So then, we’ve raised around $105.50 so far, even though the donation meter says $15.50. See, I wasn’t smart enough to set that up when I first started the drive, but trust that before I did we had around $90 in the till.

And while I’m very thankful for all of you who’ve helped out so far, I have to admit I’m fairly disappointed. Not with you, but with myself. I should have kept on the ball and solicited more donations on a daily basis, but it feels weird to ask people for money. Especially around the holiday season. But that’s when I figured people might be in a giving mood. I guess I was right in some cases, but wrong in others. Or maybe this site doesn’t have the readership I thought it did.

What I do know is that around 20% of the visitors that come to to this site are repeat customers, so even if I low ball the unique visitors and say it’s 1,000 a day, that means there are around 200 of you who read our content day in and day out. But I’ve received donations so far from about 10 people. There’s a big gap between those two numbers, and I’m asking you today to help make it smaller.

And it’s completely fine if you don’t want to donate, but please try to think about the time and effort it takes to bring you three posts a day. I’ve gotten used to the grind, but the reason a lot of people stop blogging is because it eventually proves to not be worth it. Why? Because the readers don’t support the writers. And so you’ll eventually see smaller blogs like this whither away and the blogosphere will be dominated by massive blogs…kind of like what happened in the mediasphere in the past 20 years.

Help us keep going by hitting our donation drive widget today.

Thanks in advance for your support.

  • Jeremy

    Justin I don’t think it’s a an affront to Donklephant. Truth is people are all donated out. Americans have been asked to donate more and more often. The government has failed to take care of its own obligations (Katrina, et al). Instead Americans are having to reach into their own pockets to fill the gap. I personally feel that there are way more causes I have to donate to due to the fact that the government. I’m donating 50% more to organizations that defend civil liberties for example than I was before. I’ve donated to Katrina relief funds and local food banks. Something the government should have taken care of. Instead my tax dollars are going to fighting a corrupt war and enriching Haliburton. Six years ago I wouldn’t have had a problem donating to
    help you out but right now I feel there are more pressing causes to fund right now.

  • Why not write Bloomberg for a handout?? If he is willing blow a Billion(s) to buy the Presidency, surely he can afford a lousy $3k to support your “Unity08” efforts.

    Roughly 122 million people voted in the 2004 presidential election, so if you divide that by a $Billion, Bloomberg will spend $8.19 per voter.

    But not all 122 million will vote for Bloomberg. You have to figure that 20% will always vote Republican and another 25% will always vote Democrat, leaving just 67 million -potential- Bloomberg votes. That brings the price per vote up to $14.92.

    You say you have 200 daily readers plus another 800 occasionals. If you can turn your 200 into Bloomberg voters, that is 200 times $14.92 equals $2,985!! Fundraising solved, though you will have to change the masthead.

    Donklephant (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bloomberg L.P.)

  • Haha, okay ascap_scab, I’m interested in what a Bloomberg presidential run would look like. You got me!

  • Why is it that all bloggers believe that their opinions are valuable enough for others to want to ‘donate’ to support their pet cause?

    What about the value you get from having this ability to be heard?

    I feel that this is just another example of the failures of the fallacy of socialism. You’ve been tricked into believing others owe you something because you have chosen to provide them with (valuable?)content.

    Look, if you feel this is important to you, then find a way to fund it yourself. That is how charity, and the heart of humanity work. To insist that others constantly pay your way, is to destroy the love that charitable giving brings.

    Not to mention that there is nothing good about begging. It only shows that the beggar values the gratification of results more than ethics.

    Just because you believe you ‘need’ the money is no excuse. If it were, then why not just steal it. Either way, you desire what is not yours. The only difference is the execution. (Perhaps there is a government grant you can apply for, making it at least sanctioned theft.)

    I also appreciated the ‘save the little guy’ from the big, bad, bought media. Classic guilt trip!

    Is there any level to which you will not stoop to support your mission? Then again, did you ever stop to consider the damage your begging does to society? Or does the fact that ‘everybody is doing it’ provide you with the mask of legitmacy?

    What is it that everybody is really doing? Pretending. Pretending that good intentions make up for the lack of forethought, and that any action taken cannot cause harm, as long as the intention is good.

    You seem to think you’re a public servant. I think you are a public underminer, begging for a benefit at someone else’s expense.

    Why are you seeking to undermine true charity by begging?

  • Because I ask for donations to make the site better I’m somehow endorsing socialism and undermining true charity?

    Hmm, maybe I should throw a donation drive for you so you can get a life. You apparently need one.

  • Socks

    While “nobody special” rants a bit too much, I mainly agree. I don’t think that you should be too surprised that lots of people won’t donate to support your hobby.

  • Well, it’s much more than a hobby at this point, but point taken. Still, for the people who have pitched in some cash, it’s greatly appreciated because they understand I’m serious when I say that the money will go towards making the community richer, not my pocketbook.

    We shall see…