Final: Obama Wins Mississippi 61% to 37%

Final: Obama Wins Mississippi 61% to 37%


With 99% reporting, Obama has 253,441 and Clinton has 154,852. I don’t know how many delegates this put him up by now, but I’m pretty sure he regained any ground Clinton got last Tuesday.

And here’s an interesting footnote:

The conventional wisdom and to a significant degree the reality in many other states has been that Barack Obama has picked up the lion’s share of Republican crossover voters. Not in Mississippi. According to MSNBC’s exit numbers, Republicans made up either 12% or 13% of the voters in tonight’s primary. And they went for Hillary Clinton by a decisive 3 to 1 margin.

So, do they really like her? Or is this Limbaugh strategy coming to life?

  • Bob/Paul

    Limbaugh. Also, it’s not new. It’s good politics. It’s also why many states have closed primaries/caucuses.

  • Chris Harrison

    Republicans are voting for Hillary 3 to 1 probably because if she were the Democratic candidate, McCain might actually have a chance. People dislike her with a passion.

  • Marty

    Maybe Mississippi Republicans are more racist than others, but my guess is that indeed the Republicans want to run against Hillary, not Obama.

  • John

    White Democrats also broke 70/26 for Hillary. Limbaugh may have been a factor, but deeply ingrained racism probably has more to do with this.

    Geraldine Ferraro is right: Obama wouldn’t be where he is if it were not for his race. If he were White, he would have crushed Hillary by Super Tuesday. That he has done so well despite the anonymous prejudices in the voting booth is a testament to his political acumen, his organizing skills, his oratory prowess and his personal appeal.

  • stg

    also, racists.

  • KC

    How are republicans voting in a democratic primary?

  • Extrano

    Living in Mississippi and listening to the before and after coffee shop comments the reason so many Republicans crossed over to vote for Hillary is very simple. They remember the last time two times a Southerner was in the White House. It’s as simple as ABC. Anybody but Clinton

  • Eric

    You show up to the polling place and say “I’m voting Democrat.” and they hand you a democratic ballot. That is how an open primary works.

    Republicans voting for Hillary is a political win for the Republicans for two very evil reasons:

    1) The closer the race between Obama and Hillary, the longer the Democratic party is at odds with itself and the longer Obama and Hillary spend tearing each other down with their campaign dollars instead of firing at McCain.

    2) So many people hate Hillary, that if she did get the nomination, she couldn’t win. Republicans hate her and will show up in droves in November to make sure another Clinton does not take office. There are also Democrats that hate her with a passion as well.

    Alternatively, there are some true crossover Republicans that prefer Obama over McCain.

    Republicans win if Hillary is the Democratic candidate.

  • Elisabetta

    Republicans crossing over and voting for Hillary is no different than democrats who voted for McCain in the NorthEast so he would be the nominee. Works both ways. BTW, it’s legal in all those states.