Andrew Sullivan Is Losing It

Andrew Sullivan Is Losing It


He doesn’t like Hillary and after this campaign I can relate. But I’ve been more and more turned off lately by how “creative” his dislike can be.

Exhibit A:

We’re at that moment in the campaign that reminds me of a horror movie. There’s a kind of relief that the worst cannot happen, that the Clintons are politically dead, that our long national nightmare is over. The screen falls silent. We look at pleasant images: green grass, or a kitchen table scene, or a calm lovers’ embrace. But you know they have something left. They could come suddenly screaming back, like that hand out of the grave in Carrie or Glenn Close in the bathtub in Fatal Attraction. An Edwards endorsement? A March surprise?

Like Freddy or Jason, they still lurk, ready to pounce again. And the credits are yet to roll. Gulp.

Seriously Sully, WTF?

  • mw

    I think he was reading my Tx-Oh-Penn scenario of how Clinton can still win the nomination. It’s giving him nightmares.

  • TerenceC

    Who is he? Why does his opinion matter?

  • DJtheDJ

    He’s a real conservative, a rare breed these days.

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    I don’t know, just seems like a creative approach to saying no one should be surprised if Hillary has some fight left in her. I’ve seen the horror movie analogy used in other campaigns. But Sully does tend to get a little worked up about things.

  • kritter

    Sounds like a little bit of comedy to me. That folks would begin to speak of the plausibility of a Hillary comeback in terms of Freddy instead of Lazarus suggests that maybe we’re getting a little bit comfortable with the idea that the wicked witch really is dead, as it were.

  • Greg

    Sullivan got back from a brief vacation celebrating his marriage anniversary. Maybe the happy couple watched lots of horror movies for laughs there, which would explain his use of horror metaphors.

    P.S. – I don’t know why exactly, but New York Times had a brief period of favoring Obama in their coverage before they settled back in their familiar stance of bias for Clinton. Hmm…