Ron Paul Is Beating Rudy Guiliani

Ron Paul Is Beating Rudy Guiliani


But honestly, so what?

From Politico:

Ron Paul, the Texas congressman frequently dismissed as a long shot candidate with no real chance at winning the Republican presidential nomination, has won nearly twice as many total votes to date as Rudy Giuliani, a candidate still widely viewed as a strong contender.

With his second place finish in Saturday’s Nevada caucus, where Paul defeated Giuliani in every county in the state, the Texas congressman has now received 106,414 votes to 60,220 for Giuliani. Both candidates have collected zero actual delegates.

Again, I say so what. It’s not like Rudy has run some amazing campaign. In fact, Fred Thompson had 123,911 total votes (not counting votes in Wyoming, which I can’t seem to find) and 8 delegates when he dropped out a couple days ago. And he did it with FAR less money than Paul. So to compare Rudy to Ron may make for a provocative story, but it ultimately means nothing until Paul starts winning some delegates.

But it looks like Rudy is in for a rough ride in his showdown state of Florida…

It’s Mitt Romney vs. John McCain in the final stretch of Florida’s crucial Republican primary.

A new St. Petersburg Times poll shows the former Massachusetts governor and Arizona senator neck and neck among Florida Republicans, while Rudy Giuliani’s Florida-or-bust strategy has been a bust.

Among Florida voters likely to vote in Tuesday’s primary, 25 percent are backing McCain and 23 percent Romney, a statistical tie, while Giuliani and Mike Huckabee were tied for third place with 15 percent each.

Rudy will need more than 9/11 to save his campaign now.

Some people have said that Paul has 6 delegates. Well, if he’s still around in April when Nevada gives them out, then yes, he’ll have them. I would be incredibly surprised if he’s still around in April. The money that you all raised in Q4 was impressive, but it’s a drop in the bucket when you’re talking about Super Tuesday.

Also, a commenter says this…

I will be voting for Ron Paul next November, some six months after April and so will millions of others from all walks of life all across this country.

EXACTLY!!! Why in the hell is Paul still running for the GOP nomination? It’s obvious 90% of you will only vote for him anyway. Push him to run a 3rd party campaign already and stop trying to win a nomination process you can’t possibly win.

Here’s an update on Florida…Ron Paul nowhere to be seen…

Why? Because he’s not competitive nationally.

  • Dara

    In Miami, where I live, there are a ton of Ron Paul supporters among the college students simply because he supports lax drug laws. Of course, that’s because he doesn’t want ANY laws, but I don’t think people realize it 😉

    Check out the Politics category on FunAdvice, I think you’ll like it.


  • Jacob Koller

    You should check your facts because Ron Paul has collected 6 delegates and should have quite a few more after a good showing in the LA primary.

    If you look at where Ron Paul was 6 months ago I think it’s pretty remarkable how far he’s come. 2nd place in NV, 2nd place in LA, beat former front runner Giuliani in nearly every primary thus far and he has been completely ignored or slandered by mainstream media. It’s a good sign that there are a sizable percentage of people who are able to think and research for themselves.

  • Justin Gardner

    Jacob, I think you’re talking about Nevada delegates and those are unpledged until April. It’s likely that Paul will be out by then.

    And he HAS NOT been completely ignored by the media, nor has he been slandered. You either haven’t been reading any of the stories written about Paul or you’re just reciting Paulite talking points.

    Please, do yourself a favor and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • Dennis

    Aw, Justin. That wasn’t polite at all. I think the question is not whether or not Paul is covered or if he’s even going to win. The question is, why has this man, who has raised more money and had more votes or tied with two of the former “frontrunner” candidates, been painted as a kooky fringe nut with no chance whatsoever? It doesn’t seem very fair considering an election is supposed to be about exercising your choice. Those choices have been pre-selected for us by the media. I find it ironic that the media coronated Giuliani only watch him go down in flames. On the other hand, those that predicted Paul would fizzle out early are now beginning to realize he is in it for the long haul. You may disagree with his ideas, but differing ideas are the stuff that GOOD politics are made of. We need this discussion out in the open.

  • Jeff

    Not been completely ignored??? hold on, Not been completely ignored???

    Dude, I don’t know what crack your smoking, but their has been a month long total media black out of Ron Paul. They are so afraid of his foreign policy that they will stop at nothing to block him out. I know 3 people that don’t work and just want TV all day long and they all thought he had dropped out of the race!! Just look into LA. caucuses where they had to pool 4 candidates together as a pro-family (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) group to beat Paul cause he would have smacked them down big time.

    OH, and a side note: Dr. Paul has $10 still in the bank while the other campaigns are begging for money. He isn’t going anywhere until the convention. So go drink some of your own stupid kool-aid and keep hiding your head in the closet.

  • Jonah Sage

    I would say that Paul does get some face time, but unfortunately it’s only with statements like “And the completely unelectable Ron Paul will be on our show tomorrow morning at 6am. Tune in!” I think it’s fair to say, as a candidate, he gets treated much worse than anyone out there. Certainly not receiving the credit he’s due. For instance (not repeating what jacob already said):

    -more volunteers than any other candidate
    -won almost every straw poll
    -won almost every post-debate poll
    -raised more money in the 4th qtr than any candidate
    -raised more money in one day than any candidate ever

    I think any one of these by themselves would have caused a significant stir had it been true for someone else, let alone all being from the same candidate

  • Jeff

    whoops I meant $10 million!!!

  • Gene

    Justin, just let us know when you get something right…and crow about it. We’ll listen, I promise.

  • Harry Mahal

    Ron Paul has 6 delegates

    I would call on the author to check his facts before presenting his opinions as if he’s an expert

  • Seth C

    He’ll be out by April? He hasn’t been slandered? These aren’t “Paulie Talking Points”. They’re in no way made up.
    The New York Times left him off their campaign results graphic until Thompson dropped out. Left him completely off. When he won second in Nevada, most every news source reported:
    “Clinton beats Obama, Romney wins”.
    Hell, even the local ABC news in Nevada had it on the screen that Paul won second, but the anchor actually said “John McCain won second place.” A blatant lie.
    Not to mention almost every blogger/pundit/media joe shmoe throwing in the line “Ron Paul can’t win”, or something to that tune. Those are the robots that are drinking the kool-aid.

    I would be really surprised to see Huckabee and Giuliani still around in April. Paul has the money and support to keep him in for the long haul. Start paying attention.

  • Billy

    Bad reporting, Paul has 6 delegates.

    Also, after the final tallies on LA are in, Paul may have more delegates than Huckabee. Holy crap!

  • Phil Blanks

    Justin, I think you’re talking out the Fantasy Land delegates – Ron Paul out by April? Want to bet your job on it? (you probably just did anyway).

    And he HAS been ignored by the media, except when they’re slandering him! You either haven’t been on planet Earth or you’re just reciting CFR talking points.

    Please, do yourself a favor and stop humiliating yourself.

  • Bill

    “so what?” is the correct sentiment. Ron Paul may have 6 delegates (compared to the 8 of Thompson who dropped out and the 72 of Romney), and finished in 2nd in Nevada with 14% (compared to the 51% of Romney) but I talk to my friends that support Ron Paul and they act like he is the frontrunner.

    His fringe campaign has done well, but it has not even come close to putting him in contention at all. More power to Ron Paul but he is not in this campaign to win, he is in it to sell his book. And this publicity tour has worked for him (as it has for McCain in both 2000 and 2008). Funny how these guys write books just before running for national office as if they planned the remarkable timing.

  • Wundur

    Justin, please read the article below.Has Ron Paul been deliberately ignored?

  • Riz

    To Dara: You are not quite right. Ron Paul supports a government that would not interfere with state laws. So state laws will still stand.

  • badmedia

    As the economy crashes, and all these things happen. 2 things keep going up. The price of gold, and Ron Paul’s support.

    What a great blog, oh, who cares about what really happened, “so what”. Oh yeah, just the kind of opinion I’m going to listen to.

    If understanding this is from the “Kool-Aid”, then pour me another glass.

  • Caleb Friz

    Ron Paul has Six delegates, according to the CNN website.

  • Brian

    America is a nation in serious trouble and it needs drastic measures to survive. Ron Paul is the only candidate that comes even close to offering any hope – but even his radical ideas may be too little too late.

    You are losing the war in Iraq soundly. Your troops are hunkered down on base and they are simply blanketing the country with bombs from the air to keep casualties low during elections – brilliant strategy to fool ignoramuses at home, perfect strategy for making a disaster of a war a complete defeat. If there was actual, REAL progress being made in Iraq, you wouldn’t hear the end of it. But daily, you don’t even see Iraq in the headlines anymore unless you go digging.

    Those of you that write off Ron Paul and his supporters as lunatics – realize that if you continue on your little way, America will eventually, like all empires past – reap what it has sowed. If you can’t subdue shop keepers with AK-47’s or cavemen with RPG’s over the course of 7 years, what chance do you have of fighting the Persians or the Chinese that you are so intent on starting a war with??? You’ve used chemical weapons (white phosphorus), suspended habeas corpus, endorsed torture, given up your privacy and rights – and you’re still losing!!! If you don’t see that what you’re doing is not working and that Washington needs a change, you deserve whats coming your way.


    $50k is what your family owes for Iraq war, American households owe 50K.
    $45k is my newborn nieces share of Nations Debt. Every child being born right now is straddled with DEBT!
    CRIMINAL, and it doesn’t make any sense.

    The Market dead the dead cat bounce and was up 300 points. It won’t last.
    Stolen, your wealth is being pilfered by lowering interest rates and devaluation of YOUR dollar!

    More of the Same, this is the answer to the question of the economy. Stimulus packages and a decreasing standard of living is what comes with it.

    Economy is in the dumps it will never get better. NEVER, unless…

    Ron Paul out of the race? I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Doug MacIlroy


    Why do you parrot the talking points of all the other pundiots? Are you in a wannabe mode?

    Why is it that you have to take what is obviously significant and totally ignore the point, which is that there is a ground swell of people in this country who are fed up with politics as usual and are beginning, unlike you, to wake up.

    I will be voting for Ron Paul next November, some six months after April and so will millions of others from all walks of life all across this country.

    So what, indeed.

    Doug MacIlroy
    Kamuela, Hawaii

  • DenisL

    Uhm…Ron Paul has raised more money than the rest in the 4th quarter & is spending it! $20 million in the 4th quarter. $3.5 million so far this quarter. And it was all from individual donations averaging less than $100. No PACs. Unlike the others he is beholding to nothing but the Constitution.

    You know with all the problems facing America, it would be really nice if the rest of the mainstream media actually cared about reporting on the positions of each Presidential candidate on all the issues rather than reporting on the horse race. Unfortunately the MSM thinks that only the polls and the candidate’s “presidential charisma” are important. Who the heck cares how they comb their hair or what color her dress was?! We will get more in depth reporting on the Super Bowl players than we will on the remaining candidates. It is all quite maddening.

    We each seem to have our own major issue(s) that make their choice for President seem like the best one. My question is: Would someone tell me why we should NOT elect Ron Paul?

    The rest, with Richardson out and Kucinich low in the polls, seem to be talking crazy talk about our military adventures in the Middle East. Additionally, no one else seems to understand the problems with the economy, inflation, and out of control deficit spending. Inflation is going to eat us alive, as it has already started to do so. Do you really believe that the REAL inflation rate last year, the rate that was used by the government for Social Security check increases this month, was 2.3%? Just look at the price of gold up 30% in 2007, now at an all time high and getting higher!

    One can not talk about tax cuts without ALSO talking about cutting spending. We have a $9 trillion debt (nearly double since 2000) that must be paid so we can afford Social Security and Medicare. The interest payments will go sky high when we begin to fight inflation with higher Federal Reserve bank rates.

    And we must stop inflation or everyone’s life savings will go down the tubes, along with the middle class, like what has happened to the middle class in most countries south of our border. And do not forget Universal Health Care, which is coming down the tracks right at us, unless Republicans begin to understand the seriousness of runaway deficits and inflation. And start educating the country. A Democratic President will surely not fight inflation like Volcker and Reagan did!

    Please vote Ron Paul and save the country from bankruptcy abroad and at home!

  • Greg

    “Please, do yourself a favor and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.”
    Could might as well be replaced with “I’m a biased idiot”.

    I mean really, you deny that Paul is being slandered when he has been declared a racist, and then you slander his supporters by bringing the old cheap Jim Jones mass murder reference. But we’re so used to this b.s.; this kind of cr”p you spew is why we always get the same old criminal scum for leaders.

  • Leonardo

    Hey Justin,
    Your headline should read:
    “Julie Annie is getting her ass kicked by a long shot, unelectable, fringe candidate” maybe?

    But obviously, you are a Julie Annie lover and so what?
    Again, I say Julie Annie lover. It’s not like “Frontrunner” Julie has run some amazing campaign.

    In fact, Fred Thompson had 123,911 total votes (not counting votes in Wyoming, which I can’t seem to find) and 8 delegates when “I don’t know why” he dropped out a couple days ago when he did it with FAR less money than Paul. Hmm…

    So to compare Julie to Ron (I just love the 2 first names) may make for a provocative story, but it ultimately means a great deal from 6 months ago. Of cause Dr. Paul is gaining endorsement from the big icons last few days and will starts winning some more delegates including Rush. Ouch…why is the truth hurts so bad?

    But it does look like Julie is fighting terrorists in the wrong grounds in the state of Florida…
    She’ll need go back to smoking the 9/11 pipe for now…

  • Paul G.

    Check your facts, dude. Ron Paul has 6 delegates, and soon more after Louisiana’s primary. He’ll take some in Florida too. Rudy has got 1 delegate as far as I now, so not only is Paul beating Rudy in votes, but in delegates too. With a missleading story like you’ve written, you just asking for the wrath of the Ron Paul supporters to come down on you. I, however, will choose to be polite.

  • Recession

    Ron Paul isn’t going anywhere, we will support him through this ENTIRE election process.

  • Chad_Underdonk

    Actually he’s 3rd place in Louisiana, an undecided anti-abortion block was by far the winner. I don’t know anyone who looks stronger on anti-abortion at the moment than Paul, so if those delegates do some research Paul will crush McCain for the portion of the LA delegates that are already dec ided.

  • Lucky225


    Actually he’s 2nd in Louisiana;

    Supporters of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) appear to have captured the next highest number of delegate positions.

    “I applaud the supporters of Congressman Paul for their enthusiasm and superior organizational ability,” Villere said. “Our Party needs the infusion of new activists who have both political skill and a passion for protecting the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution,” he said. “I left the caucus with a renewed commitment to promote our core Republican principles of limited government and individual freedom, thanks to the zeal displayed by Congressman Paul’s Louisiana supporters,” Villere said.

  • Don Hannaford

    He’s been COMPLETELY IGNORED!! Try to find any press on this man without the following adjectives: Long shot, no chance of winning, crazy, crackpot, Nazi loving, Jew hating, Conspiracy advocator, Isolationist, Hangs around with White Supremists, etc. WHAT A FARCE!!!!!

  • Sandra

    The mainstream media is terrified of Ron Paul. No matter how well he does they continue to ignore him. He may become the first President in history that doesn’t get a mention.

    Yet, Mr. 9/11 who has lost to Paul in nearly every contest remains a strong viable candidate and I will be you one thousand bucks that Rudy gets more air time than Paul in tomorrow night’s debate.

  • Bob C

    Guliani was foisted on the public…sort of a “force feed of media kool aid” if you will. Guliani started at around 35-40% and hasn’t done a thing despite the constant media exposure. Gee maybe his MESSAGE is what’s wrong? Guliani claims to be a fiscal conservative…baloney…why is his campaign in the red? If he can’t manage that money why should he be the President?
    He should find a nice little town and become Mayor…you know a town where he can take tax payer funded trips to visit his girlfriends and nobody will care…Maybe be chief of the volunteer fire dept too…Bye Bye Rudy!!!

    Ron Paul HAS been blackballed by the media, anyone who says different is just not dealing with fact, a “kook” if you will.
    Ron Paul started at 0% and is now picking up steam, despite the ganging up of media. Ron Paul is scary to those who benefit from the status quo, those who own the media. The truth is too powerful and ruins everything… Follow the money and you will find the answers.

    Ron Paul has written books on economics, Romney thinks he’s run businesses…pretty easy to do when daddy gives you a trust fund
    head start huh? Romney is trying to buy the Presidency. McCain is still fighting Vietnam and his Democratic big government tendencies and Huckabee reminds me of another lying Governor from Arkansas with a little more charm and a lot less gray matter, a puppet if you will. He never met a Ron Paul platform he didn’t want to copy…pathetic.

    In a recent debate (won by Ron Paul) he posed the question…why do we borrow money from China (a Communist country) to give to Pakistan ($11 billion to their regime lead by a Dictator) to “promote democracy” in Iraq? Anyone want to tackle that one? No? Didn’t think so.

    If “protecting America” is so important how come Romney’s kids aren’t in uniform? How come Cheney and Bush never served? Don’t give me that BS about the Air National Guard for Bush, that’s a crock of dung…war is not for the elite to fight is it?
    Maybe we should be in IRAQ for 100 years like McCAIN says? Sure..well at least we’d get all of “OUR” oil then wouldn’t we?

    Neo-cons serve the best KOOL AID and unfortunately there are alot of kool aid mustaches on an embarrassed American Public. Some are doing the responsible thing and admitting we were lied to and have woken up. Some still keep believing GW Bush and the rest of the so called “Republican” clones running for office …Dumb.
    What was it GW Bush said while running for President in 1999? “A humble foreign policy…no nation building etc. Ha ha ha . How much
    kool aid can we take?

    How many bases overseas? 700 How many foreign countries are we spreading democracy to? 130. What was the estimate by the Bush administration for the cost of IRAQ? Anybody want to talk about those numbers now… NO? Didn’t think so. How about Haliburton, missing money and no bid contracts? No?
    Gee do you think there might be a connection between spending money overseas to protect corporate interests and our failing economy? No? Here, have some more kool aid…mmmm good.

    Americans are mislead everyday, that’s not a coincidence.
    If too many start thinking government is supposed to observe the Constitution and respect individual liberty and use some fiscal sanity
    oh my god, how will “the SYSTEM” survive?

    Why is it we haven’t had any real debate on issues? All we get is posturing and false flag waving. No candidate other than Ron Paul
    is talking about where we really are…the longer we avoid the truth the harder the fall. How big is our deficit? Do we have more liberty now or less since the NEO-CON party took over?
    (hint..Patriot Act, wire tapping, torture, mail opening, habeass corpus, National ID, National Animal ID, DOMESTIC TERRORIST BILL,
    Gulf of Tonkin/strait Hormuz Iranian incident, “free speech zones”

    “Protecting our freedoms” ? How long in Korea? Almost 60 years of military occupation now and counting…how much has that cost us?
    How much money has been made by the Military Industrial complex
    by that occupation?

    I won’t go into the Federal Reserve and what a sham that is…too much information for KOOL AID drinkers to swallow all at once.

    Here’s a prediction…
    We will vote in a President that will do nothing to change things, it won’t matter if it’s a Democrat or one of the NEO-CON clowns, we will slide right into a depression and continue to lose our rights under the guise of “protecting us”. We’ll start another war, maybe two and get the draft back…we will be told it’s to “protect us.” We will experience martial law in the next twenty years…maybe sooner.
    Kool Aid will become the new gold standard and everybody will want to buy some stock…China will be the Kool aid manufacturing capital of the world…hooray !

  • eric

    This just confirms that Justin is psychotic. Take your meds Justin. Take your meds. You print something without any facts, just like your brain dead confusion on the Nevada delegates….durrrr mE reporTer.

    -Whenever someone uses the word ‘kook’ or ‘Kool-aid drinker’, it just means they imagine loofah with Bill O’Reilly WAY to often.

  • Tracker

    Funny how those who have abstained from drinking the KoolAid are seen as KoolAid drinkers by the real KoolAid Drinkers.

    Thing is, some of us have spent years fighting various facets of an oppressive system. We have stood in awe as the masses have blindly defended a government that has been totally unresponsive to the will of the people. The only thing that has changed is that we are now making enough noise to be heard. But many who are now hearing us for the first time think that we are just parroting the words of Ron Paul, as if it’s some kind of cult.

    How many times must it be said: This is not about Ron Paul. We’ve been trying desperately to draw attention to the Constitution for years. Now that our numbers are big enough to get people’s attention, and a leader who truly represents us has emerged, we are labeled as blind followers.


    126 out of 2380 delegates have been awarded. Of these, RP has 6, and Giuliani has 2. The game has barely started. If you honestly think RP has been treated fairly by the media, try turning on the evening news, and see how much they talk about Giuliani. Again, this has nothing to do with RP. The MSM has always ignored the Constitution because it protects the masses from the corporatocracy. Anyone who pays close attention between election years would know this.

    I’m 40, and it’s been this way as long as I can remember. People are being killed, imprisoned, and lives are being destroyed at home and abroad, with the government’s blessing, but you barely hear a peep about it out of the press. Perhaps now that our country’s wealth is beginning to crumble, people will start paying more attention.

    Thank God for Karma.

  • Diogenes of Sionope

    Hi Justin,

    What’s up my brother? Do you really think America is a great nation? I mean the Japanese are having 9/11 inquiries in their legislature right now, what are you doing?

    “I have found an honest man.”

    Diogenes of Sinope

  • FreeInChrist2

    According to poll that came out in the capitol city of Illinois’ State Journal Register on 1-23-08, the Ron Paul rEVOLution is 2nd behind McCain here also. We need to win Illinois. 21 Electoral votes.

    See papers results here.

    Also see what we need to do to win central Illinois.

  • Chris

    First off, Ron Paul will be in the race until the convention. Second the point of the whole campaign is to change people’s view of what the government is doing and what it should be doing. The ideal way to do this is to get Ron Paul elected but second best is to keep him in the race and ensure that his positions cannot be ignored at the convention. This is a long term commitment that will not end with this presidential race. Keep your eyes open because the political landscape of local and state politics is going to change over the next decade. This changes will ultimately spill over into the federal level.

  • Dennis

    All these predictions about a man who has clearly defined his positions on all the major issues and has backed them up with a consistent record of voting in the House of Representatives for ten terms. Is it so hard to handle, a candidate with obvious integrity, running in the race for President? Is he to be minimized constantly by all the pundits who have no such record of lonely, consistent, and principled opposition to the lemming-like herd? I don’t know if he will win anything. I only know that Boobus Americanus better wake up soon, or there won’t be anything left to win, and Paul is a candidate more worthy of a closer look than all the other platitude-spouting, programmed robots the media is trying to foist on us.

  • Oscar DeGrouch

    I think most of the people who say “I like him, but he can’t win” don’t actually ever vote. If they did, Ron Paul would win in a landslide. Unless I’m so naive to believe that someone would actually go to the polls and pull the handle for a candidate that doesn’t support what they believe in.

    IT’S NOT THE LOTTERY, PEOPLE, IT’S AN ELECTION. You’re not voting for your favorite horse to win, you are voicing your conscience and values. Stop believing that and you just fell into the trap the Mono-party system wants you to buy into.

    “It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don’t want and get it.” -Eugene V. Debs (a socialist… funny…)

  • David

    Fuck Justin, hes one of ‘them’. Hopefully he’ll be sent back, or leave, to Europe with the rest of the socialist trash.

  • Mabry, Usa

    quote:”Why in the hell is Paul still running for the GOP nomination? It’s obvious 90% of you will only vote for him anyway. Push him to run a 3rd party campaign already and stop trying to win a nomination process you can’t possibly win.”—-end quote

    Why???? because he is a member of MY party, I am a republican and have been for all of my many eligible years. I want my party back, I want my party platform back and I want a man of integrity, honesty and vision to lead this country forward and not into some lame broke ass decline while whipping civil liberties, an environment conducive to small business, and personal responsibility to death as we go down. America can be so much more and the current policies of both parties are not going to get us there.

  • sparx

    The chance of a third-party getting elected is probably smaller than the chance of Paul getting the Repub nomination. Also, if he launches an independent run now, then he’ll probably be excluded from the Republican debates.

  • Barney

    So what?!

    Dr Paul has been chastised, ignored, barred from debates because he was supposedly polling at 2-3%!!!

    Given the results thus far, it is Giulliani who should have been ostricized, shunned and bar from media coverage and debates.

    Stupid jackass!

  • Bernard

    FYI, the delegate counts from the Iowa caucus were estimates based upon the straw poll during the caucus. The delegate selection occurred afterwards and I’ve heard rumors that Ron Paul may have picked up more delegates there than the estimates would warrant because many Huckabee voters left after the straw poll (and didn’t stay to volunteer as delegates).

  • Brian

    Justin – even Tim Russert conceded that Paul will be in to the convention. And besides, this isn’t about him winning the election anyway. It’s about talking about the real issues and getting young people to rediscover our Constitution. Notice that the other GOP RINOs are stealing ideas from Paul. What’s next? They’re going to advocate for a troop withdrawal too?

    Hunter and Thompson have just dropped out. After FL, Huckabee and Giuliani might be next.

    I don’t know why you have this hard-on for Paul to run third-party, you just want it to happen so your gal Hillary can get elected.

  • Richard Wicks

    As far as I am concerned Paul is throwing perls to swine. For those that recognize the value of what he’s saying, prepare.

  • FreedomJoyAdventure

    “Fred Thompson had 123,911 total votes (not counting votes in Wyoming, which I can’t seem to find) and 8 delegates when he dropped out a couple days ago. And he did it with FAR less money than Paul. ”

    Yes, but Fred got lots of free media coverage, most of it way more favorable than Ron Paul gets. The Obsolete Media have been incredibly hostile to Dr. Paul, and frequently pretend as if he doesn’t exist.

    Have you shunned a reporter today?

  • FreedomJoyAdventure


    Ron Paul has something that most of his opponents and detractors do not: integrity and credibility.

  • FreedomJoyAdventure

    Ron Paul has something that most of his opponents and dtractors do not have: honor, integrity, and credibility.

    What have you done to uphold and defend the Constitution lately?

  • Jim S

    I do recognize the value of what he’s saying. Almost nothing.


    “But honestly, so what?”

    Ron Paul vs Giuliani is a classic grudge match, Rudy disses Paul in the debates then gets creamed in elections. How sweet it is! 😉

  • Mark

    I’d say some random dude expressing his nothing-to-do with what people care about opinion on the web is a bigger “so what” than Dr. Pauls 2nd place finish.

  • Dave

    If you guys want to beat the media start your own website it is not taken yet. Here is my idea a pie with ron paul written on the back side for media to see as it hits mcains face. This will make mcain look stupid and give rp airtime. It is not to late. Thousands of paulites will try to outdo each other as videos are uploaded to the site. People will know who ron paul is. I am not web savy but I know it can be done. Help Ron