So You’re Going All The Way, Are You?

So You’re Going All The Way, Are You?


Not that it’s unexpected, but Hillary finally reveals she’s in it until Denver.

Obviously this doesn’t necessarily mean she will be, and candidates say some of the strongest, rah-rah stuff right before they drop out, but let’s just say she’s serious. And let’s say she takes her case all the way to the credentials committee. Is she being realistic?

TPM has Donna Brazile’s take…

According to Brazile, in addition to the twenty-five members of the Committee appointed by Howard Dean, the rest of the committee will be made up of 3 members apiece from each state. In other words, it works sort of like the senate, where all states are counted equally, regardless of their size.

While some disagree with Brazile’s simplistic breakdown of how the situation will go, it seems that when all the complicated rules are accounted for the result is pretty much the same.

Long story short, the fact that Obama has won a ton more states than Hillary means there’s virtually no way she’ll be able to win in the credentials committee.

  • mw

    Yeah, Justin – I fully expect the “inevitability meme” to work out exactly as well for Obama as it did for Clinton. Keep pushing it though.

  • Justin Gardner

    Come on, the situations are hardly comparable. Hillary’s inevitability meme was in place before any votes were cast. We’ve been through over 40 contests now and Obama has shown that there’s an inevitability to him, especially when you look at the math.

    I also notice you’ve never taken me up on the bet I keep asking for. Let’s see you put your money where your blog is.


  • mw

    Actually I did respond to it. Almost immediately. I think we are waiting on you for final agreement to the terms. But I lost track of where that thread was.

    And I do think they are very comparable. Both assertions require the same sort of arrogance.

    WaPo eitorial

    One proffered justification for ending the campaign now, in fact, is the assumption that we know pretty much how everything will turn out. Ms. Clinton will win Pennsylvania, Mr. Obama will carry North Carolina and so on. But throughout this campaign, just about everything we’ve “known” has been wrong: Mr. McCain was finished, Ms. Clinton was inevitable, Mr. Obama had New Hampshire locked up. No doubt the Democrats have gotten themselves into a fix with rules that may leave the final decision to unelected superdelegates — but why is the answer to that less democracy? Why not give as many voters as possible a chance?

  • mw

    Ok, I found it. I was right *sigh* Sometimes does get tiresome, being right all the time.

    Here is the thread where the wager was last discussed.

    I offered terms and am still awaiting a reply or counter-offer.