Ron Paul Refuses To Debate His Primary Opponent

Ron Paul Refuses To Debate His Primary Opponent


Well, this isn’t unexpected, but it does put a sad punctuation on the Ron Paul phenomenon.

And yes, you read the title correctly. The man who demanded to be included in any and all debates even though he was only consistently garnering support in the single digits, is now refusing to debate his opponent for his congressional seat.

Watch the response to the question of why he won’t debate Chris Peden…

“He needs to debate with himself…” Jeezus…

Here’s Captain Ed on the subject…

Peden has a lot more credibility in this race than Paul had in the presidential campaign. If Paul and his supporters almost literally made a federal case out of ensuring that Paul had a chance to engage with constituents and with the other candidates in the race, what possible justification can they have for rejected a debate with Peden?

Well, there is no justification, but don’t expect Paul to debate him. See, I’ve discovered that Paul isn’t anywhere close to being as principled as he’d have his supporters believe, and yet I’d still bet that a large swath of them will blindly go along with Paul’s fractured “he needs to debate himself” logic. I certainly hope that’s not the case, but from the comments they’ve left on this blog over the past year, I can’t help but think that’ll be the case.

  • dw

    Justin, when are you going to realize that you are nothing more than a political hack? You have no ethics. It is because of people with your mindset that politicians like Clinton, Obama, Mccain, Huckabee are promoted to power positions in this country. You always fail to see the bigger picture in every article you have written (maybe not every one but certainly every one that I have read, and that`s quite a few). Open your eyes a little more friend, we are all in this together. If this country doesnt get some REAL quality leadership soon, I am afraid we are going to see this society decay quickly and in a most disturbing fashion. Paul isnt a messiah and he isnt infallible, his message however is one that represents what America really is all about. It would take a library to hold all of the shortcomings of the other candidates. Please, do us all a favor, go out and find high quality people with great leadership ability and write about them. Push them to the top, push them in front of the media, promote them. If you and others like you did this we would all be in much better shape.

  • Fielding J. Hurst

    I agree he should probably debate if for no other reason that the appearance of exactly what Justin is talking about. From a political strategy point of view, I see why he is not debating though.

  • Devon Saunders

    I think Paul had a valid point in the clip… Justin is once again showing a personal slant is all.

    Chris Peden was a Ron Paul supporter, according to himself. Then political opportunity came his way. Now he isn’t a Ron Paul supporter? What magically changed? Did Ron Paul change? Nope… an opportunity for Peden’s personal gain happened, so Chris changed. Do you want to vote for a politician who puts personal gain over principle? Of course Chris should debate himself now.. seems he’s got two different viewpoints.

  • Agnostick

    Clearly, another case of Paulzheimher’s…

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    The Ron Paul supporters have spoken:

    If you are not with us, then you are against us.

    I’m glad to see you have regurgitated the Kool-Aid, Justin.

  • Trond

    You need to look at the second part of the clip. He did rule out an debate.