Obama Set To Trounce In Mississippi

Obama Set To Trounce In Mississippi


From TPM:

The American Research Group poll puts Obama way at 58% support, against Hillary Clinton’s 34%. Granted, ARG’s record for primaries this cycle has been spotty. Nevertheless, it would be pretty hard to get it totally wrong on a margin this big.

A big win next Tuesday could wipe out any delegate gain Hillary got this last Tuesday, but he would most likely have to cross the 60% threshold for that to happen.

Something that could make that happen is a radio ad he’s running there that uses these words against her…

“I was shocked when I learned Iowa and Mississippi have never elected a woman governor, senator, or member of Congress,” Clinton was quoted as saying in October by The Des Moines Register. “How can Iowa be ranked with Mississippi? That’s not the quality, that’s not the communitarianism, that’s not the openness I see in Iowa.”

Could it work?

What Mississippi helps him do at this point is get a big win and push the % she needs to win higher than the 55% (or thereabouts) of the remaining delegates.

We shall see…

  • Mazelle

    I prefer Hillary. Bill Clinton was instrumental in the Katrina effort, by a LOT. I also remember the Clinton years; the BEST years in a loooong time. The economy was UP. The country prospered. I am in Biloxi and I am African-American. I like Obama, but he does not speak to my experience. I hate fake accents. Don’t try to sound “Southern” when you just ain’t. Him and his darn sname-oil fainting spells made me see that he is nothing but another Oprah Winfrey Book-of-the-Month and lately that lady’s been hanging with those Scientology nuts, with their plan to take over the world. Obama is a puppet. I see this clearly. No thanks. I will wait until an AFRICAN-AMERICAN makes it up there and I am almost sure it will be a SISTA. No, not Oprah. I don’t know WHAT she is these days cause that lady is wannabe-white.

    Hillary showed up to the State of the Black Union, with NO PROBLEMS BEING THERE. Where in the world was Obanana? Campaigning?? Well, he is scared of African-Americans and won’t come near us unless we got something like a VOTE worth stealing. WE following this fool like some Jim Jones all over again. This old lady isn’t about to give up the tried and true for some pipe dream. The world is messed up and we need EXPERIENCE in the White House. Let it be woman, cause we are better at multi-tasking anyway and we are a lot stronger than most men, though they wont admit it.

    I like Hillary and I am voting for her and Bill to come back. If Obama wasn’t such a knucklehead he would stay open to being a V.P. He sounds very divisive and selfish as if all he wants is the Presidency. Not a problem, but you must show us that you are WILLING to unite the Party and win the election. He won’t win without the Latino vote and everyone else that votes for Hillary. He’s only winning Republican states and they don’t even vote Democrat in the General Election. I want a Black President, too, but not this guy. I don’t know how African-Americans are suddenly embracing this man, he wasn’t really there for us before.

    TRIED AND TRUE IS BEST FOR ME! I love Hillary and I love Bill. And, no, I don’t have some “massa” pipe dreams just because I genuinely love them. Other Black people did too. Suddenly, their loyalty turns based on SKIN cause you know that brother ain’t down with us like that. Black people are just too hungry for things and while that’s fine and all, don’t get TOO happy………….I’m sure we’d be in for a big surprise with this guy. How can he talk about health policies and he smokes? ugh. Enoguh with men for now, give the woman a shot. We can actually run a family, what makes you think we can’t run the country?

    HILLARY 2008!!

    Mazelle (Biloxi, MS)

    And another thing, why is it that EVERY Time I try to speak about Hillary, some crazy Obama supporter tries to throw all their anger at me? Upscale college people are voting for him? Hmmm. I think it’s those crazy Spring Break type of kids……..no respect for older people at all. This is why they don’t want us to be better off with socialized medicine. Selfish youth want to wish their older folks dead somehow. A shame.