Ron Paul Gets More Votes Than Hillary In Nevada?

Ron Paul Gets More Votes Than Hillary In Nevada?


For all intents and purposes, the top tier Republicans weren’t really running that hard against Romney in Nevada so he mopped the floor with everybody. On the other hand, Hillary and Obama were running pretty hard in the state.

So what explains these numbers?

Hillary Clinton 5,317
Barack Obama 4,726
John Edwards 393

Mitt Romney 22,220
Ron Paul 5,681
John McCain 5,535
Mike Huckabee 3,450
Fred Thompson 3,333
Rudy Giuliani 1,878
Duncan Hunter 877

Ron Paul and John McCain got more votes than Hillary? Duncan Hunter got more votes than John Edwards?

Was Nevada really that unimportant for the Dems? Even with the Mormon vote pushing Romney to these massive numbers, that doesn’t explain wwhy Paul and McCain combined got more votes than all of the votes in the Dem contest.


Some people have said these were delegates numbers, not total votes. This makes A LOT more sense, but still…check out how MSNBC presents the totals…

Pretty misleading, eh?

New York Times reports that the Dem turnout was a record…

State party officials said more than 107,000 Nevada voters attended the caucuses.

Again, this makes a lot more sense.

Sorry for any confusion.


    You seem slightly confused by what happened in Nevada. The numbers you cite aren’t votes because this wasn’t a primary. It was a caucus, and thus it shows how many pledged delegates were won.

    So Ron Paul, although impressively winning second place and beating John McCain in the GOP caucus, didn’t get more VOTES than Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. Rather, he won more delegates, because there happened to be more GOP delegates at stake in this contest.

  • swingvoter

    Um, no… the Dem figures are for precinct delegates or whatever they call them – the voters elect these people and then the delegates are based off that second result. Don’t ask me why they do this but the Dem total turnout was much bigger than the republicans.

  • Matt

    Those are delegates not votes…

  • nico

    Well it’s fabulous that Ron Paul took 2nd!! This proves his viability espeically out west!!

    But as for the #s of demo voters the tallies are stated in caucus delegates and not actual voters. The Dems and the Repubs do totally different caucus systems. Well I should say the Dems have a proper caucus and the Repubs “go to church and vote”. ahah.

    Anyway it don’t matter because RP is the MAN!! Down with the Establishment. The REVOLUTION LIVES!!!

  • eric

    Those are delegates. But this stuff is so misleading.

    I’m looking at the county vote breakdown and it lists them as votes on CNN’s page. Then there is a little explanation at the bottom of the page, which is horribly redundant.
    • County Votes* – In the Nevada Democratic caucuses, the county vote column reflects the number of delegates elected to county conventions. There will be at least 10,446 county delegates elected at this stage. Those delegates then elect delegates to the state convention, where finally delegates to the national convention are selected.

    Ummmm what?

    Weren’t you the guy that was questioning Ron Paul’s involvement in the ‘newsletters’ the other day. Maybe that was misleading too???
    Nah, couldn’t have been.

  • Billy

    Holy crap, Paul kicked shitstain McCain’s ass! Not to mention Fuckabee, Dead Thompson and Rudy-Tudy-Fresh n’ Fruity Ghouliani. The Human Skull, Benito Ghouliani “America’s Tampon” has blown 50 million for this? What a great business man!

  • SC

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Paul supporters, but a Paul presidency just isn’t going to happen. Period.

    Let’s take a look here, at the six contests so far:

    Iowa – 10% of the caucus vote -11,817 votes for Paul out of 118,691.

    New Hampshire – 8% of the primary vote – 18,303 votes for Paul of 233,381 total.

    Wyoming – 0% of the caucus vote for Paul.

    Michigan – 6% of the primary vote for Paul – 54,434 out of 867,270 total votes.

    Nevada – Paul’s best showing yet by percentage with 14% of the vote. 6,077 out of 44,269 votes (with 99% reported).

    South Carolina – as of the time of writing this with 97% of the votes in, Paul has just 4% and is running a distant 5th place, with less than ¼ of the votes Romney, the candidate in the #4 spot has and miles behind McCain and Huckabee. He’s outpolled Giuliani, but given that Giuliani’s barely campaigned at all in any of the states that have held primaries or caucuses at this point and is pretty much getting votes purely on name recognition alone, that’s not much to brag about.

    Even more alarming to Paul supporters should be the fact that he’s holding just 6 delegates out of 132 – which amounts to just 4.5% of the delegates alotted so far.

    If one totals the votes from Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada, Paul actually has received just 7.2% of the votes cast (90,631 out of 1,263,611 total votes in those states). Once the final South Carolina vote comes in, that number will go down.

    And in Nevada, where he pulled of second with a paltry 14%, narrowly edging out McCain by about 400 votes, he and the winner, Romney, were the only two candidates to have done serious campaigning in the state. A little secret, guys – a second place finish is nothing to brag about when you’re pulling second with 14% of the vote and the front runner outpolls you more by almost 4 to 1.

    And this opens up an even more serious question – if Paul can’t even break past 15% with *his own declared party* after six contests, and only broke double digit percentages in two of the six, what makes him a serious contender to beat ANY Democrat? After all, this is just the contest to get the Republican nomination, so whoever wins this thing in the end is STILL going to have to go head to head in a Presidential race!

  • Dr Ward Ciac II

    Sent to Ron Paul 2008 campaign:
    I am asking that Kent Snyder the campaign chairman be fired now. It should have happened a long time ago – in Philadelphia when he was yelling at the people who paid $500 to speak with Dr Paul. But this South Carolina fiasco was too much. How much of our money did RP2008 spend to get 5% of the vote there? A complete debacle – could have gotten that without any campaigning. No more money until Kent Snyder is fired! You are also spending time in the wrong states. New Jersey has a lot of independents and Dr Paul is trending upward there. Please come to New Jersey! And please fire Kent Snyder now and put in a professional!

  • Ron


    Thanks for talking about Ron Paul. Despite his good results today in Nevada, a lot of the mainstream media continue to ignore Ron Paul. Here is the results of the primaries according to the NY Times:

    Everyone should continue to be aware that freedom of the press is one thing but when the press goes from the business of reporting the news to interpreting the news then there is a risk that everyone’s liberty is curtailed.

  • joe

    Ron Paul still kicks Judy’s ass! Paul supporters will get the last laugh when the dollar crashes! We tried to warn you!

  • Neil McLaughlin

    SC – good stats, however, you must take this into account: the media has censored Ron Paul and he still beat McCain in Nevada. Guiliani never finished in the top 3 in any state. SC votes were ALL electronic so they are suspect. 105,000 people have voted for Ron Paul in 5 states (f*ck Wyoming – they finalized the election in 2006, and even mentioning the 0% shows you are Neo Conservative). If these 5 states where people who liked RP could actually vote (unlike WY) there are an estimated ONE MILLION Ron Paul supporters in the US! You know damn well that if the media pushed Ron Paul on us the way they do ALL the other MSM whores, he would be #1, as he is in most educated polls worldwide. If he got equal air time, he wins every time – just go watch the Fox Poll results again. Also, we are growing exponentially as time goes on. The message is more important than his predidency anyway (what a concept, the Constitution). Here in Florida Ron Paul is king! Ron Paul will win Florida!

    And when the revolution reaches you, SC, you will be tried for Treason.

  • Neil McLaughlin

    I love when people like SC play Monday morning QB. What good is SC if he can’t PREDICT THINGS BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. If we asked SC how Ron Paul would have done BEFORE THE RESULTS WERE IN – SC would have said “Ron Paul will finish #6”. Now he is telling us “Ron Paul will finish #6 next time”. The boy who cried Wolfowitz.

  • SC

    I’m a neoconservative?!? Just for mentioning Wyoming! Hahahahahahaha! Good one. Just because you don’t like the Wyoming results doesn’t mean at the end of the day, Paul and several other candidates were left high and dry by the state.

    Conspiracy theorize much, Neil? Oh, and you seem to need to fix a problem with your caps lock key. For some reason that seems to be a common problem with certain demographics of Ron Paul supporters…you must all use the same type of keyboard or something, I expect. :-)

    You cite an estimated one million Ron Paul supporters across the US. That sounds impressive until one notes that there were over 122 million votes cast in the 2004 presidential election. There haven’t been less thant 2 million popular votes cast in a presidential election since 1840.

    And you make fun of *me* for predicting the future and dare to say what my prediction would have been before the results were in in South Carolina while you tout Paul as the future winner in Florida? Actually, I was a bit surprised that he did as badly as he did in South Carolina – I figured he’d have pulled at least a couple more percentage points, thought I didn’t figure he’d break double digits. And I would have predicted him in fourth or fifth place, once again ahead of Giuliani for the reasons I mentioned in my previous post. Will he finish #6 next time? I’ve no idea, but I can certainly predict that he will not finish first or second, and very probably not third. Which goes back to my original final question – what makes Paul a viable candidate when he can’t break double digit percentages with his own party (let alone the *rest* of the country as he would have to do in a presidential election) in four out of six contests held so far? I have the same question about Giuliani and would have for Hunter, too, if he hadn’t pulled out of the race yesterday. And it’s a perfectly valid question, whether you like it or not.

    “His message?” Would this be the message of his newsletters from the 90’s – you know, the ones referring to blacks as animals and warning of the impending race war? Oh, wait – that wasn’t HIS message, it was just published under his name, by his company, and he received profits from its subscriptions… Maybe you mean his message about earmarks? You know…the ones he claims to be against but added anyway for his Congressional District? To bills that would pass anyway without his vote, so that he could vote against them and claim the high moral road of having never voted in favor of an earmark, despite having actually personally added them? (Can you say “hypocrisy”, boys and girls? I knew you could!). Maybe you mean his unholy partnership with that cancer upon the libertarian movement, Lew Rockwell? And yes, I’m perfectly aware that other candidates have flaws and skeletons in their closets. But too many Paul supporters would like to pretend that he has none – to see some of their comments you’d think Paul was the Second Coming and for his inaugural he’d walk across water…

    If you want a libertarian message to get out the people (I mean, a message OTHER than one that indicates to the general public that libertarians are a bunch of white supremacist, consipiracy theorizing nutjobs) then Paul is NOT the right candidate to get that message out.

  • SC

    Oh, and it’s interesting and telling that Neil wants me up against the wall for Treason for simply for daring to question the viability of a Paul candidacy. Paul supporters of Neil’s stripe would hold that anyone disagreeing with their point of view is committing treason and should be executed. That’s Ron Paul liberty for you, folks, according to his more fanatical followers. No wonder Stormfront backs him.

  • angela pearchman

    Ron Paul places second in Navada due to the fact that he inspires true support among many folks who have never been interested in politics. He is a great man and a true gift to the American people. Giuliani and the other warmongering jackals running for president receive constant press coverage. Ron Paul is still a ‘longshot’ due to the continuous media censorship. FOX NEWS along with the other shepherds of the sheeple censor him and his political views. Romney, McCain and Huckster are nothing more than bloody handed baboons who would keep us in Iraq for 100 years protecting “our oil”. They would send more of our young people to their deaths while their own sons live high on the hog in their Dad’s mansions. All the Republican candidates except Dr. Paul are sly snakes trying to slither into the oval office. The sad thing is all of them are starting to steal Ron Paul’s talking points about ending the IRS and going back to the constitution but the sheeple that support them and vote them into office are to stupid to see it.

  • Gene Callahan

    “Some people have said these were delegates numbers, not total votes. This makes A LOT more sense…”

    It makes a lot of sense to think there are 10,000 Dem delegates to the national convention from Nevada? How many delegates do they have in total? 1 million?

    And, BTW, it’s “by accident,” not “on accident.”

  • SC

    Ms Pearchman jumps on the Paul bandwagon with a couple more concepts – #1 – it’s all a media conspiracy to censor Paul, and that’s why he’s not polling well. It has nothing to do with the fact that maybe mainstream America doesn’t believe in the same things he does. #2 – Everyone that disagrees with Paul are “sheeple” and “stupid”. A sure-fire tactic for gaining converts, that is. Be sure to be as insulting as possible to the people you’re trying to convert and no doubt they’ll fall right into line. Did it work for you, Angela?

  • jamcalha

    Many people like Ron Paul because 1) he’s a doctor, not a lifetime politician/lawyer, 2) he is genuine, they trust that he says what he means, WYSISYG, 3) he’s logical, not full of sound bites and emotion.

    This, in addition to the ‘change’ he promises of trying to force the government to shrink to fit inside the bounds of the Constitution, make non-political types feel like he is really something different.

  • SC

    Well, golly, I doubt anyone will read this this far along date-wise, but I just had to revisit Neil’s predictions, since he was so critical of ME making any predictions. Let’s see here….Neil predicted that Paul would win Florida. Hmmm….seems Paul got just 3% of the vote there. I guess Paul isn’t king in Florida after all, Neil. Even Thompson, who’d already dropped out of the race, got 1%, so Paul can crow about getting three times as many votes as someone who wasn’t even running anymore…

    Neil said that Paul supporters were “growing exponentially”. Hmmm….well, looking at the incoming Super Tuesday results, I’m seeing a lot of single digit returns for Paul, and mostly low single digits at that. I guess Neil missed his prediction again.

    Neil criticized me for being a “Monday morning quarterback”. Looks like Neil himself ought to stick to ping pong. So sorry, Neil, the r3VOLution has been postponed indefinitely.