Want To Know Why The Patriot Act Sucks?

Want To Know Why The Patriot Act Sucks?


Just watch.

Yeah, the part where they zoom in on his lips and make him sound like a robot is a bit dramatic, but the point is clear. We’re being lied to and our country is not being made safer by subverting the Constitution.

You have been warned.

  • Jeremy

    You’re kidding right? Fox, Fox news is going to tell me that my civil rights are being violated? That the Patriot Act is dangerous? LOL! God, please! Is this the same network that sounded the loudest drum roll to war? Is this the same network that just a short time ago was lambasting Micheal Moore for his Farenheit 9-11 movie which scorned the Patriot Act?

    WTF? Do you think you can have it both ways Fox? When the war was going well and the mission was supposedly “Accomplished” what was your network saying about the loss of Americans’ rights then? Nothing! Not a f’ing thing! In fact, Fox was maligning people who were speaking out against this atrocious piece of legislation. Fox was hosting “professors of law” to speak on the “lawfulness” of suspending America’s long held and cherished civil liberties.

    This chicken hawk, chicken-shit “news” network is the real sheep. If there were a king of sheep its name would be Fox/Rupert Murdoch.

  • gerryf

    Uhm OK….but can’t you give them a little credit for waking up a little?

  • Jeremy

    “Uhm OK….but can’t you give them a little credit for waking up a little?”

    No, credit should be given where credit is due.

  • bob in fla

    Well, Jeremy, you can sit there & pout over what they should have been doing for the past x number of years, or maybe – just maybe – be grateful that Fox finally broadcast this message to their wingnut base. The only way these folks would consider changing their minds is if they hear it on Fox simply because they would refuse to believe it if it came from anywhere else.

    Just a couple days ago, I had a fruitless conversation on this topic with a Republican friend. Next time he bringw it up, I will refer to this video.

    So Murdoch (or someone at Fox) woke up a little. Good. Doesn’t mean I will take anything they say at face value.

  • http://probligo.blogspot.com probligo

    Don’t imagine that you have it on your own. NZ’s version of the Patriot Act (known as the “Terrorism Suppression Act” officially, the “Terrorist Act” unofficially) has been tested for the first time. Seventeen people arrested, none charged as yet except for firearms charges. Most of those will come to nothing; once the wheels of justice have ground them through the system…

    Don’t worry, there are some very large t**ds floating around down here that need removal. It is likely that they will too, in about 12 months time.

    Will another government remove the Terrorist Act? Probably not. Too convenient and nice to have.

  • Jeremy

    “So Murdoch (or someone at Fox) woke up a little. Good. Doesn’t mean I will take anything they say at face value.”

    bob in fla, tigers don’t change their stripes. This isn’t some altruistic epiphany on Fox’s part. It’s pretty simple, when 80% of the American populace already [knows] their civil rights are being violated it’s not at all surprising that Fox will reverse its ultraism. Please don’t confuse altruism with ultraism either. One means “unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others” while the other means “the principles of those who advocate extreme measures (as radicalism)” I’m in no doubt as to which one this network advocates.

    You don’t malign people and try to ruin people because they have the bravery and integrity to stand up and say no to unjust wars and un-American laws such as the so-called “Patriot Act” and this is exactly! what Fox news did, it set out to parrot an extreme idealogy at the expense of Americas’ most sacrosanct principles. And you want to make nice because of some “A Nation of Sheep story” Fox did. Whoooooopdie f’ing doo! Talk is cheap, action means everything. This so-called “news” network
    is really nothing but a propagandistic mouth piece of ruthless, unscrupulous

    “Will another government remove the Terrorist Act? Probably not. Too convenient and nice to have.”

    Probligo, precisely! Civil rights are extremely hard-won and once surrendered
    they may never be regained again and if so it is usually with great deal of difficulty. People who are willing to cede hard-won rights usually do so in good faith because they believe by doing so they are doing the prudent thing, however, it usually turns out to be imprudent. After all, what’s ceding
    of a few civil liberties here and there? Governments wouldn’t abuse these surrender rights would they? Uhhh, would they? ? ? Just maybeee a lil’ bit!,
    and then a lil’ bit more, and maybe just one more time. Okay! okay! we promise not to abuse it anymore. Oops! it happened again gosh darn it! how did that happen?

    Moral of the story? If you leave the door ajar you might as well just remove the entire door because it is just a facade at this point anyhow. :)

  • Stark

    I don’t know if Fox knew what it was getting when they hired on former federal Judge Andrew Napolitano as senior judicial analyst, but don’t let the channel skew your view of his message.

    Read his book “Constitutional Chaos: What Happens When the Government Breaks its Own Laws” and his newer “A Nation of Sheep”. Fox owners will never put words in this man’s mouth!

  • gerryf

    I am will Bob–I know too many people who will never accept the mountains of evidence that the Patriot Act is anything but because they think the MSM and every other source is simply being liberal.

    This on Fox is a point in favor of the good guys. Even the most ardent Bushie has to at least think about it now rather than burying his or her head ever deeper in the sand

    I say that is a good thing.