Could Gore Be The Nominee?

Could Gore Be The Nominee?


Taegan Goddard asks the question and suggests its a possibility.

Here’s my answer: jeezus h…

Sometimes blogging can really go off into the weeds. This “Gore as the savior” meme is beyond weird. Come on bloggers, get back on your game!

By the way, does anybody here go to Political Wire anymore? It was a daily read for me, but now I’m not a very big fan. TPM Election Central is SO much better.

FYI Taegan.

  • John Dykes

    Why not?
    Because you say so?
    It is not like you are some respected pundit.

  • Baldwin Park Democrat

    I just don’t see it happening. What I think needs to happen is for Al Gore, John Edwards, and Bill Richardson, all to come out and endorse Barack Obama. Then maybe we can end this madness.

  • Elisabetta

    Sure, have him join the fray, considering that Gore will bring his unique flair to the present circus. The primaries have been kind of dull.