Biden To Play Spoiler?

Biden To Play Spoiler?


(AP Photo by Evan Vucci)

Joe Biden is sort of like the anti-Obama. He’s deeply entrenched in Washington, is a firm believer in the process and has a boatload of national legislative experience.

So will that help him make an impact in Iowa?

Well, if you ask Joe Biden

DES MOINES – – Joe Biden is talking. “Barack does a room, Hillary does a room, I do the same room and I win,” he says. “I have absolute confidence in that. The question is: Do I get in enough rooms?” […]

He poses a possible outcome for caucus night. He says he is just making the numbers up, but it seems clear he has thought about them.

“Let’s say I end up with 15 percent, Barack is at 20 percent, Edwards is at 22 percent, and Hillary is at 26 percent,” Biden says. “That would be a big victory for me.”

I can see the logic in that scenario, but not with this analysis…

He savors that for a moment. “Barack spends as much as Hillary and has all that organization and all that hype! And he gets beaten by Hillary by six points!” Biden says as if his fictional numbers were not fictional.

Six points wouldn’t be that big of a deal for Barack. Double digits would be. Let’s all remember, few knew who this guy was a little over a year ago. Now he’s beating every single Republican candidate in national matchup polls. So I think he has some staying power past Iowa.

In any event, will Biden by the spoiler? Well, he’s been one of the highlights of the debates recently since he’s drawn a clear distinction between himself and the front runners on foreign policy. But now the race seems to be shifting to the economy so that may hurt him.

Also, what’s next for Biden after he places 4th in Iowa? Does he really think that will catapult him? It appears the only person he’s really upsetting is Bill Richardson. And Edwards has 3rd place locked down tight. If anything, the surprise of the night seems like it will be coming from Edwards’ camp, not Biden’s.

We shall see…

  • Dough 4 Joe

    A group of independent Biden supporters have launched a website with the theme “Promises To Keep.”

    Taking their theme from the title of Senator Joe Biden’s New York Times bestseller, this group of the Senator’s supporters in his bid for the presidency have taken on-line pledge drives to a higher level.

    No starry symbols–no quotes from great Americans–no fireworks or missiles going off greet you as enter this realm of presidential dignity and comportment. The Biden supporters who built this site feel that while other candidates need “window dressing,” their candidate does not.

    The group hopes to raise $2 million dollars through a network that spans the entire country. Consistent with their “promises” theme, the group calls upon those who visit and pledge to “. . . make 2008 the year we keep our promises. That’s a New Year’s resolution worth keeping.” For that reason, they have chosen January 1, 2008 as their target date for direct contributions to Senator Biden’s campaign-in a very telling display of their level of confidence in Joe Bidens ability to win over voters in the State of Iowa.

    In this age of “hedge funds” and other groups packing the end of December with all sorts of fundraising stunts, it is refreshing though not at all surprising to observe that Joe Biden’s supporters see no need to hedge their bets.

    The simple eloquence of the first line of the message conveys this same dignified tone as it greets and informs the visitor, “You have come here seeking a leader; you shall leave here having led.”

    Email: [email protected] to get the promotional PDF flyer to circulate to friends / family / contacts via email!!

    We need everyone to hear about this project so that we can make a big splash two days before the caucuses!


  • Chris Larsen

    In this unsettling time, we need someone who has actually worked with foreign leaders and not just dined with them. Joe Biden has the best credentials to lead the country and bring the world a a more safe state.

  • Lori

    All these political columns are written by people who want to be right. No one knows what’s going to happen. 2004 had its surprises.

    Vote for the candidate that makes the most sense to you. For me, and a lot of other folks, that is Joe Biden. I’m not voting for Joe because I want to be right; I’m voting for Joe because he has it right.

  • S.W. Anderson

    “But now the race seems to be shifting to the economy so that may hurt him.”

    I don’t know why that would be. Biden has solid credentials and an excellent record on economic issues, for his state and for the nation. I well recall his reaction to Bush’s one-after-the-other, too-big tax cuts. Time and events showed Biden had it right and Bush and the ideological apple polishers he has for economic advisors had it wrong.

    Don’t forget, Biden was front and center during decades of Democrats being bashed for deficit spending by Republicans who, it turns out, weren’t angry about the deficits but rather antsy to get their turn at ballooning them.

    Biden was also front and center, and helping, when the Clinton administration paid down the deficit and began building a modest surplus.

    In economic matters as in foreign affairs, Biden’s instincts are good and he does his homework.

  • S.W. Anderson

    Chris Larsen, you said it for me as well.

  • S.W. Anderson

    Re: Justin’s comments on the horse race and Biden’s discussion of numbers picked out of the air.

    I can’t recall anyone building a good record predicting Iowa caucuses. It’s like trying to herd cats.

    That said, it’s worth mentioning that at about this time in 2004, Howard Dean was in the catbird seat but being challenged hard by Dick Gephardt. John Kerry was back in the pack.

    After the snow cleared, Dean was damaged, Gephardt (tragically) was toast — and Kerry was on his way to winning the nomination.

  • SJ Fallon

    People of Iowa and New Hampshire do two things to make an informed choice and back it up. First: if you want to know why more and more people across the nation are calling Joe Biden the “Complete Candidate” see this video from the AARP debate, moderated by Judy Woodruff. Here, you will see Joe Biden providing solid answers to questions that cover the gamut of the important issues facing this country.

    Second: Pledge to support Joe Biden. Search “Dough4Joe” or got to