Obama Camp’s Hacky Wright/Clinton Photo Leak

Obama Camp’s Hacky Wright/Clinton Photo Leak


This is really amateur hour.

The Obama campaign gave this photo to news outlets for what reason? To show that President Clinton meets people?

All this will ultimately end up doing is remind people that Obama was a member of Wright’s church for over 20 years, and that Bill Clinton met the man for a couple minutes.

As top aide Howard Wolfson said…

“Urgent indeed — a picture — oooooooo!”

Pretty pathetic move from Obama’s camp, and I’m extremely disappointed because it points to a “politics as usual” type of campaigning that he has repeatedly decried.

  • http://www.ablogistan.com Elyas

    This photo is about Wright, not Clinton. It’s from the prayer breakfast when Bill asked for forgiveness for the Lewinsky affair. The religious leaders were probably hand picked, and Wright was there. Doesn’t that give him a little more credibility? He’s being portrayed as a fringe lunatic based on a few seconds of video, and this photo is a reminder that he was a respected religious leader and maybe people are overreacting and taking his words out of context.