Poll: Hillary Leads Obama In Kentucky 2 to 1

Poll: Hillary Leads Obama In Kentucky 2 to 1


This is one of the first polls we’ve seen out of this state so far, but it bodes well for the Clinton camp.

From SurveyUSA:

In a Democratic Primary in Kentucky today, 03/31/08, 7 weeks till the votes are counted, Hillary Clinton defeats Barack Obama 58% to 29%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WHAS-TV Louisville and WCPO-TV Cincinnati. Clinton leads narrowly in greater Louisville, but leads decisively in other parts of the state, including 4:1 in Eastern KY. Obama trails by 20 among men, trails by 37 among women.

Impressive numbers, but as TPM points out, Oregon is the same day so an Obama win there may offset many if any gains from Kentucky.

I’m sure we’ll see more polls out of the Bluegrass State as their May 20th contest draws near, so stay tuned.

  • Adude

    Clinton supporters post spam with custom contribution links in all political forums now. This is getting pretty sad. Hilary is a moron.

  • http://www.donklephant.com Justin Gardner

    I usually try to catch this spam, but I didn’t see that until now.


  • Richard

    Obama is very strong in Louisville/Jefferson County and in Lexington/Fayette County…. that will be enough to insure a very close race here.