, these are so far just pledges to donate when the call comes, not actual donations. And as far as time involved to be ready by the 16th? No biggie…when I pledged 3 days or so ago, they were only at $12,500 pledged. As long as we don’t get washed out with fake pledges, there’s MORE than enough time…

    Thanks again.

  • MTY

    “…you all don’t want to wage a third party run? Really?”

    Define ‘you all’. I for one would love to see Dr. Paul as a Constitution/Libertarian Party fusion candidate, but my desires don’t matter.

    The best result we can hope for is victory. Barring an outright capturing of the nomination (and the philosophical control of a traditional party), the best concrete result I can fathom would be the genesis of a viable party centered around the protection of real liberty- not the ‘liberty’ to be protected from terrorism or receive my prescription drugs gratis – but the fundamental intellectual underpinnings of the grand experiment embodied in our once great nation.

    If he could capture enough attention and commandeer his vast network of supporters in the building of a new party – I’d happily be commandeered. Either way, Ron gets my vote next November.

  • B. Young

    is it me or does
    “So, seriously, you all don’t want to wage a third party run? Really?”

    Sound like someone begging us to stop being so supportive so that whoever the writers favored candidate can win.

  • Max Golding

    I certainly don’t want him to run as a third party candidate. I want him to run as our GOP nominee. He’s the only legitimate conservative running.

  • Erik in NJ

    B. Young:
    Doesn’t sound like that to me. Stop filling the role of the conspiracy-theory-bash-everything-remotely-construed-as-less-than-neutral Paul supporter.

    Some of us are trying our best to keep this thing legitimate.

    Stop giving the Paul haters a reason.

  • Jason

    Freedom truely is popular :) I just found out about a blimp, and just made a pledge :)

    For those against Ron, don’t forget where we came. The constitution and declaration of independence should not be so easily trampled on. If you don’t think foreign policy affects you- YOUR WRONG!> Pay $5 for a gallon of gas or a gallon of milk. Sheesh, if you make minumum wage thats 1 hr of work, $5 for the milk and $1.75 for the gas to get to the grocery store.

    Oil wouldn’t cost so much if we didnt instigate hostility. Peace. trading, and setting a good example would get us much further. Everything is transported on trucks – so if gas prices are up then so is food. This means profits are down for the companies and prices need to go up.

    Then there is the inflation tax. Some say “oh yae, minumum wage is up ill make more money,” WRONG again! Sure you might have more but inflation has caused the dollar to devalue. You like more, so take these pennies in trade for your dollar. A physical count would reveal more pennies, but the value is the same. Owning a house worth 300k – due to inflation, the value of the dollar drops and you get robbed.

    Google ” The money masters” or “Freedom to facsism” — Google ROn Paul and do the research. Keep in mind of the smears against him. Ron is disrupting agenda with freedom, and in your research you will see this. I dont care what party he is, following the constitution is #1 to me, as it should to you too. I registered Republican, and will be voting for RON PAUL> with great pride.

    “Stop being good Republicans – Stop being good Democrates –
    START BEING GOOD AMERICANS!’ as quoted from Freedom to Facsism by Aaron Russo — In Loving Memory —

  • Landon

    The blimp is a great idea. And I do not care which party Ron Paul represents. It is his beleifs and interpretation of the Constitution that I suport. I am an Independent.

  • Landon

    The blimp is a great idea. And I do not care which party Ron Paul represents. It is his beleifs and interpretation of the Constitution that I suport. I am an Independent.

  • Cleaner44

    Ron Paul is steam rolling his way to the Republican nomination. He dominates in straw polls, debate polls, fund raising, web traffic and grass roots networking. I have created a website to support this statement.

    Please visit and judge the evidence for yourself.

  • Brian

    “So, seriously, you all don’t want to wage a third party run? Really?”

    Why, so you guys can complain when Paul takes votes away from the Republican candidate? All of this 3rd party talk is coming from GOP establishment hacks who need a scapegoat should Paul go 3rd party. They know their candidate CANNOT attract a broad coalition of libertarians and fiscal conservatives, not to mention right-leaning populists like Paul can. BTW, it’s not going to happen. Paul has repeatedly stated that he’s not going to do it and I agree with him. His views ARE the Republican Party’s views, or what it used to be.

  • cfountain72

    Don’t look now, but pledges eclipsed $300k this evening. I just pray that they are all legit. I get the impression that a decent number of my fellow Paul supporters have hit the $2300 limit and are searching for anything to help support him.

    Peace be with you.

  • Stark

    Can’t wait to see this fly! We’ll probably have enough pledges by the 30th… including my measly $200.

  • James Tschantz

    $383,500 pledged as of 11:18 pm 11/27/07

    Go to the same site you mention on your blog.

  • Adam

    Ron Paul’s supporters are now organizing a campaign to shrink Ron Paul so he can fly around the world in a microscopic blimp and whisper directly into the ears of the American people. The miniature blimp will also break a Guinness World Record and the media is sure to talk about it.

    The shrinking ray costs about a billion dollars, which should be a piece of cake for Paul’s supporters. You can see the miniature Ron Paul blimp video here.

  • http://donklephant Somebody

    Adam says: “I don’t matter, I never have and I never will. I hate it when other people insist that they matter, because if I don’t count and don’t matter, they don’t have the right to speak up and be heard either.”

    Adam: lead, follow or get out of the way. Your mocking is telling on you, not hitting targets.

  • Aquas

    Obama and Clinton Blimp website domains being auctioned off. Anyone think they can compete?