Fox News Excludes Ron Paul From New Hampshire Debate?

Fox News Excludes Ron Paul From New Hampshire Debate?


That’s the word on the street and it makes absolutely no sense. They’re going to keep a guy out who will have easily raised over $20 million once Q4 is over?

And let’s not forget how slanted Fox News is towards conservatives, so this move seems like, well, it’s designed to hurt Paul’s support in the one state he could actually place high in.

Not that it’s a surprise, but Paul thinks so too…

“They are scared of me and don’t want my message to get out, but it will,” Paul said in an interview at a diner here. “They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative.”

Paul’s staff said they are beginning to plan a rally that will take place at the same time the 90-minute debate will air on television. It will be taped at Saint Anselm College in Goffstown.

“They will not win this skirmish,” he promised.

The Fox debate occurs less than 24 hours after two back to back Republican and Democratic debates on the same campus sponsored by ABC News, WMUR-TV and the social networking website Facebook.

Maybe we’ll hear something different in the coming days, but for right now Fox News is making a really bad mistake. Well, unless they enjoy getting 100,000 emails from disgruntled Ron Paulites.

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  • Jeremy

    Surprised? lol! Didn’t you know Justin that Faux news only wants pro-war, pro-corporation Republicans to be elected? It doesn’t matter if the person is a genuinely honest politician looking to fix America, that’s mere folly. They need
    an inside man, a man that can get the job done. Grease the wheels of industry and keep the fear factor at a crescendo so as to extract top dollar for
    the weapons industry while incidentally “keeping America safe.” I’m swiping my national ID card to submit this comment. I hope the authorities aren’t listening.

  • mw

    This is possibly the best thing that could happen to RP in New Hampshire. If Fox is intending to hurt RP, then this will backfire big-time. In that state they love to vote for the outsider and have an intense sense of fairness. People in N.H. will vote for RP for no other reason than Fox excluded him.

    Also, between now and the debate – what will people be talking about? Ron Paul being excluded. Repeat – they will be talking about Ron Paul. The guys that run Fox are soooo friggin’ stupid.

    The best thing that McCain could do is withdraw from the debate in support of RP, and reassert his independent alpha-dog status before RP steals it away.

  • Brian

    Paul supporters: Don’t contact FOX, don’t get angry over this, don’t bother watching the debate. SCREW ‘EM! Ron Paul doesn’t need to be on this dog and pony show anyway, he’s got his message out already and people will just realize how unfair and unbalanced FOX really is. We all know that if Paul would’ve been featured, FOX would just marginalize him as they always done. The cat’s out of the bag folks. FOX is doing this to depress Paul’s numbers in Iowa, to give the illusion that he doesn’t have support. Also, keep in mind that FOX is doing this because they know Paul’s supporters will get angry and they want them to be rioting and then FOX can show video footage of us as “moonbats.” Don’t play their game, ignore the debate, focus on getting Paul’s message out. Keep in mind that analysts are already predicting a 3rd place or higher finish for Paul. If he gets that, you can stick a fork in the other candidates.

  • Jeremy
  • pdx632

    What Ron should do is show up outside the debate with the media and hold his own debate. Let real people ask questions and give real answers. It would be a good bet that he would steal the thunder of the faux GOP’ers inside.

  • T. Mongan

    I pray that Ron Paul wins, he is the only straight talking candidate in the whole lineup. He should really began to speak out against this elitism and give real everyday Americans a voice in which to be heard. I will vote for Ron Paul and may God save continue to bless this nation

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Isn’t the real issue here that Ron Paul is not polling high enough in New Hampshire to be included in the debates?

    New Hampshire was supposed to be the hub of libertarianism and the state he had the best chance to place high. He’s barely breaking 3%, which is less than 1% point higher than Duncan Hunter, who is also not invited. What gives with these numbers guys?

  • Dos

    He had me at “coherent”, but it just got better and better….

    A coherent foreign policy is based on the understanding that America is best served by not interfering in the deadly conflicts that define the Middle East. Yes, we need Middle Eastern oil, but we can reduce our need by exploring domestic sources. We should rid ourselves of the notion that we are at the mercy of the oil-producing countries- as the world’s largest oil consumer, their wealth depends on our business. We should stop the endless game of playing faction against faction, and recognize that buying allies doesn’t work. We should curtail the heavy militarization of the area by ending our disastrous foreign aid payments. We should stop propping up dictators and putting band-aids on festering problems. We should understand that our political and military involvement in the region creates far more problems that it solves. All Americans will benefit, both in terms of their safety and their pocketbooks, if we pursue a coherent, neutral foreign policy of non-interventionism, free trade, and self-determination in the Middle East.

    I love you Ron Paul. I love you man…Ron Paul Revolution!!!

  • mw

    fyi- This poll has him at 8% in Iowa tied with Giuliani and McCain – and at 6% in NH beating Thompson and Hunter. All of whom are in the debate.


  • mw

    um trying again this poll.

  • Tony Lambiris

    Speaking as a born Granite-stater that has basically lived in NH my whole life, I totally agree that this was the wrong move for Fox but the right move for all of us, and I’m not just specifically talking about the Paulites.

    I’ve been watching my Meetup emails very closely. I’m just waiting for the one to come through asking all Paulites to come out for a rally. I will be there post-haste.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    I was talking about the Fox news poll, since this is a fox news debate, i’m assuming they are going to use their own statistics.

    Also, I was wrong – an so are you all. Duncan Hunter AND Ron Paul were actually NOT excluded from the debate. This is one big misunderstanding that became a rumor spread on Ron Paul Forums. Read here for details.

  • mw

    Interesting. Looking and leaping aphorism seems appropriate here.

    Too bad. Would’ve been a big boost for Paul.

  • Elisabetta

    *Jumping the gun* is another.
    No fear. Those bent on crying “foul,” at all costs, are still shooting their mouths off in another thread.

    So much for sticking to the facts.