Did Hillary’s Team Whisper Sweet NAFTA Nothings In Canada’s Ear?

Did Hillary’s Team Whisper Sweet NAFTA Nothings In Canada’s Ear?


Turn about is fair play.

From TPM:

The Canadian Press — Canada’s domestic equivalent of the AP — is reporting that the original source of the leak was Ian Brodie, chief of staff to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. And as it turns out, Brodie’s original conversation with reporters focused much more on Hillary as the candidate whose people were reassuring Canada that the anti-trade rhetoric was all just campaign talk.

“He said someone from Clinton’s campaign is telling the Embassy to take it with a grain of salt,” said one participant in the conversation. The source added, “someone called us and told us not to worry.”

It’s been established that Obama’s economic aide, Austan Goolsbee, didn’t promise Canada anything about NAFTA, but the lack of an appropriate response from the Obama camp hurt them.

What I want to know is why did the Canadian press only focus on Obama? How was that decision made? Because that story REALLY hurt him in Ohio and Texas. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that now.

In any event, now it’s Hillary’s turn to figure out who said what and when and how much. This should be interesting.

  • Tony

    I don’t know anything about Canadian politics, are they loyal to Bill over something?

  • kritter

    Of course they both did so, because they both know that globalization is a wave we either ride or get crushed by.

    I’m unsurprised that these allegations, that Clinton did just as Obama, are coming out now, AFTER the last set of primaries. Ruthless politics. This is what Hillary means when she says she’ll fight the GOP. It’s HOW she’ll fight.

  • http://www.iconicmidwest.blogspot.com Rich Horton

    I’m sure if they had a document that would pin point a Clinton staffer they would have gone with that as well.

    The implications that Canadians are out to “get” the Obama campaign or “protect” the Clinton campaign are laughable.

  • http://www.donklephant.com Justin Gardner

    And do note Rich, I didn’t assert that they were out to get Obama. This story is about Clinton and hypocrisy. Did a meeting or call happen? Since they brought it up as such a big issue, turn about is fair play and we haven’t heard anything out of their campaign yet.

    So whether you’re “sure” or you think something is “laughable” isn’t the point. The point is what is the Clinton campaign going to say about this, since they attacked Obama as being a double talker.

  • Greg

    Then entire press conference with the “wink, wink” portrayal was classic hypocrisy. I find it incredible that the US media has not held up that patronizing press conference next to the fact that it was her campaign that engaged in the “wink, wink classic washington double speak”, oh what a surprise.

  • Truthfighter at Large

    Your exactly right Justin. Hillary has no alliegance to the party only corporate interest. She practically endorsed McCain by saying ” Only Mccain and myself are ready to lead on day one” and also ” Only McCain and I have crossed the Presedenttial threshhold”.

    Funny how this comment comes after McCain excepts Bush’s Politics and receives his endorsement. She intends to run the same type of Government as the current administration. She will say and do anything to assure her legacy. She can’t be trusted…