Huckabee’s Campaign Disputes Washington Caucus Results

Huckabee’s Campaign Disputes Washington Caucus Results


And they have just cause it sounds like…

The Huckabee Presidential Campaign will be exploring all available legal options regarding the dubious final results for the state of Washington State Republican precinct caucuses, it was announced today. Campaign Chairman Ed Rollins issued the following statement:

“The Huckabee campaign is deeply disturbed by the obvious irregularities in the Washington State Republican precinct caucuses. It is very unfortunate that the Washington State Party Chairman, Luke Esser, chose to call the race for John McCain after only 87 percent of the vote was counted. According to CNN, the difference between Senator McCain and Governor Huckabee is a mere 242 votes, out of more than 12,000 votes counted-with another 1500 or so votes, apparently, not counted. That is an outrage.

“In other words, more than one in eight Evergreen State Republicans have been disenfranchised by the actions of their own party. This was an error in judgment by Mr. Esser. It was Mr. Esser’s duty to oversee a fair vote-count process. Washington Republicans know, from bitter experience in the 2004 gubernatorial election, the terrible results that can come from bad ballot-counting.

“Frankly, I am disappointed in the way that Mr. Esser has handled this urgent matter. So I call upon Mr. Esser and his colleagues to cooperate fully with the Huckabee campaign-and all Republicans, everywhere, who care about honest and transparent vote-counting-to make sure that every vote is counted and that all Republicans in Washington have the chance to make their votes count. Attempts by our campaign to contact Mr. Esser have been unsuccessful. Our lawyers will be on the ground in Washington State soon, and we look forward to sitting down with Mr. Esser to evaluate this process, to see why the count took so long, and why the vote-counting was stopped prematurely.

“It would be a disservice to every voter in Washington State to not pursue a full accounting of all votes cast.

“This is not about Mike Huckabee. This is not about Senator John McCain. This is about the failings of the Washington State Republican Party. All Republicans should unite to demand an honest accounting of the votes, so that Republicans can have full confidence in the results, and full confidence in the eventual Republican nominee. As I said, we are prepared to go to court, and we are also prepared to take our case all the way to the Republican National Convention in September.

“Our cause is just. We must reemphasize the sacred American principle that all ballots be counted in a free, fair, and transparent manner.”

He has dispatched his lawyers to the state.

We’ll have more as it develops…

  • Pdx632

    And this from the party that is still to this day complaining about the vote counting irregularities of WA’s last Governors race. Now the WA GOP pulls this garbage. The GOP really is the party of hypocracy.

  • R Walden

    I have to agree with Huckabee. After beating and ignoring Huckabee, and with his tremendous surge after Romney got out, the media and the GOP is foaming at the mouth to shut Huckabee down and declare McCain the winner…first, the Texas governor asks him to step out, then you get this cocomamy Washington caucus votecount fraud going.
    The fact of the matter is, Huckabee does still have a chance if the left wing of the Republican Party doesn’t whack him.
    I mean, look at the very add in this article to the right, “Who’s your choice in ’08”? They still got Romney in there, where’s Huckabee?
    He’s out there winning conservative votes.

  • Agnostick

    Agreed, Pdx632!!

    Primary elections are the only way to go. I went to a caucus this weekend. I feel like I wasted at least 30 minutes of the hour.

  • RealObserver

    It’s all about how people perceive the news. It was wrong for Esser to declare McCain the winner when there was no real winner. The way the media has been carrying the news is exactly the way Esser put it in his press release which is misleading.
    If the Washington GOP caucus was supposed to yield no winner, why declare McCain the winner of the Washington GOP caucus and mislead people to believe that McCain won Washington state and have the news media carry it that way.

    How many people will go back and research the Washington GOP caucus process? Many people rely on the news and press release and they believe what they are told. It’s very unfair and deceiving of Esser to do what he did.

    I think it’s right for huckabee to challenge the press release and correct the perception that has been passed accross to everyone regarding the results of the Washington caucus.