Romney To Win Nevada. Ron Paul Tied For Second.

Romney To Win Nevada. Ron Paul Tied For Second.


The Mormons came out en masse for Mitt today and he won Nevada handily. That’s two wins in a row for the former Governor, but there’s no doubt he’s going to lose in South Carolina today.

Also, some good news for the Paulites today. They may just get some delegates after all! Presently, they’re leading McCain by a razor thin margin for second place. This has to be slightly embarrassing for McCain, but Paul supporters really focused heavily on Nevada and it looks like it paid off.


Mormons almost unanimously supported Mitt Romney in his easy victory Saturday in Nevada’s Republican presidential caucuses, a preliminary survey found.

Mormons comprised a quarter of those attending Nevada’s GOP caucuses, and more than nine in 10 were voting for Romney, according to early results from the survey conducted for The Associated Press and television networks. Romney is a Mormon, and his religion has been cited as a problem by some Republican voters.

A narrow majority of those identifying themselves as Republicans _ the bulk of the voters _ backed Romney. Two-thirds of independents favored Ron Paul but they made up only about 10 percent of GOP caucusgoers. Romney and Paul were the only Republican candidates to campaign much in Nevada.

66% of the independents voted for Paul? Wow, again, that’s a bad thing for McCain. One would think he would have at least split that with Paul.

But note to Paulites…you have been noticing that he does well with independents, right? He won them in Iowa and did well with them in New Hampshire, coming in a close second to McCain. Now he handily beat McCain in Nevada with the demographic, and I can’t help but wonder when all of you will realize that a 3rd party run is the ONLY way you’re going to keep his message going since it is now painfully apparent that there’s no chance he’ll get the GOP nomination. Folks, Republicans HATE him. Independents LOVE him. Get a clue already and push you candidate to do the only sensible thing he can do at this point. He is in a position of strength to break away from the GOP at this point. But he needs to do it soon because if Bloomberg decides to get in it, having a 4th candidate in the general election race wouldn’t really be the best to get your message out there.

Okay, I fully expect many of you to rip into me in the comments section, but I would really like to see a realistic strategy for winning the GOP nomination. Because I don’t see how he’ll ever do it.

This should be fun…

Fox News really needs to get a life. Ron Paul was leading McCain, but they had Mike Huckabee up there instead?

I agree with the Paulites that some of the media outlets haven’t been too friendly to Paul, but Fox takes it to a new level. I still think they have the right to pick and choose what they want to report. Ultimately, Paulites will stop watching Fox News and they’ll lose money. It’s the free market in action. I’m sure Ron Paul would be proud!

  • Dr. Saturn

    My hope is that on Super Tuesday there will be so many states other campaigns can’t afford to campaign in that our grassroots organization will have a larger relative impact. If there continues to be an even spread of delegates until then, I think it’s a possibility.

    But you’re right – the chance that republicans will realize Ron Paul is the most republican candidate before then are pretty slim. I’d love to see him run as an independent, but I think he has a better chance of winning the R primary than the general as an indy.

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    I’m willing to bet that the independents who vote for Paul are not the same kind of independents who vote for McCain. Paul voters are probably not regular voters while McCain voters are probably your more traditional independents. I doubt one is stealing from the other as their messages are so different. I wonder if there’s any data to support my educated guess here.

  • chris lawton

    Most Paul Supporters will vote for him regardless … even if we have to write him in! Ron Paul’s message of “FREEDOM, PEACE & PROSPERITY” is gaining traction. New Money BOMB on MLK Day! a Top 3 Finish in SC & NV and we’re building momentum!!

    The Ultimate Weapon for Funding The Ron Paul Revolution! It’s FREE and makes your Ron Paul Life better and more fun.

  • Jim Peterson

    Ron Paul has the money for the February 5th states. He is using the Republican Party to gain national name recognition and there is no need to break away until at least the Memorial Day Weekend convention of the Libertarian Party.

    It is possible the Thompson, Huckabee and Julie Annie will be considered by voters to be out of the race BEFORE February 5th.

    So the Tsunami vote can be between McCain, Paul and Romney. I foresee Paul getting 20% with McCain 35% and Romney 40%. This would bring things to a convention fight where Paul would be a kingmaker.

    Romney would accept a Constitutionalist platform…over the spring and summer he would court Paul voters…transforming the Republican Party as we once knew it.

    Evangelists would have to go to Paul to protect themselves in terms of their rights…because they will see that they are totally shut out otherwise.

    Going 3rd Party now would be a ticket to obscurity and a great excuse for the media to ignore the guy.

  • Jim Peterson

    What I am saying is that, with Ron Paul garnering about 240 delegates and Romney and McCain both needing his delegates to win the nomination, that the Republican Party will be transformed at least along the civil rights faultline. The libertarians, at least of the Orange Line variety (Reason and Cato people) will really be in vogue and courted.

  • Russell

    Alright Gardner,
    Ill admit it, an independent or Libertarian run is looking like a likely option for Ron Paul at this point, but I think the longer he stays in the Republican primary race the more name recognition he gets from debates, and considering the continual stomping of Giuliani and Thompson, we can expect some mention from the media as well.
    Though I think you were much too early in promoting an independent run months ago, I think it is still too early to push for it. After Super Tuesday would be a good time to analyze our options.


  • david from texas

    Ron Paul needs to stay in the running for the Republican nomination at least until after super Tuesday. Staying in the Republican party was a wise decision on the part of Ron Paul. The amount of traction that he has got in this election is quite impressive.

    I agree that a 3rd party run right now would be a one way ticket to obscurity. Watching Ron Paul beat McCain, Huckabee, Thompson, and Guiliani is a joy to behold. I also enjoy hearing how Fox News make an idiot of itself. The more that Fox tries to marginalize and ignore Ron Paul, the more they make themselves look ridiculous and absurd.

    Go Ron Paul!

  • Gene

    Fox News (Rupert Murdoch) wants a Hillary president for the rating numbers to return enmass and lead the cable “news” stations. Americows, being what they are, will get what they deserve.

  • JimS

    It’s clear that the media both writen and televised would want to plant the seeds that Ron Paul cant win the GOP and its BS…

    I am part of the GOP that you say Hates Ron Paul, so is all my family, friends, and about 1/3 of my co-workers. We have a range of time in the GOP from 4 years to 45 years — AND WE LOVE RON PAUL so don’t be so sure about that.

  • Don Hannaford

    I totally agree with you!! Ron Paul should go 3rd party ASAP. Also I have quirt watching Fox Nerws!!! THEY ARE A DISGRACE!!!!

  • RG

    Bloomberg peels off votes from mainstrean Dems and Repubs not Ron Paul, My 2 cents.

  • RG

    Also with Faux News against him, how can he lose?

  • Parke

    Have you noticed that Pauls supporters have chilled out alot? We were attacked left and right every day before the primaries started… I know it angered me that no pundits would speak respectfully of Paul or the grassroots. Thank God for the internet!

    I dont know whats going to happen, but Paul has a sizeable war chest and another big money bomb on Monday. With the others broke, besides Romney, he stands a good chance have a huge impact. Now that he’s taken second place, I suspect our meetups will continue to grow.

    What Im hoping for is that the meetup groups continue to grow and organize for supporters to run for Congress. Regardless what happens, Ron Paul has awakened alot of people.. now that they are meeting each other who knows what is going to happen.

    And for the record, if I ever run into Hannity or Frank Luntz, they will never forget meeting me. FOX news is a commie loving, war mongering piece of crap. I hope it goes out of business.. among other things.

  • Neil McLaughlin

    God damn those Mormons – they can all go straight to hell! They support this war and pretend they will go to heaven? Ignorance of the law (ie the Constitution) is no excuse for breaking the law. Every Mormon who voted for Romney BE DAMNED!

  • http://GrannyWarriorsforRP Jeanette Doney

    I’m beginning to believe the GOP wants to be a 3rd Party. They decoded to not invote Indy voters to their primary ballot. They don’t defend their candidates rights in the primary. They are making real mistakes by design or defult. Only Romney and McCain have (their own) money to run further. Paul has more money at this time than Nader did in his last two elections combined. I believe as long as the rEVOLution continues to fund the campaign, IF Ron Paul does not get the GOP nomination (and I would like it if he did) then I believe he will run if we fund.

  • Mark I

    “Fox News really needs to get a life. Ron Paul was leading McCain, but they had Mike Huckabee up there instead?”

    It’s not just fox news spinning against the only GOP candidate who wants to leave Iraq, it is other media outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch recently bought the Wall Street Journal.
    IMMEDIATELY the wall street journal’s reporting of the GOP left out Ron Paul. Additionally, they started making “opinion” pieces that smeared Paul. They did these tricks last week ON THE SAME DAY. I have pictures of it and will post it on next week.

    I also told the wall street journal that I would not renew my subscription. Like you said, the market will speak. My money is going to start going to other papers.

  • David

    I still remember this from Fox News, after the Iowa Straw Poll where they showed 1-4, then 6 and 7. Guess who was missing in 5th place?

  • DigitalBob

    No one’s going to rip on you now. You’re saying what many of us have been thinking. There needs to be a realistic plan B. But none of the choices are very appetizing.

    A third party, incorporating Ron Paul’s ideals, but without the negative baggage of the Libertarian Party or Reform Party, would be wonderful. But that would be like pushing a boulder uphill. No one wants to spend the time and money to create a third party. Running Ron Paul as an independent would be expensive and exhausting. But it might be the only way to get to the electoral college. It would be a state-by-state slugfest. It would mean winning the largest states over the existing two parties.

    If Ron Paul were to run as an independent, he would have to get 270 or more electoral college votes to win. If he leeches the electoral college votes as an independent, and no one gets 270, the election would be pushed into the Congress, which hasn’t happened since 1828. Then it would be a split right down Democratic-Republican lines.

    That scenario would not get Paul the presidency, but it would embolden future challengers who might refute the existing duopoly.

    It’s a lot to think about. I don’t think anyone wants to pursue this course until Feb 6.

  • Torqued

    I can’t wait to see Ron Paul acting in the White House.

    It will surely be a great day for all REAL Americans.

    No more attacks on our personal liberties!

    Ron Paul Forever!!

  • Mark

    Fox news removes all doubt about “the man” manipulating the news.

    However “the man” just experienced an ugly stab like feeling of ocular penetration; Dr. Pauls 2nd place finish… watch now as the man uses his one good eye to focus on anything but Dr. Paul.

  • Mike

    If you look at his numbers in the exit polls you’ll find that he attracts a hard core following with the youth vote, Libertarians, African Americans, vets, middle class suburbanites, evangelicals AND non-religious AND muslims AND jews. Plus he has proven his ability to raise funds.

    His core supporters may not be a majority but they are loyal to the core and will follow Paul anywhere.

    All of these things add up to one thing in my mind: Vice President.

    Whoever the nominee turns out to be he would be a FOOL not to run with Paul as his VP. He would instantly get access to all that MONEY and we all know that money talks.

    He would get access to Pauls hard core followers. A large percentage of those followers have openly said this is the first time they have voted in years and will not vote for anyone else. The point is that the 10% of the voting public that supports Paul will be guaranteed to vote, donate huge sums of money and, most importantly, get that 100,000 members of Pauls groups to canvass and organize the grass roots.

    Think what Paul could do as VP starting with reigning in all that crap that Cheney has done. He would be leader of the Senate and his philosophy would guide it. He would be a major contributor to foreign and economic policy. The VP can have a lot of influence when foreign leaders come to visit.

    Most importantly, it would give him a national platform and guaranteed access to the press to spread his philosophy to the people.

    Ron Paul for Vice President is a winnable solution that I hope all Paul supporters can get behind. It makes perfect sense.

    Mike from Toledo, OH

  • Lars

    Great article. Ron Paul is gaining momentum!

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  • Lars
  • brettrix

    This election, us republicans will have a brokered convention. I can only speak for Arizona but we are behing Ron Paul and we realize it will take a long time.

    We are becoming precinct committeemembers in order to take back the GOP. We will do this even if it takes 4 more years…. we really have nothing to lose!

    Today at the Maricopa county republican meeting of precinct committeemembers, it appears that Ron Paul won the straw poll – there were so many Ron Paul supporters there that weren’t part of our meetups that even i was surprised.

    FYI -AZ hates McCain –

  • YouGoRon

    It’s so sad the most media will not put this story out, but will only continue to bypass Ron Paul. For those that are willing to talk about it, thanks!

    Go Ron Paul!

  • Derrick Mayfield

    I agree that it is too soon to start talking third party, if ever. I am not counting Dr. Paul out of winning the whole thing either. This race is the most chaotic anyone still living has seen, like a WWE cage match. Folding chairs coming to a debate platform near you!
    If things keep going as they have been, the MSM will have no choice but to give him more air time. People seeing him speak outside the debate forum is going to increase his support, and he has the money to go the distance. I would be truly surprised if Dr. Paul is not either President or Vice President by this time next year. I will take either one as a major victory for the small guy in a country that is fed up with two parties that can’t seem to get anything right.

  • Tannim

    Nah, no third party run. Not yet.

    Today was the end of Hunter and the coming end of Thompson and Giuliani, with Huckabee leaving soon as well. That makes it a 3-horse race with Romney and McCain beating on each other and both are easy pickings for Dr. Paul to demolish on their records.

    By now the Paul strategy should be obivous. Marshall the forces and resources, while letting the others beat and bloody each other and let the field winnow down on its own, then strike and go on the offensive with the forces and resources that the others have exhausted. This makes Super Tuesday look very interesting.

  • Brendan

    One big problem is that Ron doesn’t do too well when Diebold machines are used to count the votes. In New Hampshire, he got 15% of the hand-counted ballots and only 7% of the Diebold vote. In South Carolina, where he got only 4%, ALL of the votes were counted on Diebold machines with NO paper trail.

    Vote fraud is a MAJOR problem that needs to be addressed NOW if Ron Paul is to have any chance.

    Also, Ron Paul’s ads have been rather wimpy, to put it nicely. He needs to be more aggressive. Maybe a McCain-style shakeup of his campaign staff is in order.

  • Brian

    Tim Russert even conceded that Paul will be in for the long haul, beyond Super Tuesday and to the convention. This thing isn’t over by a long-shot.

    Duncan Hunter has dropped out, and if Rudy doesn’t win FL, he’s history too. Fred Thompson is going to bow out soon too as big donors flee to McCain.

    Guys gotta remember that Ron Paul is a state high school track champion. He knows all about marathons and he’s a savvy campaigner. This is a brilliant rope-a-dope campaign he’s running – he’s taken all of his hits (the newsletters, guilt-by-association smears) and he’s still in the race.

  • Rick Cain

    Its not about Ron Paul, it never was. The GOP idiots in charge don’t realize that the Ron Paul movement isn’t about people following a charismatic leader, its about following a message! Ron by no means is charismatic, handsome, or even a good public speaker, but wow….the message! His idealogy cuts like a knife through all the BS and the demagoguery of the GOP neoconservative vews.

    Its early, Ron won’t drop out any time soon. I predict he will be in the top 2 by next month and Fox Jazeera, MSNBC and all the other corporate portals won’t be able to leave him off their coverage like they want to.

  • HarryO

    I don’t intend to vote for Ron Paul, but I’m watching his progress with interest. If he can stay in the running for a few more months, fate may look his way.

    There’s a financial crisis well under way in the U.S. None of the candidates are talking about it yet and most of the public is only vaguely aware of it, but in short, the U.S. financial system is close to bankrupt. More than one major bank and pension fund is teetering like the first domino on the verge of insolvency due to overinvestment in mortgage-backed securities and for being counterparties to derivative instruments that are likely to come due in the near future. These are just two examples.

    Ron Paul’s proposes a gold-backed dollar and a withdrawal of the U.S. military from all foreign engagements. I don’t agree with his proposals, but they do have a certain plain simplicity that might appeal to angry volters who have seen their savings eroded by inflation and their jobs shipped overseas by the corporations. Hungry, unemployed people who have seen their dreams crumble and who feel that Washington has run roughshod over them may choose Paul as a protest candidate. He could win the convention. Not what I’d want to see, but imagine the drama.

  • Paul Provosty

    Hey, I’m glad you threw in that comment about Fox news…it’s true they are really trying to sway their viewers away from Ron Paul…”Fair and Balanced” my ass haha. But you do make a point…he has a slim chance of winning the GOP. But I think you have to realize that when it comes down to economic issues, Ron Paul knows his stuff. If you look at what the media is focusing on now, its less of ‘the iraq issue’ and more about the recession. When it boils down to it Ron Paul knows more about the recession, inflation, monetary policies, and the federal reserve. I believe that once the debates start focusing on these economic issues, it will become apparent to many republicans that he KNOWS what he is talking about. Its coming, people will figure out he is the right person to elect, its only a matter of time.