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Quote Of The Day


“The strategy is to continue the chaos in this party. Look, there’s a reason for this. Our side isn’t going to do this. Obama needs to be bloodied up. Look, half the country already hates Hillary. That’s good. But nobody hates Obama yet. Hillary is going to be the one to have to bloody him up politically because our side isn’t going to do it. Mark my words. It’s about winning, folks!”
Rush Limbaugh on his strategy to get his listeners to vote for Clinton tomorrow.

By the way, I don’t think he has the type of influence to actually get people to go to the polls and do this, but it does point to a severe panic inside the right-wing noise machine. To think that Limbaugh might actually get a handful of his listeners to cast votes for somebody they hate with every fiber of their being is simply hilarious.

  • vwcat

    But, if Hillary bloodies up Obama at least half the party will be out for hers.
    Obama is their star. The democrats have seen him as the ray of light in a party long too scared of it’s own shadow and no real leadership in sight. The only thing they have is the light of Obama. And he has already changed the way of campaigning, conventional wisdom and the stale thinking that has bogged the party down.
    To have Hillary try to destroy the man would be to take the one bright light in the party away.
    Remember the last time the Clintons tried to do this they raised the rath of Kennedy. Do not think the party will sit back and allow HRC, who is out of control, to go after him and weaken the man who is a good bet for the next president.