Hillary’s Bosnia Fib?

Hillary’s Bosnia Fib?


Was Sinbad right?

Wait until the very end of the video when she describes how there was no greeting ceremony and they had to run to their cars.

Listen, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt here because as First Lady she had to make a lot of trips and perhaps she’s remembering some other time. That’s certainly a possibility.

But if she only made one trip to Bosnia, then she should clarify the discrepancy between her statement and what exists on the video. Because there’s no doubt there was a greeting on the runway and it certainly doesn’t seem like the type of situation where they’d be running to their cars.

  • Stepehen

    She doesn’t remember the ceremony but somehow she remembered the exact type of aircraft she was in? The first scene indeed shows a greeting ceremony in front of a C17

    Reference picture:

  • TerenceC

    Well,,,,since she’s a combat veteran now maybe she would make a good Commander and Chief…….or should that be “slanderer and thief”? It degrades those people who actually have been shot at in combat situations when politicians lie about having done the same. She needs to be raked over the coals for this one, but I’m sure it won’t happen. Makes no never mind…..this thing has been over for Billary since WI ended. Now if they would just go away………..we could move our Republic forward.

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  • Redphilly

    Hillary is untruthful. Just like Bill who said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”, pointing and trying to convince us. All of the candidates have baggage. Hillary lies, McCain can’t remember who is fighting who, and Obama should just think before he speaks. But one of them has to be elected our leader in November. We just have to pick the best out of the bunch. My pick is Obama. If anything he tells too much of the truth. You know, about poor old grandma. (More than we needed to know, Obama). And unlike McCain, he never wanted to enter such a useless war. Obama you get my vote.