An Obama/Bloomberg Ticket?

An Obama/Bloomberg Ticket?


Well, looks like Bloomberg keeps popping up in the conversation…

From NY1:

In an interview on “Inside City Hall” Friday night, Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey promoted the idea of an Obama-Bloomberg presidential ticket – and revealed that Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke Thursday with the Democratic presidential frontrunner Barack Obama.

“Certainly you could joke that Obama’s call was a fundraising call yesterday,” Sheekey told political anchor Dominic Carter. “The man [Bloomberg] has the ability to finance a campaign. I don’t think that’s why you choose a vice president. I do think that people are going to be very concerned about the influence of special-interest money in this campaign going forward,” Sheekey said.

“I think it was a reasonably short call, you know, I was briefed. I was told they had a nice call and I spoke to the mayor after they had breakfast a few months ago. Back to Obama — you were the one asking about an Obama ticket. I think the mayor is the ultimate swing voter. He is someone who the country is looking at to find out where they will go. He is one of the true independents in the country,” said Sheekey, who pointedly did not rule out the mayor as Obama’s running mate.

I think a lot will say this story is nonsense, but why would the Deputy Mayor of NYC be talking so openly about this if it weren’t a possibility?

And I don’t think anybody can deny that if the economy is the #1 issue this election, Bloomberg is one of the best VP choices for either candidate. After all, he is a billionaire, a media mogul and one of the most popular mayors of one of the richest cities in the world.

Also, let’s not forget that a Bloomberg pick would immediately demonstrate that Barack is sincere in delivering a post-partisan style of politics to Washington on day one. It would be action, not talk, and that’s important.

Question is…would the party really allow it? Would they let a former Republican walk into their convention and claim the seat that’s a heartbeat away? I certainly have my doubts, but it would be bold move for Democrats and one that I don’t think the Republicans could match.

More as it develops…

  • mw


  • Tony

    “Bloomberg expresses criticism about Democrats in Congress who want to set a timetable for withdraw from Iraq calling them, “irresponsible.””

    (via Wikipeida)

    mw is right. Not happening. I’m still hoping Clark gets over his Clinton loyalties should Obama pull it off.

  • Justin Gardner

    The war is exactly ONE issue. There are others, and if the economy remains the #1 issue in the election, it makes a lot of sense.

    Plus, this is one way Bloomberg could get into the White House and it wouldn’t have to appear as if he’s buying his way there. Especially with Obama’s fundraising prowess.

  • Pdx632

    If Barack picks Bloomberg for VP and continues with the idea of Hagel for Secy of Def, how could I not vote for him. I have been screaming for non-partisan leadership and this is exactly what I have wanted.

    I may not agree with every position these three have, but unless I can create the perfect candidate in my garage, this would be a huge step in the right direction for our country.

    PS…Isn’t ironic that the left complained about “single issue” politics (gay rights/abortion) and the GOP for years, now they are doing the same thing with the war.