An Interesting Point About Hillary's Tears

An Interesting Point About Hillary's Tears


Why then? Why not after Katrina?

Thanks to TPM Election Central for the video.

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    Man, Hillary can’t sneeze without everyone trying to figure out the political calculation that went into the act. She cried a little. I don’t know how it wasn’t sincere (unless she’s been taking lessons in crying on cue). Clearly the campaign took advantage of the moment, but that’s just smart politics not proof that the act was premediated.

    I’m no Hillary fan but come on.

  • Jill Marie

    Give me a break. I’ve heard a lot of absurd things in this race, but WOW. Is the Obama campaign suddenly so desperate?
    Besides, was the congressman with Hillary Clinton during Hurricane Katrina? Were camera’s following her around 24 hours a day during the aftermath. No. Can he be sure that she didn’t shed some private tears over what was happening. The press was rightly covering the disaster and the impact of it on the lives of everyday people. If Hillary had expressed emotion over Katrina, she would have been chastised and accused of politicizing the disaster. She was not the Senator from Louisiana or Mississippi. She’s the Senator from New York. As a resident of New York, I saw her emotional concern and leadership following 911 and that was appropriate.

    Give everybody a break and stop trying to make Hillary out as an emotional, but still cold and calculating candidate, or your candidate will turn off a majority of women voters in a major way, Which is what happened in NH,,. just ask John Edwards.

  • Dos

    Leaders don’t cry in public, or at least shouldn’t. Further evidence of the wussification of this country. God save us from any more weeping nanny politicians – will she sob over my family when she raises our taxes. I don’t know if it was calculated or not, either way, it is a sign of total self-absorption. No hypocracy, I feel the same why about any Republican that wants to take advantage of an Oprah moment.

  • Elisabetta

    It shouldn’t surprize anyone that politicians’ words and actions get under the miscroscope.

    She didn’t cry in the ladies’ room or in the privacy of her own home. She cried in front of cameras and whether it was orchestrated or not, she felt sorry for herself. Perhaps she couldn’t help showing her dismay that many chose Obama over her. How could it be? In her mind, her nomination was a matter of fate.

    At any rate, it worked. As demonstrated by the facts she got -barely – few more votes than Obama to give her the NH’s victory.

    But that was there. Let’s see if there is a repeat in SC.

  • Jammer

    Dos, she didnt “sob” she choked up and its not self absorption it is genuine emotion concerning what she has cared about for 35 years and the thought that no one seems to understand that about her. Who hasnt choked up at times of high emotion?

    On the other hand this Katrina thing that Obama is raising is stupid. Do they want her to choke up on everything that happens? If they want to keep that up fine, women will respond as they did in NH. Here is the only relevant issue relating to Katrina for this election: who would have done the job of rebuilding the City and focusing like a laser on that job and getting it done. Obama? Probably. Dont really know because there isnt a track record. Clinton? You better believe it.

  • Elisabetta

    “If they want to keep that up fine, women will respond as they did in NH. ”

    Women are not a monolithic group and they are not all pro-Hillary. When women vote/act based on their hurt feelings it shows they are not rational in their thinking.

    Considering that Hillary has used any weapon at her disposal to discredit her opponents, the notion that she has been “beaten up on” is ridiculous. She has dished it left and right.
    Otoh, if she can’t stand the heat, THEN she should get out of politics.

    Also one can be a cold, calculated individual and not be void of feelings. Anger and self-pity are emotions.