McCain's Angry Ad

McCain's Angry Ad


Well written. Well delivered. Solid message. This is one of the best campaign ads so far this season.

Pete Abel likes it, but thinks making people angry isn’t going to be the best trait for the next President.

I understand that sentiment, but McCain needs to frame himself in a different way and this does it. And frankly, a President is going to make people angry. That doesn’t mean he can’t build bridges, but people need to know where he stands first, and this ad shows McCain isn’t afraid to do that in order to build stronger bridges later.

  • Jeremy

    Personally, I finds these type of ads shallow and unnecessarily sentimental. This ad shows us John McCain in captivity. I can certainly sympathize with the position he was in entirely, however, it’s the shameless exploitation if that experience that turns me off. Yes John, we know you suffered for your country during the Vietnam war. No John, it doesn’t get you a “buy” straight to the oval office.

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