Texas Numbers Looking Good for Clinton

Texas Numbers Looking Good for Clinton


I’m looking at the county-by-county numbers in Texas at CNN and I think Clinton could very well win this. Travis County, home to Austin and its energized youthful voters, has almost 2/3 of the vote in and Obama has just 63% of the vote. I thought Obama could get as much as 75% of Travis County. Meanwhile, Clinton is getting 70%+ of the vote along the border and is poised to win every county in West Texas and the Panhandle. It’ll come down to Harris, Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant Counties and whether there are enough outstanding Obama votes in these major urban areas to counteract Clinton’s rural popularity.

I said earlier today to watch San Antonio which makes up most of Bexar County. Obama must have thought the same as he’s here tonight for the victory speech which may never come. Right now with half of the vote in, Clinton is comfortably ahead by 13 points. My feeling was that if Obama could win or place even in San Antonio, he could win the state. If he did poorly here, I thought that would indicate a general weakness throughout state. He’s not doing well enough.

Of course, with Texas’ screwy system of delegate apportionment, Obama will likely come out ahead in the delegate count. We’ll all find out tomorrow as this thing will go on pretty late.

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    I will be very very interested to hear how Obama supporters feel about Obama getting more delegates out of Texas despite Clinton winning the popular vote. Because if you accept that.. you just do not get to say anything about superdelegates overriding pledged delegates. Choose wisely.

  • H Kissinger

    I was looking at the numbers and the networks delegate projections this morning. Obama in squeaking by with a 52/48 lead in the caucus voting.

    Obama is going to take a big hit in his delegate lead. I’ve seen numbers anywhere from 30 to 40 delegate loss for Obama last night.

    Huge night for Hillary. Once again this proves that Barak Obama cannot win the big states and his strength among blacks is far and away offset by Hispanics. Hillary or Obama will garner 90 percent of the Black vote in any general election however Obama will lose the Hispanic vote big to McCain which will offset the Black vote. Hillary will split the Hispanic vote with McCain which will offset McCain’s huge advantage there.

    I tell you people. Obama is not electable. He has stirred the Democratic party to life but nationwide when it is his far left record and 131 skipped votes against a war veteran, Moderate who opposed Bush every step of the way, Obama will show his lack of experience and get trounced by McCain. Hillary is the only chance the Democrats have in the general election.

    The next 7 weeks Hillary is going to make Obama answer those questions he has managed to duck for 6 months………How is he going to do anything his nice little 65 page book reads? Hillary has answers when you ask her about her plans. Obama just makes another pretty speech and walks off angry when the press does their job and press him for his answers.