With 30% reporting, he’s up 58% to 40%.

And as usual this year, the turnout is huge:

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) — Democrats deluged caucuses in Wyoming’s caucuses Saturday as Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham vied for the next prize in their extraordinarily tight Democratic presidential race.

In Casper, hundreds were lined up at the site of the Natrona County caucus. The location was a hotel meeting room with a capacity of 500. Some 7,700 registered Democrats live in the county.

“We’ll have to put ’em in the grass after a while,” said Bob Warburton, a local party official.

The room was nearly full, with an overflow area set up near the hotel pool. Meanwhile, Obama and Clinton supporters greeted participants with campaign signs and bottled water.

In Cheyenne, a line of hundreds stretched around the block at the Cheyenne Civic Center as voters waited for the caucus to start.

More as it develops…

Here’s more…

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) – Barack Obama led rival Hillary Rodham Clinton in voting returns Saturday as Democrats crowded caucuses in Wyoming, the latest contest in the candidates’ close, hard-fought race for the party’s presidential nomination.

Obama led 59 percent, or 4,000 votes, to Clinton’s 40 percent, or 2,756 votes, with 18 of 23 counties reporting.

Obama generally has outperformed Clinton in caucuses, which reward organization and voter passion more than do primaries. The Illinois senator has won 12 caucuses to Clinton’s three.

But Clinton threw some effort into Wyoming, perhaps hoping for an upset that would yield few delegates but considerable buzz and momentum. The New York senator campaigned Friday in Cheyenne and Casper. Former President Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, also campaigned this week in the sprawling and lightly populated state.

So I guess that’s 78% reporting? Looks like he has this locked up. No word yet what the delegate split will be.

  • axt113

    Sorry Hillary, no momentum for you

  • david

    Its funny that she can even claim momentum when she lost Texas where she was up big a few months back, and did win Ohio but not in the large numbers she was planning on. And the delegate gain on that day was apx nill.

  • Miles Long

    The Clintons murdered Vince Foster. Why won’t the media report on that?

  • H Kissinger

    155,000 Registered Republicans.
    59,000 Registered Democrats.

    Once again Barak Obama is pulling in a state that will not vote for either him or Hillary during the general election.

    This is why were hearing all the dream ticket rumblings now. The DNC knows that Obama’s strength lies in Red States and Hillaries lie in Blue states.

    I know the Obama people do not care WHY they are winning…….they only care that they are but the truth of the matter remains that Obama is trouncing Hillary in Red….Republican states who will stop at nothing to defeat Hillary. The DNC is starting to see this pattern and all over the party you hear this talk now of the dream ticket to correct what could be a disasterous Democratic Convention.

  • TerenceC


    Meaning what? Obama would win the “blue” states with or without Billary – he would also bring several other states into play that haven’t been “blue” in quite some time. Billarty can’t do that – there just isn’t enough there – there with her.

  • H Kissinger

    No what it means Terence is that people like you who cannot even speak Hillary Clinton’s name but rather use the term Billary to degrade her are not about to vote for Hillary no matter what. This is very pronounced in states that are RED. REPUBLICAN.

    How hard can it be to understand this by Obama supporters.

    155,000 Registered Republicans vs. 59,000 Registered Democrats should be pretty self explanatory.

    The fact that Obama is winning BIG in RED states. States that allow crossover voting or are huge miniorities in Democratic voters as Wyoming are voting big for Obama. That translates to Delegates for Obama but will not translate to Electoral votes in November.

    This is the 1968 primary all over. It took 10 to 15 years before the two sides in the democratic party would even speak to each other again after the 1968 primary season.

    How hard can this be for the average Obama supporter to visualize.

    The average Obama blogger is badmouthing Hillary on a daily basis. Trash talking her. Using names that the republicans have used against her for years and are otherwise finding more cunning and devious ways to defame her at every turn.

    Yet people you have to understand that Hillary is LEADING among Democrats. This is the democratic primary and it is the democratic candidate we are trying to elect and here the super delegates are being forced to choose between a GOP backed Obama or a Democrat backed Hillary.

    I am a Hillary Clinton supporter and was a Bill Clinton supporter. Now what you guys have succeeded in doing is making me angry enough to NEVER vote for Obama.

    I am one person. There are many like me. There are many like us on both sides of the isle.

    However lets now translate this effect into the november election.

    Hillary wins……..angry Obamites stay home.
    Obama wins…….angry Clintonites vote for McCain.

    Obama does not win any Red states. WHY? Because the democrats ALWAYS get 90 percent of the black vote just like He has gotten in the primaries. Those red states that crossed over to defeat Hillary now stay home and vote for McCain. Barak Obama might possibly carry two red states. Might.

    However it is very likely that the Moderate McCain can win California a place where Hispanics are strong for McCain and not for Obama. McCain wins Texas, Florida, California, New Jersey and Ohio and if they put Rudi Guillani on the ticket its very possible that New York falls to McCain as a backlash by New York voters over rejecting a very state popular Hillary Clinton.

    California, New York, Ohio and Florida goes big to Hillary plus she retains her other Blue state margins. Thus Hillary wins the presidency. Barak Obama goes home in defeat to a Moderate/liberal John McCain.

    People. Barak Obama is pulling his delegates from states that he will not win in November. This is why the feelers are going out by everyone in the democratic party about the dream ticket. The DNC understands this. Clintonites understand this. Republicans understand this.

    The only ones who refuse to face reality is Obama supporters. If Barak Obama thinks he does not need Hillary to win in November then his judgment is as bad as we all suspect it is.

  • TerenceC


    Billary needs Obama to beat McCain – Obama doesn’t need her. The elderly and the Archie Bunker vote may help Billary win some primaries (where they don’t spend much tim e on politics) but Billary’s time is long past. Billary can’t win, Billary doesn’t have the votes unless they steal them. Billary has to resort to tactics that only help the opposition because Billary cares nothing for the Dem party – Billary only cares about winning at any cost -Billary is a liar and Billary has been a liar on the national stage for nearly 18 years. Enough is enough already – McCain can’t win, whoever the next Dem nominee is will be the president. We will probably not see a Rep president for another 20 years because of what they have done. Obama’s going to win and Billary will finally realize that this country doesn’t need them or their influence peddling ways.