McCain Announces Condoleezza Rice As Running Mate

McCain Announces Condoleezza Rice As Running Mate


MSNBC has scoop:

BREAKING – Soon after word leaked that Secretary Rice spoke in a closed session to Grover Norquist’s Amercians for Tax Reform yesterday morning in Washington, the blogosphere began to speculate that Rice must be floating the idea of running on a ticket with John McCain.

Today, McCain’s spokesman confirmed the rumors and announced Rice has accepted an offer from the campaign. The move comes as a surprise to party insiders since Rice had insisted her talk to Norquist’s group was all about U.S. foreign policy and Rice herself dismissed the idea last month when asked at a press conference if she would consider running as Vice President.

My question: does Rice really help McCain? I thought he’d need more of an economy hawk, not a war hawk. And doesn’t she carry a lot of foreign policy baggage from the Bush administration? Consider me a bit puzzled by this.

Still, it’s a shrewd move in more ways than one. Because now it doesn’t really matter if Obama or Hillary gets the nomination. Rice blunts any identity politicking in one fell swoop.

More as it develops…

Got ya. 😉

  • Bubbles

    This better not be April Fools… I’ll be creaming my pants with joy if it’s true.

  • Van

    Happy April Fools day.

  • gerryf

    April Fool’s Day jokes kind of undermine the credibility of a “news” site….

  • mw

    This is a blog.

    You had me for a couple of heartbeats Justin.

  • Waldo

    McCain trumps the first black man vs first woman issue with the first black, first woman, first lesbian pick.

  • david

    A couple heartbeats? You had me for five solid minutes. It was worse because I had to reread that lackluster MSNBC story four times to be sure it was a joke.

  • Justin Gardner

    And that folks, is how you pull an April Fool’s joke. It’s all about plausibility.

    However, in Malkin’s case, it just proves she IS a joke, and how ironic on a day like this.

  • Dos

    You are a dick.

  • TerenceC

    Rice is a piano playing beaver dressed up like a woman……and since beavers can’t hold elected office…………

  • Justin Gardner

    Terence, ummm….wtf?

    Dos, yes I am.

  • gerryf


    I know it is a blog, but the distinction between “news” sites and blogs sailed long ago. Does Donklephant and others of its ilk get the same weight as No. But they are nevertheless a news source to many.

    BTW–don’t rule out the Condi for VP thing…Ladbrokes has it 14-2 and Betfair has it 29/5 that she will be the eventual choice

  • gerryf

    oops, 14-1 from ladbrokes

  • Justin Gardner


    You’re right. We are news sources for many. But I’d say 99% of our readers know that April 1st is the one day where we can make stuff up and not be nailed to the wall for it. If I were to do this on any other day, I could see your point, but I think you made my point for me when you said we weren’t

  • TerenceC

    Advancing the absurd as implausible…’s a comedy approach advanced my Monty Python, etc. – apparently it didn’t go over well. Atleast I don’t think blogs are real news….

  • alma Ludivina

    I was a republican running for democrats, I guess I will stay with republicans, after all Mc Cain has brains……Ha, must be a joke
    Good for you Senator McCain, if this is true
    Old Mcain yes have a brain ia ia ou…..

  • c. jerome ruth

    Of course she hasn’t been offered the position yet, however, it remains an interesting prospective. The story is significant because it represents a shift from serious consideration of Condoleezza Rice to a serious consideration by Condoleezza Rice for the office of Vice President. Her answer to the question about considering the Vice Presidency was sophisticatedly elusive while she has been forthright about her desire to redefine her legacy. Another decade of public service at the highest levels could afford her the opportunity to do that.

  • DWMF

    Put my vote in the “Oooh yeah!!” box.

    Now if Condi were to throw off the State Department wimpiness, come out swinging (punches, not the “other”) like Xena the Warrior Princess, giving tough aggressive speeches, she can win back the Right Wing.

    They (and I) would fall in love with her again.