Richardson Endorses Obama?

Richardson Endorses Obama?


What else can one make from this remark about the March 4th contests?

Meanwhile, Bill Richardson said on Face The Nation today that it’s important for the party to unify behind a nominee soon, rather than continue to have a negative campaign that will further divide the party for the general election against John McCain.

“I just think the D-Day is Tuesday,” said Richardson, who has declined to make an endorsement since his exit from the race. “We have to have a positive campaign after Tuesday. Whoever has the most delegates after Tuesday — a clear lead — should be in my judgment the nominee.”

Everybody knows that Barack will have the most delegates after Tuesday. So if Bill isn’t endorsing the idea of Hillary dropping out, I need some help as to what he actually means by this.

  • Dyre42

    Sounds like he’s hedging his bet in hopes of getting another cabinet appointment.

  • Elisabetta

    What’s with the beard? I almost didn’t recognize him on TV, yesterday.
    He must be reinventing himself like Gore did, after he lost. That was scary.

    The worst thing that happen to Hillary would be for Bill – the other – to endorse Obama. ROTFL

  • Elisabetta

    The beginning of last sentence should read:
    “The worst thing to happen..”

  • Mary Ann Siebieda

    Neither myself,my family nor my friends care who now endorses Obama. He lied about being in the church when the hateful statements were made by Mr. Wright.It was a basic simple thing that showes he can’t tell the truth and he didn’t remove himself or disown this hate fullman.The youth have a problem with concentration. They love rallys, but it’s the people my age who vote. No one knows what the situation will be in November, but don’t bet the house that the young people will stay interested that long.

  • TerenceC

    Mary Ann

    You are exhibiting willful ignorance and you should be ashamed of yourself. It was clearly proven by several different groups that Obama was not present during any of those specific speeches. If you don’t like his politics that’s one thing, so don’t vote for him. However, if you are basing your decisions on a lie and refuse to get the facts that clearly state otherwise it doesn’t say very much for you as a person.

    What Wright said was a bad thing – no one will dispute that point. However, there have been many excellent sermons as well but no one talks about those – have you made a point to find any? Over the course of 40 years people are bound to say and do things they wish they hadn’t or that are just downright stupid – that’s the human condition. Maybe you’re that rare individual that goes through life having never made a mistake or said something stupid – maybe, but I doubt it.

    On another note…..I was wondering if Richardson would endorse someone finally. He is a really good man – I was sorry to see him drop out actually because he had my vote. He would have made a great president.