Ron Paul And Family Drew Income From Newsletters

Ron Paul And Family Drew Income From Newsletters


So all that slack I’ve been cutting Ron Paul for the newsletters controversy? Yeah, it’s all gone.

Reason did some digging and uncovered tax documents which prove that Paul, his wife and daughter were compensated for their services as staff members of the company that published the newsletters…

Besides Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell, the officers of Ron Paul & Associates included Paul’s wife Carol, Paul’s daughter Lori Pyeatt, Paul staffer Penny Langford-Freeman, and longtime campaign manager Mark Elam (who has managed every Paul congressional campaign since 1996 and is currently the Texas coordinator for the presidential run), according to tax records from 1993 and 2001. Langford-Freeman did not respond to interview requests as of press time. Elam, president of M&M Graphics and Advertising, confirmed to reason that his company printed the newsletters, but said that the texts reached him as finished products.

The publishing operation was lucrative. A tax document from June 1993—wrapping up the year in which the Political Report had published the “welfare checks” comment on the L.A. riots—reported an annual income of $940,000 for Ron Paul & Associates, listing four employees in Texas (Paul’s family and Rockwell) and seven more employees around the country. If Paul didn’t know who was writing his newsletters, he knew they were a crucial source of income and a successful tool for building his fundraising base for a political comeback.

Reason also reveals that when first confronted about the newsletters in a previous Congressional campaign, Paul didn’t disavow them…

Back in 1996, Paul narrowly eked out a congressional victory over Democrat Lefty Morris, who made the newsletters one of his main campaign issues, damning them both for their racial content and for their advocacy of drug legalization. At the time, Paul defended the statements that appeared under his name, claiming that they expressed his “philosophical differences” with Democrats and had been “taken out of context.” He finally disavowed them in a 2001 interview with Texas Monthly, explaining that his campaign staff had convinced him at the time that it would be too “confusing” to attribute them to a ghostwriter.

So who did write the newsletters? Well, the article has a number of sources claiming it’s an open secret that Lew Rockwell, of the eponymous, was the main ghost writer. And most of you know how closely attached those two have been and are currently. If not, check out Ron Paul’s endorsement page.

What can he say at this point? I mean, we’re talking about income earned from out and out bigotry? Of course this shouldn’t take away from Paul’s “current” message, but it completely decimates Paul’s credibility. He simply can’t claim he didn’t know what was being written in newsletters from a company that employed and paid him, his wife and his daughter. No way.

Paulites, please share your thoughts.

I forgot to mention the most important part of all this, and that has to do with the trap Paul put himself in by putting his family on the payroll.

You see, Paul had only listed himself on the payroll then he could still have some amount of plausible deniability and say, “Hey, I know I drew a salary, but I trusted my surrogates and they ended up doing things unbeknownst to me. I deplore their actions. Blah, blah, blah.” Actually, I think that’s pretty close to what he has said.

But he put his wife and his daughter on the payroll, and I think we can all make a pretty educated guess as to why: tax reasons. That way he could spread the burden between 3 people and he wouldn’t have to give back so much of it. The only problem with that is now he has two other people who are extremely close to him that have to say they didn’t know what was going on either. And if they say that, well, then what were they doing on the payroll besides providing a tax shelter for Dr. No?

So he either lied to the government so he could avoid paying taxes or he lied to all of us about knowing what was going on with the newsletters. And something tells me that he did both. He set his own trap and willingly walked right into it.

Does this qualify as tragic irony?

  • John

    Ron Paul has been called every insult in the book because he is speaking the truth on all the issues. That he would start lying about a 20 year old newsletter just doesn’t make sense. This Ron Paul support thinks this smear is ridiculous and tired.

  • Jason

    John, you can’t defend him simply by saying they’re attacking him because he’s speaking truth. That is a fallacy that detracts from the debate of the issue at hand which is the newsletters.

    I am a Paul supporter, and will continue to be a Paul supporter because when I hear him speak, when I look at everything that I know he’s written it shows the kind of person he is. Everything that has been taped of him saying I conclude with certainty in my mind, he is the furthest thing for a racist.

    If you take every vote he’s ever made in congress, he is the antithesis to racism.

  • Mark

    Did Ron Paul actually read these newsletters to see what was in them? Did his family members? If so, then he has more to answer for here. Was he completely ignorant of what was being published in his name? Hard to believe so at this point. Was everything in the newsletters of a racist screed? How often? Every issue? Or occasionally? Either way Ron Paul needs to clear the air.

    But is a charge of racism so horrible that it should obscure everything the man stands for? Let’s hope not. There are plenty of skeletons in the closests of all of these candidates and they are not pretty.

    One thing that has never been mentioned. Does anyone have any proof of this candidate acting in the manner of a racist? Did he speak racist thoughts in unguarded moments? Did he openly discriminate against people of color in his medical practice? While in office? Or otherwise?

    If any of the above were true – people with an axe to grind would be coming out of woodwork saying: “…we used to go to lunch with Ron Paul and he would say things about blacks, like…..” You get the drift.

    People write the way they think and talk. Ron Paul may not have a racist bone in his body, but it sounds like he knows how to take advantage of those who do.

    This should be a lesson to all. Everytime a person is elevated upon a pedestal, don’t be surprised if you find they have feet of clay.

  • JimS

    I don’t see how this changes anything?

    He has and did acknowledge the newsletters, he did not try do make some such statement that would indicate he didn’t draw an income from them.. Only that he didn’t pay close enough attention to content in them.

    And this “Years of bigoted comments” this is a HUGE over exaggeration. From what I gather about 100 articles out of thousands and thousands is hardly as MASIVE as you guys try to make it. And the Lew Rockwell bit is garbage show some proff… And I am not a fan of Lews by the way.

    It stinks for Ron Paul for sure, its hurts and has hurt his credibility; very very deeply no doubt.

    But; the slack I’m cutting him comes from the fact he was not in public office at the time and he was in his 60’s……When I’m in my 60’s I wont be looking for crap with my name on it only the next place to park my RV.

  • Jim S

    To clarify…the guy defending Paul isn’t me, that well-known nasty, evil Ron Paul critic.

  • brettrix

    Please reference some of the racist things that he said – i read the one about the LA riots stopping when the welfare checks came in and that is exaclty how the LA Times reported it –

    I don’t get why the truth is racist –

  • Dan Milkin

    I had my doubts when the newsletters came out, but now that NAACP Chapter President Nelson Linder has come out in defence of Paul–based on a twenty year personal relationship–all my doubts have been allayed. Why do you trust obscure, unsigned newsletters over this sort of personal testimony (which has been pouring out from all of Dr. Paul’s acquaintances)?

  • JimS

    To re-clarify….

    lol I didn’t even notice we have the same first name and last name initial:)

  • Jack

    People who publish certain things in writing will usually say similar things out loud. I challenge everyone to find just one single audio or video clip where Ron Paul’s comments remotely resemble the content of those newsletters. Try it.

  • Scott M.

    No way, Ron Paul made money off of those newsletters for allowing his name to be put on them. You know what, if he was complicit in taking money from white supremist groups and other educated red-necks, good for him. Just like keeping the donation from Don Black rather than giving it back, he can put their money to good use. You guys can go on and on and on to adnauseum about this stuff, and sure you will sway some peope from Ron Paul to the detriment of the country, but you will not turn Ron Paul into a racist except by deception and the play of words. These tired assertions that Ron Paul may be or is a racist still ignore decades of his own words that we know he has written and spoken. Ron Paul is the champion for everyone’s personal rights and liberties.

  • david from texas

    Go ahead, try your smear tactics, it won’t work.

    Ron Paul supporters see through the garbage, and your hit piece won’t make a bit of difference. You neglected to specify whether the so-called “annual income” of the publishing operation was of gross receipts or adjusted income after subtracting expenses of printing costs, mailing, advertising, etc. Considering that Ron Paul & Associates consisted of many people who worked as ghost writers using the banner and the name of Ron Paul, and was a rather large operation, then it should not be a surprising to learn that Ron Paul had little to do with what happened in his name.

    All of what you say is old news, and it really does not matter.

  • Ric

    I think it’s quite conceivable that a doctor/politician/family man may not read everything that’s being written in his name – I don’t do half of what he does, and I’m still stretched for time. Honestly, if I had a newsletter, I’d probably read it the first few times around, but after that, I’d probably spend the time elsewhere.

    However, it’s not conceivable in my opinion that a newsletter that printed that kind of material to have made almost a million dollars in a year (unless it was a very, very expensive newsletter).

  • Barry b.

    Justin – I see that your site pops up sometimes under “news” on google – but usually under “blogs” – did you do something specific that creates the “news” category ranking? just wondering.

  • TJF

    I do not know who wrote them, who knew about them, or who read them. I am not a racist and I really don’t think Ron Paul is either, although I don’t know him personally – my opinion is based on a 20 year record as a congressman where he has accumulated a record of near perfect consistency that supports his message and beliefs. The man is honest and is the only politician I have ever seen who answers questions directly – so as far as I am concerned if Ron Paul says he didn’t write the newsletters and was unaware of what was in them I believe him. Does that still pose a problem? Yes, it shows that he may be too trusting or have poor judgment in picking advisors. Is that any worse than any of the others candidates? No, it tells me that if this is the one problem anyone can up with in a 20 year political career then Ron Paul is way ahead of the field.

    Consider all the power and money that Ron Paul is campaigning against. If there was any real proof of him being a racist there are a lot of people who would do anything to find it and get it out into the light because they have billions of dollars at stake. The big money behind the Federal Reserve will not just stand by and hope that RP will not be able to raise some awareness of the evil fraud that is our banking system.

    If you don’t think Ron Paul will win the nomination then please at least spend your valuable time on something more useful than trying to discredit the man. Write about how excessive government spending played a big part in causing the problems with the economy and that more government spending will not fix them. Or maybe, look into why Ron Paul wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, and why it is our monetary policy that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer, causes inflation, led to the housing bubble, the credit crunch, high gas prices, or any number of other things. I would love to see an article written about how absurd the things the other candidates say – there is no recession, the economy is strong, Michigan is the best, it’s all OPEC’s fault that gas prices are high…really if we think a cartel like OPEC is not fair why can’t we think that the banking cartel that runs the federal reserve and designed FDIC so all of us taxpayers pick up the tab when they place a bad bet. Sorry for the rambling post, but please, focus on something that is a real issue.

  • dodsworth

    Slack? If you gave Paul any slack, I’d like to see what would have happened if yo had been gunning for him. You’re reporting of the facts on 1996 is simply wrong. The Reason Magazine article didn’t “reveal” anything about Paul’s behavor that year. It was mentioned the Texas Monthly article of 2001 in which Paul expressed regret for not admitting the story in 1996. Did you bother to read that story? It has been on the web for years.

  • Chris

    I guess I need to go to the Camp of Tolerance.

    “I went to Zimbabwe. I know how white people feel in America now; relaxed! Cause when I heard the police car I knew they weren’t coming after me!” – Richard Pryor

    I’m for human lib, the liberation of all people, not just black people or female people or gay people. – Richard Pryor

    I’m not for integration and I’m not against it. – Richard Pryor

    The black groups that boycott certain films would do better to get the money together to make the films they want to see, or stay in church and leave us to our work. – Richard Pryor

  • Devils Advocate

    One up. Here is the real story. I was having a conversation with my wife about the Nebraska mall shooting. Her comment to me was how the guy was mentally insane. My response to her. You know what is more mentally insane than this guy is when an entire nation with some exceptions including myself can be manipulated to believe that we as a nation should invade a country that had nothing to do with 911. Now that is off the charts. So, until you or anybody else in media can give a rational explanation why the U.S. invaded Iraq the whole lot of you can go f**k yourselves. Which is the greater sin.

  • Chris

    I guess you’d better ship me off to the Camp of Tolerance.

    I was kicked out of school because of my attitude. I was not assimilating. So I went to work, taking any jobs I could get.
    Richard Pryor

    I went to Zimbabwe. I know how white people feel in America now; relaxed! Cause when I heard the police car I knew they weren’t coming after me!
    Richard Pryor

    I’m for human lib, the liberation of all people, not just black people or female people or gay people.
    Richard Pryor

    I’m not for integration and I’m not against it.
    Richard Pryor

    The black groups that boycott certain films would do better to get the money together to make the films they want to see, or stay in church and leave us to our work.
    Richard Pryor

    There’s a lot more hypocrisy than before. Racism has gone back underground.
    Richard Pryor

    There’s a thin line between to laugh with and to laugh at.
    Richard Pryor

    What I am for is justice for everyone, just like it says in the Constitution.
    Richard Pryor

  • John R

    He obviously allowed Rockwell/Rothbard to make whatever efforts they wanted to try and improve on the <1% his libertarian candidacy was able to garner in ’88. For this he has taken “moral responsibility”. He stated he accepted a minority interest in the newsletters for use of his name. Let’s see the “tax documents”, why not include them in the article? Anyone who has run their own business knows $940,000 certainly doesn’t guarantee a PROFIT, how much were the printing costs, the primary costs of mailing, and then 11 “employees”, come on, no one was getting rich here.

    All this considered I for one am deciding to stick with Dr. Paul. Not only do I believe he is the best candidate for POTUS, I believe he personally is the only one able to hold together the vast coalition of supporters he has assembled. This movement has begun to assemble because of RP’s ability to represent, on many issues, how a wide variety of the American public feels. If he disappears too quickly the divergent people gathered in his name with soon thereafter fall apart, we need more time together to grow.

  • Chris

    Ooooh more race baiting! How creative. Nobody buys this slander anymore. Go back to your fellow social engineers at the Anti-defamation League and figure out another way to charicature Ron Paul. Is’nt it amazing how the president of the NAACP says you’re just race baiting establishment shills? How funny is it that the main stream media managed to lump in critisizm of the Israeli lobby with gay and black bashing. You people are soooo obvious and stupid. Why have’nt you said anything about Barak Obama’s Church which named louis Farakhan “man Of The Year and has very close ties to the Nation of Islam? You people’s days are numbered. We’ve had enough of the “RACE GAMES”. I would love to investigate your personal life and see what’s inside. Hmmm, maybe a “Media hypocrite money bomb” to hire a couple private investigators to look up some of your old friends and enemys?? What we as a movement need to do is start coming down on “holier than thou” weasles like you, after all you deserve it! (; Just remember media is a two way street these days.

  • Tyler

    I am disheartened and have always been disheartened since the newsletters ever came to light. However, I don’t feel they really change anything. First and foremost, unless Paul suffers from a split personality where one is personified nowhere else but in writing its quite obvious Paul never said those things. So that must mean there was a ghost-writer that Paul was negligent of observing. I won’t dispute that. However, the truly remarkable thing is that if we can (which I do) believe Paul and that he is consistent (as he has been in 20 years of documented House speeches and writings to the present) then we know that what he has said publicly now and in the past (excluding these newsletters) are his thoughts and goals. Every candidate in this election has baggage, has a skeleton in the closet, and I’d say Paul’s simple negligence is humbling in comparison to the others, especially the frontrunners you keep giving slack (the slack you suggest you’ve been giving Paul lol). The fact is Paul is only the candidate where such baggage may actually be permissible, since hes the only one seeking to diminish the power of the President, who believes in laissez-faire economics, who wants to give people power, and on and on.


  • JimS

    Hey Jim it’s a good thing you are paying attention or I could have been your ghost writer :)-

    Ron Paul Still the best choice….A politician with Baggage OMG what is the world coming to.

  • Arnold Benedict

    Maybe it is time for Dr.Paul to out Lew Rockwell? If Lew Rockwell actually wrote those FEW remarks then he should be a man and admit it.

  • Joshua

    Did you know the NAACP supports Ron Paul? Why isn’t THIS in the headlines?

  • Dent

    Get back to the foundation of this. Review the newsletters again. The comments are not that bad. They’re just not politically correct and a bit inflammatory, but that’s it. So it doesn’t even matter if Paul knew about them. So what? You act like some great evil occurred, when it’s really no big deal. I’ve seen a lot worse “racism” than that.

  • Dave

    The whole purpose of setting up a successful business is to have it run smooth enough to where you don’t have to baby-sit it. He got paid for his name being on there…so what? Like he didn’t have anything else in his life to occupy his time? He’s a doctor, and a congressman, and a family man who lent his name to a publication to get some positive cash flow. Yeah…I’m sure he had so much time to pour over each and every article. He had nothing else to do…according to you.

  • Stephen

    1) Bottom line is that I do not care if Paul is a racist or not
    2) Paul’s newsletters perpetuated a vile and repugnant way of thinking.
    3) Apparently the people buying and reading those newsletters did not have a problem with it
    4) These people are Paul’s base
    5) Paul’s base is a morally repugnant and hateful group of people
    6) I do not want to be associated with this group and do not want to be mistaken as being part of this group
    7) I am looking for a new candidate. Hopefully the Libertarian Party picks a CATO Inst styled candidate.

  • tim

    Do some digging on other canidates, obama and his racist biggoted church in Chicago, Huckabee and his hell bent desire for making America a constitutional Christian state. These two clowns are currently the biggest hating violaters around. Let’s see you try complete digging on all canidates for a while. Creditability, how about two sided Romney, sleezy Guilani, war monger McCain. Then pick on Ron Paul.

  • Greg

    THe head of the NAACP says he’s not a racist so why right the piece? How about if I call you a facist and a hoar of the industrial complex

  • Cedric

    …and MOST of the “racist” comments, weren’t so racist. As pointed out by a previous poster, it WAS reported at the time that the rioting ceased about the same time the welfare checks were issued (isn’t this referenced in a tupac song?). That’s not racism that’s truth, now maybe this makes Lew or the ghostwriter more cynical than I… but I don’t see this as racism. Of course, I’m voting for Ron Paul, so that automatically voids my opinion, making me a…

    tinfoil-hat/911 truther/neo-nazi/KKK/Jew/mexican/barbara striesand…

  • Rob L.

    You can google everthing stated below and read it for yourself.

    John McCain – His racist comment- All they want to trade is burkas- referring to Arab Muslims during the last debate. How about John McCain calling Vietnamese people “gooks” in his last campaign.

    Rudy Giuliani – How about John Deady speaking for the Giuliani campaign – All Muslims need to be pushed back into their caves… His new co-chair in South Carolina, Arthur Ravenel, Jr. – he called he NAACP the National Association for Retarded People. (Not to mention ‘Mob’ connections.)

    Fred Thompson – Iranian sailors getting their virgins remark at the debate. George Allen is backing Fred Thompson. How about Thompson’s chauvinist remarks, “Fred Thompson said, repeating remarks earlier in the week, no woman is up for the job of president just yet. ‘This year, it’s a man, and next year, it’s going to be a man,’ said Thompson. ‘I can see no one else who’s qualified to be president of the United States.’” and how about him referring to his wife as his favorite possession. Geez, and his racist comments -saying immigrants are partly to blame for the sub-prime mortgage crisis – A lot of them couldn’t communicate with the people they were getting the mortgage from,”- spoken to a group in Iowa.

    Romney – Who endorsed religious discrimination in government by stating he would never appoint a Muslim. Calling the Big Dig a “Tar Baby” an old racial slur – J.C. Watts complaining about Mitt’s lily white campaign…

    Clinton – recent comment about Marting Luther King and civil liberties– How about her racist joke about Ghandi running a gas station in St. Louis at a fundraiser.

    While we’re on that…why haven’t you and others been demanding answers from “frontrunner” Hillary Clinton for throwing Senator Robert Byrd (former Grand Cyclops of the KKK) a birthday party in the historic home of Frederick Douglass in 2005?

    I defy anyone to find one instance of a racist or bigoted remark crossing Ron Paul’s lips, or to show him to be a member of a bigoted or racist organization.

  • dodsworth

    I am looking for a new candidate. Hopefully the Libertarian Party picks a CATO Inst styled candidate.

    Are you suggesting they nominate “Cato Inst syled candidate” Fred Thompson? He’s been Cato’s closest thing to a favorite for quite some time……Of course, there’s Fred’s ugly publicly support (still unrecanted) for necklacer Aristide. Do you have a problem being associated with that?

    Another possiblity, of course, is that the LP could nominate Cato scholar Charles Murray, best known recently for publishing a massive tome which asserts that blacks are mentally inferior….and still not repudiated by Cato.

  • Don Hannaford

    Enough already!! Who really cares!! Let’s talk about the real issues. The War. The economy. We all know that Ron Paul is not a racist!!!

  • Lisa

    HAHA! The dude is a pimp, man!! STOP HATIN!!!

  • Dave

    Hey Stephen, your wrong on 2 counts:
    4) These people are Paul’s base
    5) Paul’s base is a morally repugnant and hateful group of people
    That is your personal opinion, and your entitled to it, but it is a mis-informed one.
    I support Ron Paul and I am not anything near a racist…my sister is half black, my step-brother is Jewish, all my cousins are half Mexican, and all of my kids (3) are mixed w/ Cherokee and Blackfoot Indian. My mother and I are the last white people…and guess what? We all support Ron Paul.
    As TJF so eloquently put it earlier: If this is all they can dig up over a 20 year political career, then he’s miles ahead of the rest of the field.
    His impeccable voting record speaks to me a lot louder than some rag that used his name 20 years ago. He’s even accepted moral responsibility for it! He should have paid closer attention. How much more integrity can you ask from a person!?
    Now let’s focus on the hard issues. that RP has put forth to his running mates.
    1) Raping the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
    2) Messing around w/ other peoples’ countries
    3) Fiscal responsibility
    4) Protecting our borders (and not other nations borders)
    This is all stuff going on right now…not 20 years ago. None of us can change what may or may not have happened back then…but we can make a difference w/ right now. Our children and grandkids future depends on what’s going on right now.

    Ron Pauls’ message is freedom, and freedom is popular…even among the dregs of society. Of course he will attract them as well as anyone else. But that is not Ron Paul. Reconsider your vote.

  • Michael Cathcart

    Ummmm. Yea the whole Newsletter thing was to make money that was the whole point, and its old news that Paul didn’t disavow them at the time, he couldn’t have because it would have killed his congressional campaign, but he finally fessed up that he had no hand in writing the newsletters in 2001. Guess what he was elected 96 and still reelected 02, so this newsletter thing, not a big deal.

  • Mike

    1996 TX Congressional District 14
    Ron Paul 51%
    Lefty Morris 47%

    Not exactly a landslide, but not the nail biter that Bush had over Gore either. Have you noticed that he has won by larger margins every time someone has had the gonads to run against him since then?

  • Sean Scallon

    So I guess this means Justin that you won’t be supporting Ron Paul third-party campaign right?

    Good! Then maybe you’ll shut up about it.

  • Perry Munger

    Hey, just popping in to ask if anyone has read the quotes in context, done some research from the time, etc., or are we just taking the word of the same media that has repeatedly failed to report the news correctly?

    I realize it isn’t the same thing, but I was once quoted in a newspaper. Everything I said was printed. What I meant was not. This is easily enough accomplished by cherry-picking quotes.

    And, if you think the piece was anything other than a hit piece, you are somewhat naiive, as all Paul supporters and all alert Paul detractors have known about those letters for some time, yet the particular piece was dumped just before the NH primary so no response could be given. That was certainly not the act of a legitimate, ethical journalist. Shades of pot/kettle, imho…

  • Earl E

    Exxon makes money not from bigotry, but from mass murder. Oil companies use our US military to secure their profits.


    Those same companies deploy a congressional staff and media to keep the profits flowing.

    Where is your outrage?

    It is towards the man who will stop the blood for oil you are so desperately trying to protect with your repetition of this theme.

    I think you will succeed in smearing the last train to freedom. And when we have lost, you will be the first to blame anyone else but yourself.

  • NH

    Well the truth is, no one cares. Really That ought to be abundantly clear.
    AT least we won’t care until Hillary and Obama are exposed for the dastardly things they do. Obama is a black separatist..Oh he can pretend to be a yuppie, but just look at the crap on his church’s website! Google “obama’s church” and you’ll see… man it’s bad. Bad for Obama.

    They both pander to this organization. A Hillary or Obama presidency would mean more of your tax dollars going to — racism!

    Hillary Picks La Raza Leader As Campaign Co Chair
    Thu, 04/12/2007
    The former president of an extremist group that organized many of the country’s disruptive pro illegal immigration marches and advocates the return of the American Southwest to Mexico will co-chair Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
    Best known for his radical pro Chicano work during 30 years as president of the National Council of La Raza, Raul Yzaguirre is being promoted by the Clinton campaign as a prominent Hispanic activist who will lead the New York senator’s outreach to Hispanic voters.
    The reality is that Yzaguirre alienates many American citizens of Hispanic descent (in other words, those qualified to vote) with his so-called La Raza rhetoric, which has been repeatedly labeled racist.
    The National Council of La Raza describes itself as the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, but it caters to the radical Chicano movement that says California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas belong to Aztlan.
    The takeover plan is referred to as the “reconquista” of the Western U.S. and it features ethnic cleansing of Americans, Europeans, Africans and Asians once the area is taken back and converted to Aztlan.
    While this may all sound a bit crazy, this organization is quite powerful (thanks to Hillary’s new campaign co-chair) and annually receives millions of dollars in federal grants. Its leaders also managed to get included in congressional hearings regarding immigration. Last year alone, the National Council of La Raza received $15.2 million in federal grants and one senator gave the group an extra $4 million in earmarked American taxpayer dollars.
    The organization uses the money to support projects like a Southern California elementary school with a curriculum that specializes in bashing America and promoting the Chicano movement. The school’s founder and principal, a Calexico-educated activist named Marcos Aguilar, opposes racial integration and says Mexicans in the U.S. don’t want to go to white schools or drink from white water fountains.

    Hillary also is known for having a foul mouth and hurling anti-semitic language at Jews.

  • dodsworth

    Paul won’t run third party. I wish he would… I guess Justin will have to support Michael Bloomberg.

  • Teresa

    Hey, did you forget Eric Dondero, he was involved with the newsletters. Oh and maybe you would like to know that he is challenging Dr. Paul for his seat in TX.
    He also defended him when it came out before, but since 9-11 he has been very upset with Paul. He writes tons in the blogs about him.
    He could be the tip off source.
    I would say if linked could be motive of carefully timed attacks for personal gain. If he is the MAN to take Dr. Paul’s seat in TX then he should have exposed him long ago.
    If you had really looked into the “news story” then you would have found this information with little effort.
    Oh, one more note, if you are REALLY looking for the truth then here is a tip before you start………..Eric has used several different names. One being his 2nd last name and the others, well, I don’t know where they come from. (I added the last part because if he serches his name and finds his way here he will post that one is another last name, failing to mention the others.)

  • Not Really

    Firstly it is not racist to say things that colored folks do not like to hear. Secondly, nothing that is in those news letters that I read was very far from the real world truth that surrounds us poorer class Whites every single day of our lives. And lastly, No matter what you say or do, when the President of the NAACP says that Ron Paul is not a racists, you are not going to be able to smear him with that tar. So you will have to try harder than this to make
    the horrible horrible man that tells it like you do not want to hear it go away. Sticks and Stones and such!

  • Tom Mathers

    I registered republican to vote for Ron in the primary here in Maryland. As soon as that is done I will return to my Libertarian party. I am not nor will I ever be again a republican I think that republicans are pretty much a**holes. If Ron Paul is the candidate I will vote for him, if not I will vote for whatever libertarian is on the ballot. As to the newsletters, so friggin what? Nothing in them reached anywhere near the level of hate and rage that the hypersensitive race baiters, gays and Jews are complaining about. Anyone who thinks that those people who pummeled Reginald Denny on that LA street where anything else but animals are welcome to vote for someone else. Anyone who thinks the gay lifestyle is not a fatal lifestyle is whistling past the graveyard. Anyone who thinks many Jewish Americans do not harbor dual allegiances between Israel and their mother country has no concept of religious zealotry. You bigots seeking to charge folks with thought crimes should really be ashamed of yourselves and when you are done look long and hard at the political landscape. If you can find anyone closer to the political positions you hold dear than Ron Paul, vote for that person and quit riding Ron’s case.

  • Ham

    So what if he made money from the newsletter. What a stupid anti-capitalist smear.

    Would that mean that New York Times journalists are also partly responsible for some of the garbage that comes out of that rag?

    So Ron didn’t proof read every article of every edition of a newsletter that ran for years. Big deal. He’s still so far ahead of the other crooks running that it’s ridiculous. There are some people who really deserve a good bashing with the smear stick.

    Those smearing Ron Paul are establishment hacks riding the status quo over a cliff. These are the people making the US into a hated nation around the world and they will destroy this once great nation if they get their way.

  • Darel

    I own a growing company myself. Last year gross sales put us at 9.7 million with nearly 40% of gross income and after labor, design, etc. My net put me at 10.7%. By the way I own an internet new source. I have nearly 27 writers and a few months ago one writer decided to write a sex colum without concent. Keep in mind each writer has access to the backend of the system and since each person edits some of content the colum was posted without my concent. The colum was a sex ed section and though well meaning many from the right lost trust in our source and it’s taken nearly four months to see web numbers begin to grow again. We are now listed in the top 1000 sites on hte net. My point is this I knew who wrote the articles but they were suppose to only post pre determined articles. The writer took it upon herself to be creative and offer a sex section about the sexuality of various postions of intercourse. Am I own the payrole of my site? I sure am. the point I’m making is even though a publishing firm may have safe guards one can’t place the blame on paul just because he is on the payrole. By the way my daughter who is just 12 I pay a small fee to for summer spending money and teaching her the value of an earned dollar also earns a small income. Does this also imply she is responsible for my writers post of a sex article? I dare so no.

    I have been a raving fan of Ron Paul for over five years and i have yet to hear him say anthing of a race issue at all. Even in small group meetings before he ran this year I never herd him say one mean thing about blacks, etc.

    Just the other day a NAACP president of Texas went on record to say that Paul was not a racist and has known Paul for years.

    So when I see issues such as this and not this is a blog which appears to be ran by a single person for sure he may not undersand the over all issue. The bottom line is we all make mistakes. I should have checked everyone’s post but over time I have began to trust them and this one time It hurt my business model. By the way I would not have ran her article but I’m not apposed to those who seek a great sex life either. In Paul’s case he would have never supported racist rants of any type had he been aware of the details. Besides some of the issues the media keep ranting about are not an issue at all but rather taken out of context.

    You go on to imply it was Lew Rockwell who provided the remarks well why not prove your point instead of implcations. I have sued blogg owners before for spreading lies maybe Lew will be nice to you and not sue you.

  • Brandon

    Why don’t you go write about Rudy Giulliani and Mitt Romney dodging the draft for Vietnman while they preach genocide in the middle east at the cost of our troops? Why don’t you write about Huckabee signing death penalties and supporting genocide in the middle east? Are we seriously that distorted as people to throw our interest at who is racist over who is portraying bad policy? What the FUCK am I seeing today? I mean I know times are horrible but jesus fking christ people. Use your brains and use your hearts, ask yourself what is more important. Should we honor our soldiers and fore fathers who gave their lives for our liberty and freedom? Or should we divert our attention to some stupid controversial newsletter, and let’s even say in the worst case Ron Paul did know what was being written, why does it matter? Ending the war on drugs is the best thing that can be done for black people than anything else……. Please America, we are all good people, we just get confused, realize what is right.

  • Dave

    Who fricken cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • letma


    All I know is that the man wants to give me more freedom. No other candidate wants to do that.

    Besides it does not take an investigation and convoluted paper trail to know that Thompson and McCain are racists. Did you watch the debate the other night?

    That was just as offensive as the decades old newsletter contents. Not to mentioned that I am troubled by the fact that McCain said he would “always hate gooks” in this century.

    Republicans and Democrats trade in cynical prejudice politics all of the time whether its anti-homosexual in 2004 or the anti-arab today. That’s a sad thing but crucifying Paul for this crime is ridiculous and a missed opportunity for more freedom for all.

  • Lucille

    Give it up.

    Sunday, January 13, 2008; KLBJ-am radio, Alex Jones Show, Austin, TX

    “NAACP President: Ron Paul Is Not A Racist”

    “Linder says Paul being smeared because he is a threat to the establishment.

    Austin NAACP President Nelson Linder, who has known Ron Paul for 20 years, unequivocally dismissed charges that the Congressman was a racist in light of recent smear attempts, and said the reason for him being attacked was that he was a threat to the establishment.

    Linder joined Alex Jones for two segments on his KLBJ Sunday show this evening, during which he commented on the controversy created by media hit pieces that attempted to tarnish Paul as a racist by making him culpable for decades old newsletter articles written by other people.

    “Knowing Ron Paul’s intent, I think he is trying to improve this country but I think also, when you talk about the Constitution and you constantly criticize the federal government versus state I think a lot of folks are going to misconstrue that….so I think it’s very easy for folks who want to to take his position out of context and that’s what I’m hearing,” said Linder.

    “Knowing Ron Paul and having talked to him, I think he’s a very fair guy I just think that a lot of folks do not understand the Libertarian platform,” he added.

    Asked directly if Ron Paul was a racist, Linder responded “No I don’t,” adding that he had heard Ron Paul speak out about police repression of black communities and mandatory minimum sentences on many occasions.

    Dr. Paul has also publicly praised Martin Luther King as his hero on many occasions spanning back 20 years.

    “I’ve read Ron Paul’s whole philosophy, I also understand what he’s saying from a political standpoint and why people are attacking him,” said Linder.

    “If you scare the folks that have the money, they’re going to attack you and they’re going to take it out of context,” he added.

    “What he’s saying is really really threatening the powers that be and that’s what they fear,” concluded the NAACP President.”

  • JB

    This is just getting ridiculous. I suppose soon they will be combing the streets of pittsburgh for some 72 year old African – american man who will testify that in 1951 Ron Paul called him a Negro.

    And then they will find a video tape of Ron Paul’s Grandson saying “the New York Giants are gay” – clearly a homophobic statement.

    And why so much interest in ridiculing a man with a 6% showing in the polls – seems hardly worth it.

    If only he would have been derogatory about muslims, like all the other republican candidates, it would have been ok

  • mw

    “And then they will find a video tape of Ron Paul’s Grandson saying “the New York Giants are gay” JB

    Well – the New York Giants are gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just a fact. Brett and and the Pack will send them back to NY in time for them to work to get Bloomberg on the California Primary ballot. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    I am saying this as a Chicago Bear fan tha hates the Packers. BTW – The Chicago Bears beat the Packers twice this year, and five out of the last six meetings. Just saying. Go Brett.

  • tanah

    Please-Move on you guys continue to beat a dead horse. Old news!
    I am Hispanic and I believe Ron Paul is being smeared because some people are getting paid to do this.
    I am certain I am not wasting my vote as the MSM want people to believe by voting by Ron Paul.
    People can be so naive and ignorant about their AGENDA AND WHAT IS DRIVING THEM. Please if you haven’t decided on a candidate do your own research and
    and you will see why he had 130,000 donors on Dec 16th (24 hr money bomb) raising over 6 MILLION dollars while Huckleberry raised an embarrsing amount of $95,000 dollars by a few donors. Also Guliani raised like 2-3 million for quarter from only 5,000 donors as oppossed to PAul’s 130,000…
    What is that telling you?

    Who is driving the media darlings Fred T, Huckleberry, Guliani and McGrain? Even though Ron Paul beat Fred and Guliani AGAIN!
    They still include them in debates and as top 5 candidates. It is so obvious they want to discourage people from voting from the only person from either party that offers “True Change”…
    Obama and Hillary are offering more and more of the same… as charming as Obama can be he alike Hillary want to offer free healthcare which do you how are they paying for that? Of course they aRE NOT SAying.
    I am hispanic and i just heard both trying to get the hispanic vote by promising free healthcare and college education!!!
    My goodness! Please get an economics book and see it is not going to work. Also, the barrel of gas is not $100 because of control from the middle east but because the dollar is devalued by the war and deficits! duh!! Please vote Ron Paul he is the only one against the war because he understands cause and effect…none of the candidates talk about the real issues….
    I am voting for Ron Paul and my donations aRE GOING TO Ron Paul,
    I do it for my 3 children…my boys will likely get drafted if this war continues like McgRain said for 100 years if necessary…how ignorant… we made a mistake in staying in Iraw-pack it up and move on… Our economy is collapsing now!!!
    Vote Ron Paul -educate/inform your family and friends since he is being suppressed by the media who is suppossed to inform us and we decide.

  • Eskiegirl302

    Hmm, well lets see now. Ron Paul has worked in washington for twenty years. IF he was lying to the IRS they surely could have “uncovered” what this “reason”? person(s) has. Or is Ron Paul smarter than them? His voting record is a govt record, do you suppose that is some sort of mistake too? roflmao! common sense will tell you most anything. He’s not a racist, he’s not a liar, and he is trying to save this country you dummy. But I will let you have your “I’m not worried. Govt will take care of me attitude” lol swallow it whole sucker cause your gonna choke.

  • Utterly Insignificant

    Did you bother to read the original article in its entirety? I did. I did not find “RACIST” comments. I found commentaries on the LA Race Riots. He does not say “all black people… blah blah blah.” Have we gone so crazy over PC that no one dare state the obvious anymore. This is nothing more than an attempt to discredit Dr Paul because there are neocons who fear he’s way too popular. I’m glad they are afraid. I’ll vote for Dr. Paul even if I have to write him in!

  • badmedia

    Good job sticking to the issues, facts and things that actually matter and affect peoples lives…

    Get a grip, he’s not a racist and everyone knows it.

  • So Sleepy

    Hey listen,

    This topic is boring me to death. Justin, how much time did you spend on this? Can you write on something interesting? I was watching Man vs. Wild and that guy is really crazy. He actually ate a live snake. In one episode he skinned a camel and ate camel steak. It was really amazing.

  • Interesting

    Did Hillary have something racist to say in her past? Please check the following:

  • Paul

    Wow, this has really gone past insane.

    We have the Huckster wanting to change the Constitution to be more “Bible-like”. We have all of the Republican candidates except for Ron Paul wanting to blow up Iran, because they may get a nuclear weapon some day, and trying to use a few speedboats radioing an American destroyer as an excuse to do it. Then after they blow up Iran, they seem to want to kill every Muslim they can find, or throw them in Gitmo (which Mitt wants to “double”). We have election votes still being done on Diebold machines, with the outcomes decided in back rooms, by who knows who. We have the economy going to hell in a hand basket. We have HR1955, which seems to have passed.

    With all of that, plus the fact that leader of the NAACP in Austin, who has known Ron Paul for many years saying that he knows Ron Paul is not a racist, we have the MSM and others, who just can’t seem to stop kicking this dead horse of these letters from years ago, that contain writing that reads nothing like anything that Ron Paul has ever said or written.

    For goodness sake, can we please move on?

  • S.W. Anderson

    Asking Paul fanatics what they have to say about a post that makes the man’s dishonesty or incompetence and prejudices clear will get you lots of comments, obviously. The question is, what are all those comments worth?

    I don’t care what you say . . .

    Don’t come at me with facts and logic. I don’t need no stinkin’ facts and logic about Ron Paul. I know all I need to know about him. . .

    Lies, lies and more lies . . .

    Yada, yada, yada.

    None are so blind as those who will not see.

  • crw

    Okay, I’m not a Ron Paul backer at all. I’m very critical of his response to the newsletter flap – his seeming inability to issue a mea culpa for making an obviously bad political calculation in early nineties. His inability to admit he violated his own principles in the name of some expedient money and votes. And his bad judgment in not considering this would be used as dirt and preparing a response.

    But I think it’s unfair to say he’s lying or allege he was a tax cheat. I can honestly believe he doesn’t remember the details of what went on with these newsletters – who wrote what and so forth. He’s never outright said he didn’t know these statements were being made or that they went out sans approval. As far as I can tell, he’s dodged that issue completely. All he’s said is he doesn’t remember exactly who wrote what when, he takes “moral responsibility,” and he’s not a racist. Which I’m willing to believe are all true statements.

    So, I think it does a disservice to the good Doctor to impugn his character this way. He’s made some bad judgments, and apparently has the all too human inability to admit when he screwed up. And he may be protecting his friends, who I suspect were the masterminds behind the scheme to begin with. These aren’t great traits for a president, but lets not rush to burn the man at the stake.

  • Web Smith

    The first time I heard the one about the welfare checks was in 1966 after the Watts riots. A friend and I had gone to see a black comedian in Tahoe. It will come up again after the next riots.

    Since then, I have traveled to every city with a population over 50,000 in every state and everyone everywhere makes the same types of racial comments and tells the same ethnic jokes. You do it and your friends do it. Every single one of the candidates does it. The more indignant people act about about it, the more guilty they are.

    No one seems to have heard Ron Paul do it but, I know, without having heard them, that, at the very least, some of the people he knows do it because that’s the way it is.

    The discussion about how soon slavery would have ended without the Civil War and what Lincoln’s true intentions were has been going on since the war was over. Everyone seems to be an expert on Lincoln, the Civil War, and slavery even though they don’t really understand it.

    The accusations that Obama and Clinton have been hurling at each other over these issues has been very detrimental to both of their campaigns. The thing is, that they both have been telling the truth.

    None of this hate speech has any place in a campaign for President. What matters is not whether you like blacks, Hispanics, gays, or any other group of people. What matters is that, as President, you do everything in your power to insure that every single individual has equal rights under the law.

    If the chip on your shoulder is that big or you want to relieve your guilt that bad, Google “black jokes” and send those sites a bunch of hate mail.

    Let the rest of us try to elect a President.

  • rachel

    This is so disappointing.

  • MikeB

    If anyone can find a better candidate than Ron Paul, they should vote for him or her. Speaking for myself, Ron Paul is far and away the only politician worth supporting. I don’t think it matters that a few white men are worried about his being politically correct on race issues.

  • Garrett

    Seriously?!! OMG Noes!! Racism is not acceptable, but it’s still free speech. If there was a newsletter under my name, I wouldn’t care what was written so long as the author of the article took credit for the writings. If someone wants to make me money by penning some racist propaganda and make them self look like a dumb then more power to them.

  • penny freeman

    This whole article is swill and lies by Dondero who hates Ron Paul and will say anything because he got fired!

    I am Penny Freeman. The newsletter had ceased publication years before I was on staff.

    You “journalists” who want to make a name for yourself better watch your mailbox. You are liable for slander.

  • dfw

    Give it a rest. Ron Paul is not a racist. He protects civil liberties and upholds the Constitution. Ron Paul is the only candidate that is worth supporting. Spend more time on the present. These stories are not going to amount to anything. Ron Paul has already proven himself to me. Ask yourself “Why do i hate freedom”.

  • Darrin

    The real story is where all the main political contenders get their cash. Clinton, Guiliani, McCain all get their cash from lobbiests and industrialists who want to continue to control Washington. Never mind that Obama and Ron Paul are raising grass root support from real Americans. Everyone has a right to be heard in America including people with radical views.. that’s freedom baby!

  • David Hauser

    Wow! Ron Paul is doing fantastic and the neocons and leftists are very scared. The smearing has risen to a frenzied pitch as the corporatists and nanny staters are frantically trying to find some kind of major dirt on the good doctor.


    The owned and paid-for elitists are so stupid. Ignoring Dr. Paul was a much better strategy. As Paul supporters dig into this morass of lies and stretched-truths, they realize there’s nothing there and OUR SUPPORT IS INCREASING AS A RESULT! Here in Chicago, our Ron Paul campaign groups have DOUBLED IN SIZE IN ONLY TWO WEEKS! The vast majority of our new members are disgusted by the obvious obfuscations and smear tactics started by The New Republic and Reason Magazine. They can see the truth through the lies.

    Now Ron Paul support is climbing in SC, NV and FL in a direct coorelation to the increase in smearing! People in the US have had it with these tactics and they are going to show it. Paul is now polling higher in IL, CA, NV and SC. He may not win, but this revolution will not end if he loses.


  • David

    As a Ron Paul supporter this kind of thing sucks. Bigotry and racism blow and there is no doubt about it. Every politican has some skeletons in the closet. Like you said, these allegations don’t take away from his current message. However there is a strong Puritanical streak in America that seems unwilling to deal with reality. People change, views change and what seemed important at one point in time is less important at another. Nobody is perfect and we all have done stupid things in our time. It’s sad how some people get a pass on these things, like the current President did with his cocaine abuse, draft dodging, bankrupting companies and all sorts of other indicators that he wasn’t a good leader. Others who are advocating real change get dragged down by them. Change is scary enough to begin with so it is even easier to demonize those who advocate it.

  • bstender

    A libertarian tends to let other people believe what they want and allows the marketplace of ideas decide its fate. This could support Paul’s claim of not knowing, (and not caring to know), what was in his newsletter. but the marketplace of ideas may decide this is not a good philosophy… a world with no accountability? what is the role of a president?

  • Thomas

    Ron Paul is not a racist.

    People had to search many years of newsletters to find a handful of comments that are candidates for being racist. Those were not written by him.

    He is no more a racist than Donklephant is for allowing this article and these comments. He presented a forum for articles on freedom, finances and change.

    There are many people still growing in wisdom in this country. Ron Paul encourages the right ideas. He is a good model for the right ideas. He does not isolate himself from others.

  • Sad but True

    It is Sad but True. Ron is either a racist, or he harbors racists.

    One of Ron’s so called heroes Martin Luther King said, “Non cooperation with evil is as much as a moral obligation as cooperation with good.”

    Ron Paul should simply tell us who wrote the news letters. It is bad enough that he and his wife and his daughter profitted from them, but it is even more embarrasing and pathetic to say that he has no idea who wrote the newsletters and he doesn’t know any of their names. (He sounds like Rudy refusing to even name his clients!)

    Who were the editors? Who were the writers? What did they earn? Did you ever fire them? Did you ever warn them? Did you ever issue any retractions?

    The Ron Paul revoltution would never accept the same excuse from other candidates and Ron dishonors every black, gay, Jewish, colored American who gave money or volunteered for him.

    Ron should release their names today.

  • Lee

    When you read the newsletters and after each paragraph/entry, you ask yourself “how this would apply to the constitution?”, you will see a trend. everything he talks about is, in his view (and mine) a problem b/c it is not supported by the constitution. its not racist at all. He doesnt not believe in a welfare state. hence the welfare check comment. doesnt matter what color you are , if you are receiving a welfare check, he doesnt think thats constitutional for the other citizens to pay for it. He doesnt think any group, including “gay” groups have a right to things ahead of the rest of the citizens. He doesnt think Jackson and Sharpton etc are really helping the african-american citizens with the way they go about fighting for equality instead of fighting for everyones liberty. there is no racism in freedom. Dr. Paul is the first to stand up for african-americans who are in jail citing unjust laws against them that are again, unconstitutional. Get off your high horse and look at it the way he does and you will see, no matter who wrote those things, THEY ARE TRUE, and it isnt a judgement of the individuals mentioned in the articles, but a disgust with the unconstitutional system they are forced to operate in.
    Go Ron Paul!
    donate on Martin Luther King Day!

  • iswuzwilby

    Drop this topic, its not interesting or relevant anymore. He’s not a racist, and thats what is important. Its almost comical to imagine Ron Paul, who has had an openly pro-constitution, i.e. civil liberties agenda, who has been in the public eye for 20 something years and taken on the establishment on so many key issues, has a secret racist agenda. That’s laughable. C’mon now. Lets talk about the issues. Our foreign policy is killing and disenfranchising way more brown people than the KKK is. Give it up.

  • Eric Dondero

    Correcting the record:

    My name? Eric Dondero Rittberg. No mystery. Dondero is the name of my biological Father from New York. Rittberg is the name of my adoptive parents who live in Florida. I have never used any other names besides Eric Dondero Rittberg.

    Secondly, I am not running for Congress against Ron Paul. Paul’s GOP primary opponent is Friendswood City Councilman Chris Peden. Yes, I have endorsed Peden over Paul. But I am not running in the race. The filing deadline passed on Jan. 2.

    Ironically, a Libertarian Party guy from Dallas, named Eugene Flynn DID file against Ron Paul and/or Peden for the general election. Perhaps the poster above is confusing me with Mr. Flynn. I live in Houston, NOT Dallas. And I am a Republican NOT a Libertarian Party member.

  • Eric Dondero

    David Hauser writes this all off as a bunch of “liberals and NeoCons” opposing Ron Paul.

    Truth is, it’s libertarians who are mostly opposed to Paul. That’s the unwritten story here; The amount of opposition Paul has to his candidacy within the libertarian movement, particularly from mainstream libertarians who view him as irreparably doing severe damage to our cause by associating us libertarians with the likes of Don Black, David Duke, Lyndon Larouchies, Alex Jones, and 9/11 Truthers.

  • iswuzwilby

    Eric Dondero,
    It is the media and people like you who associate Libertarianism with Don Black, David Duke, Alex Jones, etc. Ron Paul has done no such thing. What Ron Paul has done may or may not be bad for your ‘party’ but it has been great for bringing national attention to our Constitution, sound money, non-interventionism, and small government. If you don’t stand for those ideas, than what does a mainstream libertarian stand for? When are ideas more important than party affiliation? Answer: when you get your priorities straight.

  • SickofIt

    No, idiots. The REAL issue is Chinagate and the horrendous corruption of the presidency, the unbelievable desire of the elites to get that group BACK in the White House. Clintons GAVE AWAY OUR MANUFACTURING AND TECH SECRETS TO CHINA, for massive money infusions into their dynasty; from whom we NOW HAVE TO BORROW TO FIGHT OUR EVIL WARS. And you think that a stupid newsletter is bad? I just don’t care whether you make him out to be racist- it is irrelevant and it is up to the people to be the ones to end racial bias among themselves. It can’t be done anyway if people are imprisoned and controlled by the Patriot Act which will eliminate all freedoms and destroy our country. Get your priorities straight or you will deserve all the misery we get from this. Unfortunately even the innnocent and people who are working for change will suffer from your traitorous bias too.

  • Steven Allen

    Eric Donder says:

    “And I am a Republican NOT a Libertarian Party member” AND

    “…severe damage to our cause by associating us libertarians with…”

  • Gene

    I think “Justin raised just 60 bucks” would be a more insightful headline. Just my opinion.

  • funwithwords
  • kaliey

    Regardless, his writings in the newsletters are not WRONG. They are just hard to take. Not everything that’s impolite to delicate sensebilities is untrue. Quit arguing about WHO wrote WHAT – don’t shoot the messenger… if he is wrong, disprove his words. We’re all waiting for that and knowing full well the reason people attack HIM is because what he wrote is the truth. Even if it is “mean”.