Lawrence Lessig May Run For Congress

Lawrence Lessig May Run For Congress


When it comes to fair and open standards that benefit all, Lessig has to be one of the more brilliant minds you’ll ever read or listen to on the subject. Now he’s thinking about running for Congress, but he doesn’t want to just serve…he wants to change congress.

He has 3 things he’s basing that change on…

1. Accept no money from PACs or lobbyists
2. Work to end Congressional earmarks
3. Support publicly-financed campaigns

More explanation here…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed he’ll run. We need real change in Washington, and a guy like Lessig could do just that.

  • Kevin Hall

    I’d love to see Lessig in Congress. He is intelligent, persuasive, and ethical. I actually believe that he could make a positive difference in how things work. He’d be a rare gem in the crap pile that is U.S. Congress. Please do visit his site and express your support.