Clinton Campaign Having Money Trouble?

Clinton Campaign Having Money Trouble?


Looks like they’re toying with taking the Romney tactic and dipping into their own piggy bank.

Via Ambinder:

As first floated by The Page, I can confirm that, according to advisers to the campaign, Sen. Hillary Clinton is weighing a self-loan in order to finance a competitive race against Barack Obama over the next few weeks.

Clinton raised less than $20M in January and has spent most of its store of money on ads leading up to Tuesday’s multi-state primary.

Campaign advisers would not say how much money she has left. Officials did not respond to e-mails seek comment.

Actually, they raised far less than $20M in January. Try $13.5M. Why Ambinder rounded it up to “less than $20M” is puzzling…

In any event, here’s the potential fallout…

If Clinton decides to loan herself money, I envision that it would produce at least two countervailing forces. There would be a spate of stories on the End of the Clinton Machine — that her donor base is tapped out and hasn’t been able to expand like Obama’s. This force is likely to be very strong, and it is not unfair or inaccurate.

Also, she knows that Obama is very likely to win a lot of these upcoming small races, and that will build momentum against her. Still, it’s all about delegates and if she can stop the bleeding and not be blown out of the water in these states, she can still maintain some level of credible parity with Barack. That’s why having enough money to compete is important and so we’re seeing this loan idea.

One thing’s for sure. This isn’t the story Hill wanted to talk about right after Super Tuesday, but it’s shaping up to be just that.

  • Elyas

    She apparently already loaned herself $5 million last month. And I’m curious: Did she include the $5 million of her own money in the reported $13.5 million for January? If so, the fund raising discrepancy is even bigger than anyone imagined.

  • Kevin

    yeah, what Elyas just said… now I want to know too! Can’t wait to caucus for Obama on Saturday!




  • Rebecca

    No, her 5 mil was in addition to the $13.5, but the fact that she’s already contemplating another loan is just as bad.

    I hope Obama doesn’t give in to her debate idea, which was born of desperation for free air time. He should say something like, “I think once a week is too much, we’ll go for once a month until the convention and, since we just had one, we’ll do the next one in March.”

    Then he can just scoop up big wins in the several upcoming primaries/caucuses, which are supposed to be favorable for him anyway, then outspend her in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania – where he will be coming in with HUGE momentum.

    He’s better off using the time to spend with voters in person, every time he has the luxury to spend time with the voters, he takes big chunks of Clinton’s voters away from her.

  • Peggy McGilligan

    Not only did Hillary Clinton oppose the passage of the Civil Rights Act, for which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life (as a Goldwater Girl, Hillary was against Lyndon B. Johnson, the president she currently credits for Dr. King getting to the mountaintop), to make matters worse, New York Senator Clinton, was the first 2008 presidential hopeful to invoke 9-11 during her loosely paraphrased speech, taken straight from the base of the Statue of Liberty, on Super Tuesday.

    “Help Make History! Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.” It’s as if Hillary Clinton never even visited the White House from 1992 to 2000. Hillary’s current incantation of the events of 9-11 seems only to parallel that of her Civil Rights stance(s). Now Hillary has loaned herself $5 million dollars, of which she only asks $3 million from you in return, in three days. But I remember Hillary’s last invitation to help make history; the call came in California in 1995, and we’re still paying the price:

    Hillary Clinton: always trying to feather her nest, always on the wrong side of history. Ps. Send me all your money – yours always, Hillary

  • Elisabetta

    Strange, giving a “loan” to *her own* campaign.
    …And who is supposed to pay it back?