Report: Bill Richardson To Leave Prez Race

Report: Bill Richardson To Leave Prez Race


Will Hillary pick up the lion’s share of his supporters because they liked Richardson experience and see her as the next best thing?

From Politico:

MERRIMACK, N.H. — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson ended his campaign for the presidency Wednesday after twin fourth-place finishes that showed his impressive credentials could not compete with his rivals’ star power.

Richardson planned to announce the decision Thursday, according to two people close to the governor with knowledge of the decision. They spoke on a condition of anonymity in advance of the governor’s announcement.

The Richardson campaign would not comment on the governor’s decision, reached after a meeting with his top advisers Wednesday in New Mexico.

Again, I think this is great news for Hillary, but I guess we’ll see…

  • Ron Chusid

    I wouldn’t assume Hillary will necessarily get the support of most Richardson voters. There are obvious reasons for this, but Obama will also probably pick up a fair share. Both Richardson and Obama receive much of their support from more independent voters.

    I know many libertarians (sane ones, not the Ron Paul variety) who preferred Richardson but who are have more recently begun to support Obama after realizing that Richardson wasn’t going anywhere. Of course such libertarians make up a trivial number of actual voters, but the same principles could apply to many Democratic voter who are more conservative on economic matters.

    The same qualities which have caused Obama to receive articles showing respect from a number of moderates and even conservatives would give reason for many Richardson supporters to go to Obama.

    This assumes that many of the Richardson supporters are backing him because of his more pro-business orientation. I’m not sure that Richardson’s attempt to position himself as the most aggressive about getting out of Iraq has brought him much support. He just doesn’t seem to fit the role of anti-war candidate. However if he does have much support because of Iraq, such supporters might also prefer Obama over Clinton.

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    It’s a shame Richardson’s campaign never gained traction. I think he did a very poor job of positioning himself. Instead of accentuating his independent nature (perfect rating from the NRA, pro-business, etc.) he tried to capture the anti-war crowd. There’s not much to be gained by being the most anti-war candidate in the anti-war party. Plus, he’s too even-keeled to play the part of angry liberal and, when pressed on the war and national security, his better instincts got in the way of his chosen message and he just ended up sounding unfocused.

    As for where his smattering of supporters go — they probably break off evenly. Richardson was my favorite Dem and, if I were sticking to the blue team, I’d go Obama. But I’m an independent. I imagine mainstream Dems who liked Richardson’s experience will go Hillary.