The Word For 2008: Change

The Word For 2008: Change


It’s telling how many of the candidates are saying the word “change” today.

Barack obviously owns the word since he talked about it first. He understood this zeitgeist sooner than everybody else. Huckabee also says it and stands for a real change within the Republican party, definitely moreso than Barack would for the Democratic party.

But now Edwards is talking about it, trying to paint Hillary as the ultimate insider. Romney is saying he’s the change candidate as opposed to McCain.

Welcome American to the change election.

  • Elyas

    I don’t think Obama recognized the zeitgeist so much as he set it in motion. Even when he was trailing in the polls, he set the terms of the debate. He promised change, so Hillary promised change through experience. It’s tough to beat any candidate that sets the terms of the debate for his/her opponent.

    Look at 2004. Bush was able to make the election about gay marriage and Kerry’s military record rather than the war and his own presidential record, and Kerry was always on the defensive. Hillary has been playing defense for a while–not in terms of attacking her opponents, but when it comes to leading the discussion–and that’s a big reason her campaign is struggling.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Ok, everyone has mentioned the word, “change.” Has anybody discussed what specific conditions will be changed, and to what new conditions they will be changed into?

    The more people keep talking about “change” as a generalized bromide without any specific protocols for what we will expect to happen, the more things stay the same. Ironic.