Ron Paul's Newsletters Authored By Lew Rockwell

Ron Paul's Newsletters Authored By Lew Rockwell


First off, I know a lot of you Paulites have told me you’ve read what was printed in the newsletters and you don’t think it was all that bad. Well, fair enough. That’s your opinion and I respect your right to make it. Of course I completely disagree, but that’s neither here or there at this point because that’s not the issue that matters in all of this.

The important point is that Ron Paul has told all of you that some crazy staffer wrote it and was then dismissed after he found out. But how can that be when it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Lew Rockwell, long time business associate, friend and supporter, wrote the newsletters?

Last week, a statement was prepared by Ron Paul’s press secretary Jesse Benton, and approved by Ron Paul, acknowledging Lew Rockwell as having a role in the newsletters. The statement was squashed by campaign chairman Kent Snyder.

When this means, in short, is that Ron Paul is lying to you. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. He is lying to you.

Here’s what we now know:

  1. He and the author (Lew Rockwell) have been friends for years. In fact, Paul lists Rockwell on his endorsement page.
  2. Paul and his family received compensation for years from the subscriptions to the newsletters. Tax records prove this.
  3. When originally confronted about the newsletters, he did not disavow them nor did he say he didn’t write them. It was only later that he said they had been ghost written.

Again, the conclusion is simple. The person who wrote these newsletters was not some insane staff member. It was Lew Rockwell. And if the Reason story I’ve linked to is to be believed, and there’s no reason not to, it appears as if the Paul campaign was about to confirm exactly that. But you know what happened then? Kent Snyder realized what that admission would do to Ron Paul’s credibility, given the many pieces of evidence I’ve cited here, and he backed off. It’s an understandable move, but woefully transparent.

Folks, this is a guy who has built his campaign and support around the idea of speaking truth to power. And yet it’s becoming apparent that his way to speak truth to power back in the 90s was by appealing to our society’s racist, bigoted tendencies. And by the way, I don’t care that the President of the Austin chapter of the NAACP said he didn’t think Paul was a racist. Again, whether or not he is racist isn’t the point. Paul profited from the publication of those newsletters and then lied about it. That’s inexcusable.

Again, to all his supporters, keep Paul’s message of freedom, but ditch Paul the messenger. In fact, you should disavow him immediately. Otherwise you’ll never gain political traction because your credibility will be as suspect as his.

I notice, yet again, that most of the comments here are saying, “This is old news,” and “Move on.” But if this is such old news, then why won’t Paul tell anybody who wrote them? It’s blatantly obvious he knows. And if Lew Rockwell did indeed write them, none of you mind that he lied about it being written by some crazy staffer? This doesn’t bother anybody?

Some of you also think I’m scared of Ron Paul and your campaign to change the country. Okay, yeah, sure…I’m not trying to HELP you all by pointing out some pretty glaring flaws in the man’s story that could end up destroying your movement. No, not at all. I’m just SCARED.

And you’re really surprised when people dismiss you so quickly?


I see a lot of comments below talking about “standing up for freedom.” Well, one of the most important ways you stand up for freedom is by holding people accountable. And if you don’t hold Paul to the same standards you’re holding everybody else to, you’re not only doing yourself a disservice, but you’re also knocking the legs out from under the freedom movement you’ve worked so hard to build.

  • Tess

    Maybe your next smear piece should be on John McCain, and the Keating Five, along with his undying devotion to illegals-guess no one told McCain it was against the LAW. Let the public really know who the corrupt politicians are starting with McCain. I am sure you won’t print my comment because it does not line up with the Neocon agenda you are pandering to.

    This veteran will be casting my vote for our Constitution, and for our Country’s people, and that will be for Ron Paul.

  • Evan

    Lots of people wrote for the newsletter, idiot. Your “proof” is flimsy nutty conspiratorial crap.




  • Dagny

    RON “I take my marching orders from the Constitution!” PAUL

  • John

    Nice source, pal. Unfortunately the campaign dismissed your supposed proof in their own statement:

    “I respect Tom Lizardo, but he does not work for the campaign and has no authority to comment on campaign business.”
    -Jesse Benton

  • keith edge

    Seriously, this is weak stuff. Let’s put another corporate-sponsored warmonger in office because Ron Paul is a good guy who didn’t want to throw his friend under a bus. We’re all convinced.

  • independent

    I agree, its time to take the message and move on. If nothing else, the whole fiasco shows that Ron Paul isn’t an effective political manager – his editors publish without his knowledge and his campaign manager can prevent him from coming clean on this.

  • tanah

    Interesting that you invest all this time like “others” in trying to dig dirt on Ron Paul. Get over it and move on!
    I am hispanic and I am NOt offended by the newsletters.
    You are such a cry-baby.
    I have been called “wet-back”-because of how i look etc but I am a Us citizen.
    Get over it!
    Why don’t you do a smear piece on Obama’s charm and how he, Hillary, Huckleberry, Edwards, and McGrain will pay for the unwinnable war that we will never win. We already OWE Billions to China while those clowns want to “bring real change” by increasing taqxes to maybe start to deliver what they promise you.
    My goodness! I have to vote my conscience: Will VOTE FOR RON PAUL-for HOPE in the future of my children.
    Ron Paul debate: “naive but smooth” OBama, Hillary… (yes… Hillary!”-man!
    She and all those candidates would be “shredded to pieces” because none of them have substance and “duck” the questions!
    If the american people those that never have heard about Ron Paul would be so upset and angry about how you and the MSM have marginalized/disrespected and “viable” and legitimate candidate because he goes against the grain….
    Wake up!
    Reconsider your candidate: see why!
    Money-Bomb MLK day-Give even $5 -you will make a difference!
    I have to boys and a nephew..-they may get drafted even this flaky war continues.
    My vote and hard-earned money goes to Ron Paul!
    He is the only one that “truly” understands “cause and effect”…
    Sorry abt misspelled words-time pressure!
    Austin, TX :)

    McCain, Huckle-all of them –

  • Mythprogrammer

    Kucinich for the win 😀

  • Evan

    There are a lot of self-serving libertarians trying to ditch an honest proven candidate for, I must presume, the elitists at Cato and Reason.

    This has been going on for a long time, and I wonder why all these “libertarian” organizations that are now vilifying Ron Paul never really endorsed him before.

    It is insane to take a small group of people and divide it further for the meager scrapings of a tiny insignificant party.

    I don’t remember where I read it, but I agree with the observation someone made that the people reaching the farthest to try to come to negative conclusions are strangely enough the libertarians who accomplish absolutely nothing but act as if they are the bulwarks of libertarianism.

    The Libertarian party is nothing. It will go nowhere, it will do nothing.

    You divisive conspiratorial idiots are trying your best to kill the cause you claim.

  • Taylor

    Justin Raimondo blows the WHOLE GODDAMN smear out of the water. If you want to real low down read his piece. You have been neutralized.

  • Rand Thinker

    We all make mistakes and do stupid things. Luckily, Ron Pauls’ mistake doesn’t include voting for an illegal and unconstitutional war, the erosion of our civil liberties and the growth of a corrupt government.

    By the way:

    In 1993, when the worst of the newsletters were being published, Ron Paul very publicly endorsed the Virginia General Assembly campaign of Rick Sincere, an openly gay Libertarian. Says Sincere: “Ron Paul issued a letter on my behalf, soliciting funds from libertarians and votes from constituents. … Dr. Paul (then a former congressman) was aware I was running as an openly-gay candidate and he raised no questions, concerns, or objections. I hardly think a homophobic bigot would have sent out a fundraising letter over his own signature, endorsing (as the Washington Times stylebook would have it) an ‘avowed homosexual’ for public office.”

  • Fazsha

    You can smear, scream, swear and spit, it is not going to matter.

    Ron Paul is my man and I’m voting for him!! Deal with it!!

  • brettrix

    Justin, you can disavow Ron Paul but I never will – The only man that will tell it like it is gets my vote. If we keep handing $ to groups of people then racism and collectivism will never end.

    Ron Paul is the only person who can bring about an end to real racism here in America and everyone is trying to tell me he is a racist.
    Truth can not be categorized as such

  • Don Hannaford

    Go Ron Paul!!! The only honest grass roots conservative candidate out there!!!!!

  • John Galt

    Justin, you are full of shit.

    What has happened is that several very bad comments have been used to color many more less than politically correct comments, in Newsletters that cover more than 10 years.

    Did you ever think that more than one person may have wrote these, and that the amount of Ron Pauls knowledge and reaction varies depending on which articles, and which versions of the News letter you are talking about?

    But Neither you, (or the real journalists, Weigel and Kirchick) are ever very specific about which statement you mean, actually analyzing individual sections, in context would get in the way of your sanctimonious rants and accusations. I suppose you can’t wait until that womanizer, Bloomberg, gets into the race, and will ignore the cases of Sexual Harrasment. And I have heard nothing from you or them about “Giuliani time” in New York, when profiling and ignoring civil rights was encouraged, to the point of murder and torture.

    Ron Paul is not Perfect, but”Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? ” Or is it just all a word game, and actions are not important ?

  • John

    Sadly, the author is correct. This makes Ron Paul’s vow to return open-ness to government seem hollow. :(

  • Rand Thinker

    Hey Independent, before Ron Paul did you know that America has over 700 military bases in over 130 counties? Did you understand our fiat monetary system that robs from the poor and give to the rich? Did you even think about the constitution? Did you know that the pentagon uses more oil than 180 countries? Did you know that the price of oil, if quoted in gold has not changed in 5 years? Did you even think about birth right citizenship? Ron Paul has risked his and his families lives challenging the establishment and you sit there and say lets throw him under the bus over one politically driven “swift boat” article. Let me tell you, politics is a messy game and apparently it’s not one for you. Thank God you weren’t a founding father.

  • Elaine McKillop, Esq.

    I am just shocked! The Patriot Act and the Military Commission Act have usurped all of our civil liberties, the “Federal Reserve” bankers who hijacked our economy for their own profits have destroyed our monetary system, the “War on Drugs” has criminalized a medical problem that disproportionately imprisons minorities and the poor and then our government and multinational corporations are using these individuals, that have not harmed the life, liberty or property of another, as slave labor in prison factories, we have an undeclared war going on that is costing billions and costing lives, not only our soldiers, but the lives of hundreds of thousands of non combatants, and yet you have time to attempt to smear the only candidate who recognizes the crisis that Americans face and has a platform for the real change needed to save our country? I don’t care if you have photographs of Dr. Paul next to the devil, he is still the only honorable man in Washington.

  • nice try guy

    I have to admit you bushites give it a good try. Keep up the smear. We do not buy it.

  • bbartlog

    keep Paul’s message of freedom, but ditch Paul the messenger

    No chance. The sophomoric newsletters were offensive in places, but not to the point where I feel like I have to disavow Paul. I do think they should have released the statement that Snyder quashed. But I think you’re playing on the degree to which some of his supporters idolize Paul when you ask them to hold him to a higher standard than the others. Personally I think McCain’s Keating 5 involvement, Giuliani’s handling of his marriages, and Huckabee’s Christian Reconstructionist fundraisers are all bigger red flags than Paul’s old racist newsletters. But then I never subscribed to the modern idea that racism=heresy.

  • brad


    Whose paycheck are you on? It looks like the Zionists have you in their back-pocket and you’re acting like their little monkey-boy.

    Dance little mokey-boy, dance!

  • Tina

    HA HA HA!!!! Give it a rest will ya. It’s not working. This is all old news, dealt with already. Can we move on please???????? Actions speak louder than words. Ron Paul 2008!!!



    “But I think you’re playing on the degree to which some of his supporters idolize Paul when you ask them to hold him to a higher standard than the others. Personally I think McCain’s Keating 5 involvement, Giuliani’s handling of his marriages, and Huckabee’s Christian Reconstructionist fundraisers are all bigger red flags than Paul’s old racist newsletters.” -bbartlog

    I am son of Mexican migrants and wholeheatedly support Dr. Paul’s platform. When compared to the other candidates his actions speak louder than words.

    TEFLON RON, you remember that.

  • john

    Okay, the newsletters thing isn’t a glowing recommendation. name ANY other candidate that is being held accountable for things said decades ago. the LATEST newsletter is a full decade old. Where’s your outrage for things said a decade ago by McCain, or Huckabee, or Romney, or Thompson, or Clinton? Let’s see: singling one candidate out, negatively impacting their chances, no accountability for factual errors in the story. Pretty much the definition of yellow journalism. I’d give it a 5.5 for the smear though, pity it’s on a 1-10 scale

  • Christian GOMEZ

    I am Puerto-Rican and this will NOT stop me from endorsing the best candidate in the field. Ron Paul has been a political hero for me, more so than Reagan was to me. He inspired me to believe in the Constitution and study it. He inspired me to read and learn more about government and the origins of the Federal Reserve. I know people that are Asian, Black, and Hispanic that still and will support Ron Paul, because his message is of individualism and civil liberties.
    You know who the real racists are? You and the media by categorizing race and politics. Will Obama capture the black vote or Richardson capture the Hispanic vote? Stop these stupid questions.
    I am a student at the Whitehead School of International Relations and Diplomacy at Seton Hall University and there are many of us here that support Ron Paul, we will never yield to a CFR candidate. I do not believe in a 9-11 conspiracy or other conspiracies, but I do read what the CFR says on its homepage about sovereignty and their goals or what the CIA and Al-Qaeda say about why they attack us and our allies.
    Ron Paul says the truth and he will get my vote on Super-Tuesday, in my home state of NY, and he will get my vote on November 5th even if I have to write his name of the ballot!
    If you want REAL change and the RIGHT type of CHANGE vote for Ron Paul. The Federal Reserve has admitted that it was the reason the Great Depression happened and Herbert Hoover wrote in his memoirs that the FED over rid his attempts to stop it. If you want someone to REALLY fix the ECONOMY, then vote for the only candidate that wants to abolish the ILLEGAL FED and replace it with a Gold and Silver standard as President Andrew Jackson did. If you want to really LIMIT the size of government vote for Ron Paul If you want to end the Welfare-Warfare state vote for Ron Paul. And fo you want to STOP RACISM then I implore you to VOTE for Ron Paul. Vote para RON PAUL!

  • John

    No doubt this shows Ron Paul’s lack of administrative control if he let some nutty staffer write some mildly offensive comments. But seriously, this election is about more than such small issues! There is a war where thousands are dying and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. There is our economy which is in the hands of an oligarchical, unconstitutional group of profiteers. This election is slipping into the same old BS. I’m not voting. Except for Ron Paul. You call that throwing away a vote? Not when hundreds of thousands of others are doing it. Ron Paul can still win the Republican nomination, but he better pull a pretty big stunt soon. And find a way to dig himself out of this stupid racist criticism.

  • Mythic Mystic

    Is this still the only thing on Paul? Talk about having a cult mentality. I think the only cult around here is the Anti-Paul crowd with all their conspiracy theories about ‘who did what when’ and such. I agree, get over it.
    How come the ‘other’ candidates are taking the message Paul is saying and pandering to the masses with it? Huck with his “I’ll get rid of the IRS” or Thompson with his “States Rights, and God given rights (not Government given) message”. They were not saying any of those things until Paul came along. They will only pay you lip service and you (all of us) get the (bounced) check.
    You guys still don’t get it do you, we are not supporting Paul for light and flakey reasons. We are supporting Paul, because even with his human faults (name one perfect person), he is still the best person for the job out of the rest of field, Dem or Repub. For the economy, could there be a better person than one who has studdied it for more years than most of the others have been alive? On the war (if you REALLY want out) who would even come close to getting us out? I still think we need bases around the world for those ‘just in case’ moments, but we should charge nations for the privlage of having our forces there. At least Rome did that!! That would be a little more resonable (to some).
    Also, he is all about ‘hunting down terrorists’, just not into claiming innocent people as terrorists and going off on foolish crusades slaying dragons. My rethoric, or any Paul supporter’s talk may never convince you, but look at history, we are at the same point the Soviet Union was at before it collapsed (with Muslim ‘boogeymen’ and everything). So stop talking falsely now, the hour is getting late.

  • Bo

    The Clinton supporters use race now to get Obama and you spend time on old newsletters. Why not start going after the real racists the Clinton campaign that uses race and innuendo as a regular part of their campaign strategy.

  • Quick

    Man, everyone is out for blood.

    Keep it coming though, it’s fun watching people who hate Paul try to keep this issue alive. In the mean time, continue to ignore racist comments (that have been documented in video, use YouTube) of McCain saying he hates all gooks, or of Mitt saying he’d never hire a Muslim.

    Instead, hang Paul for something that everyone now agrees he didn’t write only because you know this is the only dirt available on Paul.

  • Matt


    Small people like you don’t matter.

    Who you vote for doesn’t matter.

    Just go to sleep for the next couple of years and see
    what changed country you wake up to.

    I appreciate your level of moderation. Get more positive
    and you will get far.


  • Mark Watkins

    Even if true, when looked at through the prism of compromise, that every candidate has faults that need to overlooked and accepted (and they all do), I can take these statements pulled fom old newsletters as the primary fault of Ron Paul and still find myself comfortable standing him next to the other candidates I would otherwise have to hold my nose while voting for.

    He has agreeable stances on the primary issues that matter most to me, most of which aren’t even considered important to the other candidates, so Ron is still my candidate of choice.

  • Baba Padmanabhan

    You know – I really should be supporting the other republicans for president than Ron Paul. I will benefit greatly if the neo-con agenda continued. I have a lot of family in India – who benefit from jobs that are getting shipped from here, I have a few here that are illegal that may get amnesty and get all the benefits like they were born here. One of my brother is in Iraq and works for a defence contractor and makes so much money that he is going to retire when he gets back next year. But, when I read smear reports like this – consciously I can’t support and get behind the destructive agenda of Liberal Republicans like McCain, Rudy, Romni and Huckabee.

  • EvilPoet

    The Two Bags by Aesop: According to ancient lore, every man is born into the world with two bags suspended from his neck—one in front and one behind, and both are full of faults. But the one in front is full of his neighbor’s faults; the one behind, full of his own. Consequently, men are blind to their own faults but never lose sight of their neighbor’s.

  • Ryan

    1. Nowhere does it say that Lew Rockwell wrote any of the racist newsletter pieces. Nor does it say that Rockwell had any editorial power of those newsletters. There were many writers of them over 3 decades.

    2. Nobody is debating the point that he made money from the newsletters. A group gave Ron Paul money to use his name for their newsletter. He agreed and had zero control over the newsletter and was given money only for the use of his name. He said that it was a mistake to do this.

    3. There were a lot of newsletters written under his name. Which newsletters was he asked about 10 years ago? Of course neither you, nor Reason go into such details because it is pure speculation as to what he was approached about and when (he’s been asked about these a lot of times).

    Of course, Paul has never said anything racist. No one has alleged that he has. The author of the new republic hit piece stated on Tucker Carlson’s show that Paul speaks in “code” that only racists would understand.

    And people say that Paul supporters are nuts!

  • NH

    Do you have no life at all? How many times do we have to tell you that in light of what goes on that is REALLY racist among the other candidates we don’t givea a flying F?

    Hillary Picks La Raza Leader As Campaign Co Chair
    Thu, 04/12/2007

    The former president of an extremist group that organized many of the country’s disruptive pro illegal immigration marches and advocates the return of the American Southwest to Mexico will co-chair Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
    Best known for his radical pro Chicano work during 30 years as president of the National Council of La Raza, Raul Yzaguirre is being promoted by the Clinton campaign as a prominent Hispanic activist who will lead the New York senator’s outreach to Hispanic voters.
    The reality is that Yzaguirre alienates many American citizens of Hispanic descent (in other words, those qualified to vote) with his so-called La Raza rhetoric, which has been repeatedly labeled racist.
    The National Council of La Raza describes itself as the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, but it caters to the radical Chicano movement that says California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Texas belong to Aztlan.
    The takeover plan is referred to as the “reconquista” of the Western U.S. and it features ethnic cleansing of Americans, Europeans, Africans and Asians once the area is taken back and converted to Aztlan.
    While this may all sound a bit crazy, this organization is quite powerful (thanks to Hillary’s new campaign co-chair) and annually receives millions of dollars in federal grants. Its leaders also managed to get included in congressional hearings regarding immigration. Last year alone, the National Council of La Raza received $15.2 million in federal grants and one senator gave the group an extra $4 million in earmarked American taxpayer dollars.
    The organization uses the money to support projects like a Southern California elementary school with a curriculum that specializes in bashing America and promoting the Chicano movement. The school’s founder and principal, a Calexico-educated activist named Marcos Aguilar, opposes racial integration and says Mexicans in the U.S. don’t want to go to white schools or drink from white water fountains.

    Hillary also is known for having a foul mouth and hurling anti-semitic language at Jews.

    Barack Obama’s racist and anti-semitic church

    Consider Obama’s membership in a Chicago South Side Trinity United Church of Christ headed by a racist and anti-semitic pastor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

    Obama has gone out of his way to point to this relationship as evidence of his being a professing Christian and, simultaneously, as Pipes has pointed out a murtadd or apostate under Islam.

    Now, comes this Ron Kessler Washington Insider piece revealing the bizarre, racial and anti-semitic views of Pastor Wright, including the allegation that we, ‘as a white nation brought 9/11 down on ourselves because of our violent acts’.

    Is the smoke coming out of your ears, yet?

    Look at what Kessler cites:

    In sermons and interviews, Dr. Wright has equated Zionism with racism and Israel with South Africa under its previous policy of apartheid. On the Sunday after 9/11, Wright said the attacks were a consequence of violent American policies. Four years later, Wright suggested that the attacks were retribution for America’s racism.

    “In the 21st century, white America got a wake-up call after 9/11/01,” Wright wrote in a church-affiliated magazine. “White America and the western world came to realize that people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just ‘disappeared’ as the Great White West kept on its merry way of ignoring black concerns.”

    In one of his sermons, Wright said, “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run!…We [in the U.S.] believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God.”

    As for Israel, “The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for over 40 years now,” Wright has said. “Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community and wake up Americans concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism.”

    Either Barrack Obama disavows his membership in Pastor Wright’s church with its bizarre ‘racist and anti-semitic views’ or he’s toast even among liberal Democratic voters, if they haven’t been taken in by his platitudinous mantra of ‘hope and change’.

    Should Obama emerge as a Democratic front runner in these early primaries, this scurrilous relationship will likely do him in, even if he feigns to disavow Pastor Wright’s racist and anti-semitic views. Barack Obama still belongs to Pastor Wright’s Trinity United Church in Chicago.

    If Sen. Obama rejects the Rev. Wright’s warped view of this country, why does he continue to attend his church?

  • William D Berg

    Not only will I disavow Ron Paul as the messenger, I will disavow the message of freedom as well. If freedom can allow someone to say something bad then I want no part of it.

    Facism is my new mantra and Romney, McCain and Huckabee are my new leaders.

  • Jack D.

    So is this all the dirt you can come up with on Paul? 15 year old dirt. You’re going to turn your nose up to someone who wants to defend our liberties, keep us from imposing our will through the barrel of a gun around the world (and at home), wants to get rid of the “PRIVATE CORPORATION” Federal Reserve which is no more Federal that Federal Express and ironically came into being the same year they started taxing our labor. Wants to give power back to the States and stop this nonsense of what is becoming nothing more than a democratic dictatorship. Ron Paul would be the only President who would actually honor his oath of office. If Paul isn’t the next President of this country, taking the oath will be like always, lip service to the constitution.

  • NH

    Next time anyone brings up these newsletters that we don’t know or care who wrote, we ought to do like we do in New England, answer a question with another question, which is:

    When a tree falls in the woods does anyone hear it?


  • Gene

    This is just plain nuts Justin, and indicative of the Americow brain. All this information was available and addressed for at least 10 years. Ron Paul is a clear threat to the establishment and they never expected him to get this far. They shot their wad now and don’t have a thing on Ron Paul himself. Where are Ron Paul’s quotes of un-politically correct speech? We know where Hillary’s quotes are because her anti-semitic rants are well documented. Hillary IS the establishment and therefore the point is moot.

  • charles ranalli

    boring and predictable.
    boring and predictable.
    every time somebody stands up for the American people
    as Ron Paul is doing
    he gets tarred as a “hater” of Jews and blacks.
    very boring and totally predictable.
    charles ranalli

  • John Howard

    It is fascinating how willing this dopey author is to call Ron Paul a liar, while showing no skepticism at all about his accusers. I have been reading Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell for many years and am certain that neither wrote these few out-of-context molehill lines from which this absurd mountain is being built.

    Read Justin Raimondo’s excellent analysis before you go any further with this nonsense:

  • Brian

    “but that’s neither here or there at this point because that’s not the issue that matters in all of this.”

    That’s strange – it used to be the “issue that matters in all of this”. So how often are you going to change the “issue that matters in all of this”? As many times as you need to, to be right? What will you finally end up being right about – that Ron Paul has poor personal hygiene?

    All you are doing is trying to persuade as many people as you can to hate someone, for any reason you can think of, without even knowing or caring if it is true or not. It’s nothing but hate-literature, you know, like in the newsletters.

  • Mark

    Way to beat a dead horse, the news letter issue is so 10 minutes ago and quite literally has nothing to do with which candidate will stick it to the man, and which ones will continue the rep & dems legacy of total failure.

    Unless there are witnesses who saw Dr. Paul type those letters, and give his personal word for word “OK” of the final edit.. you can yammer about it till the neo-clowns come home and still never know.

    Now move on to something important like the fact Dr. Paul is the only true candidate of “change”, the others are experienced in failure and will undoubtedly carry on DC business as criminally-usual.

  • Bob

    The other candidates have done far worse in their pasts and gotten off totally free, why is there so much focus on this? why the double standard?

  • Charlie

    The clinging to this story, as if anyone cares, is a hilariously incessant attempt to discredit Paul at all costs, including respectable journalism. Sheesh, give it a rest. Nobody cares about this story. It’s that simple.

  • Darren D.

    Justin says,

    “The important point is that Ron Paul has told all of you that some crazy staffer wrote it and was then dismissed after he found out.”

    Did his campaign ever describe the individuals who wrote the articles as “crazy staffers”?

    Where was that? or Are you just taking a little journalistic liberty?
    Who cares about facts, let’s just sensationalize my story…heck no one will notice.

    This blog would not exist if it was not for Dr. Paul. Your readership was more pathetic than it is now until you started authoring your crap on Ron Paul.

    To think, I was going to add a $1 to your Paul-like donation drive until this drivel. When I say Paul-like, that is not to imply that you will attain your goal like he did, but just that you copied his style.

    Congratulations on your 2% and your average contribution of $12.00!!!!

    Everyday, you should thank the Lord for Dr. Paul and his supporters.

    And finally, thank you for your finally comment of

    “Again, to all his supporters, keep Paul’s message of freedom, but ditch Paul the messenger. In fact, you should disavow him immediately.”

    Let’s see if you are a hypocrite, let’s see if you will ditch Paul and stop writing articles about him, since he is such a nefarious creature.

    My bet is that you will keep buying tickets for the Ron Paul train.

  • Jack L

    It is good to see so many people standing by Paul’s message of freedom. Keep this up guys! We know the truth and are not afraid of looking “un-PC”

  • TC

    I am so sick of these stories. Enough already. Really. We understand this is a business and Ron Paul drives traffic, but move on. Talk about the issues, talk about the race. Anyone who would have left the movement because of the letters is already gone and the rest of us are still here. Give us something insightful – add value.

  • badmedia

    Let me see if I get this right. It’s already been said by even the people who attack Ron Paul that they really don’t think he is racist. That they are just doing it to stir crap up.

    And this is supposed to stop me from voting for Ron Paul, and vote for one of the people who have destroyed liberties for all americans and continue to do so many things wrong I couldn’t possibily list them all.

    And what he didn’t write is more important than what he did actually write?

    Who do you think you are fooling? Do you even realize what you are actually saying here?

    You want me to give up all my rights, everything America stands for some non-issue? What a load of crap.

  • Dr Ward Ciac II

    Can you get over it donkle? That was not Ron Paul writing. In contrast, it was the Huckster letting go the murderers and rapists and taking gifts. It is Juan McCain wanting to give amnesty to illegals and to wage a 100 years’ war. It is RomThomson flip-flopping. It is Obama the anti-Reagan saying he’s Reagan. It is HillBilly who will open the floodgates to Mexico.

  • TJ

    The underlying story here is the rift between the Paleolibertarians (Lew Rockwell, Murray N. Rothbard) and the Neolibertarians (Reason magazine, CATO). Get to the bottom of that and you’ll find the motive for Reason magazine to make such accusations against Mr. Rockwell.

  • Andrew Taylor


    I appreciate your demonstrable even-handedness. I am embarrassed that I am a Ron Paul supporter — not because of the newsletters (which are bad enough), but because of the cultic behavior exhibited by so many of my fellow Paul supporters. Since when did the good doctor become Jesus — “You are either for him or against him”? It seems to me that those of us who have politically cast our lot with Paul should be the ones who are most concerned about these recent developments. It is we who have invested our money, our talents, and our time into his campaign. And we deserve better than half-baked, non-responsive “responses” to this story.

    I do want to quibble with you on one small issue, however: You write, but do not document, that “Ron Paul has told all of you that some crazy staffer wrote it and was then dismissed after he found out.” I have read many people on blogs and forums who have claimed that it was a “former staffer” (which, being Rockwell, is true). I’ve also read that said staffer was “dismissed” (your words) or “fired” (others’ words). But where has Paul, or a person who speaks officially on his behalf, ever said this? I’m not saying it’s not true; I’m simply pointing out that I’ve never seen it proven.

    Thanks again for your fairness towards Paul, his campaign, and his supporters. I appreciate your efforts in this regard, particularly when so many have chosen (lamentably, but understandably) to respond to the outspoken idiots and imbeciles by unleashing a torrent of bile in their direction, as well as painting all of us who support Paul with a too-broad brush.

    As I’ve noted elsewhere, I will still vote for Paul, because he best represents my views. However, I will no longer donate money or time to his campaign efforts.

  • Doug Bayless


    Quite frankly this is poor sensationalist journalism (and embarassingly I’m sure you know it — but hey you gotta pay the bills and stories like these make the advertisers happy).

    The obvious – since you don’t seem too forthcoming about it is that it is incredibly *unlikely* that Rockwell wrote *all* the offending quotes *if any*. In fact, the most likely story — if you disclose details that are readily available to any investigation — is that Lew Rockwell did *not* in fact write any of the truly offensive racist drivel that is being dredged up here. There are other names and other people likely attached to those.

    But – and this seems to complicate things – it is entirely possible that some of the more esoteric anti-establisment “conspiracy” stuff that Kerchick throws in there with all the offensive racism might just have some connection to Rockwell. And trying to get that story out — hey look “so and so” and “this other gal” wrote the racist bits, “some totally other fired staffer” wrote the anti-homosexual stuff, and well actually there was this one story about the NAFTA highway or something that Rockwell worked on but that story I don’t find offensive like the other stuff blah blah blah is a political publicists nightmare. I do wish he’d go to the mats on this stuff and nail the people who wrote that stuff and get into the nitty gritty about the huge difference between (1)discussing cynicism about actual misdoings of secretive corporate officers, government officials, etc. and (2)calling a person horrible demeaning things based on what color they happened to be born.

    So I’m guessing Paul didn’t lie. I find it plausible there *were*, in fact, ‘crazy staffers’ that wrote the really offensive bits. I don’t know if Rockwell was involved with any of the cherrypicked quotes but – if he was – I’d find it most likely it was the stuff Kerchick didn’t even get that he just threw in with the anti-black, anti-gay, and other indisputably offensive quotes.

    I actually listened to an interview with Kerchick (a few days ago) where he went off on one of those ‘conspiracy theories’ he’d quoted and the guy interviewing him [rabidly anti-Paul, mind you] was all “No wait, that one’s not a ‘militant, world-ending, thruther-type idea in that quote — that’s a known occurence” and Kerchick shrugged it off and basically admitted “Oh well who cares — I’d never heard of it and it sure sounded crazy to me”

    That’s my problem with the claim that these horrible things span nearly two decades. If you look at the quotes, the actual ‘indisputably offensive ones’ only span a couple of years whereas Kerchick pads these with lots of other quotes about NAFTA and stuff that he doesn’t really understand and that — and c’mon even if you think the NAU is a completely stupid thing to fear I’d expect you might agree — in is no way offensive on the level of the racist quotes he conflates them with.

  • Cameron

    First of all, I would just like to say that the newsletters were indeed offensive to some people. However, the way some people talk about and treat Ron Paul supporters is just as bad, if not worse.

    The media dismisses RP supporters as creeps, kooks, conspiracy theorists, 9/11 truthers, etc etc. Even if some of his supporters fit those definitions, why is it ok to attack them with insults and put-downs? I support Ron Paul for his policy stances, and because his platform allows for the total equality of ALL Americans. He is right about the war on drugs and it’s tragic effect on minorities. He is right about the Iraq war, and it’s effect on the poor. He is right about so many things, and people dismiss those who agree with him as not “normal.”

    What the heck is wrong with this country, when it is wrong to have different views on the issues that matter most? Lew Rockwell’s writing style may have been a bit insensitive, but his articles seem to be accurate, from what I have heard. Gays do have higher AIDS cases in their population compared to the hetero population. Black men are more likely to commit crimes, but they receive more severe punishment than white men. The crime rate among blacks is correlated with a racist war on drugs and a racist judicial system. That is the truth, and the truth sucks!! However, it needs to be told, as painful as it is, or nothing will change. We’ll just keep getting more of the same… more crime, more tragedy, more lives wasted and lost.

    Ron Paul is not a great speaker, although he handles himself in the debates pretty well. What he does do well though, is address the issues with the truth. Lew Rockwell has a different style, and he may have been wrong to say some of the things the way he did, but those things need to be said, not suppressed. Ron isn’t guilty of lying to us. He brushed off the criticism, as he should. People are dying in this world because of our policies, and the media is more concerned about newsletters that he had published under his name over 10 years ago?? Are you kidding?? The author of this article has probably said a racist thing or two in his lifetime, so should we reprimand him for that? Nobody is perfect. Why don’t we talk about consistency on the issues, which is FAR more important. McCain will give amnesty to illegal immigrants. Romney will probably change his mind AGAIN if he is elected. Huckabee will vote in line with his religious beliefs. Giuliani is really a liberal pretending to be a Republican. Thompson doesn’t even seem like he wants to be president! Ron Paul tells it like it is, whether we like to hear it or not. Sometimes the truth hurts.

    Try walking the streets in Downtown LA by yourself at night and tell me if you feel safe. You’re scared of being robbed or hurt by someone desperate to get a fix, not scared of someone because they are different than you. That is the real tragedy. How about we start helping others who are less fortunate, as opposed to calling each other racists and bigots. Let the name-calling cease and let the healing begin!

  • Levite


    This is so BORING already.

  • Dixon Cannon

    Frankly Mr. Gardner, I don’t care! After some 75 years of mendacity from politicians and bureaucrats in our ever expanding Federal Government, I’m willing to accept some politically incorrect sentiments from the 90’s from a guy who has consistently proven himself to by a true and strict Constitutionalist and a defender of Liberty – for all American citizens. I forgive him. Period.

    Compared to the mendacious, lying, treasonous, grafting characters that we’ve had to put up with for the last century, Dr. Paul is a saint! I’m willing to accept his human frailties and faults because of his record and his experience. Blemishes and all, he is still our best hope for America. Not because he ever claimed he was perfect – but because of his belief in the perfection of our Constitutiton, our Bill of Rights and of our free and enterprising people.

    There. It’s over. Forget about it. And stick to the topic – it’s the Constitutiton Stupid!

    -dixon cannon

  • Gerald

    Ron Paul didn’t write the articles, he cannot be responsible for everyone in America. He is not a facist that will try to dictate to other people how to think and what to write.

    Fake journalists like the one that wrote this article should not be taken seriously. All they care about is their own ends.. I don’t recall anything being written about McCain’s Burka comment or the rest of the candidates wanting to kill all the Arabs in the world, what about that racism, the kind that kills?

  • DenisL

    Justin it does not matter. Ron Paul has disavowed them.
    There could be lots of reasons he is protecting someone. A lot of reasons. The point is that he is anti-racist and anti-sexist, and pro-freedom for everyone!
    Why is anything else important?
    These came out when he was out of politics delivering babies for SEVERAL year.
    Believe it or not that does consume a LOT of time.
    Go Ron Paul!

  • John C.

    What was the reason you wrote this piece? Was it to uncover the truth about something, or just bash another political candidate you don’t support. I don’t understand what about Ron Paul’s politics scares you so much that you have to resort to this kind of child-like character bashing. This is more typical “tabloid” style media. I hope you don’t take yourself too seriously.

  • Charlie

    “Well, one of the most important ways you stand up for freedom is by holding people accountable.”

    Huh? What does that even mean? How are the two related?

    Stop grasping at straws here. Give up. You lost. Nobody cares about this story.

  • Paul


  • James Moore

    I don’t think this is important.
    But I think you should be prepared to defend yourself against charges of slander. Putting out an article with a headline declaring you know the author is Lew Rockwell looks like pretty blatant illegal behavior to me.

    You better be prepared to prove it with more than innuendo.

    Worst Wishes,
    James Moore

  • Accurate_Perceptions

    Uhmmmm……. Ok,

    Let’s look beyond all the mud-slinging for a minute, and face the real problems in this nation right now.

    Just how long do you think the governments of China, Saudi Arabia, and the world are going to finance our dependency ….. oops I meant Social programs?

    China has already threatened the US with the “nuclear option” of dumping our dollars. AND WE LISTENED TO THEM, by hustling our sub-serviant little butt’s over there for “emergency meetings”.

    How many nations have dumped the dollar peg?

    So……who is going to pay for the administration you are promoting Justin?

    The American people can’t. Each and every household in the US owes $440,000.

    Justin …. you owe $440,000 because of your years of sheep-like bleating.

    The only candidate addressing the REAL issue is Dr. Paul. THE ONLY ONE.

    The REAL issue is the perverse oligarchy that has replaced our constitutional republic, it’s PONZI scheme of a monetary system.


    Justin, step away from the crack-pipe ….. AND THINK.

    Under our current system each and every American is an indentured slave from birth to death.

    You are carefully monitored, regulated, and taxed every step of the way. You own nothing. Everything you have can be taken from you by the state.

    Without your knowledge or consent, you are obligated to pay for the lavishness and largess of a government that has no regard, no concern for you. Or your family.

    The worst is yet to come. Read the financial news TODAY.

    THINK for yourself.

    Just a small word of advice for you Justin. Find a twelve step program.

    Insanity is performing the same actions/behaviors over and over again expecting different results.

    Electing the same “Washington Insiders” over and over again expecting real change.

  • Pete

    Rockwell is probably responsible for them because he was supposed to be the editor, that doesn’t mean he wrote them. He denied writing the articles long before Paul ran for the nomination so it could have easily been a staffer(s). My take is that they let the newsletter run itself for quite a while which was obviously dumb. There is a distinct point in time when the racist garbage stops and nothing in the thousand+ articles Dr. Paul authored that are available on line are even remotely similar to the newsletters.

    For perspective, the other candidates offer us, invading Iraq, dallying with interns and pages, real racist policies and videotaped statements, quasi-legal activities, criminal indictments, illegal wars, 10 of thousands of innocent casualities, torture, devalueing the dollar, inappropriate defense contracts, secretive contracts, eroded civil liberties, 60 trillion in total debt, more deficit spending, wholesaling our country to foreign interests, etc. These are much bigger transgressions of the public trust than not paying enough attention to a third rate newsletter that ran amuck.

    Yes the newsletters were bad; WERE, past tense. They have been denounced, repudiated, and apologized for, we can’t change the past and it is the future we should be worried about. No other candidate is offering up real change, just a slightly different tack on the direction we are already sailing.

    Therefore, I still support Dr. Paul. I’m dissappointed but steadfast.

    I’m sorry you have lost faith.

  • Leanne

    Oh get over it Justin. You’re sounding like the cosmopolitans at Reason. Read the letters in context, not snippets, and you’ll see what a smear job the whole Ron Paul is a racist b.s. is about. As for naming names, get a clue. You’re reporting innuendo, not fact. The Reason cosmopolitan types are just pissed that a movement as large as Ron Paul’s came about with out them. Furthermore, they’re pissed that they can’t controle it. They , and the cato types want to be the face of Libertarianism. It’s a childish pi##ing contest. Lew Rockwells Missis Institute is getting all kinds of attention and perhaps money, while CATO …well…doesn’t. The orange line mafia justifies it;s existance by pandering small changes to the left and right in Washington, while the R3volution is about big sweeping changes. It makes the Cosmos look trivial. It bothers them that Ron Paul is appealing to the poor and working class. The Cosmo’s want no part of them. Too snooty. Let them keep their incestuos lines of purity. The movement is about people, not a select group of snobs more interested in mental masterbation than liberty and freedom for everyone.

  • lelona

    Well, from what I read you cannot conclude that Rockwell wrote them either.

    Only that he was managing the newsletters…

    Still means…

    Paul did not know what was being written in his name

    and that Rockwell either did not or did and it was a part of a strategy..

    which is what we have been lead to believe so far that a strategy was in place by Rockwell.. and that they kept it from Paul.. and that means Rockwell is not worth much as an indivdiual.. and should not have been trusted… and that Paul is not as attentive to things being put out under his name that he should have..

    it still is not good.

    what I want to know is where does Eric Dondero fit in this??

  • Eric Dondero

    “Old news”??? “Move on”??? Are you kidding me? We’re at the very beginning stages of this story. The media and the political blogs have just scratched the surface of the Paul story. They’ve concentrated on the Newsletter controversy. Which, while interesting, is just a sidebar. The real meat of the Ron Paul story is in the financial realm: The Nadia Hayes embezzlement scandal of the 1988 Libertarian Presidential campaign and whether Hayes acted alone, the 1992 Ron Paul for President campaign and what happened to all that money raised, the mixing of Ron Paul’s various enterprises under one roof – political campaigns, Newsletter production, ect…

    And on top of all this, there’s the controversial events attended by Paul himself over the years, including Confederate and Separatist meetings.

    Then there’s the Ron Paul books, about 8 of them, loaded with highly inflammatory statements, much like those in the Newsletters.

    I’ve been amazed at how timid the media has been on this story. TNR, CNN, Reason and others have done a fine job, but they haven’t really dug deep yet.

    I predict 2 to 3 weeks from now, we’ll all be looking back at this, and saying how tame the Newsletter controversy was in contrast to what will be coming out then.

  • kit carson

    keep it up! when your mommy buys you big boy pants you can go to work for the Times! hope your happy helping get some war-mongering lobbyist-lover likeinto the white house.

  • David

    People have come out to support Paul, yet, smears continue to appear. One has to ask why? I think it is the old saying. Say it over and over again and people will believe it. This is what articles like this want to achieve. Kind of sad but this is the kind of slandering that one has to do when the status quo is threatened.

  • Eric Dondero

    What you all don’t seem to understand is that yes, Rockwell did write a substantial part of those Newsletters, but so did Ron Paul.

    The reason Paul is not “throwing Rockwell under the bus” is cause he knows that he’s equally responsible for a good portion of the comments in those Newsletters.

  • Eric Dondero

    We’re at the very beginning stages of this scandal. The Newsletters are only the tip of the iceburg. My sources are indicating that there’s much more to come out from Paul’s books, attendance at highly controversial fringe group meetings, and on the financial medling of Paul enterprises front.

    It’s going to be one hell of a ride for the coming weeks for Paul backers.

  • Eric Dondero

    These are not “smears.” If anything the media has given Paul a complete pass, most likely cause he bashes their hated nemisis George W. Bush, plus he opposes the War in Iraq. So, in the MSM’s eyes, Paul is on the side of the angels.

    Look at Paul’s decidedly hometown liberal Houston and ultra-liberal Austin medias. They haven’t even mentioned the story. They love Paul, cause Paul hates Bush.

    If this had been Giuliani, Romney or some other mainstream Republican, forget about it. They would have been crucified by the MSM. Because it’s left-leaning Ron Paul he gets a pass.

  • Accurate_Perceptions

    Hey Eric,

    Nice to see you. Just got back from whore-chasing I see.

    I’ve read a bunch of your writings. I especially liked the ones that refer to all females by their ethnic background, Asian, Latina, etc.

    Nothing like mixing race and gender bias all in one is there?

    From what I hear you were fired because you were a sloppy employee with bad personal hygiene habits.

    Wasn’t there some question about the authenticity of your military history. Claiming to see action when you were not even there?

    Spare us your bullshit.

  • DX10


    You have one severe case of sour grapes. Just remember by not helping this country turn around you will wind up burning your Federal Reserve Notes in your fireplace to stay warm. Too bad.

  • Craig

    This is pure speculation that Lew Rockwell was the culprit. Clearly he “had a role” in the newsletters, and may have been more responsible for the editorial content than Ron Paul himself, but it doesn’t sound like his writing style, either.

    “My sources are indicating that there’s much more to come out from Paul’s books, attendance at highly controversial fringe group meetings, and on the financial medling of Paul enterprises front.”

    His books have been in the public record for years, so I doubt there’s anything smear-worthy there, or his Congressional opponents would have already dug it up, as they did with the newsletters.

    Highly controversial fringe group meetings? You mean like the Mises Institute, a scholarly think tank of Austrian economics? Sorry, Kirchuck already tried that one, and got it wrong.

    Financial meddling? I have to laugh at that one. You could make a stronger case against Jim Cramer than Ron Paul, I think it’s safe to say. (Not to mention Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke!)

  • Jason

    One thing I dont understand is this: the newsletters didnt seem extraordinarily racist to me. They were amazingly politically incorrect – yes. Inflamatory, yes. However… who cares. Nobody is doing this much investigation into the other candidates – nobody. I dont hear repeated over and over again how rudy G. failed to provide proper equipment to firefighters who were then KILLED.

    Whats worse, providing your name to a politically incorrect newsletter, or allowing your employees to be killed on your watch? Hmm.

    What about all the black power support for Obama? We have not heard word one about that. Not ONE word. Obama was addicted to coke at one time.. I find that to be ‘no big deal’ because he is not addicted to coke now. So Ron Paul had some stupid ass newsletters at one time, and made money off of them. Hes not making money off of them now, and has disavowed them. so.. who cares?

    Another thing – alot of the crap the TNR brings up is extremely stupid – they use a paragraph about bobby fischer to paint the newsletter as ‘jew hating’. The paragraph said nothing but say ‘nice job bobby fischer for doing well in chess.. even though you say some politically incorrect things about jews, good job.” so.. he died today and CNN ran a huge piece on what a great chess master Bobby Fischer was. Does CNN hate jews?

    Why is it that the media has to point out all of the negative things associated with Ron Paul, but not the positive things – like his speech on Mohamed Ali.

  • Zachariah B. Wiedeman

    First of all “the movement” isn’t based on Ron Paul’s credibility, its based on the constitution and the principles of limited government, nonintervention, liberty, and peace – so attacking the credibility of the Standard Bearer of the movement, Ron Paul, isn’t going to squash anything. Ron Paul himself said, (and I paraphrase: I have my flaws, but the message of liberty does not.

    Secondly, your entire assumption is based on David Weigel who says he’s quoting Tom Lizardo, Ron Paul’s Chief of Staff. First, you have to trust David Weigel’s integrity to correctly quote Lizardo. But he ISN’T quoting him even though he claims the statement was on the record – her paraphrases him. What exactly did Lizardo say? Next, you have to trust that (1) Lizardo knows what he’s talking about, and (2) Lizardo is actually willing to sell out Ron Paul.

    (1) Lizardo is legally barred from having anything to do with Ron Paul’s campaign, so it is unlikely at this stage, since Ron Paul is mostly campaigning right now, that he is in the know about much going on regarding these matters.

    (2) It is HIGHLY unlikely that Lizardo, who is Ron Paul’s “longtime Chief of Staff” would suddenly sell him out with such a damning statement – and especially go to the trouble to make sure it is on the record!

    I’m certainly not interested in blindly defending Dr. Paul’s honor in this case – I’m not deeply attached to him or his candidacy. However, I have to seriously doubt Weigel’s journalistic integrity on this one. Additionally, with all the reasons to doubt the account, I would certainly not go as far to offer this clip from an article paraphrasing a guy who is unlikely to know about or talk about damning evidence against Dr. Paul as CONCLUSIVE PROOF of anything.

    That, Mr. Gardner, would be very sloppy and unprofessional. This seems to be less “objective journalism” and more of a desire to simply piece together any shred of evidence, not matter how scant, just to PROVE what you have already decided is fact long before weighing any of the evidences. Isn’t that foolish as those who blindly defend Dr. Paul without weighing the evidence either?

    You do realize, you’re not actually doing anyone a service here, right?

  • Renee

    Okay Dondero, lets be honest. The media has not given him a complete pass. I think every online newspaper picked this up. It ran across the bottom of cnn, msnbc, cnbc, cspan, and fox. MSM has certainly not put him on the side of the angels. They laugh at him so loudly that you can’t even hear him at debates. Most of them have called him crazy, a kook, a hack. Don’t try and act like he has gotten the royal treatment.
    The media hasn’t touched Giuliani considering what he has been part of. Considering he is dealing with a country (Qatar)that the 9/11 commission confirmed is sympathetic to al qaeda and helped 9/11 mastermind get away in 1996 when suspected of terrorism only to go on to head the 9/11 terrorist attack. That isn’t even including purdue pharma that Giuliani Partners helped get away with lying to the country and doctors/hospitals about the addictiveness of their drugs. I think he might be a little more corrupt than MSM makes him out to be.
    I can’t say much about Romney. He has flipped a lot of his positions. However at least he isn’t involved in all the corrupt stuff the Giuliani has been involved in. Defense dept contracts DEA contracts, it just doesn’t sit right.
    Okay so maybe Ron Paul covered for a someone, Maybe he didn’t. Either way, he is pretty squeaky clean compared to some other the other candidates. At least he isn’t funded by corporate america. At least he fights for individual rights. Look at his record, look at the record of the rest. They still don’t look conservative to me. I don’t know if I will even vote, because the all seem too corrupt or liberal. If you can show me one example of RON PAUL specifically ever saying anything or fighting for something against personal liberty or something racist maybe I will start to believe it. Until then, stop wasting your time on someone you think has no chance of winning anyway.

  • Grace

    Google Hillary Racism, Obama Racism, Huckabee Racism, Guliani Racism, and on and on and on… Every candidate is

    attacked like this. Most people have given up reading the non-sense because most of us see through it, the rest

    would just prefer to wallow in mud. Go ahead google any candidate you want and I guarantee someone attacked them as

    a racist. No truth to it.

    Paul lent his name to a small newsletter for a short time that he did not edit, while he was out of politics and

    concentrating on delivering babies. I look at it as running an unmoderated blog in the days before the internet. The

    writing style was not Ron Paul’s. In his newsletters since being back in Congress, he is clearly in charge and they

    are wonderful to read. Clearly Paul is the most vehement anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-individual, and pro-gay

    rights person in Congress. He ran as a Libertarian Presidential candidate for gosh sakes. The New Republic did not

    even contact Ron Paul to talk to him about their story and they did not seem to know that it had been discussed ad

    nauseum several times over the years and dismissed as not reflecting Ron Paul’s beliefs. The New Republic, if you

    will remember, compared Ross Perot to Hitler! Ron Paul is a good man being smeared for political reasons.

    Check out this video for the CNN interview with Ron Paul where he explains his position:

    Learn why we need Ron Paul and freedom candidates.

    Talk by Naomi Wolf (a great liberal writer)

    Napolitano – Unconstitutional Patriot Act

    Ron Paul Republican Bruce Fein supports impeachment

    A Liberal re-thinks Ron Paul

    H.R. 1955 – Thought Crimes Law in U.S.

    Illegal Executive Orders

    How to End the Iraq War Now

    The issues in these links above are far more important than the same old typical, petty, political slander.

  • Brian


    “What you all don’t seem to understand is that yes, Rockwell did write a substantial part of those Newsletters, but so did Ron Paul.”

    Really? Do you have some kind of source for that tid-bit? No? So is that just your belief?

    “My sources are indicating that there’s much more to come out from Paul’s books, attendance at highly controversial fringe group meetings, and on the financial medling of Paul enterprises front.”

    What sources? Why are you even writing this if you don’t even have any information to include?

    “The real meat of the Ron Paul story is in the financial realm: The Nadia Hayes embezzlement scandal of the 1988 Libertarian Presidential campaign and whether Hayes acted alone, the 1992 Ron Paul for President campaign and what happened to all that money raised, the mixing of Ron Paul’s various enterprises under one roof – political campaigns, Newsletter production, ect…

    And on top of all this, there’s the controversial events attended by Paul himself over the years, including Confederate and Separatist meetings.

    Then there’s the Ron Paul books, about 8 of them, loaded with highly inflammatory statements, much like those in the Newsletters.”

    Great! So until you have something to say about the subject, other than just intimating that there is one, why are you writing this at all?

    You have managed to write three posts that say ‘just wait, just wait, we’ll be coming up with something that actually is significant soon’, which only points out to everyone that presently, you have nothing to write about, but you are obsessed with digging something up.

    You people are all guilty of posting hate-literature all over the internet, because for now, you don’t know if it’s the truth.

  • Shohadaku

    Why don’t you report on the racist comments McCain made at the GOP debate? What about the fact McCain on camera is singing in amockery Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran. To the Beach Boys?? How about Fred Thompsons virgin remark? Wrong race? WTF people. No one has ever heard Ron Paul talk racist. Anyone who knows on Paul knows he doesn’t have a bit of racist in him. How about reporting on Obamas racist church.
    Wake up America. Your media wants to keep you under control.
    Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate that wants to SERVE THE PEOPLE. He is the only that will live true to his oath to PROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution.

  • Dith

    Rockwell didn’t say that he wrote then. He said he was “involved.” He’s just admitting he was VP of the operation and was the one overseeing it.

    By the way, where is your source for Paul saying that he fired someone?

  • drew

    I think its hillarious this is the only dirt you can find on paul… and NONE of it is direct evidence.

    This would NOT hold up in court.

    Have you heard about Hillary Clinton and Peter Paul?

    If ever there were a story to cover… THAT would be it…

    Again… Hillary Clinton and Peter Paul…..

  • drew

    here we go… one more time…

    Hillary Clinton and PETER PAUL!!!!!

  • Victoria Woodhouse

    Justin, Thanks for the unsolicited advice. Now I will return the favor.
    Next time you decide to write, try to use a modest amount of logic. When you say “a lot of you Paulites have told me you’ve read what was printed in the newsletters and you don’t think it was all that bad…that’s not the issue that matters in all of this” I must point out that on the contrary, that is precisely the point. The issue is the newsletters, which have been charged by critics as “racist”.
    I inspected the newsletters, and put in context I do not think they are racist. The passages in question are very politically-incorrect, but not racist. In context, they are discussions on racial subjects and do not denigrate any race as being innately inferior or subservient.
    When you advise us to disavow Paul, I can only wonder from what moral high ground you preach from. I have no doubt that if someone were to be interested enough in your little life, they would dig up plenty that would make most everyone disavow you, nevertheless whatever message or ideology you’ve latched onto. It would behoove you to use more critical thinking next time you attempt to write. Perhaps you aren’t cut out to be a writer and should look for another occupation or hobby. Honestly, the best advice you could have given me is if you had warned at the beginning of your spiel what a waste of time it would be to read it until the end.

  • Chad_Underdonk

    Oh my god! You mean Dr. Paul actually did at some point get to the bottom of what happened in the newsletter fiasco?

    Oh my god! You mean that Dr. Paul isn’t pointing fingers at those not running for office to duck the blame that he has already accepted. He said the “Moral Responsibility” was his, so what else matters?

    Oh my god! You mean that Dr. Paul isn’t wasting campaign time, message money, and personal energy on dealing with this garbage? Instead he is putting forth the message that his supporters want heard?

    Oh my god! You mean that Dr. Paul is in fact tailoring some of his statements to put forth a better face to the media? I have NEVER heard of a politician doing that before!

    Doctor Paul didn’t wasn’t really interested in running. Those who have supported his message for years talked him into it. He is being used as the figurehead of a grassroots effort to free our country from the excessive evils of big government. And if you don’t agree that a government that gets what it wants through the threat of force isn’t using evil then you are sadly mistaken. Any true American citizen should be thanking Dr. Paul for bringing diversity into our political arena, and putting forth the opinions and beliefs of real people rather than lobbyists, PAC’s, special interest groups, big business, and a media that has lost its sense of importance between news and views.

    Any American citizen that believes in Government of the people, by the people, and for the people should thank Dr. Paul for putting his name, reputation, and time on the line for OUR interests.

  • Scott Harmon

    While it is true that there are a few parasites who are drawing more blood out of this issue than it merits, and that mainstream media has pretty much ignored the story, I think the real push behind this smear campaign can be attributed to a band of “multiculturalists” who are repulsed not necessarily by Ron Paul, but what his campaign represents–a resurgence of “Americanism” and individualism. Professor Samuel Huntington was on to this years ago when he wrote: “In the late twentieth century both components of American identity [the heritage of Western civilization and the principles of liberty, democracy, individualism, constitutionalism, and private property] have come under concentrated and sustained onslaught from a small but influential number of intellectuals and publicists. In the name of multiculturalism, they have attacked the identification of the United States with Western civilization, denied the existence of a common American culture, and promoted racial, ethnic, and other subnational cultural identities and groupings.” (The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, 1996, Samuel P. Huntington.)

    In short, the multiculturalists are “collectivists” and big statists who probably fear the resurgence of American identity and constitutionalism more than any one candidate. But Paul is the messenger. And why should the mainstream media pick up on a little race baiting, when all the candidates do it quite prolifically? Just consider the sources of these postings and look at Huntington’s quote … the correlation makes some sense.

  • paul

    Seriously, you and everyone else is making major out of minor. There are plenty of things to talk about with McCain, Hillary, Obama… Major things and they get squashed. Some mildly racist comments come out and it’s the biggest thing you won’t let go of… The story has been read. Move on cause there is nothing else to say.
    Libertarianism is in complete contradiction to racism. Why don’t you focus on those fact… Dr. Paul would do more for minorities than all other candidates combined…
    #1 like getting the IRS off our backs cause that’s modern day slavery to all Americans… People crying about wanting universal health care? How about if you had 30% more of your own money and you weren’t working for the government for 3 or 4 months… Think man, you are not doing anyone a service like you “think” you are…

  • paul

    Since when was construction a job white americans didn’t want??? since illegals came and priced them out. You can’t live in america and raise a family for what they will work for… That is ruining the middle class in this county, the heart and soul… Truck driving looks to be next… There’s a story for all you media types… Losing America…

    what’s wrong author? not juicy enough for you?

  • John Armstrong

    The funniest (and saddest) part about all of this is that it may help him in SC. There are many people there who would love to support a racist.

  • Scott


    It is apparent that you and the rest of the neolibercondonkykong movement are nothing more than foot soldiers for Mr. and Mrs. Nanny. One wonders whats worse. The ridiculing of men like Paul and Rockwell who have laid the very foundation for orgnaizations like reason and donkypharm, or actually offering to do the dirty work for Mrs. Nanny, because she’s way to busy to try and divide the Paul movement. Besides, maybe nanny thinks that Justin Gardener can do a much better job because maybe he’s got a voice within the movement. Either way it doesn’t matter who wrote the newsletters. Justin Raimono swiftly clears up the mis reporting about them and exposes the real reasons for your attacks. Maybe your right, maybe we shouldn’t just move on, maybe we should change the debate about whos really at fault here.

  • JT

    It’s simple, when you see websites with these outright smear campaigns, just remember them and don’t ever go back, Ron Paul is the most honest and real person out there, Justin needs to go back to the playground and grow up………..

  • George Dance

    “The important point is that Ron Paul has told all of you that some crazy staffer wrote it and was then dismissed after he found out.”

    Got a quote? I’ve read quite a bit on this, and watched Paul’s CNN interview, and I’ve never seen or heard him say anything about a “crazy staffer.”

  • letma

    It doesn’t matter if Ron Paul will always hate gooks or is afraid of burkas…or thinks all muslims will go to the gates of hell and be with virgins.

    Since Ron Paul will follow the Constitution he will not have undue power over me.

    I can’t say that about any other candidate He has not shown that he would govern any differently than he has over 20 years.

    Therefore he is the BEST CANDIDATE in 2008.

    Get me Jesus Christ or resurrected Gandi in 2012 and I may vote for them. But drop this trash and focus on some issues Justin.

  • Will Winters

    Here is the thing about these letters… Regardless of the fact that Paul did not author them, they were IN HIS NAME. As such he is, and should be, responsible for the content in the letters.

    If this situation took place once, and he took action to correct what was said, that would be respectable. He did not and there were multiple letters over a period of years.

    Do I think he is racist, no, but this shows a serious lack of judgment.

  • Jim S

    Let’s see…74 comments and I think I counted two of them that were sane. Sad.

  • Master Blaster

    Ron Paul’s credibility is shot by refusing to out the author. You idiots bitch and moan about a “media blackout” but the fact is, realistic people right now assume that Paul is covering for someone very close to him such as Rockwell. Until he proves us all wrong, he won’t get media coverage. The media is embarrassed about all the unreservedly positive (yes, positive) coverage they gave him in December and want to distance themselves from the guy. The “media blackout” is richly deserved, and can be attributed to a single person: RON PAUL.

  • badmedia

    Make up your mind Dondero. You run mainstreamlibertarian, you support Guilliani, the most anti-libertarian candidate in the field, and you say you are repubilcan.

    On another site, I just seen you blast someone because they weren’t attacking Ron Paul anymore, for changing and calling them a hypocrite, when you yourself were also the exact opposite at the time.

    Then you go around making all these claims, with nothing to back it up. All the while making false claims on the so called existing evidence.

    Do you really think anyone takes you seriously?

    Judging by what you say and who you support, you’re just a facist. No wonder Ron Paul fired you. I hope you do keep making those accusations, and try to tie him to whatever you can. Because all you do is draw attention to Ron Paul, and people will wonder why he gets attacked with such bullshit. People aren’t as dumb as you may want them to be.

  • JimS

    “becoming increasingly apparent that Lew Rockwell, long time business associate, friend and supporter”

    Just like it was becoming increasingly apparent that Ron Paul was a racist…And now he is “just complacent”..

    Look – how about a little less opinion and a little more research.

    At this point I don’t give a rats ass who wins or not – we are going to Hell in a hand basket and you Jackasses are killing the little bit of hope about 10% of us had left – well done… careful what you wish for – see you in the breadline.


  • Dave

    In my opinion… even if EVERYTHING you claim is true… it doesn’t change the fact that his voting record proves that he will stand up for what is right. He will put the government back to it’s proper size and save us from Bankruptcy!

    He’s not a flip flopper
    He’s not a warmonger
    He doesn’t take buyouts
    Lobbyists stay away from him because they know they’re wasting thier time.

    Those reasons alone make him better than any other candidate.

  • Darren D.

    My ol’ Friend Jim S writes,

    “Let’s see…74 comments and I think I counted two of them that were sane. Sad.”

    and followed up by:

    “At this point I don’t give a rats ass who wins or not – we are going to Hell in a hand basket and you Jackasses are killing the little bit of hope about 10% of us had left – well done… careful what you wish for – see you in the breadline.”

    How does your above quotation show any type of sanity?
    How are we Jackasses killing your hope?

    I do agree that if Dr. Paul is not elected the financial irresponsibility of any of the other candidates could very well land us in a breadline.

    I reccommend, just stop commenting Jim.

  • Jim S


    Read more closely. The JimS who recently showed up and supports Ron Paul isn’t me. And if there’s anything I know, based on what you’ve written I’m not going to be following your advice on anything, much less quitting commenting. And don’t worry, you’ll never be writing any of the sane posts.

    And to the other JimS, I suggest you pay more attention to what Justin Gardner has written. He never particularly bought into Paul actually being a racist but considers all of the tap dancing around the newsletter issue to be a disgrace. One reason I think he’s so disappointed is that he was flirting with the idea of supporting him if I remember correctly.

  • ADR

    Just to put the newsletter comments in context.

    Anyway carry on ignoring the issues and focusing on sensationalized tid bits, that is how we choose our leaders in America these days… Welcome to the nation Jerry Springger built.

  • Sandra

    First of all as an attorney, I can tell you that what you have presented here is nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is not proof, heck, it is not even hearsay. It is just a bare statement with nothing to back it up at all. I have no reason to believe it at all.

    Writing like this makes you look weak and shows clearly that you have nothing to back up your claim. This hurts you as the writer.

    Mr. Gardner, if that is your real name and I have no reason to believe that it is, this is the kind of smear piece that will destroy your ability to ever get a real job beyond the world of nonsense blogging.

    You sir are a giant slug. May you get all that you deserve.

    Finally, if you were older than 19 you might know that Reason and CATO are huge enemies of Mr. Rockwell because he is more tolerant than they and they have been smearing him for years. That Reason piece relies on a TNR piece that has been shredded by anyone with a brain.

    To those Americans that don’t know what I am talking about, the children at Reason weren’t even born when this first hit the public eye and this has been rehashed over and over. Every time Ron Paul runs for something, they pull out this tired old junk that proves nothing and make a big deal out of things like Ron Paul knowing that the Federal Reserve is run by a bunch of powerful bankers, and other such truths that are evident to any thinking person. Granted a few sentences taken out of context are not pretty, but thirty years ago, we all didn’t have to sanitize our thoughts and words as we do today. I am not saying that racism is ever ok, but you have to read things in context.

    For example, did you know Abraham Lincoln wrote this:

    I am not nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races-that I am nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. (4th debate with Douglas)

    Not everyone is perfect all the time.

  • Joey Kohn

    Sorry bud, but it will take a little more dirt than that to make this one into a mountain.

    It’s still far from obvious who wrote the offending words, and that Ron Paul knows who wrote them. Lew Rockwell participated in the newsletters. Wow. Unless there’s some evidence that he wrote the ones in question, I don’t see how it’s even relevant.

    And when did Ron Paul say anything other than “I don’t really care who wrote them, it’s old news?” If he’d said “No, Mr. Reporter, I have no clue who wrote those statements; if only I did” and it turned out that Lew wrote them, then the basic premise of your article here would have a bit of substance. The fact of the matter is, Ron Paul simply never thought his dumb newsletter from a decade ago that he didn’t write was important enough to make a fuss about.

    Finally, I still can’t believe how far out of proportion you’re blowing this. Worst case scenario: He lied to protect a friend. That’s not even remotely close to the campaign destroying, credibility sapping smoking gun that you’re talking about. One vague, ancient blemish isn’t a huge deal, no matter how hard to try to convince people that it exists.

  • Mark

    Ooooh, “more to come”, “tip of the iceberg”… dig dig dig for drama, eventually somebody will find a nugget of something ambiguous that may possibly have involved Dr. Paul… then spin it into static designed to change the subject from adult matters to trivial romper room politics as usual.

    Even if you had a video of Dr. Paul wearing a mini skirt & torturing puppies, I’d still vote for him before any of the other clowns because on the big time important issues, he’s quite simply the only sensible choice to help slow down the rotting of America.

    And at least be fair & relative about Dr. Pauls scandals, so called.. use a scandal scale, perhaps the “Duke Cunningham scale”, compare Dr. Pauls alleged behavior to the rest of the DC mafia establishment. Compared to the Clinton & Bush clans, Dr. Pauls “scandals” are like comparing a firecracker to Hiroshima.

  • Leonardo

    Give it a break dude!
    There are more important things in life.
    A “Big Teeth. Huge Ass and the Ignorant” Hmm.. sorry can’t buy it.

  • Polimom


    Leaving aside some of the more conspiratorial paranoia manifesting in this thread (On a payroll!!! You “bushite, you! — LOL!!!), I understand, at least empirically, why some of Ron Paul’s more ardent supporters are having a problem.

    When people become this emotionally invested in a candidate, it’s tremendously difficult for them to change their views. It’s not unlike certain religious manifestations. Completely, blindly based on faith.

    And while I agree with you totally about Ron Paul and his lying on this subject, I can relate to becoming emotionally invested in a candidate. I suspect many of us will find ourselves supporting — and defending — candidates strenuously and heatedly before this election is finished.

    Rationality must be deliberately courted and actively maintained to avoid the trap into which some of the Paulites have fallen jumped, and there’s little point in trying to convince them of anything they don’t already believe.

  • Linda Inveninato

    Please, enough of the bashing? Try to look forward? Is it possible for you to understand that our country is deeply in debt. Our government is throwing $623 billion/year at government military contractors instead of putting that money where it needs to be…in our own country, protecting our own borders, feeding our own hungry which includes many elderly.

    FYI: President Bush finished his overseas Peace trip with the OK for a $20 billion sale of advanced weaponry to our
    current” Persian Gulf friends. See the following for details.

    Also see:

    eye openers for sure….

  • Darren D.


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  • Eric Dondero

    You all want specifics? Pay close attention to the Libertarian Republican blog in the coming days. We’ll have frequent updates and breaking news on this whole Ron Paul story covering every angle, including the latest releases of controversial writings from Paul.

    Here’s a tidbit for you all: Heavy rumors that Ron Paul’s longtime Congressional Chief of Staff Tom Lizardo has just resigned. Uncofirmed, but nobody with the Paul camp is denying it. Seems Lizardo had it out with the Campaign staff over Lew Rockwell owning up to the comments.

  • Eric Dondero

    Badmedia, you say Giuliani is the “most anti-libertarian candidate” in the field. Please explain his record of cutting taxes 23 times? How is that anti-libertarian? And the fact that he’s the only Pro-Choice candidate in the GOP race? Again, how is being Anti-Tax and Pro-Choice “anti-libertarian”?

    I joined the libertarian movement in 1985 cause I was told that libertarians were essentially “Anti-Tax yet Pro-Choice”? Now you’re telling me that’s not true? Libertarian now means Pro-Tax and Anti-Choice?

    I guess you’re a Huckabee supporter, ‘eh? He fits that bill.

  • Darren D.

    Gardener and Dondero = Woodward and Bernstein

    When does the book come out?

  • Sad but True

    Again, these allegations are Sad but True.

    This may be old news to many of the militia members of the Libertarian party, but for those of us new to the Ron Paul story the past 6 months, this is a heartbreak.

    Ron thinks guarding the name of a bigot or homophobe is more important thatn the 30mm he has taken from the public to be a serious candidate. He dishonors every minority who supported him with a dollar or a minute of time.

    Ron deserves the same scrutiny as every other candidate, and the media has been soft on him. His story that he “has no idea” who wrote the letters is pathetic and lame. It breaks my heart.

    Sad but True

  • JillWhishel

    All a racist is is a white Gentile who acts like the typical Jew or nonwhite, who discriminates.

    So, why is it that when white Gentiles discriminate they are given these comic book names like racist?

  • Gene

    Why is Dondero posting on this site? Are the neocon sites that boring to participate in or is this pay-per-post for Rudy?

    BTW, my anti-spam passwords below read “Service Communist” Hi Eric !

  • Tannim

    “I notice, yet again, that most of the comments here are saying, “This is old news,” and “Move on.” But if this is such old news, then why won’t Paul tell anybody who wrote them?”


    Whether Rockwell, Rothbard, or Ricky Ricardo wrote that stuff TEN YEARS AGO really doesn’t matter, because it is a freaking small potato in comparison to the big picture problems of NOW, which is the economy and the war. Next they’ll complain he mde a left turn without signalling while back in medical school or some other irrelvant nonsense. The only thing it serves to do is distract from the real issues, and that is the real problem with the whole thing, not who wrote it and whether or not Dr. Paul should expose them.

    Sheesh! We have the forest on fire and you’re worried about one weed planted a decade ago in that forest? WHATEVER!

  • lastnymleft

    I hold Dr Paul to the standard of “Human”. You seem to want to hold him accountable to the standard of “Perfection”. That’s not Dr Paul. That’s the message of liberty that he has tirelessly promoted for more than 30 years.

    Who gives a shit if Lew Rockwell wrote them? The point is: it wasn’t Ron Paul. There’s not a racist bone in his body, as the NAACP President, whom has known Dr Paul for 20 years, says.

    If you’re so big on accountability, can you point to even one of the candidates from either party that should even share the same room as Dr Paul, in terms of being a man of integrity? Apart from Dennis Kucinich, and (maybe) Mike Gravel, the answer is clearly NO.

    We should ALL support Dr Paul, before it’s too late for this country. You want your country back? Now’s your chance. Don’t blow it.

  • Manwell Labor

    It is amazing to me to me how many glaring candidate shortcomings Paulies are able to ignore. It appears near pathological. RP is hardly “our last hope.” Were that they case, I’d renounce my citizenship and adios. The negativity and impending doom professed by the Paulies is profoundly disturbing. It is difficult to see how individuals are socially functional with such a darkened world-view.

  • Paige


    I am sick and tired of you outright fundamentally changing your story for convenience in attacking Ron Paul. First, you said that the newsletter was 80% written by Rockwell and then listed a number of other people who wrote it. Then, you said you wanted to “revise” your story and said that Paul actually wrote half of it, and that Rockwell wrote “80% of what was ghostwritten.” When you make such fundamental changes in your story that display a clear intent of yours to attack Ron Paul, it calls your credibility greatly into question.

    Furthermore, you have been on record before as saying that you don’t think Paul is a bigot or, more specifically, an anti-semite. (I will gladly dig that up for you if you would like.) Now you are basically implying that Ron Paul is a raging bigot.

    As far as stuff coming out about what has been in his books… dude. All of his books besides A Foreign Policy of Freedom are all online in PDF form on the Ron Paul Library website. They are there for the public to see. If there is a controversy involving this, it would have already happened in the blogosphere. Perhaps there is an explanation as to why his books haven’t entered this story, because if they did, this following quote from Freedom Under Siege would have gotten out:

    “There are times when it seems like we get our system of values from television productions. Professional wrestling is one of the few programs which started on TV in the late 1940s and now claims more viewers than ever. There are no rules, and it is associated with contrived (but unreal) violence: mockery of the referee, racism, absence of sportsmanship, yelling, screaming, and hatred. Reasonable rules of decency are totally ignored. The shows get worse every year; belts, chains, and cages are now part of the acts. Twenty wrestlers are put into a ring without a referee and a free-for-all erupts — the more violent, the more the crowd cheers the ridiculous charade.”

    Freedom Under Siege, btw, was published years before the controversial content in the newsletters.

    You really are a piece of work.

  • Paige

    Furthermore, in response to Giuliani being the most unlibertarian candidate in the race, I don’t think I would say that; clearly, that distinction should belong to one of Hillary, McCain, or Huckabee. However, the claim that Giuliani is a libertarian is dubious at best. Supporting the Patriot Act, a National ID Card, torture, strict gun control measures, stating he has “no concerns about DNA-like fingerprinting,” having no problem with “policing the internet,” etc., disqualifies him the label of “libertarian,” in my book.

    Libertarianism isn’t just about being anti-tax and pro-choice. (And libertarians do disagree on the latter.)

  • Nonracist

    Google Lew Rockwell

  • the fairness in all of us

    I think it’s a little odd that
    -nobody in the mainstream media has really been paying attention to RP, until now.
    -he’s been gaining voter momentum in the polls
    – he’s a leader, in the polls, among ethnicities

    now the mainstream media is paying attention to him with something 20 years old and trying to erode his base of supporters. Even more odd that I think that everyone of the other candidates are ‘currently’ divisive and racist and he is the only one who is inclusive.

    I smell a rat…sold by the mainstream media. I’m not buying it.