The Most Important Question Ron Paul Supporters Have To Ask Themselves

The Most Important Question Ron Paul Supporters Have To Ask Themselves


Okay Paulites, I know you want to win the GOP nomination and reshape the Republican party. And trust me, I hope that happens. But with Huckabee pulling into the lead in Iowa, and so many other candidates fragmenting the field in early primary states, the likelihood of Paul winning is getting less and less with each passing week. And let’s not forget how intense the opposition is within the GOP to Paul’s anti-war stance.

Then let’s consider that we now know that Paul is polling at 8% nationally if he goes Libertarian.

So then, this question is very simple: Do you want to see Paul in the 2008 presidential debates?

If you do, Paul needs to go 3rd party. He may not win going this route, but both you and I know that this is the best way to get his message out there. And if he’s polling at 8% now, when the rest of the country hears his message, he’ll pull into double digits. That’s enough to get him in the debates.

Think about it.

A lot of comments focus on the fact that running on a 3rd party ticket would have the exact opposite effect and get Ron Paul excluded from the debates. Well, sorry folks, but Paul is going to lose the GOP nomination, and that will make absolutely sure he’ll never be in the debates.

On the other hand…remember that guy Perot? He was in the debates and he had the type of voracious support Paul has. He pulled people from both parties. Sound familiar?

Also, if you think just because Paul raises a bunch of money he’s going to win the GOP nomination, you’re fooling yourself. The money gets him media attention. Some GOP support will follow, but with such a fragmented field it’s going to be impossible for him to siphon voters from other GOP candidates, especially since the war is such a big issue with Republicans. His message simply doesn’t resonate with a majority of Republicans, and the sooner you all realize this the sooner you’ll see that Paul’s only real option to change ANYTHING is to make an independent run.

Thanks for the comments.

  • zmeister

    What we must not forget is that the turnout for the Republican primaries and caucuses is relatively low, about 8% of Republicans turn out for these. Dr. Ron Paul supporters are going to turn out to the tune of 90% or more. If his support is what I think it is, we will do remarkably well and win a lot of these. The question becomes, will the Republican National Convention go forward with a Ron Paul candidacy?

  • John Campbell

    While I’m not deluded about Ron Paul’s chances for the Repbulican nomination, I am confused by what you wrote:

    “…and so many other candidates fragmenting the field in early primary states, the likelihood of Paul winning is getting less and less with each passing week.”

    Doesn’t a fragmented field help Ron Paul. He gets the entire anti-war vote, while the pro-war vote is split more ways.

    I may be missing another of your points. Are you saying there is some advantage to Ron Paul going third party now, as opposed to after the Republican primaries?

  • Gary Danelishen

    Please consider contributing on the 16th of December.
    Ron Paul needs the publicity of another big fund raising day.

    I’m a veteran of the U.S. Air Force active duty (4yrs) and I currently serve as a traditional guardsman in the Air National Guard. All military personnel upon enlistment take the oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” A vote for Rep. Paul does just that. Ron Paul has my support.

    There is an obvious media bias and it is sad. Rep. Paul is the one candidate of the crowd who has substantially differing views and he was not given much of a chance to articulate those views. Much time was given to marginal issues and small differences between other candidates’ positions on the issues. I suspect many special interest groups have much to lose if a President Paul had a chance to use his veto pen. This is reflected in the lack of time given to Rep. Paul.

    As an economics major in college, I find his Austrian economics very sound. Check out if you find yourself in disagreement. There you can find a library of Austrian Economics E-books and other resources for free.

  • Roger

    You either don’t understand how primaries work, or have never covered a primary in your life, the underdog can always pull a win, because the polls in a primary are meaningless, let’s repeat MEANINGLESS!

    Carter, Bill Clinton, Dean, if you know even a smudge about the history of primaries you’d know, that the only poll that matters is the voting.

    Everything else is on our side, polls aside, why would you suggest we’re not winning?

  • Fritz

    Exactly, the idiots voting for the other idiots will split their own vote, essentially Ross Perot-ing themselves, while the total of Ron’s vote is higher than any of 1 them. He doesn’t need to beat every other GOP yokel, just the next highest. Let them cook.

  • Joy

    With Romney, Guilani, Thompson, McCain, and Huckabee dividing the pro-war vote how can Dr. Paul lose? We know his supports will show up to vote – can the rest of the field say the same? All of this talk about a 3rd party run is ridiculous.

  • Scott

    “and so many other candidates fragmenting the field in early primary states”

    This is exactly why he has a good chance. The other candidates dilute the vote. In Iowa in particular, it only takes about 25,000 votes to get in the 30% range… which is enough to win with so many candidates running.

  • Eric

    Seems like fragmented is good to me regarding the Republican race. The best thing for the Dr. Paul campaign would be to hang in as long as possible and should one of the front runners truly pull away then branch off to the Libertarian ticket.

    Going to be an exciting year. Go Ron Paul!

  • Ira Kaur

    I consistently here on television about how Ron Paul is using the internet. The truth is no candidate including Ron Paul can really “use the internet to get support. The way it works (which I assume everyone except appearantly the media already knows) is that people do indepth research on each candidate and then make a careful decision based on the information. There is no way to manipulate this. It can’t be manipulated as the information can be in the news media with rhetoric and the like. The point is that the majority of the people, including myself, who what to vote for Ron Paul will vote for him no matter what because he is the best candidate for the office in the Repiblican party hands down. There isn’t even a second choice because the rest all say the exact same things and take relatively similar positions. None of them have a clear plan to actually make a big difference in the national debt, trade deficit, or the Iraq war. And for that matter neither do the candidates on the Democratic side except for Gravel and Kucinich. So no matter what I am going to vote for Ron Paul.

  • Mark

    Since the vast majority of Americans want out of Iraq ASAP, and Paul would be the only candidate in a 3-way race proposing that, things could get very interesting indeed…

  • bbartlog

    The most important question we have to ask ourselves is:
    ‘What can I do today to help Ron Paul win the nomination?’.

    Your question might become important in six months.

  • Jeffrey S

    I agree with a third party run. Even if he got the nomination, he has a 50 percent unfavorable rating amoung Republicans. The base won’t vote for him in a general election. I’d really like to see him have a strong showing in NH, and Iowa and then pull out and save the rest of the money for an independent run. He can easily raise 20 million a quarter. If the choice for America is Rudy and Hillary, he can win. Remember the money bomb tomorrow, Nov. 30th and Dec. 16th!

  • Luther

    October 2007 Strategic Vision poll of Iowa Republicans:

    “Do you favor a withdrawal of all United States military from Iraq within the next six months?”

    Yes 54%

    No 38%

    Undecided 8%

    “Do you see President George W. Bush as a conservative Republican in the mode of Ronald Reagan?”

    Yes 5%

    No 72%

    How important is it to have a conservative Republican “in the mode of Ronald Reagan” as the nominee?

    Very Important or Somewhat Important 70%

  • Chris

    The money trail, often a more important indicator than the word of pundits, says that the odds of Ron Paul winning become better with each passing week. That money trail includes donations and betting. Huckabee may do well in Iowa, but so did Pat Robertson, Alan Keyes and Steve Forbes. Trust the new Florida poll with a huge Huck surge about as far as you can throw a truckload of hanging chads.

  • libertyman

    Ron Paul has jousted with all of the front runners and some of the also rans and beat them silly. They are far and away his intellectual inferiors in the important areas of reasoning as well as knowledge of history, economics, constitutional scholarship, foreign affairs.

    Why would someone pick an obviously inferior mind and character to lead this nation unless what they are trying to achieve is putting someone in power that will be compliant to the will of the elitist globalist corporatist cabal that has held power for the last 100 years.

    I think we are ready for someone as President that will be more of benefit to the ordinary persons who make up the majority of the electorate this time. Ron Paul being the obvious best choice for restoring our liberty should stick in their until the very end in my opinion.

  • steve

    3rd parties can’t join the debates so what is the point?

    What kind of question is that? Why don’t you wait and see the first few states especially NH where independents can vote and also see the other states where many people have registered for the first time or have simply not voted in the last election that are not being polled.

    Sorry man i see ron paul doing better in the primary than any of you do especially NH

  • Pliny

    A third party run would probably wreck all hope of reforming the Republican party because the people who don’t pay close attention (large portion of society) would write off Dr. Paul’s ideas as just more fringe nonsense of the sort that we’ve seen with past third party runs. Furthermore, there is little chance that even as a third party candidate Ron Paul would be able to get in the debates. The best thing to do is, if the worst happens and we don’t get the nomination, to put forth as strong a showing as possible and try to set up to get Dr. Paul or someone of his quality into a position to win the next nomination in 4 more years like when Reagan lost the nomination in 1976.

  • Antony

    This article, other articles with the same message, and the hand-picked CNN/Youtube question last night, are attempts to fool you into pushing for a 3rd party Ron Paul run. Don’t listen to the manipulators. Ron Paul has a great chance of winning the GOP nomination. Just look at the showing at the on location straw polls. Ron Paul wins the majority of these and when he doesn’t, he usually comes in at least 2nd place. We dominate the field, hands-down.

    This is a ploy and we are not buying it.

  • Bob C

    After Ron Paul raises another $5-10 million on 12/16 maybe the other candidates should be be asked why THEY don’t pack it in or run 3rd party!
    McCain had to borrow money to run ads and is deep in debt. Huckabee the smooth talking liar (Jesus heard you dude and he’s pissed “thou shalt not kill” doesn’t carry exceptions for Ministers) ) has no money. and a pile of scandals that will come out now that he’s the flavor of the week…
    Flip er sorry “Mitt” Romney’s “support” is from his own piggy bank and Guliani is about to go up in a flaming pyre of scandals…

    Why the heck should Ron Paul talk about going third party now?
    He’s on a roll! Kill your television and get out there and cheer him on.
    Plenty of time and money to think about 3rd party later.
    He is kicking butt in New Hampshire and will WIN the primary…why do you think McCAIN IS ATTACKING HIM NOW?

    The message is clear People like Liberty and honesty. Ron Paul’s time is now! GOOGLE Ron Paul for President 2008 find out why more military personnel support him despite his opposition to endless war!

  • johncjackson

    What you are advocating would have the exact opposite effect. “3rd” Parties are NOT invited to debates. PERIOD. Except for the debates against other minor parties. The only debate the LP candidate will participate in will be the one against the Greens, CP, Socialists,etc. Just like every election.

    The only way any 3rd party/independent gets invited would be if he is polling AT Least 15% in every major msm poll.

    3rd party= marginalized, no debates, even less media, less donations.

  • Sarge

    It is interesting that no other candidate is being proffered for a third party run. Just Ron Paul. A 10 term Republican Congressman, using many of the same issues Ronald Reagan used to success. Third Party?

    Bush & Co. have destroyed the Republican party so well that it’s about to get hit with it’s own coup d’etat.

    The Ron Paul campaign is starting to scare the people really responsible for selecting our candidates (the elections are meaningless, control the nominations, and your corporate puppets are assured power).

    Every time I hear about ‘other’ options for Ron Paul, it’s safe to say that his campaign is on the right path, and the media is about to be marginalized itself.

    What is really funny is how blatant and desperate these types of “genuine issues” will surface between now and Super Tuesday.

  • Greg

    I agree with Anthony. Most media is controlled and they are trying to control the Ron Paul phenomenon with this “3rd party” line. The moron masses are waking up.

    Nobody buys the slop you guys peddle anymore.

  • http://www.unfunded-ideas,com Stephen Smith

    It was well said that there are beliefs that we should have even if they can not be proved and may not be right. We can choose to believe that most people want freedom even when they know it comes with the requirement for self discipline. If we defend this belief, we know that Ron Paul will win in 2008.

  • John Galt

    I think he will wait to see how he does on super Tuesday. If he can win some primaries, he should run – since He could get some electoral votes, which would be huge, even perot didn’t get electoral votes.

    Of course, maybe RP will be the Nominee of the Republicans, and then Bloomberg would Run for the Neocons.

  • Paul

    New Hampshire: 8%
    South Carolina: 8%
    Nevada: 8%
    Iowa: Beating McCain

    Huckabee winning in Iowa: Dilutes Romney in NH, paves the way for Paul.

    Can you quit shoving your third party agenda down our throats?

  • Gigaplex

    I would prefer that he stick with his decision to drop out if he loses the nomination. If he went third party, the message would surely get out more BUT his following would not have any control of the GOP and so would fizzle out after the election in frustration as I don’t see him winning the general election that way. I would much rather establish some control over the GOP and keep people focused on that. If Ron Paul does as good as I think he will do, we may not win the nomination but we will be able to take over the GOP in 2010 when most people will stay home, not bothering with the caucuses.

  • Darren D.

    I am curious about Huckabee’s support. If he has all this support why won’t they fork over any $$$.

    As of right now he has raised about $2.6 million this quarter. That is a lot better than his $1 million haul last quarter…so he is improving. At this pace, he will match the $5.1 million Dr. Paul raised last quarter.

    Dr. Paul will finish this month with about 11 million (maybe more) for the quarter. That is 4 times the amount of Huckabee.

    Justin, you keep questioning Dr. Paul’s chances in the GOP. At the end of October you made a big point about how he fell short of his $4 million goal for the month and felt he would probably only raise about $8 million for the quarter.

    I guess I am going to count on your ability to be wrong at predicting the future and continue to back Dr. Paul for the GOP nomination.

  • Beeradgeezzee

    I find funny that we are harassed about being passionate about our candidate but what do you expect when you start the article out with the condescending words of “okay paulites” like we are so ignorant that we don’t understand Ron Paul can not win. Keep telling your self that, why is jackasslphant so intent on making shure that us “paulites” know that Dr. Paul cant win. You deserve every attack when you write an article as facetious as this one. Please don’t pretend like you hope Ron Paul gets the nomination. When it’s so obvious to you that he is just unelectable. The reason’s he’s unelectable is because of people like you. Maybe he won’t win the nomination not because he doesn’t have the support but because the system is so corrupt that a man of honesty and integrity threatens those so called front runners and that would be bad for business. Let me ask, because apparently you haven’t thought about this. Ron Paul has no intention on running 3rd party right now. Why would he run 3rd party and get no debate time. Why wouldn’t he wait and see how things turn out with the GOP. Then make his decision, I hope this site doesn’t pay you to write article’s because this one is just frustratingly shallow.

  • badmedia

    I must say, I love how this entire time, everyone has been predicting Ron Paul will do bad, Ron Paul lost all hope tonight, Ron Paul is done IMO, Ron Paul has no chance. Ron Paul is a dark horse. Ron Paul can only influence the debate.

    And time and time again these predictions have been wrong. Ron Paul knows he doesn’t need a 3rd party ticket because he will in fact win the Nomination.

    How in the world can people be so wrong time and time again, and then still carry any bit of credibility? They don’t in my world, I’d like to know who’s world they are that I see it still being said despite so many indicators that show otherwise.

  • badmedia

    Ron Paul IS a republican. He IS what GWB promised to be, and lied to the American people about. Ron Paul represents real conservatives, and he IS running in the right party.

  • Gene

    Justin, you are aware that Huckabee is generating very little in campaign funds right? Are the Southern Baptists a poor lot for personal funds in campaign fuel? His campaign buzz is a media-generated affair that began with Fox News when it was evident that the GOP “front-runners” were putting the audience to sleep.

  • Darren D.

    Justin says,

    “Well, sorry folks, but Paul is going to lose the GOP nomination, and that will make absolutely sure he’ll never be in the debates.”

    Since you are so confident of that fact Justin, I will bet you $50.00 US, with you giving me 100 to 1 odds that he will win the nomination.

    My $50 vs. your $5000.

    Since “Paul is going to lose the GOP nomination” that should be an easy $50.00 for you. If you are going to make rediculous statements be ready to back them up.

    You have my email address. Hmm, I wonder how long it will take for him to jump on this offer of free money?

    So you don’t feel like a bookie, I pledge to donate the $5000.00 to the campaign.

  • Jeremy

    [b/]Why does America need more than one party that pretends to be two?[/b]

    “A duopoly is a market with just two sellers. Picture a beach with just two ice cream stands. While the vendors may start out anywhere, eventually they will locate in the middle of the beach where they will each be closest to half the bathers. In addition, as long as they can lock out any other competition, they can jointly act to raise their prices, lower the quality of their ice cream, and even take a vacation at the same time. An investor can come along and give both vendors a lot of money to sell only one kind of ice cream, or to keep another brand from being sold. As long as this is the only beach to swim at, the bathers will be stuck.

    What makes the Republican-Democratic duopoly especially invidious is not only how both parties tacitly divide the market for votes, but their ability, as lawmakers, to write government regulations to protect themselves from competition. First they pick their voters before the voters pick them, in the process known as gerrymandering. Then, through laws they have written and customs they enforce, they restrict the access of other parties to the ballot, to campaign funding, and to the media. The result: alternative voices have immense difficulty reaching voters.” – Micah L. Sifry

  • Seth

    I fear that Ron Paul’s supporters are very much naive if they think that the vested interests will allow the fine doctor to achieve the nomination, let alone the presidency. Too much money and power is at stake. Congressman Paul will be discretely disclosed to be a suspected closet homosexual, discovered to perhaps have anti-Semitic grandparents, or worse, become an inconsolable widower or himself suffer a tragic sudden death in order to ensure that the status quo stays in place. Trillions of dollars–the vested interests of families who have accrued power through generations of political patronage–are at risk. Dr. Paul and his followers will not be allowed to disallow such privilege by any means as casual as a vote. Read history. Liberty has never been claimed except by force.

  • B. Young

    the real issue as I see it is this.
    If Ron Paul says he will run independant after the primary’s then people can write him off in the Republican party.
    Running in the republican primary does not exclude him from running independant after not recieving the nomination (I think he will win the popular vote honestly (especially in NH and all the western states)

    Also listed above is that primary’s have historicly very low turn out. Ron Paul supporters on the other hand will have 90%-99% supporter turn out.
    If the turn out for other candidate supporters is as it normally is (which is to be expected of people who agree but really dont care) then you will see a landslide victory for Ron Paul.

    This is why I think the MSM keeps on hammering away at the Independant run. If they can get RP out of the primary’s where he has most likely the highest chance of winning then they can exclude him completly from the full election.

    The other irony is if you had been at the CNN debate there was hundreds of RP supporters if not Thousands. There was a yaht with a huge RP banner, and there was 3 planes with RP signs flying over head. After the debate there was a RP rally that had at least 600 people at it from what I have seen of the videos. Watch this. These people are absolutley fervent about restoring America to what it should have been all along.

  • DF Robichaux

    Ron Paul will not only survive, but thrive:

    Huckabee will take Iowa because of the christianist vote then hit a brick wall in NH, Nevada, Michigan and South Carolina. He is back down to middle of the pack after that.

    Guiliani will not get off of the ground in the early states and will be buried in the south.

    Romeny beaten by Huckabee in Iowa, then loses all of his momentum and fails to garner any wins.

    McCain does not rise a third time.

    Thompson never left the ground and is just digging deeper.

    That means that Paul will:
    place in the top 3 in Iowa.
    1st in N.H- open primary and libertarian hotbed
    1st in Nevada- open primary and libertarian hotbed
    Top 2 in Michigan – open primary with antiwar Demo’s coming over after self-disqualification.
    Top 3 in South Carolina.

    Ron Paul after the first round will have more top 3 finishes than anyone else and will not have to look back. These states except for Iowa are made for a Goldwater Republican.

  • Jeremy

    A Ron Paul that even a Green could love:

  • Travis

    Huckabee pulling into the lead only helps Paul’s chances. I thought people realized this. I will elaborate. The people getting on the Huckabee train are not Ron Paul supporters switching, they are Romney, Guilliani, Thompson, Brownback supporters. What does this mean? It mean votes are being taken away from the other guys. Ron Paul is only growing in support and these people don’t switch support, they are the ones that finally get what’s important and are no longer willing to compromise.

    Huckabee’s will only thin the final results and help Paul with a majority vote.

  • Sean Scallon

    Sorry Donkelplant, we’re not playing the establishment game anymore. Did you know that in order to get into the fall 2008 debates as third party candidate has to have 20% support in the polls. Eight percent isn’t going to cut it and if you think the MSM ignores Paul now, wait until he runs an independent camapaign. Then he might as well be campaigning on Mars.

    Don’t you see that the non-major party camapaign is happening as we speak? Only it’s happening WITHIN the Republican Party. The Minnesota meetup groups used the state’s Libertarian Party headquarters in St. Paul as a meeting and organizing place. I and several others with the Constitution Party of Minnesota passed out Ron Paul literature at the Minnesota State Fair at the CP’s booth. The National CP was kind enough to give me their memebership lists in Iowa that the Minnesota meetup groups used to mail RP literature and DVDs. Across the country Libertarian, Constitutionalist, perhaps even some Greens are working on the Ron Paul campaign and provding a foundation of support.

    You keep thinking the GOP is some kind of closed, members only club. Any party that’s like that is by defenition a non-major party. I will point out to you that the GOP from 1944-1976 had in its platform a committment to the Equal Rights Amendment. In 1980, the ERA was removed because Ronald Reagan was nominated. How did that happen? Because many Democrats and former Wallace supporters voted in the South and elsewhere through open primaries to give Reagan the nomination and changed the GOP forever. Why can’t Ron Paul do the same thing or at least start the process of change? Parties change as coaltions and issues and demographics change, they’re not unmovable statues.

  • Doug Martin

    Let’s keep the polling expectations low.. better to under-promise and over-deliver on primary day than to set HUGE expectations and not live up to them (remember Howard Dean’s “frontrunner” status before the voting started? his candidacy imploded when he failed to meet expectations and everyone rushed to Kerry). Gradually increasing momentum is a good thing.

  • tomdawg

    Huckelberry is peaking much too soon, Paul’s steady pace is nearly perfect for an underdawg upset. Romney is so plastic and rehearsed and the $$ he threw at the race early is no longer able to keep him on top. Thompson should go home to his wife. McCain thinks because he fought in Nam that we owe him the Whitehouse. Ghouliani should be running on the D ticket he is so liberal.
    Things are really looking positive for Ron Paul.

  • Chris Stevens

    Most Startling Admission in the CNN YouTube Presidential Debates

    30 seconds says it all:

  • Koh Choon Lin

    Didn’t Paul said he would welcome interest into the race, as he is the only anti-war candiate while the rest are pro-war? What on earth are the sort of fragmented field you talking about?

  • Doug D

    Your initial assertions are easily refuted.

    Any momentum Huckabee gains in Iowa from social conservatives and Fair-Taxers will evaporate in New Hampshire, thanks to his spending record in Arkansas.

    And far from hurting Paul, the other candidates splitting support in the other states is what gives Ron Paul his chance to win. Turnout in the primaries is low, and the field is crowded. Even if he never polls above 10%, Ron Paul could easily get 30% of the vote, enough to win, just by getting his supporters to turn out at 3x the normal rate.

    Why keep talking about a third party run anyway? When a candidate is raising the most cash, attracting the most volunteers, and drawing the biggest crowds, he’s the front-runner, regardless of what the polls say.

    What was John Kerry polling at in November of 2003?

  • Fazsha



  • Jonathan Cymberknopf

    Nice article and I respect your opinion, but what you are saying is this Revolution that has brought so many people together is futile. I disagree, at the end of the day, the Republican Party is already changed because of Ron’s fight for the nomination. The Republican Party can no longer ignore a big chunk of its base that says we have had enough and we do not like where you are taking this Party. And by the way, Ron Paul can win the nomination !!!!!!

  • NH

    Huckabee has no money. I’ve not gotten any mailers from him but got 6 full color ones from Paul. Ron now has about 500 people out canvassing.

    In NH I would guess he is going to pull a win judging from the support he has here. Just check out the signage.

    Huckabees numbers are fudged — after all — he is now the darling of the CFR who knew they had to do this to stifle Paul — but it won’t work.

    PS – this website has so much crap on it, that it doesn’t ever load properly. What’s up with that? My god it’s the worst! You can’t even read it without all this crap appearing and disappearing while you are typing…

  • Jennifer

    Huckabee is simply the flavor of the week.

  • James Brown

    Dr. Ron Paul says that he will not run as an independent. If he says that he won’t, then he won’t. One of the main things people like about him is his honestly and his consistency. It would be out of character for him to change his mind. History shows that he does not flip flop very often. He will not run as a 3rd party candidate. So speculate all you like but I think you are wasting your time.

  • Andrew

    While I agree that Paul winning the GOP nomination is a tall order, his chances are still increasing, not decreasing. In fact, this statement…

    [“And trust me, I hope that happens. But with Huckabee pulling into the lead in Iowa, and so many other candidates fragmenting the field in early primary states, the likelihood of Paul winning is getting less and less with each passing week.”]

    …is quite wrong. The more fragmented the field becomes, the better Paul’s chances are. No one is pulling support from Paul but Paul has started pulling support from the bigger names.

    And, Huckabee pulling support from Romney helps Paul.

  • Brian

    The people promoting this 3rd party talk are GOP insiders, because they know their pro-war candidate stands zero chance of winning. They need a scapegoat, and Paul would definetly hurt the GOP nominee.

    Paul should not run as a 3rd party candidate.

  • Jesse

    Justin, I’ve like what you written in the past, but respectfully, you are wrong in this post.

    Ron Paul has a very good chance of winning the GOP nomination.
    1) Many states are open primaries where independants are allowed to vote. RP is already pulling 27% of the indy’s in NH

    2) Fragemented field helps Ron Paul win a plurality. Please explain how a wide open field hurts him.

    3) Polls have shown that 50% of Iowa *Republicans* want the troops home from Iraq. Don’t be too sure that Ron Paul is not electable with the GOP base (especially fiscal conservatives like myself).

    4) Ron Paul has the money to run ads in the final weeks in the primaries. McCain & Huckabee do not. Most voters don’t make up their mind until the final weeks.

  • Tracker

    Justin, you better hope Ron Paul wins the nomination. Otherwise we’re gonna wind up with a liberal in office. Nobody wants another neocon. Do the math.

  • Immigrant

    Do not let the mainstream news fool you. Ron Paul has the most support out of all the Republicans. Even moreso than Huckabee. He is the traditional conservative and that is what people want, not this new global welfarism that the liberals Romney,Giuliani support.

  • Highwaytoserfdom

    The issue will be the economy. In my mind the Citi bank issue for both party mainstream media will be an issue. The major corporate corruption issues in all likely hood will be miss reported by the four corporations on mass media. Now the question is will the information age catch the media? It really depends on market reactions.. IMO The Economist will break the news and the on in real power here is Bloomberg.

  • Jive Dadson

    The most important question a Ron Paul supporter can ask himself is, what can I do to help win the nomination? The answer is, become a GOP state delegate. First subscribe for updates at, donate as much as you can, and join a meetup group through Then start working to become a delegate in your state.

    I have heard enough of this third party talk. Generally it comes from opponents who are looking for a sneakier way to say, “That’s not going to happen.”

  • Jive Dadson

    Highwaytoserfdom, you are right about the economy being the big issue. I had the opportunity and honor to express that opinion to Ron Paul a couple of months aog. He assured those present that he spoke about the economy and monetary policy at every occasion.

    The Powers that Be are naturally trying to hide the economic mess this country is in. A few weeks ago, new banking rules that would have forced banks and brokers to come clean about their subprime and other “level three assets” were postponed until after the election. The new rules had been planned for a long time. That should have been front page news. Did you hear about it? As usual, it is up to us to bring these issues before the people. The MSM will not. Talk to people every day.

  • Cleaner44

    Running as a 3rd party candidate won’t be needed. Does anyone see any other candidate with the level of support that Ron Paul has?

    Ron Paul can no longer be labeled a “long shot” candidate as he absolutely dominates in the Straw Polls, Debate Polls, Fund Raising, Web Traffic and Grass Roots Networking and is clearly a “top tier” candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination. I have gathered the evidence to support this statement.

    Please visit and judge for yourself.

  • Jive Dadson

    B. Young, the capacity of that auditorium is 880, and there did not appear to be any empty seats. For 11:30PM on a week night, pretty impressive.

  • Degan

    Paul is going to run as a third party candidate. Do you know how excited he is that the ideas of liberty have received such a great response. Ron Paul has dedicated his life to free markets and liberty. The only person happier for his success than most of his supporters is Dr Paul. His teachers, Ludwig Von Mises, F. Hayek and to a lesser extent Murray Rothbard and many others only dreamed of the opportunity Dr. Paul now has. Beleive me he will not let it pass by. Dr. Paul will go down as one of the most important men in Libertarian movement history. He has begun bringing Libertarianism to the mainstream. I believe with all my heart that the only political philosophy that can succeed and sustain itself is libertarianism. Interventionism inevitably leads to more and more interventions until you get to the point where everybody can’t live off of everybody else (Bastiats idea). Read Mises and be smart and happy… sorry for my rambling

  • Julian Morrison

    No, lets *not* assume we’ll lose. Your question is premature and nonsensical.

  • Rod


    Good questions, but after being active in Libertarian campaigns for many, many years, I can tell you that paul is speaking from experience of getting on enough ballots, getting in the debates (almost impossible), and the fact that many states have enacted “sore loser laws” that help prevent such candidacies …not to mention money far in excess of what he has been so fortunate with short term.

    Secondly, his supporters are right … we need more debates and more mud slinging, dirty deeds, and name calling … more that the last You Tube debate. Two things happen with this #1. It turns voter off and less turn out who are looking at the MSM offered candidates. #2. Our voters will turn out with a much higher and focused percentage. I would wager if Frank Luntz (F$#@ U Frank) did a poll that measured the intesity of the Paul vote Vs. “the others” it wouldn’t even be close. Add a big snowstorm even better. Traditionally, there is a VERY low turnout for primaries anyway, add a lot of mud and yawn candidates even less.

    Barring a huge screw up by Paul, and if all others split the vote as they are now with 12-20% poll numbers, LOOKOUT.

  • Hyrum

    The first two comments said it all. Dr. Paul’s chances are better then ever.

  • Jim Waddell

    Donkle, you have been on this 3rd party thing for so long now, I can’t believe you STILL don’t get it.

    The polls don’t matter. On primary/caucus day, thousands of people who have never voted Republican are going to SHOW UP. Even in IA, where polls show RP behind by so much, he only needs 30,000 extra votes to win.

    Wait and see.

  • Larry

    How many times? He does not have to go third party. If he loses the nomination and he probably will, he will most assuredly retain his congressional seat for which he is also running. You do not seem to understand that we the Paulites may swarm somewhat in unison but we have different motivations. Some are motivate by the war, some are motivated by economics, some by conspiracies, white supremecy or whatever. And some of us are still Goldwater, Taft or Buchanan style libertarian/conservatives who have been forgotten by our party. Ron Paul is our opportunity to tell our party that we will no longer be ignored just as the Christian Right used Pat Robertson. Include us or continue to lose.

    Some believe America is ready for a viable third party but America votes in two-party terms. The best Perot did was 19% of the popular vote which is useless when considering the electoral college. Ron Paul probably won’t win the presidency but he will to steer the Republican party back to its old-school conservative roots and force both parties to start taking libertarians more seriously.

    And remember if he doesn’t win the nomination, we can always still write him in which is what I suggest to all of my fellow supporters. His loss will be our loss so crew the primaries and the conventions. Nothing will send a message to the establishment like a strong showing for a write in candidate as a protest vote. Especially to the Republican candidate that loses because of it.

  • Truth Be Told

    Ron PAul will win the nomination. We will get the message out and get the people to show up at the polls.

    Ron PAul can win. I haven’t heard a fat lady singing.

  • Mr. A

    I agree with many of your points. Including the idea that he run as a 3rd party candidate if he doesn’t win the GOP nomination. However, we all know Hilary will get the nod from Dems and I don’t feel there is a candidate besides Congressman Paul that can win against her. Approximztely 70% of the American public oppose the war. If the GOP gave Congressman Paul the nod, how much of that 70% of the public who want the troops home do you think the Texas Congressman will recieve votes from? Most voters know that many of his ideals must pass through the legislature so I don’t think they believe in all the hype about eliminating all the beaurocracies. If republicans can use some logic here they would find Ron Paul is the only chance we have to beat Clinton. You also must admit that his honesty and integrity are unquestionable and quite appealing in a group of candidates who have all been know to say one thing, and do the opposite.

  • Sonja

    Dont by the hype and lets not be defeatist. We have many chances yet. Bush could attack Iran or the dollar could tank, or both. Otherwise , I dont really believe the polls. Im 46 and have never been p[olled in life, its a FAKE way of running elections. We have to stay strong for now. At least until Feb 5th or so, ok?

  • Jim Davidson

    A fragmented field certainly helps Ron Paul. Indeed, it helps any candidate who isn’t one of the top two. Running as a Libertarian didn’t work in 1988, and it won’t work for him, now.

    The perception people have of “likely Republican primary voters” is based on the very few who came out in 2004 to vote in the primaries, either for or against Bush. The polls you read about what a “likely Republican primary voter” is like are based on interviews of such people. And they are not the entire party. Nor are the primaries all closed – many are open to cross-over voters.

    Finally, who cares? Who cares who is in the debates next October? If Ron Paul has to give up his integrity to become president, what good would he be? Dr. Paul is committed to run as a Republican. His supporters are committed, to the tune of nearly $20M already this year, to help him win that nomination.

    Poll numbers? There is only one poll that counts between now and January 4th, and that is the result of the caucuses in Iowa on January 3rd. Huckabee? C’mon. He was so intimidated by our fundraising, he shut down his live publication of his fundraising numbers. Chicken.

  • Michael D

    The average republican is just as frustrated with this war than everyone else.
    Part of the reason the Dems won the last election was America wanted to send the message that they are sick of sending their family and Money off to and endless civil war in the middle east. Ron Paul will fair better in the primary’s than most people think, once people start dropping out of the race he will pick up more support.

    Also, the belief that the money Ron Paul has raised is inconsequential, ignores entirely how a free market economy works, Capital flows to the most productive asset, i.e Ron Paul.

  • Tim Ryan

    The fragmentation of the other GOP candidates helps Paul’s chances. We all know that almost 100% of the “polled” RP supporters in the Republican Party will vote in the primaries. If Paul gets to 10% in the polls, that is a large number of votes. Add to that his swarm of people who aren’t in most of these polls- new voters, libertarians, some democrats. Then add to that the fact that voter turnout for the other 7 “fragmented” candidates is around 10-15% and the Republican Party has a problem on it’s hands and they know it! The best strategy of the Republican Party is to consolidate their fragmented votes around one true front-runner. It seems like they are seeing Huckleberry as their man. Unfortunately, I think there is a snowball’s chance that the other personalities will submit to such sacrifice. Go Ron Paul.

  • Jeanette Doney

    I would like to see Ron Paul persue an Independent run rather than a third party if he does not win the GOP nomination, which he could win (because his campaign is the best thing that happened to the GOP pumping it full of new blood and money) because the issues which Ron Paul is standing must remain on the front lines and be reconned with politically.

  • http://Donklephant Nunya Business

    It’s obvious that anyone attempting to push Paul into a Third party run is doing so as an act of desperation.

    I love the statement in the article citing Pauls winning is getting less likely with each passing week. It must be backwards day because I know he meant to say Pauls winning is getting more and more likely with each passing week. Remember, all along now they’ve been telling us Paul can’t win. If that’s the case, then why are they so concerned about him running third party so he can improve his chances. What a joke.

    As usual, either Lead, follow, or get out of the way!