Republicans Get Behind Romney

Republicans Get Behind Romney


Looks like they’re incredibly scared of what a McCain nomination would look like, so they’re rallying around Mitt. It’s puzzling to me, especially when they railed Kerry for being such a flip flopper in 2004, but these are the times we live in and what was wrong then is now, ahem, right.

Personally, I think it’s an incredibly bad move because McCain is really the only Republican who can pull the swing voter into the Republican tent this year, but hey…they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do.

First, Captain Ed explains his thumbs up…

Over the last two weeks, my focus has come down to Rudy and Romney. Both would make good Presidents. Mitt, however, has shown that he will fight in every state, while Rudy played a bit of rope-a-dope — and has apparently lost the gamble. Until the debate, I thought Rudy might have had the right idea, but Rudy still hasn’t come out of the gate in any effective manner.

Romney is not a perfect candidate. We don’t have any perfect candidates. In fact, I could still support Rudy, McCain, or Mike Huckabee without reservation in a general election against either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. I think, though, that Romney has the most staying power, the better argument, and the best resume of the remaining Republican candidates. I will enthusiastically caucus for Mitt Romney on February 5th.

Then we see former Thompsonites coming into the Romney fold, most notably Liz Cheney…

ORLANDO, Florida (CNN) — Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter Elizabeth Cheney is joining Mitt Romney’s presidential bid, his campaign announced Sunday.

She previously stumped for former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee who dropped out of the race last week.

In a statement released by Romney’s campaign, Cheney said the former Massachusetts governor “has distinguished himself as a leader who can guide our country with a clear vision for overcoming the threats we face today.”

And then this morning I’m watching the McLaughlin group today and it’s Romney, Romney, Romney. Nobody is behind McCain. It’s truly amazing to see the Republican chattering class rally like this, but there it is nonetheless.

And sure, McCain is securing some good endorsements, but the institution as a whole is getting behind Romney because they think he can be a “change” agent, whereas McCain can’t. They think he’s effectively taken this message away from Obama, and I guess we’ll see if they’re right in the coming weeks.

  • Larry

    This should clear up any misunderstanding about McCain’s understanding of the economy!

  • DenisL

    We each seem to have our own major issue(s) that make their choice for President seem like the best one. The economy is a big one for me. McCain did not know about the “Working Group on Financial Markets” in the last debate. This is VERY scary if he is elected. My question is: Would someone tell me why we should NOT elect Ron Paul?

    Ron Paul has raised more money than the rest in the 4th quarter & is spending it! $20 million in the 4th quarter. $3.5 million so far this quarter. And it was all from individual donations averaging less than $100. No PACs. Unlike the others he is beholding to nothing but the Constitution.

    The rest, with Richardson and Kucinich out, seem to be talking crazy talk (or did last week, who knows what the Democrats will say next week!) about our military adventures in the Middle East. Military spending is connected to our current economic mess. Additionally, no one else seems to understand the problems with the economy, inflation, and out of control deficit spending. Inflation is going to eat us alive, as it has already started to do so. Do you really believe that the REAL inflation rate last year, the rate that was used by the government for Social Security check increases this month, was 2.3%? Just look at the price of gold up 30% in 2007, now at an all time high and getting higher!

    One can not talk about tax cuts without ALSO talking about cutting spending. We have a $9 trillion debt (nearly double since 2000) that must be paid so we can afford Social Security and Medicare. The interest payments will go sky high when we begin to fight inflation with higher Federal Reserve bank rates.

    And we must stop inflation or everyone’s life savings will go down the tubes, along with the middle class, like what has happened to the middle class in most countries south of our border. And do not forget Universal Health Care, which is coming down the tracks right at us, unless Republicans begin to understand the seriousness of runaway deficits and inflation. And start educating the country. A Democratic President will surely not fight inflation like Volcker and Reagan did!

    Please vote Ron Paul and save the country from bankruptcy abroad and at home!

  • Linda

    McCain says he wants interest rates to be ZERO out of complete ignorance for how interest rates affect the economy. I’d like to see him say that to retirees on a fixed income.

  • Sean Hackbarth

    How about the simpler explanation that the GOP is a center-right party, and McCain has too much history ticking off the conservatives. We trust McCain will probably screw us over in the future whereas with Romney we don’t know. We can hope he doesn’t.

    I’m a former Thompson staffer so don’t consider this an endorsement. I’m still decompressing from the campaign and thinking things out. Mitt isn’t as strong in a general election right now than McCain. That could change. He’s shown he can weather adversity and make campaign adjustments.

    The question with Romney is can conservatives trust him not to adjust his positions for political expediency as it appears he did before running for President. Not even a hard core Romney supporter can answer that.

    We know McCain will eventually cross conservatives and kiss up to Democrats and the media. With Romney there’s a chance he won’t.

  • Deseretian

    Romney’s not a flip-flopper. He never advocated any laws that went against the family, nor did he ever attempt to expand the use of abortion. Everyone wants an easy label. The man always wins at what he does. McCain is just a freeloader. It’s a shame the GOP allowed anti-Mormon bigotry to cloud its judgment till it is almost too late. If they would have given up on liberal gangster Rudy and Thompson long before, they could have helped Romney become the nominee sooner. Oh, and there is NO WAY that old, kinda dumb, weird-thing-growing-on-his-cheek McCancer is going to win in a general election against Obama or Clinton.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    What Romney says now what conservatives want to hear, in particular regarding abortion and gay marraige, along with fairly consistent positions on fiscal conservatism, immigration, security ect…but he’s the only candidate left ( with a chance to win that is ) who holds all of those positions.

    But its still been close, and divided – its as if people are realizing its time to stop beating-around-the-bush and make a decision… “Eh, I guess I got to go with Romney”

    And it has nothing to do with this emotional, Obama empty-suit “change” crap either. You’re just making that up. McCain could be a Democrat, with his positions on immigration, government regulation of political speech, and taxes. People really want someone who embodies the “Regan Coalition,”

    Romney doesn’t have a genuine personality like McCain does – he seems like a polished, blue-blooded gameshow host – but he’s the only one left in the race who says (now) nearly all the right things.

  • Jim S

    The GOP is not a center-right party. It is a purely right party. It has gone further to the right than the Democrats went to the left.

    As far as Romney being an agent of change, is there really any issue on which he is any different than the current occupant of the White House? Hasn’t that been the entire basis of his campaign so far, to prove to the faithful that he is the same as Dubya because the faithful still believe in him? If I’m wrong, where does he differ, at least in his current incarnation?

  • Verl Doman

    I read an article the other day that listed all of the qualifications that Republicans have been longing for in a Leader and then pointed out one by one how Mitt Romney fit that description. By the way, being a good Mormon, is a plus, which anyone who knows anything about them realizes.

    I have felt that McCain would be my second choice, until these last few days he has resorted to lying knowingly. He could not even look the camera in the “eye”. There were three obvious blatant lies he promoted these last few days. Shame on him.

  • David A

    My family has known the Romneys for quite a long time now. My wife has known his family for over 40 years. In fact, she used to be their families’ housekeeper for seven years. If there was anything that was of in poor taste, my wife would know about it. Fortunately for Romney, there is nothing. My wife and I can varify that he is speaking the truth and is honest in his open-minded change from pro-abortion to pro-life.

    I also don’t believe that the Reagan coalition is the best thing for right now. Our nation has changed since 1980. There are greater and more complex challenges facing our nation then there used to be. Yes, we faught with the Soviets. But, at least they had some level of a desire for peace. Whereas, the jihadists do not seek for peace but for absolute domination and control. They only want war.

  • steve pielstick

    You don’t have to worry about Romneys’ adherance to the Constitution. The Church’s first latter day prophet foretold in the 1830’s that in the final days the Constitution would “Hang as if by a thread” and if were to be saved at all it would be by an elder of the Church.
    Something generally uknown is that when the early Church began to expand in Missouri the non-members that had slaves began to fear that the anti-slavery Mormans would become such a large voting block that they would lose their rights to slaves. The then persecuted the Mormans going through their settlements shooting and raping them. The then Governor Boggs passed legistation called “The Governor Boggs extermination order”. All Mormans in the State of Missouri were to be killed or run out of the State. The law was finally removed from the books in 1975. That is why the Church removed to the Great Salt Lake where they could live undisturbed and why there has been such anamosity from the South ever since. I think that some members feared that the Southern group from Arkansas were following them and caused the Mountain Meadow Massacre which was against the orders of Brigahm Young to let them pass.
    Brigahm later commited the men of the Church to the Union and on the way back after the war one of the members found that gold nugget at Sutters mill opening up the West. He didn’t stay but went on to Salt Lake to his family.
    There is no doubt that this man Romney has been called by God to lead us into these last days and that the Church that once was on the earth in the median days with prophets and apostles has been restored as foretold in the scriptures is once again on earth for these latter days.
    Ezekiel said that in the latter days ‘The house of the Lord’ would be
    built in the top of the mountains. The Indian word for ‘Top of the mountain’ is Utah.

  • Elisabetta

    About 2 months ago I said I wouldn’t vote for Romney because of one issue (not his religion) that touches close home for me.
    After having heard the rest of the pack and what they support and don’t, Romney is my choice. No dem would EVER get my vote because liberal ideology stands in total opposition to mine.
    As a republican I cannot concern myself with the “indipendent” swing vote that would supposedly flock to McCain.

  • Jed Merrill,

    Romney is the best we’ve got. In he long run, I think a lot of us are going to look back and say he was the best choice we could possibly have made.

    It is interesting to see people who are not necessarily in Mitt’s love group come aboard. They don’t hate him, either, and have reserved hopes that he will do the right thing. Having met the man, and knowing his track record, I believe he will more than prove himself worthy of your trust.

    Mitt doesn’t even want a salary. (Who can say that since George Washington?) He cannot be bought. (His net worth is approximately 1,000 times what the health care companies spend to “buy” politicians according to Michael Moore’s Sicko.) Mitt is in it to be a genuine public servant of America. (And it runs in his blood. George Bush, Sr. rightly called his father George “the father of volunteerism.”)

    McCain I have to wonder, why does he really want the Presidency? Pride? Ego? Will he leave his wife the moment he has more power, as he did the first time? McCain, to me, is completely inconsistent with the role.

    Romney is our man, and the only candidate still running that I would trust to be POTUS.

  • America FIRST

    McCain is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is STILL working with open borders people and plans.

    Open borders advocate Juan Hernandez has joined the McCain campaign

    McCain Immigration ‘Adviser’ Believes in ‘Mexico First’

    McCain Advisor: “Think Mexico First”

  • Ralphie

    Since we’re pointing out some of McCain’s horrific dealings, I thought I would also disclose a website I stumbled upon recently. I had to read through it to verify it’s validity, but sure enough, these claims are true. McCain (along with Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Al Gore and Bill Clinton) partnered up on a deal that forced a whole Navajo nation off their land (in McCain’s home state) and onto a dump site of Nuclear waste in Nevada. Most of these American Indians died within 6 years, and for what? So the Rockefellers could rape the land of natural resources and throw a little money to these liberal opportunists. After learning this, I am telling everyone and blogging this wherever I can so the story of his ethics gets out before he becomes the Republican nominee. And for the record, it was an icicle that knocked my glasses off my face and broke them. I didn’t shoot my eye out!!! (Stop saying that)

  • Jed

    If McCain becomes the nominee, I move to impeach him. He is incapable of representing the Republican right, let alone focus on the issues important to America inside our borders, and better early than late!!!