Crude Exploitation of Troop Deaths

Crude Exploitation of Troop Deaths


I shouldn’t link to this image because it is exploitative. But I do so anyway because I have a need to chastise those who created it and are using it for political gain.

The image (which I will not reproduce here) is made up of the photographs of the 4,000 American troops lost in Iraq. Those photographs have been digitally manipulated to create a mosaic featuring John McCain and George W. Bush smiling. The obvious message: these two men are to blame for these deaths and they take joy in it.

To turn the sacrifice of 4,000 Americans into a crude political statement is deplorable. I have no problem with those who wish to discuss and/or criticize the war in relation to the 4,000 we’ve lost but I take great umbrage with those who would manipulate those 4,000 lives and exploit their deaths just to paint their political opponents as demons. Some might find the image poignant. I find it reprehensible.

  • Aaron

    I agree whole-heartedly. When I saw this yesterday, my first thought was “that’s just wrong”.

    Those pictures represent people (PEOPLE) who gave their lives for their country. I don’t support those that caused this war, but that does not change the fact that these Americans gave their lives honorably.

    Their lives should not be used to make a crass joke.

  • Agnostick

    Like a school teacher in summertime…


  • Justin Gardner

    No, you definitely NEED to link to it. Otherwise people won’t see how hacky the left can be too.

    Yeah, that’s just wrong. How tasteless.

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    The truth is not crude or crass, it is bitter however, they gave their lives in a pointless endeavour. Does that diminish their courage, no, but all the courage in the world won’t change that they died because of a group of very selfish and self-serving people.

  • Dos

    “Otherwise people won’t see how hacky the left can be too.” You are always good for a laugh, JG. I don’t know, a few things have tipped me off prior to this beautiful mosiac.