Bill Clinton Nods Off During MLK Tribute Speech

Bill Clinton Nods Off During MLK Tribute Speech


Poor Bill. All those false attacks on Obama must be exhausting.

Somebody get the former President a coffee please…

  • Joshua

    He may be sleeping, but does he have a dream?

  • GYoogleTube

    Here is another version of the video, with a close-up on Bill

  • Douglass

    This should make the rest of us wake up!

  • bigwilly

    Big willy catchin some Zzzz

  • jeff

    who woudnt fall asleep to this boring oath

  • denver4obama

    I believe the word you’re looking for is oaf. An interested person might not fall asleep. For god sakes, don’t vote & please, please don’t breed, jeff.

  • Kmuzu

    Can’t blame him. I have often fallen asleep in church.

  • Trick

    heh heh, guess he had a wild night..

  • Drew

    He is 61! How many people of that age do you know who can pay attention for hours. My grandfather would almost fall asleep after I did the initial greeting lol. But I digress, Obama for 08!

  • Stijn

    Bill seems to know the tricks of the trade, acting like he was just listening while actually nodding off. I guess he didn’t notice the camera flashes going off.

    But hey, Bill is cool. Betcha he was dreaming about that time with Monica in the Oval Office.

  • Isaac

    Yes, “brother” Bill is having HIS dream (hmm…I wonder what of?).

  • Tay Love

    Looooooooooooooooooooool, omg smh, damn I know church is boring at times, but sheesh man, at least “pretend” that you know a camera is on you at a public event you’re attending…on MLK DAY!!! That mofo needed more than a latte lol, he should have brought his pillow and blanket as well.
    ROTFLMAO!!!! I needed this, this morning, thanks for posting lol.

    CLINTON 08′!!!

  • http://netzero John

    I completely understand Bill falling asleep at the Mets-Cardinals game. Maybe even at Reagan’s funeral. But for him to fall asleep on a day that is honoring Martin Luther King Jr., one of the major contributors to the Civil Rights Movement and a prominent reason why there is now equality in the United States is kind of a slap in the face to many people who suffered through the injustices of segregation, prejudice, and racism. This was not just any church service this was a service dedicated to the life’s work of a pioneer. It is insulting to me, especially as a young Black man, that a service for MLK Jr. is so boring or uninteresting to him that he would fall asleep.

  • Frank

    It’s not easy being America’s FIRST Black President

  • Todd Smyth

    Bill was positioned behind MLK’s son as a photo op. The idea was to look inspired not bored.

  • Max

    Obama would have never fallen asleep during that speech. I don’t care how long it was, Bill Clinton cannot be compared to Senator Obama in terms of the urgency he feels for our country. Clinton is sitting on a fat load of cash for each time he speaks. The same for Senator Clinton.

  • Howard

    there are some folks that posted opinions on here that are clearly NOT from oppressed groups. i feel bad for the ignorance i’ve seen on this blog “brother bill is dreaming,” “i would’ve fallen asleep in church,” “bill is old and it’s okay for him to falll asleep [during an MLK speech].”

    And for the record, America’s “FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT” spent more money (1 billion) in a term than any other president throwing minorities in jail. Black people love him…take a look. He’s got our vote, he’s got our money, and he’s got [some of] our freedom. Wake the fuck up.

    and for the record, his ass shouldn’t have been falling asleep

  • Dos

    there are some folks that posted opinions on here that are clearly NOT from oppressed groups.

    This is somewhere btw precious, hilarious and retarded.

    Ummm, Howard….I am a solid 1/32 drunk blackfoot indian. My great great great grandmother was 100% drunk blackfoot indian. My great great grandmother was 1/2 drunk blackfoot indian. My great grandmother was 1/4 drunk blackfoot indian. My grandmother was 1/8 drunk blackfoot indian. My father is a 1/16th drunk blackfoot indian and I am, again, 1/32 drunk blackfoot indian.

    So, I guess I am only 1/32 oppressed drunk blackfoot indian. I also have some Romanian Jew in me and I’m half way sure I was sired by a transient Mexcian grape-picker anyway. So quit your whining and get a job, sissy. Maybe if you worked as hard as Bill you’d be a little more sympathetic to sleeping in Church.

  • Gina

    Before Obama became a candidate, the black voting block loved the Clintons. If Obama wasn’t on the ticket, the 90% of blacks voting for him would all be voting for Hillary. But, as soon as a black candidate was actually in sight of the nomination, it was time for blacks to throw the Clintons under the bus, and play the race card. These latter comments by black leaders putting the blame on Bill Clinton, are extremely disengenuous, and are merely attempts at damage control, as well as attempts at solidarity for the black candidate, at the expense of the Clintons.

  • Bill Clinton speech

    Bill Clinton speech – test skills for Obama !!!

    While Bill Clinton’s speech on the third night of the convention will only be a courtesy accorded former presidents, Obama — who speaks tomorrow, the last night of the convention — needs his support desperately.