Giuliani On The Ropes

Giuliani On The Ropes


And after watching his appearance on last Sunday’s Meet The Press, I don’t know if he really cares. He had this “devil may care” attitude. In any event, Rudy kept talking about his lead in Florida when Tim Russert mentioned how he was way back in the pack in all of the first-round primary states.

Well, things have changed…thanks to the Huckaboom.

From Rasmussen:

The latest Rasmussen Reports polling in the state of Florida suggests that Giuliani might need to work on a “Plan B.’ Mike Huckabee now leads in the Sunshine State Primary with 27% of the vote. He is trailed closely by Romney at 23% and Giuliani at 19%. Fred Thompson is at 9% in the poll, John McCain at 6%, and Ron Paul at 4%. Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter each attract 1% and 8% are undecided.

Those figures reflect a stunning change in the race since November when Rasmussen Reports polling found Giuliani on top with 27% followed by Romney at 19% and Thompson at 16%. Since then, Huckabee has gained 18 percentage points and Romney picked up four points. Giuliani is down eight, Thompson is down seven, and McCain is down four.

Huckabee has shaken up the race for the White House with an amazing surge over the past month. He now leads in Iowa and South Carolina. He is tied for the lead in Michigan and consistently near the top nationally in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

There’s just no momentum behind Rudy anymore. And I’m betting that story about his security detail providing shuttle services for his girlfriend/affair destroyed his support among evangelicals. Values or security. That’s becoming the choice now, and I think it’s clear which one is gaining steam.

Rudy, time to wake up.

  • bbartlog

    As I recall Pat Buchanan had already compared Rudy’s strategy (lose four early states, then rally in Florida) to playing russian roulette with four bullets in the revolver. He would have needed some really fragmented early wins from the rest of the field for it to work.
    Now even that hope isn’t looking viable any more. Giuliani’s only chance at this point is that he can use his monetary advantage to reclaim one of the early states, like NH. But I’m skeptical that any amount of money can make a big enough difference – there’s plenty of competition on the airwaves at this point.

  • Eric Dondero

    Some people are making the Giuliani slide out to be worse than it actually is. For instance, today a new poll out of Illinois came out with Giuliani ahead of the pack with 24%. In California he’s way out ahead. And of course, he’s got New York, and New Jersey in his hip pocket.

    Yes, he’s down a bit in Florida. He’s falling in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

    But he should do well, in the early State of Nevada.

    And he’s got an unexpected ace in the hole – Texas. Rudy’s got more support down here in the Big Metro areas of Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth than all other GOP candidates combined. Texans luuuuuv Rudy!

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Thats interesting about Texas, I didn’t know that. This is as divided an electorate as I’ve ever seen in a primary. Does anyone know what the precident is for candidates who lose the 1st 4 or 5 primaries to more than one opponent?